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Cheers to the man that broke my heart, crushed my soul, destroyed my life, and ruined any and all chances of happiness!
Bree about Damon in Bloodlines

Bree was a witch. She was the former lover of Damon Salvatore and dear friend of Lexi and Lee. She was later killed by Damon.

Early History

Not much is known about Bree's history, except the fact she fell in love and dated Damon Salvatore while he attended college in the early 1990s. Damon was searching for a way to release his former lover, Katherine Pierce, from the tomb in Mystic Falls. He tried to convince Bree to use her magic to open the tomb and free Katherine, but was unsuccessful.

After failing to open the tomb, Damon broke up with Bree. Later in life, she opened up a bar and befriended another vampire named Lexi and her boyfriend Lee.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

Damon and Elena in Bree's bar.

She was first seen in Bloodlines, when she welcomed Damon and Elena to her bar. While Damon conversed with Elena, Bree contacted Lee, as she was aware that Damon was the one who had killed Lexi. Because Bree betrayed Damon, he killed her by ripping her heart out.

Damon kills Bree.

Before Bree died, she tried to make a bid for her life by offering Damon some information. She revealed that the tomb could be opened, but he would need Emily Bennett's spell book, which has a reversal process to breaking her spell. This concession did not deter Damon from taking her life.


Bree had a friendly and slightly flirtatious personality to her. She cared for the well-being of others and had wanted vengeance to what happened to her good friend, Lexi, who Damon had killed.

Physical Appearance

Bree was an attractive woman in her early 40's with curly, medium length black hair and dark, brown eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Bree possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Bree had the typical weaknesses of a witch.


Season One

Season Six


  • Bree is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and means "the exalted one".[2]


  • She was the first character to die by having her heart ripped out, as well as the first witch killed on-screen.
    • She was the only witch to never have used any magic on-screen.
  • The extent of Bree's powers were never explored.
  • She knew about Katherine Pierce and Emily Bennett, likely from her time with Damon.
  • The actress that plays Bree is fan favorite, Gina Torres. She was in several genre pieces like Serenity, Firefly, Angel, and the Matrix.
  • With The Other Side's collapse, she either went to The Bright World or Hell.



  1. In Bloodlines, Bree states that she was a college freshman twenty years prior 2009.

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