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One day, maybe even today, Katherine will finally see me for who I am: her one true--
Carissa in Loyal Dogs Part Three

Carissa was a witch that only appeared in The Vampire Diaries digital comics Loyal Dogs.

Early History

Approximately 1864, Carissa met and befriend Katherine in Mystic Falls, Virginia through Emily. Katherine was still dealing with the fallout from Klaus and Carissa agreed to help her fix her problem. She told Katerina that she had found a way to kill Klaus - through Expression magic. However, when she came clean to Katherine and told her that she wasn't powerful enough, even with Expression, Katherine turned on her and attacked her. Her life was spared and she fell into a coma.

Eventually Carissa recovered and she and Katherine reconciled. To continue to help Katherine in her quest to kill Klaus, she pointed her to another witch - Grigori Rasputin in Russia. Though she warned Katherine about him, she was convinced that he knew of a spell that could kill an Original vampire. Rasputin eventually turned on Katherine, revealing there was no such spell and his true goal was her - the Petrova doppelgänger. Carissa, however wasn't far behind and attacked Rasputin. Their magic destroyed Rasputin's home, consumed in fire and air, though eventually Rasputin proved stronger. Rasputin even mocks her skill as she had to send Katherine to him to do something she could not. He found her to be pathetic. However, as he was distracted, Katherine attacked and fed on him before ripping his head clear off his shoulders.

After Katherine saved her, Carissa used her Expression magic to keep herself young and beautiful, in the hope that Katherine would return her affections. She and Katherine would eventually part ways in 1918 when they both fled Eastern Europe.

In May, 2009, Carissa found a way to save Katherine from Klaus' wrath - to break the Sun and Moon Curse. So she orchestrated Mason Lockwood's transformation into a werewolf. Even then, Katherine did not return her love and left with Mason, leaving her alone.

Throughout the Digital Comic Series

In Loyal Dogs, Carissa watches as Alexei Romanov and Tyler Lockwood talk on the Daytona Beach Boardwalk.

Carissa eventually encounters Tyler in the bar where she's working. Initially, she refuses. Why should she help one of the "furry" Lockwoods. She introduces herself and rhetorically as if he's Tyler. Carissa isn't interested in that he's looking for Katherine and uses her magic to induce an aneurysm. Tyler doubles over in pain, wondering what she's doing to him why patrons in the bar believe him to be drunk. She's all too happy to give him a shot of Expression magic. Tyler believed that he could just walk in and she wouldn't peg him for a Lockwood, but in truth, she tells him that he looks just like his father, George and even like Mason. Tyler demands to know how she knew his uncle and she regales the story of how her efforts lead to transformation into a werewolf in the hope to claim Katherine's love. Tyler tells her that Katherine is in love with only one person and it's herself. Carissa believes otherwise. Just hours ago, Katherine came to her and was aware of Alexi and Tyler following her. As the pair was just coming into town, Katherine was already gone. With that revelation, she wasn't distracting him. She was going to put him down. Carissa begins to levitate as Tyler is crippled to the floor. Alexei, however, enters the bar and his strength and speed overpowers Carissa's magic. He forces her to drink his blood and he breaks her neck. She she awakens in transition, Alexei tells her if it wasn't her her, Katherine would have never came to Russia. Carissa sees herself in a mirror. In transition, she has no magic and the magic that's kept her young and beautiful fades. She's aging, her hair is turning gray. Her skin is turning into a mess of stale wrinkles and sandpaper, her joints used and drained. Once again, she's been discarded by Katherine. This is how she'll always see her - how she's always seen her. Unable to bare the truth and her new appearance, Carissa threw herself through the wall of the bar, out into the Daytona sun. She immediately catches fire and burns away. Beach goers attempt to put out the flames, but it's too late and Carissa's dead.


Carissa was highly devoted and blindly loyal to Katherine who she loved. Despite her own affections, they were unreciprocated.

Physical Appearance

Carissa had a slim build and tall stature, wearing dark-colored clothing and sunglasses at one point. She had black, medium-length hair and brown eyes. Despite looking young, she is at least over a hundred years old and keeps her youth through Expression magic.

After going into transition as a vampire, she starts to age, her hair turning gray and her body becoming more weakened.


The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic

Powers and Abilities

Carissa possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch. Furthermore, she's one of the few known witches to practice Expression magic; something that Katherine claimed to be quite a fetish. At least to Katherine, her fetish does not a skill make as she was not powerful enough to do what she wanted: to kill an Original vampire. More-so, Carissa was also bested by Grigori Rasputin. Despite this, she knew enough about Expression to keep herself young and beautiful for at least a century and a half. However, she lost access to her magic when she was forced to drink Alexei's vampire blood, killed, and woke up in transition. The spells that kept her young began to unravel and she aged rapidly.


Carissa had the typical weaknesses of a witch. Though she did not complete her transition into a non-Original vampire, she still burned when exposed to sunlight.


  • Carissa is a feminine name of Greek origin meaning "grace" or "beloved".[2]



  1. Carissa was one of Emily's witches, circa 1864 and died circa 2010, when Tyler spent time with the werewolves in the Appalachian Mountains.

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