The Bywater Tavern is a bar located in New Orleans, most likely in the Bywater district from which it takes its name.

Throughout The Originals serie

At the end of Live and Let Die, Josh is at Bywater Tavern, glancing at his phone and looking a little nervous, when Aiden comes in and it's revealed that he is the guy Josh has been messaging on the dating app. After a brief conversation, the two decide to pretend they're not at war for the night and just be themselves and not a vampire and a werewolf.

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Josh and Aiden meet again at the bar to share a beer and make peace after the little disagreement that had earlier about Jackson's plan that Aiden has kept hidden from Josh .


Season 2



  • Bayswater Tavern is the bar where Josh and Aiden have spent their first date.
  • From the name we can deduce that the tavern is located in the homonymous district, part of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, but is located along the natural levee of the Mississippi River, sparing the area from significant flooding.
  • During Mardi Gras the Society of Saint Anne marching krewe starts their procession on Mardi Gras morning in Bywater and gathers marchers as it travels through the French Quarter and ends at Canal Street. 
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