Bree's Bar is located somewhere outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and owned and operated by a witch named Bree.

Damon Salvatore and Elena traveled to the bar in the episode Bloodlines so he could ask Bree for some magical advice. Damon, hoping to release Katherine from the tomb without the crystal, was seeking out Bree's help in finding a loophole in the spell. Unbeknownst to Damon, however, Bree was aware that he had staked her good friend Lexi. Bree called Lee, Lexi's lover, to come to the bar and kill Damon in retribution, so Lee came and kidnapped Elena to use her as bait. When Damon attempted to save her, he was badly beaten by Lee and soaked in turpentine. Lee was about to kill Damon by setting him ablaze until Elena managed to talk him out of it by reminding him that Lexi wouldn't have wanted him to do it. Lee ultimately lets Damon go, and Damon, seeking vengeance, confronted Bree and killed her by ripping her heart out.



  • It is the first location outside of Mystic Falls to be seen on the show in the present time. The first seen location out of Mystic Falls was Alaric and Isobel's apartment in a flashback scene.

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