If you need time, space, gallons of red wine. I'm here for you, with or without Stefan.

The relationship between the vampire, Caroline Forbes and the witch, Bonnie Bennett had been complicated due to Caroline becoming a vampire and Bonnie being a witch, but they have remained close friends regardless of their differences. After Caroline found out that Bonnie is dead in For Whom the Bell Tolls, she was devastated. Later, Bonnie returns to life in Death and the Maiden, and is reunited with her best friend once again.

Along with Elena, the three have formed a sister-like relationship, but are permanently separated from each other, as Elena's under a sleeping spell until Bonnie dies. Bonnie and Caroline are forced to carry on without Elena for the while and deal with supernatural entities together, without Elena. Although they are forced apart, due to Caroline's duty to raise twins with Alaric Saltzman and Bonnie being forced to go into hiding from the Armory, they still maintained a close friendship. Also, Caroline didn't hesitate to be one of Bonnie's closest friends to successfully help Bonnie be cured of the Supernatural Huntress' Curse.

During Season Eight, they remained close friends as they continued to help each other find Enzo and Damon when they’re taken by Sybil. They continue to support each other throughout this season, but their friendship is tested when Caroline’s then-fiancé, Stefan, kills Enzo (Bonnie’s deceased-boyfriend) while his humanity is off. Caroline practically begs Bonnie to attend her wedding, for her and not for Stefan, even though Bonnie doesn’t want to be present for obvious reasons. Bonnie argues that she cannot because she hasn’t forgiven Stefan for killing Enzo. However, she later changed her mind and attended Caroline’s wedding, which Caroline is grateful for. Chaos strikes Mystic Falls when Katherine escapes from Hell and Caroline and Bonnie ally one last time to stop their enemy. When all is resolved, Caroline continues to raise her children while Bonnie leaves Mystic Falls to travel the world alone. This puts some distance between the two, but they never faltered in friendship.

Early History

Caroline and Bonnie were very good friends with each other before Caroline became a vampire. They were cheerleaders in high school and they were also best friends with Elena Gilbert. Caroline was a shallow girl who envied Elena and usually talked to Bonnie about it. But, after becoming a vampire, Caroline proved to Bonnie that not only was she not an immature girl anymore, she was a new, a selfless and a confident Caroline inside.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Bonnie and Caroline talk to Elena about Stefan.

At the start of the school year, Bonnie and Caroline both sympathized Elena who had recently lost her parents. Both Caroline and Bonnie were attracted to a new student  named Stefan Salvatore who showed interest in only Elena. Bonnie encouraged Elena into the relationship, but Caroline was jealous as she herself tried to pursue him. Instead, she got his gorgeous but dangerous vampire brother, Damon Salvatore. Bonnie and Caroline later talked to Elena about her budding relationship with Stefan. They urged her to go and talk to him.  Bonnie and Caroline are shown to be cheerleaders.

Caroline and Bonnie at the rally.

Caroline bought costumes for herself and Bonnie for the Halloween Party, both of them masquerading as witches. After Caroline broke up with Damon, she gave Bonnie a crystal necklace she had taken when he disappeared. Later on, it proved that the necklace once belonged to Bonnie's witch ancestor Emily Bennett by Bonnie's grandmother. Damon wanted the crystal back and persuaded Caroline to try and take it from Bonnie, but the necklace shocked her. Hurt when Damon insulted her, Caroline drank herself drunk and ignored Bonnie's attempts to help her.

Elena, Caroline and Bonnie try a séance.

Bonnie tried to get rid of the crystal after Emily began haunting her, trying to stop Damon from opening a tomb full of vampires under the ruins of Fell's Church. She threw it into an open field in the hopes of never seeing it again. Later, Elena tried to get the two to talk again. Bonnie told Caroline the truth and that she got rid of the crystal. When she mentioned Emily, Caroline

Elena, Caroline and Bonnie at the 50s dance.

suggested they try a séance, but when they tried to communicate to Emily, the crystal appeared. Believing that Bonnie had lied, Caroline decided to leave, but then Emily possessed Bonnie and left, freaking out both Elena and Caroline.

In Unpleasantville, they attend the dance of the decade of the 50s, Bored with the dance, Bonnie and Caroline decide to go to the Mystic Grill. Proving to Caroline to go after what you want, Bonnie heads over to Ben to strike up a conversation. The two seem to hit it off and decide on going on a date.

Bonnie and Caroline

In The Return, at the hospital, Sheriff Forbes, Matt, Bonnie and Damon await to hear how Caroline's condition was. It turned out it was grave and Damon suggested that he used his blood to ensure her recovery. Elena was totally against this but Bonnie told him to do it. He does and Caroline got better quickly, almost miraculously to the uninitiated and was happy when Bonnie and Matt happily comforted her.

