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I see her studying by herself every day and honestly I felt bad so I invited her. It's better to have a powerful Heretic as a friend than an enemy.

This is the relationship between the witch Bonnie Bennett and vampire-witch hybrid Nora Hildegard. They shared a moment together in order to come to understand each other, but Nora believed her to be a traitor after finding out that Stefan took Mary Louise. Eventually, offscreen, Nora knew that Bonnie wasn't involved and the two became friends again onscreen. They agreed to work together in order to track down Rayna Cruz. Nora and Mary Louise were captured by the Armory however and Nora and Bonnie lost touch for about three years. Bonnie knows that Nora and Mary Louise killed themselves though and it can be assumed that Bonnie was saddened by Nora's death.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Seven

In Cold as Ice, Bonnie was originally bothered by Nora when she wanted to help Bonnie organize and run the charity, Toys for Tots. Nora began helping around, which Bonnie gradually started to appreciate, especially after witnessing Nora become friendly with a kid suffering from cancer. After the charity event, the two sit down for a small chat. They begin to talk about Mary Louise and Nora explained her love for her lover. Bonnie explained to Nora that she didn't need a lover to define her completely, which Nora appreciated hearing. Nora even calls her beautiful despite Bonnie's declaration that she doesn't need to be called beautiful in order to believe that she really is beautiful. They begin to smile at each other, gaining a mutual understanding for each other. However, this moment between them is short lived when Nora finds out via text from Julian that Stefan kidnapped Mary Louise. Nora retaliated by knocking Bonnie out while siphoning her magic. Even though Nora believed that Bonnie knew about the kidnapping, Bonnie had no idea what Nora was talking about when Nora angrily told her off before being knocked out.

In Things We Lost in the Fire, Nora shows up at Caroline's baby shower. She gives Bonnie, who invited her, some socks for Caroline's babies. Bonnie then invites her to have a drink. Matt confronts Bonnie when they're alone and asks why Nora is there. Bonnie tells him that she invited Nora and Matt lists the reasons why they shouldn't trust her. Bonnie tells him that she felt bad for her and that it's better to have a member of the Heretics as a friend rather than an enemy. Nora, who has apparently been listening to them, appears and says that maybe she should leave. Matt agrees but Bonnie says that Nora should stay. Nora says that if she doesn't, Matt might say something that would cause her to hurt him. Nora then uses her magic to constrict Matt's airway. Bonnie pleads with her to stop and Nora, moved by her kindness, relents, thanks Bonnie for inviting her and leaves. Later, Bonnie finds Nora sitting by herself and chastises her because Bonnie was offering her a fresh start. Nora then accuses Bonnie of sending her a postcard with an X painted on it. Bonnie, who convinces Nora that she didn't, asks why she's bothered by it and Nora tells her that it means that the Huntress, a ruthless vampire hunter, is coming for her. Bonnie tells Nora that she will do what she must to protect her friends. Nora then asks her what they should do.

In Postcards from the Edge, Nora and Bonnie work a tracking spell together and find that Rayna Cruz, the Huntress, is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mary Louise invites herself along and the three of them go together. Both Bonnie and Nora enjoy this trip together, much to Mary Louise's annoyance. They find that the Huntress is a patient at Stillwater State Hospital. Bonnie asks what the plan is and Mary Louise states that they'll kill the Huntress while Bonnie just watches. Nora warns Mary Louise not to underestimate Rayna. In her room, they find an old senile woman who claims not to know what they're talking about. Bonnie is convinced that the woman is not the Huntress and tells Mary Louise that she won't allow her to be killed. Nora agrees with Bonnie, much to Mary Louise's jealousy. Bonnie convinces Nora go with Mary Louise to find the real Rayna Cruz because she knows that Nora is using Bonnie to make Mary Louise jealous. After the killing Rayna Cruz (by Enzo), the huntress who owns the Phoenix sword, Mary Louise confronts her about her growing friendship with Bonnie and asks if Nora has feelings for Bonnie. Nora then told her that she found a liking towards her.

