Burr is a guest character and human who appeared in the fifteenth episode of Legacies. He was a Triad agent who held ill feelings towards the supernatural and wanted to rid the world of them. He was petrified into stone by Nia before he had the chance to kill MG.

Early History

There isn't anything known about his early history.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season One

In I'll Tell You a Story, he talks to Veronica Greasley about Landon and Ryan leaving, and he shows her a picture of the chalice they left behind. He then leaves and heads to the Salvatore Boarding School.

In There's Always a Loophole, Burr and his team break the gates to the school and are met up with Hope, Kaleb, Lizzie, Josie, and Jed. When Hope and Kaleb try to go against them, Burr reveals that their magic in the school is canceled out. He tells the students that he wants them to find the chalice, the last remaining artifact to Malivore, which is later revealed to be fake. He confronts Hope, Lizzie, and Josie in Alaric's office, and shoots Josie near her arm, which he reveals the bullet was made with Malivore's properties, which will eventually kill her. He then has the three locked up in the basement while he starts acting aggressively with some of the students for not being able to find the chalice. Afterward, he confronts MG and the students enact their plan to get rid of the guards. He then gets spelled by the twins with bugs, which start coming through his mouth. He then follows Kaleb towards a bus with the younger children and threatens to kill them, replying that the supernatural need to be ridden of. He is then dragged out of the bus and threatens to kill MG, aiming his gun at him. Nia then petrifies Burr to stone and before Kaleb gets ready to smash Burr to pieces, MG talks Kaleb down from doing as it would make him as bad as Burr.


He seems to have a businesslike mindset and takes his job seriously. He is shown to be snarky and callous in regards to the supernatural, even if said supernatural are children. He shows this callous side when he prepares to shoot the younger children on the bus, regarding supernatural beings as needing to be rid of.

Physical Appearance

He wears dark colored clothing, which is usually black. He has greenish-blue eyes and short, brown hair with a slight stubble and mustache.



Season One


  • Burr is a masculine given name and surname.[1]



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