I don't love men who love other women. I think more of myself then that.
Rose to Damon

By the Light of the Moon is the eleventh episode of the second season of The Vampire Diaries and the thirty-third episode of the series overall.


TYLER FACES HIS FIRST TRANSFORMATION - As the full moon approaches, Caroline helps Tyler prepare for the transformation he is powerless to stop. While Stefan and Katherine play mind games on one another, Damon and Alaric are suspicious when a stranger named Jules shows up in Mystic Falls, searching for her friend Mason. Elena is frustrated at the lengths Jeremy and her friends have gone to in order to keep her safe. Bonnie and Luka work together on a spell, while still keeping secrets from one another. Finally, Elijah makes an unexpected appearance with an offer that could change everything.



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  • Antagonist: Jules.
  • This is the fourth episode of the season to have all the main characters in it. The previous three qualifying episodes are Plan B, Masquerade and The Sacrifice.
  • Tyler's first transformation occurred in this episode.
  • Elena, Damon, Stefan and Caroline are the only characters who have appeared in every episode of the first half of Season 2, with the exception of Tyler, who has appeared in all but one episode, Katerina.
    • Jenna and Matt have appeared less in the first half of Season Two compared to Season One, whereas Tyler has appeared less than all the main characters.
  • Jules meets Tyler, Matt, Alaric and Damon in this episode.
  • Elijah meets Jenna in this episode, and finally sees Katherine for the first time in the present day.
  • This is the first mid-season finale to feature Katherine.
  • Rose becomes the first character in the series to be bitten by a werewolf (Jules).
  • The scene in Elena's house when Elijah is walking out the door, thanks Jenna for the invitation and tells Elena he hopes to see her again soon mirrors the scene in the 1986 movie Fright Night, when Jerry Dandridge tells Charlie Brewster that since he now has an invitation to his house, he can and will drop by any time he feels like it.


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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 3.16 million viewers in USA, which was 0.30 million less than the previous episode.
  • Filming Tyler's transformation took about 16 hours.[1]
  • Michaela McManus' (Jules) real-life husband (Mike Daniels) wrote this episode.


Stefan: (to Katherine) "The pleasure I'll get from watching you suffer is greater than any pain I'll ever feel."

Elijah: (to Elena) "Hi, I'm Elijah."

Damon: (about Jules) "'You've been marked.' What the hell kind of wolf-pronoun stuff is that, anyway?"

Elijah: "Good evening, Katerina. Thank you for having the good sense to be frightened."

Rose: (to Damon) "I don't love men that love other women. I think more of myself than that."

Elena: "Do you think this is funny?"
Damon: "Yes, Elena, I find hilarity in the lengths I need to go to save your life."

Rose: "I`m gonna help you."
Damon: "Help me do what?"
Rose: "Save Elena. Protect Elena. All things Elena."



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Last.fm_play.png "This Time Next Year" – Goldhawks
Last.fm_play.png "Let’s Go Surfing" – The Drums
Last.fm_play.png "I’m Alright" – Agent Ribbons

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