In This Woman's Work, Nora calls Bonnie to ask her if she let Rayna get the Phoenix Sword. After Bonnie denies it and asks how she knows, Nora then tells her that Beau's scar that he got from Rayna has opened up which means that Rayna is coming for him and every other vampire in her path. Nora tells her that she is at the hospital with Caroline helping to deliver her babies. Nora says that Rayna can track any vampire marked by her sword which means that she will come to the hospital to slay Beau and any other vampire she can find.


  • Both Bonnie and Nora are powerful witches.
    • Nora however was originally a Siphoner, a mutated witch and is currently a vampire-witch hybrid.
  • Both Bonnie and Nora have been rejected from their covens.
    • Bonnie was rejected by the spirits when she resurrected Jeremy Gilbert, her ex-boyfriend and began practicing dark magic.
    • Nora was rejected by her former coven because of her former status as a Siphoner.
  • Bonnie and Nora have decided to work together to defeat Rayna aka the Huntress.
  • Bonnie invited Nora to Caroline's baby shower because she felt bad for Nora being lonely.
  • Bonnie stands up to Matt on Nora's behalf.
  • It is hinted that Nora feels a possible romantic attraction for Bonnie.
    • Mary Louise hinted at this and noticed this first and seemed a bit jealous of Bonnie and Nora's growing friendship.
  • Both Bonnie and Nora practice or have practiced dark magic.
    • Bonnie practiced regular dark magic and expression during Season 3 and Season 4.
    • Nora practices dark magic as a result of siphoning her own vampirism, a creation of dark magic.
  • Bonnie supposedly sympathizes with Nora as both of them were previously trapped in a prison world created by the Gemini Coven.
    • Nora was imprisoned in the 1903 Prison World along with her fellow Heretics and Lily for 110 years (1903-2013)
    • Bonnie was imprisoned in the 1994 Prison World for 9 months (2012-2013).


Bonnie : "Nora. How unexpected. What are you doing here?"
Nora : "Uh, I have a toy... for a tot."
Bonnie : "You shouldn't have."
Nora : "I didn't, actually. It was a passive aggressive gift for when Mary Louse came crawling back to me, but that hasn't happened, so..."
Bonnie : "Still very generous of you."
Nora : "I know."
Bonnie : "Okay. You delivered it. Yay! That's the end."
Nora : "But how will the tot know the toy's from me?"
Bonnie : "I'll tell them....And you're still not leaving..."
Nora : "I want to be more involved. See, I recently enrolled in classes, and..."
Bonnie : "You're going to school here? Why?"
Nora : "Because I was curious about college and, well... Mary Louise hated the idea, so..."
Bonnie : "Spite. That's a good reason for higher education."
Nora : "Look, you clearly need help."
Bonnie : "Not from an evil Heretic who kidnapped my friend."
Nora : "Are you going to let that old news get in the way of a little charity? And I'm not evil."
Bonnie : "Collection booth. The far one, like, way over there."

Bonnie : "Professor Dowling or Marcus?"
Nora : "Excuse me?"
Bonnie : "You're taking freshman English, right? Who's your professor? Please tell me it's Dowling and not Marcus."
Nora : "I can deal with difficult people."
Bonnie : "Oh, I know you can. Which is why I'm saying take Dowling. I don't want Professor Marcus to end up dead. I'm joking... sort of."
Nora : "Let me guess-- hot cocoa and vervain?"
Bonnie : "Close. Bourbon. I'm sorry I was harsh earlier. I heard you listened to Valerie and that you sided with Lily against Julian. I mean, you must be attempting to turn over a new leaf, and you clearly don't have anyone else..."
Nora : "Lovely. A pity friend. Just what I always wanted."
Bonnie : "A pity friend is still a friend."
Nora : "What do you need from me?"
Bonnie : "...Excuse me?"
Nora : "I wasn't born yesterday. It's all right. I want to do some charity. I might as well start."
(Bonnie watches Nora give a gift to a sick child)
Nora: "What? Surprised I'm not massacring the leukemia patients?"
Bonnie: "It's still early."

