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I don't love men who love other women. I think more of myself then that.
Rose to Damon

By the Light of the Moon is the eleventh episode of the second season of The Vampire Diaries and the thirty-third episode of the series overall.


TYLER FACES HIS FIRST TRANSFORMATION - As the full moon approaches, Caroline helps Tyler prepare for the transformation he is powerless to stop. While Stefan and Katherine play mind games on one another, Damon and Alaric are suspicious when a stranger named Jules shows up in Mystic Falls, searching for her friend Mason. Elena is frustrated at the lengths Jeremy and her friends have gone to in order to keep her safe. Bonnie and Luka work together on a spell, while still keeping secrets from one another. Finally, Elijah makes an unexpected appearance with an offer that could change everything.


Jules over hears Tyler

As Mason's transformation video plays on, Tyler's in his father's office packing a bag with chains. He tries phoning Mason but reaches his answering machine. A mystery woman is shown who is in Mason's apartment and overhears his concerned call. In her bedroom, Elena examines the moonstone as Bonnie talks about removing the spell. Elena says Stefan's trapped in the tomb, but Bonnie tells her she's taking his side in all of this. Jeremy comes in as Bonnie says she needs some coffee and she places the moonstone in her bag before leaving the room. Jeremy asks Elena why she's on some suicide mission.

Elena takes the moonstone

With nobody around, Elena takes the moonstone and heads downstairs, telling Bonnie she's going to visit Stefan. Bonnie blocks her, as Jeremy says the moonstone's gone. Elena reminds her that Klaus is coming and she can't allow him to harm her family and friends. Elena finds her front door has been blocked by a seal. Bonnie tells her it's for the best. In the tomb, Damon fills Stefan in on what's been happening and hands him a bag full of candles and lighters as well as a bottle of blood. Katherine says they're surprisingly calm even though Klaus will hunt them down and kill them. Damon reassures Stefan they'll figure out how to get him out.

Jules introduces herself to Carol and Tyler Lockwood

At the Lockwood residence, Carol notices Tyler packing his bag and he lies to her about what he's up to. They answer the door to find a woman and she greets them as Jules, Mason's friend. She says Mason never returned to Florida, which shocks both Tyler and Carol. At the Grill, Jenna tells Alaric about having to help the Historical Society and she heads off, as Tyler approaches Caroline and tells her about Jules' visit. Caroline casts a look at Alaric, as they leave.

Jeremy and Elena

Damon visits Elena, who remains trapped at home. He says the situation isn't any fun for him either and he tells her he visited Stefan but, didn't tell him Elijah's still alive. Damon tells Jeremy Bonnie's dealing with the moonstone, as he's on ‘Elena Patrol' and Caroline's with Tyler. Alaric phones him and says Mason's been declared a ‘missing person' and also tells him about Jules. Damon tells Jeremy to keep an eye on Elena as he leaves. Tyler and Caroline arrive in the woods and he tells her he's worried about Mason. As Jules drives out of the Lockwood estate she phones someone, telling them Mason's missing and Tyler is a werewolf.

Tyler and Caroline

A while later, she arrives at the Grill as Damon sits down beside Alaric. Damon says Mason's body is decomposing in his truck. Alaric then asks him if he thinks Jules is a werewolf and Damon shows him a sachet of wolfsbane. In the slave quarters, Tyler prepares the chains and asks Caroline if she brought the wolfsbane. She shows him a sprig, which burns him when he touches it. She asks him how he's doing, before he undresses.

Bonnie talks with Luka

Bonnie arrives at Luka's apartment and apologizes for what she did. He angrily states he could have been killed, before she gives him back his medallions and he allows her to come in. She's surprised to see so many grimoires and he tells her his father says all witches are family. She asks how a spell is removed from a talisman, and he tells her all spells are unique to each talisman, but offers to help her figure it out.

Damon, jules and alaric.jpg

At the Grill, Alaric approaches Jules at the bar and offers to buy her a drink. He tells her she must be new in town and they start chatting, before Damon approaches and asks Jules if Alaric is bothering her. She says it's not a problem and Damon tells her Alaric is the town drunk, as a means of distracting her while Alaric slips the wolfsbane into her drink and leaves.

Katherine undresses

In the tomb, Katherine asks Stefan how long he's been without blood and describes the effect it can have on the body. She undresses before him and says they could make the most of the time, now both of them are in there. They end up making out before he wakes up and tells her to stay out of his head.

Elijah and Elena

At the Gilbert house, Elena finds Jenna taking boxes out of the cupboard by the stairs. She closes the door and Elena is shocked to see Elijah standing there. Jenna says he's doing research on Mystic Falls and offers to help carry the boxes out to his car. Elijah says he can pick them up later and thanks Jenna for inviting him in. When he leaves, Elena rushes up the stairs and bangs on Jeremy's door when Elijah is suddenly standing in front of her. Jeremy answers and she tells him Jenna needs help downstairs. Elijah then tells her it's time they had a chat.