Bonnie see that Caroline is a vampire

In Brave New World, Bonnie was horrified when She sees Caroline's bloody face and went into denial. She touched Caroline's arm and she then knew the truth. She saw the dead form of Carter who she met as a potential boyfriend earlier. Elena tried to comfort Bonnie, Stefan got Caroline inside and to a restroom and cleaned the blood off Caroline's face.

In Bad Moon Rising, after a few days trapped in her house during the daylight hours, Stefan and Bonnie came to her house with a ring similar to the ones the Salvatore Brothers wear so she could go out by day. However Bonnie told her that the conditions of her having that ring, including the ability to remove the spell on it allowing her to walk in the day if she hurt anyone. Caroline protested that she wouldn't and Bonnie told her that the urge to kill is in her.

Bonnie casting the spell

Bonnie cast the spell on the ring, but Caroline indicated that she was expecting incantations and the other attributes of spell casting. Stefan chided her but Caroline protested that she wanted to make sure that the spell worked. With that Bonnie pulled back the curtains to let in all the sunlight including rays that struck Caroline. Caroline yelped and screeched but the sunlight didn't harm her at all. "It worked" Bonnie said with a bit of mocking.

In Plan B, Caroline comes out of the dungeon and catches Bonnie on her way out of the Salvatore residence. She had just helped Damon abduct Mason by using her witch power to give him repeated brain aneurysm causing him great pain allowing Damon to knock him out take him home and torture him. Bonnie says "hi" awkwardly to Caroline's nervous "hey". Bonnie ask how is her mom and that Elena filled her in on everything. Caroline tells her that she is going to take her home that night. Bonnie wants to say something feels uncomfortable then tells Caroline she got to go. Wanting desperately to reconnect to her friend Caroline stops her by asking if she found the moon stone. "Not yet" she says. Awkward pause and then Bonnie asks about a well they used to play near when they were kids and asks her where it was. "On the edge of the old Lockwood property. Why?" Caroline asks back. As Bonnie texts Stefan she says that is probably where Mason has hid the moonstone.

Caroline and Bonnie help Elena to get into the well

She had a vision of what Mason did with the Moonstone by using her touch sensing powers. She tells her friend that she got to go. Caroline ask to come with her. Bonnie at first says no, but then softens and says "Sure". They then walk together still awkward but reconnecting. As Bonnie and Caroline walked at human speed to the old Lockwood well in the woods Caroline hears Elena's cries for help. She rushed to her aid at super. They help Stefan and Elena to leave the well .

Bonnie and Caroline

In Masquerade, Caroline and Bonnie team up with the Salvtore brothers to try and kill Katherine. In the Salvatore's house Caroline lets in Bonnie who has the Grimoire after she got Stefan's message. she ask what is going on. Jeremy nonchalantly tells her they are going to kill Katherine.

In Daddy Issues, after that Caroline is abducted and tortured, Stefan calls Elena to go and accompany Caroline because she needs her. Elena and Bonnie go to her house, saying That They are having a slumber party at her house and Caroline breaks down, crying peak gust both hug her tightly.

Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy

In Crying Wolf, Caroline helps Bonnie and Jeremy kidnap Luka, another warlock, in order to get answers about Klaus and what he wants with them. Caroline realizes that Jeremy likes Bonnie, and tells her. Bonnie is hesitant at first, saying that it is her best friend's little brother and that Elena might not approve, but Caroline says that they are in no position to be picky or judgmental, because they are both a witch and a vampire.

In The House Guest, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena decide to have a girls night. Jenna walks in depressed and they soon convince her to stay and join them. Trying to decide what to do, Caroline tells them about the band playing down at the Mystic Grill and they all decide to head on out.

In The Sun Also Rises, Caroline and Bonnie is also seen with Elena, Jeremy, Stefan, Damon and Alaric at Jenna's funeral.

Caroline, Bonnie and Liz weeping over a dead Jeremy

In As I Lay Dying, Caroline, Jeremy and Bonnie started to look for Damon whilst he was also being hunted by Sheriff Forbes and her deputies. It was Jeremy who found him first and he brought him to the Grill where he called the others. Liz arrived and shot at Damon but he moved out of the way and her bullet hit Jeremy instead. He was killed by her and since she was human, his ring wouldn't save him. Caroline, Bonnie and Alaric arrived to find Liz crying over Jeremy's body. Caroline tried to revive him with her blood but it was too late. Bonnie and Alaric then took him to the old mansion where he was resurrected by the dead witches.

