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Caroline Forbes
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5'8" (173 cm)



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Light Blonde

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I don't want just another dress! I wanna look hot. Like Princess-Grace-of-Monaco-hot!
Caroline to Klaus about going to the senior prom in Pictures of You

Caroline is naturally beautiful, with a slim and toned physique, she has a very feminine style. In the first season, she used a lot of bright colors and always tried to have a different hairstyle. She's a twenty one year old good girl, but only seventeen year old physically. Her style is a bit shallow at first but as the series progresses becomes more natural, using a little less colors bright and very less makeup too.

Caroline has light blue-green eyes and long dark eye lashes. When Caroline's true vampire face shows itself, her eyes take on a slightly green/blue appearance, while the whites become red. The rest of her face however, turns like most vampires, with the veins under her eyes turning black and fangs protruding from her.

In the 3rd episode of season 1, Friday Night Bites, it is shown that Caroline has a small tattoo of a star on her right foot. It is because the actress Candice Accola has 2 tattoos in real life. The outline of a star on her foot is one of them and the other is a bird on her wrist.


I don't like the blue.
Caroline discussing her outfit choices.

Caroline usually wears girly clothes, nice t-shirts and skirts but throughout the other part of Season 1 she favors trousers. As the series has progressed her style changed dramatically, from a girly style to a more natural look. When first introduced, Caroline dressed very girly and wore bright colors with different hairstyles to suit her outfit.

There you are! You almost missed me. How do I look?
Caroline going to the 60s decade dance.

It's darker since she turned into a vampire, but it’s stayed natural as well. At the beginning of Season 2 her clothes were more edgy and striking but throughout Season 2 she has worn more mature clothes.


Throughout Season 1 Caroline has had her hair in various styles: straight, curly, plaits, pigtails, ponytails. But in Pilot, Caroline had highlights of yellow in her hair; she only had this for that episode. Caroline’s hair is long but hits above her cleavage. Caroline possesses a side fringe and formerly had little layers in her hair. Caroline's signature hairstyle of Season 2 has been curled but she still has had her hair straight and wavy. Her hair is still above her cleavage and has kept her long side fringe.


Before becoming a vampire, Caroline usually used a vervain necklace gifted to her by Elena. But after her transformation, she had to stop using it, then began always using a lapis lazuli ring Bonnie created to receive sunlight.

Caroline uses her large earrings, necklaces, bracelets.

Caroline always uses accessories that match her clothes. Among its clothing accessories she uses big bags, many scarves and jackets of different styles.

She uses cowboy boots with jeans and dresses, boots and high heels also. Throughout the series, her wardrobe has changed.

Make up

Caroline’s makeup has been like her clothes, in the sense that it was really heavy around her eyes for the start but then progresses into a much more natural color, like a soft brown. 


So far in the series, Caroline has 2 tattoos.

In Friday Night Bites, the star tattoo on her right foot is shown.

In 162 Candles, the bird tattoo on her left wrist is shown.

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