Bonnie : "Guess it didn't go well..."
Nora : "She called me a charity case."
Bonnie : "Why don't I get you a tissue?"
Nora : "Oh, it's all right. I used one of your hideous tops."
Bonnie : "Which is now your hideous top....Can I ask you what might seem like a mean question?"
Nora : "Fire away. It's not like I'm in a fragile state or anything."
Bonnie : "What do you see in her? Aside from the fact that she looks like a blonde Angelina Jolie?"
Nora : "She's loving, protective, kind..."
Bonnie : "But just to you."
Nora : "That's fair. She does always think of me first. Maybe I'm spoiled, or old-fashioned, but it's nice having that one person who doesn't need anything from you. Who just loves you and thinks you're the most amazing, beautiful girl in the whole world, you know?.....Maybe... Maybe you don't."
Bonnie : "I don't need someone to tell me I'm pretty."
Nora : "Nobody needs it. That doesn't mean it doesn't feel good to hear it. Thank you for today. You're a very kind person, and... beautiful. Even if you do wear hideous tops."

Nora : "I guess I was wrong."
Bonnie : "What?"
Nora : "You and your friends are not kind at all."
- Cold as Ice
Bonnie: "Hey. Wasn't sure you'd make it."
Nora: "Well, anything to postpone studying for midterms."
Bonnie: "Did you buy off the registry?"
Nora: "You mean that list of demands. No. See, I refuse to purchase anything called a milk warmer, so instead, I bought these tiny little socks that for some reason look like laced-up sneakers."
Bonnie: "Socks count as practical. Good. That's how I'll sell it to Caroline. Come on. I'll get you a drink. Although, fair warning, they're in baby bottles."
Nora: "Ah. Infants drinking. What a lovely image. Can't say I'm surprised."
Bonnie: "In case it wasn't obvious, today was supposed to be fresh start."
Nora: "Oh, spare me the lecture."
Bonnie: "What the hell is your problem? I was trying to be nice to you."
Nora: "After I left your wretched party, I found this in my mail. (lays down a postcard with an large X writtten on it) Is this your idea of a joke?"
Bonnie: "Postcard? You have a pen pal."
Nora: "If you sent this, you best admit it now before I squeeze the truth from your trachea."
Bonnie: "Why would I send this to you? And even if I did, what's so scary about the alphabet?"
Nora: "It's a warning...from the Huntress."
Bonnie: "You're saying that like I should know who that is."
Nora: "You've seen her weapon."
Bonnie: "A sword."
Nora: "Yes. Custom-made for her. She used it to put Julian in the stone along with thousands of other vampires. She's ruthless. Once you've been marked by her sword, she never stops hunting you. That's how Beau got his scar. She'll come for him not, she'll come for all of us."
Bonnie: "Then how do we stop her?"
Nora: "There's no stopping her, ever. And there's no we involved. Besides, she's not after you, so it's really not your concern."
Bonnie: "If my friends' lives are in danger, I'm not gonna stand by and do nothing."
Nora: "Then what do you propose we do?"
- Things We Lost in the Fire
Nora: (to Bonnie) "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Mary Louise: "We should stop stalling and slit her throat?"
Bonnie: "No. We're thinking this couldn't possibly be the woman we're looking for. She couldn't send a postcard, let alone kill a vampire."
Mary Louise: "We don't know that for sure. Why should we risk it?"
Bonnie: "I'm not letting you kill an old woman whose only cold-blooded ruthless mission is to eat a gingersnap."
Nora: "Bonnie's right."
Mary Louise: "Of course she is. Bonnie's right about everything. She's perfect."
Nora: "We'll keep looking. She's probably here under another name."
Mary Louise: "I'll keep looking. You stay here and bat your eyes."
(Mary Louise walks off)
Bonnie: "Go help her look for her."
Nora: "Why? She's being surly?"
Bonnie: "Yeah, isn't it the point?"
Nora: "The point of what?"
Bonnie: "You're using me to make her jealous. And it's working. I'm tired of being in the middle of it so just go help her look for her."
Nora: "Are you all right?"
Bonnie: "I'm fine, considering I was almost strangled to death by an 80-year-old psychopath. Did you know the Huntress was immune to magic?"
Nora: "I had no idea, I swear."
Mary Louise: "Do you like her?"
Nora: "Bonnie? And what if I did? She's beautiful, smart, and loyal, and you appear to be only two of those things."
-- Postcards from the Edge



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