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Bonnie Bennett
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Witch (Currently)
Supernatural Huntress (Formerly)
Ghost (Formerly)
The Anchor (Formerly)







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Olive Green

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Seriously? Look, you are gorgeous. I can admit that, I'm not blind.


Bonnie is a beautiful and attractive young woman with light brown skin, olive green eyes, a heart-shaped face, and black hair that has changed throughout the seasons (from wavy to straight). Her style was described as being gypsy chic with a bit of a hippie trend. She dresses in a casual manner with nice tops and jeans, but on special occasions will dress up. She usually wears very little make up and likes to accessorize her style with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other trinkets. Bonnie is approximately 5'2" (163 cm) with a nice, slim physique.


Bonnie's hairstyles varied throughout seasons one to three with curly, wavy, and straight hair. Her hair was straight with bangs throughout season four and part of season five. Bonnie has been known to style her hair to fit the time period when attending a decades dance during high school. After returning from the dead as the Anchor, Bonnie has her hair cut into a cute, short bob style. Starting in Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Bonnie's hair is a little past her shoulders and worn in soft waves.


Bonnie can mostly be seen in a pair of jeans paired with either a flowly loose top or cardigan in the early seasons of the show. Her shoes of choice are usually between a pair of converse, flats, or a pair of heeled ankle boots as well as the occasional pair of heels during an event. Bonnie doesn't wear a lot of dresses or skirts but she can be seen wearing them from time to time. Bonnie's clothing style has changed throughout the seasons.

Her style was very similar in the first half of of the third season but in the second half of Season Three, Bonnie's style matured and she began to wear tight fitted skinny jeans paired with a tight top, cardigan, and ankle boots.

In Season Five, Bonnie's clothing choices became less conservative when she became the Anchor to The Other Side. She began to wear fitted skinny jeans, long tank tops, and ankle boots. Bonnie also occasionally wore leather jackets when the weather was cooler.

Bonnie since being trapped in 1994 has been forced to wear clothing from that time period in Season Six. She has worn flowy, short skirts with loose fitting tops, shortalls with a lace top, acid wash jeans with a lace top, and combat boots numerous times. Bonnie has also worn a sweater top, cardigan, plaid shirt, loose fitting tie-dye dress, and leather jacket.


Bonnie wears very little make-up, just a bit around the eyes and the occasional hint of lip gloss.


Bonnie has so far been seen with one tattoo throughout the series. On her left inner wrist, she has the words: "Nosce Te Ipsum" tattooed in black ink. Bonnie's tattoo is a Latin phrase, which means "Know Thyself" in English.


Bonnie tends to accessorize with long necklaces, various bracelets, and often wears earrings.

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