Café in Richmond is an internet café located in Richmond, Virginia, a couple hours away from Mystic Falls.

It has double-paned and tempered windows so UV rays can't penetrate and burn vampires, who make up a significant portion of the clientele. In Katerina, Rose-Marie and Damon Salvatore came here looking for Slater, a regular at the café who often worked on his university schoolwork there. Rose and Damon asked Slater how to contact Klaus Mikaelson, but Slater insisted that the only way was through someone who knew Elijah Mikaelson, who they still believed to be dead. Outside the café, a man was playing a guitar. Elijah gave him $100 before taking a handful of coins out of his guitar case in return. Elijah eavesdropped on them for a few moments before he threw the coins at the windows, shattering the glass and exposing all of the vampires (except for Damon due to his daylight ring) to the sunlight. A panicked Slater fled the scene before he could be consumed by flames, and Damon threw his jacket over Rose before escorting her to safety. It is unknown whether or not the café is still open following the chaos that day.


  • Because the windows in the café had the same UV-filtering glass windows that Slater had in his apartment, it is possible that Slater owned the café.


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