Camille Guaty (born June 28, 1978) is a film and a television American actress who played the role of Caitlin Shane on The Vampire Diaries.


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Camille Guaty

Born in California, United States of America. Her mother is originally from the Canary Islands. Camille has lived in California, New Jersey and New York City. Camile married in 2011, on April 16 to Sy Kaye. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband.


In 2002, Guaty was the lead in the Disney Channel Original movie Gotta Kick it Up! Then, Guaty took the lead role in the short-lived television series The Help. In 2004, she played Maggie Moreno as the leading female in the movie 30 Days Until I'm Famous. Also in that year, she made a guest star appearance in Crossing Jordan, as Detective Luisa Santana for two episodes. In 2005, Guaty had a recurring role in the TV series Prison Break, as Maricruz Delgado. Also in that year she started in the TV series The Nine as Franny Rios and played Alex in The Brothers Garcia. In 2007, she played a recurring role in the TV series Las Vegas as Piper Nielsen. After this, Guaty appeared in few films which included Cupid and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. In 2011, Guaty appeared in the TV series The Chicago Code as Elena.


  • Guaty is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent.


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