Brady's Trailer was a place where Brady and Jules lived, including their pack of werewolves. It was located in Mystic Falls in the woods near Wickery Falls.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two

After Jules and Brady kidnapped Caroline, they brought her here and locked her in the cage, and occasionally tortured her. Stefan came with Tyler and threatened Jules. Damon came and said that Jules and Brady were no match to Stefan and Damon, since it wasn't a full moon. Then a pack of other werewolves came to fight with them. Damon made the first move and then the fight started. During the fight Tyler released Caroline. Stefan and Damon killed a lot of werewolves. Suddenly Damon was shot. When Brady was about to stake Damon, Dr. Martin came, and used the aneurysm spell against all the werewolves, except Tyler. Later, Tyler told them about the moonstone.


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