The Memorial of Carol Lockwood was held in After School Special.

After she was killed by Klaus, the town organized a special memorial for her in Mystic Falls High School.

Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes and Rudy Hopkins spoke about Carol during the memorial.

Season Four

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Carol Lockwood's memorial is held in the school's gym, led by Sheriff Forbes. Tyler, furious and distraught over his mother's death, leaves the gym in the middle of Elizabeth's speech. Elizabeth reveals Rudy Hopkins (Bonnie's father) as the new mayor. Elena sees Rebekah for a moment, but she disappears. Elena leaves the memorial to follow Rebekah.


  • During the memorial, there were 200 extras.
  • Tyler did not stay for the entire memorial.
  • The whole memorial was not shown. 
  • Stefan, Damon, Jeremy and Matt didn't attend the memorial.



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