Bonnie and Luka breaking the moonstone

At the Grill, Damon asks Jules why she's in town. She tells him she's looking for Mason and Damon says he knows him, before looking over to Alaric. Tyler talks to Caroline about his transformation, which will take a number of hours. He drinks the wolfsbane and collapses, as she comforts him. Elena and Elijah go into her room to talk and he tells her he didn't want her to be taken and his goal isn't to break the curse. He says Klaus only trusts those in his inner circle and tells her she's being used to lure him out. For the moment, he needs her to stay put and is prepared to offer a deal – they draw Klaus out together and her friends remain unharmed. He knows some witches who can protect her and as a final request, Elena asks him to do one more thing. On a rooftop, Bonnie shows Luka the moonstone but can't tell him what it's spelled with. They cast a spell, causing it to levitate and explode.

Caroline during Tyler's transformation

Tyler gasps as Caroline continues to comfort him and is in excruciating pain as his bones snap. At the Grill, Damon offers to help Jules locate Mason and notices she hasn't touched her drink. She soon detects the wolfsbane and he threatens her to leave town as Alaric tries to intervene. She reveals she sniffed him out the moment she entered the bar and warns him he's been marked.

Tyler starts contorting again and tells Caroline to get out. Alaric tells an angry Damon to get home and lock his doors. As Tyler starts shifting, Caroline makes her escape, chaining the gate behind her and locking him in. She runs out and bolts the wooden door. She cries as she hears Tyler complete his transformation and she quickly exits the slave quarters as he tries to burst through the wooden door.

Stefan asks Katherine to prove her humanity

Damon arrives home and locks the front door, before finding Rose there. She apologizes for running off when Elijah showed up at Slater's apartment and they soon hear a noise in the living room, which turns out to be a werewolf. Damon grabs a sword, as Rose is attacked and savagely bitten in the shoulder, and he stabs it before it makes its escape. They notice the wound starting to heal and Damon hugs her. Luka arrives home and hands over the moonstone to his father, before heading to bed. Jonas tells him there's one more thing Elijah needs them to do.


As Stefan and Katherine talk, she says she's not sorry for what she's done and tells him she doesn't know where Klaus is, but in order to find him, she says to start with Isobel. Suddenly, they find Elijah at the tomb entrance and Stefan's told his release has been requested. The seal has been lifted, but Katherine's still unable to get out. Elijah compels her, telling her Klaus will want to know where she is. She begs Stefan to help but he just says ‘goodbye' and leaves. Noticing how quiet it is, Caroline returns to the slave quarters to find Tyler on the floor. She cradles him as he breaks down crying. Stefan and Elena are reunited, and they kiss.


As Damon has a drink, Rose figures out it was Jules who attacked them, and he says she's after him. He's happy the legend is fake and Rose tells him she'll help him protect Elena. They kiss and he tells her he likes her, before she complains of something hurting her. He removes the sleeve of her dressing gown, and they're shocked to see her shoulder is infected.


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  • Antagonist: Jules.
  • This is the fourth episode of the season to have all the main characters in it. The previous three qualifying episodes are Plan B, Masquerade and The Sacrifice.
  • Tyler's first transformation occurred in this episode.
  • Elena, Damon, Stefan and Caroline are the only characters who have appeared in every episode of the first half of Season 2, with the exception of Tyler, who has appeared in all but one episode, Katerina.
    • Jenna and Matt have appeared less in the first half of Season Two compared to Season One, whereas Tyler has appeared less than all the main characters.
  • Jules meets Tyler, Matt, Alaric and Damon in this episode.
  • Elijah meets Jenna in this episode, and finally sees Katherine for the first time in the present day.
  • This is the first mid-season finale to feature Katherine.
  • Rose becomes the first character in the series to be bitten by a werewolf (Jules).
  • The scene in Elena's house when Elijah is walking out the door, thanks Jenna for the invitation and tells Elena he hopes to see her again soon mirrors the scene in the 1986 movie Fright Night, when Jerry Dandridge tells Charlie Brewster that since he now has an invitation to his house, he can and will drop by any time he feels like it.


Cultural References

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 3.16 million viewers in USA, which was 0.30 million less than the previous episode.
  • Filming Tyler's transformation took about 16 hours.[1]
  • Michaela McManus' (Jules) real-life husband (Mike Daniels) wrote this episode.


Stefan: (to Katherine) "The pleasure I'll get from watching you suffer is greater than any pain I'll ever feel."

Elijah: (to Elena) "Hi, I'm Elijah."

Damon: (about Jules) "'You've been marked.' What the hell kind of wolf-pronoun stuff is that, anyway?"

Elijah: "Good evening, Katerina. Thank you for having the good sense to be frightened."

Rose: (to Damon) "I don't love men that love other women. I think more of myself than that."

Elena: "Do you think this is funny?"
Damon: "Yes, Elena, I find hilarity in the lengths I need to go to save your life."

Rose: "I`m gonna help you."
Damon: "Help me do what?"
Rose: "Save Elena. Protect Elena. All things Elena."



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