Ooh, Caroline was right...technically, she's dead. Sorry. But you don't need a birthday, you need a funeral. You need to say goodbye to your old life, so that you can move on with your new one.
Elena to Caroline in Our Town

Caroline's 18th birthday party occurred in the episode Our Town, amidst the violence surrounding Stefan Salvatore's crusade against Klaus and his hybrids. Having lost her boyfriend to Klaus when he was sired to him by the hybrid bond, Caroline was having a bad time adapting to everything and she even started to hate the fact that she was a vampire.

Elena, Bonnie and Matt surprise her with a birthday party but she tells them that she doesn't feel like having a birthday due to the fact that she will forever be seventeen, an age she hated. However, in a twist, Elena decides to take them to the Mystic Falls Cemetery where they decide to hold the funeral of Caroline Forbes, the one who died at the hands of Katherine Pierce when she turned her into a vampire.

However, the party goes sour first when Bonnie starts chastising Elena for her decision to compel Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls. Secondly, it goes wrong when Tyler comes and tells Caroline that his love for her allows him to overcome Klaus' sire bond. However, it is revealed that he can't and he accomplishes Klaus' order to bite Caroline in retaliation for Stefan's attacks on his hybrids. Things get even worse when, in an attempt to get Klaus to bow down to him, Stefan attacks Matt and captures Elena. He then feeds her his blood and threatens Klaus by driving fast towards Wickery Bridge, which would kill Elena. Klaus backs down before he can do it.

Matt Donovan brings Caroline Forbes who is suffering from the werewolf bite to her mother, Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes, where they try to find a way to save her. Surprisingly, Klaus comes to their house and offers to repair his earlier actions by curing Caroline. Although reluctant at first, Liz allows Klaus in and he heals Caroline, nor before he first tells her about himself and how he thought the life he had had made him consider suicide at some point. He then realized that immortality had given him the possibility of seeing the world and all its beauties such as art and cities and music. He then tells her that he can heal her but that the choice must be hers. Caroline accepts to be healed and the next morning, wakes up fully recovered from her bite and a diamond bracelet by her bed; a birthday gift from Klaus.


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