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Jamie : You gotta admit this whole circle of people it's kinda crazy. I mean there's vampires, werewolves...ex-boyfriends with magic rings. I mean I'm just a normal guy.

Bonnie : A normal guy wouldn't have said yes to a date with me.

This is the relationship between the witch Bonnie Bennett and the human Jamie

Bonnie and Jamie met when Bonnie wanted to find her mother, Abby Bennett Wilson. They became fast friends and even went to a school dance together as dates. They eventually kissed in Do Not Go Gentle. They were also last seen interacting in Do Not Go Gentle. Being Jamie left, it can be assumed they decided to stay distant friends or Abby Bennett-Wilson perhaps made them end things being they are adoptive siblings.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Three

In The Ties That Bind, Bonnie first met Jamie while looking for her mother. After Damon found out where Abby lived, Elena and Bonnie drove to her house. They rang the doorbell and Jamie found them and explained that Abby wasn't at home. After Bonnie told him she was Abby's daughter, he invited them in.

In the episode, Do Not Go Gentle, Jamie is Bonnie's date to the '20s dance. That same evening they were making out, but were interrupted by Damon needing Bonnie's help. Jeremy Gilbert soon joins them which leads to a brief Bonnie-Jeremy-Jamie interaction. After the dance, they were later seen spending time together at Bonnie's house and later laying together on her bed. However, their moment together was interrupted when Esther possesses Bonnie to feed Alaric Saltzman her blood in order for him to fully transition into vampire. As Esther was leaving Bonnie's bed and Jamie, Jamie asked if she was okay as Esther left. This moment marked the last onscreen, seen-interaction between Jamie and Bonnie on the show.


  • Bonnie and Jamie can be considered adoptive siblings.
  • They only dated briefly. They are one of the briefest romantic relationships in The Vampire Diaries series.
  • Even though they're adoptive siblings, they still engaged in a brief, romantic relationship.
  • Beremy was the ship rival for Bamie, but Beremy is significantly more popular.
  • Jamie is the only guy that Bonnie has been attracted to that hasn't died once.
    • Jamie is the only human that Bonnie dated and lived. Ben McKittrick was a human, but he was turned into a vampire by Anna and was later killed.


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