Normal 006 bonnie back.jpg
In Disturbing Behavior, we first see Caroline; she has arrived unexpectedly at the Gilbert residence. Not only does she have a bowl of chili, she has Bonnie. Bonnie says “I leave town for the summer and everything goes to hell for the both of you?” Elena and Caroline exchange glances and Caroline nods in agreement. Later on, the girls are catching up in Elena’s kitchen. Bonnie apathetically recalls how boring and normal her dad’s side of the family is and Caroline says that she’d kill for a normal family after all that she’s been through recently. Elena suddenly exclaims in pain and Caroline thinks that she has burnt her, but Elena’s necklace is what’s doing the burning.
Normal 112.jpg
The necklace not only burn Elena, but Bonnie as well. It seemed like the spell gave it some kind of an electric current. At the latest Mystic Falls celebration, and Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena are on the outskirts of the event as they try to figure out what’s going on with Elena’s necklace. While Bonnie reads up on an “identification spell” that she thinks will be useful because Bonnie tells them to look at the necklace that is now floating in the air.
Normal 035 school.jpg
In Smells Like Teen Spirit, we first see Caroline with Elena and Bonnie as they stand amidst a bunch of overly excited students outside of Mystic Falls High. Today is their first day of senior year, but they all seem like they just want to go back home and spend the day watching chick flicks and eating junk food. “Does anyone else think this should feel slightly more empowering?” Bonnie asks. Caroline switches gears and suddenly she’s bursting with optimism. “Okay, so Prank Night was a bust. But we are accepting it and we are moving on.” In Ghost World, Caroline and Bonnie are assisting with the decorations at the latest Mystic Falls community gathering. Bonnie is explaining Jeremy’s ghostly girlfriend’s situation to Caroline, and Caroline doesn’t feel as if Bonnie is fully expressing her concerns about the ordeal.
Normal 056.jpg
Bonnie: "What do you want me to say, Caroline? I went against the balance of nature when I brought Jeremy back to life, and now I'm paying the consequences."
Caroline: "I want you to say you're not okay with it."
Bonnie: "I'm a thousand times not okay with it. I just don’t know what to do about it."
Caroline then tries to get Bonnie to admit to being upset about Jeremy seeing his dead ex-girlfriend Bonnie immediately is basically like, "No, Caroline. I am upset. I just have no idea how to fix it."
Normal 108.jpg
Bonnie and Caroline are interrupted when Damon arrives on the scene, greeting the girls as "Blondie" and "Witchy." Damon breaks the news to Bonnie that she opened up a huge can of worms when she sent Vicki Donovan back to the other side because now Mason Lockwood’s ghost is haunting him. Later on, we see Matt promising Bonnie that he hasn’t seen Vicki since they sent her back. Caroline asks Bonnie why she’s pinpointing Vicki in particular, and Bonnie explains that if Vicki isn’t the culprit, there’s a much bigger problem brewing. Matt agrees: “I’ve had enough of this ghost stuff to last forever, so you guys can leave me out of this one.” After Matt walks away, Bonnie drops her grimoire and it randomly opens up to a specific page, which turns out to be a manifestation spell that’s used to reveal ghosts. In Our Town, it's Caroline's birthday and she's surprised with an enthusiastic Elena, Bonnie, and Matt wishing her a happy birthday. Elena explains that because Caroline ditched school she missed out on their "birthday work of art" displayed on her locker, so they're bringing the party to her. Caroline doesn't try to hide how disinterested she is. Caroline points out she's frozen and is never going to be eighteen. Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, and Matt walk into a strange old building that's in the middle of the woods. Elena says that instead of a birthday, Caroline needs a funeral in order to mourn her old life and move on. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie list Caroline's human qualities and accomplishments. Bonnie uses her powers to light the candles on Caroline's cake and Elena asks Caroline to make a wish. Later, Elena, Bonnie, Matt, and Caroline are still held up in the creepy building. Caroline is busy on her phone and Elena is skeptical about what she's doing. Caroline admits that she might have text messaged Tyler. Bonnie defends Caroline and turns on Elena, mad at her for having Damon compel Jeremy to leave town. Matt intervenes and Bonnie leaves. In All My Children, Bonnie tells Elena that Esther wants to channel all of her families power to complete the spell that night during the full moon,meanwhile they try the privacy spell Esther used at the ball by letting Caroline out of the room and see if she can hear with her vampire hearing with the burning sage. Bonnie and her mother Abby meet up with Esther and Finn at the old mansion.

Bonnie and Abby in Caroline's house

After their plan for kill to a original fails and Bonnie's mother is turned into a vampire, Elena hears the news and the price of saving her, leading her to seek Bonnie who is watching over Abby who is in transition. Caroline asks her to leave, because even though Bonnie is alright since the goal was to save her friend it seems that Bonnie is the one who always gets hurt. Elena decides to leave but asks Caroline to tell Bonnie about her gratitude and love.

Bonnie and Caroline

In Break On Through, Bonnie is seen in Abby's house. Caroline tries to help Abby deal with her new status as a vampire. Bonnie is very worried and Caroline tells her Abby needs time to adjust. Bonnie says that she "doesn't know how to help her". Later, she is seen in the kitchen and when Jamie comes in, he said he had a talk with Caroline, which Bonnie answers to by saying that "Caroline lectured him". Jamie tells Bonnie that since Abby's been here for him, he needs to be there for her. A while after when he hugs Abby, her vampire instincts take over and she bites him. Bonnie saves Jamie by giving her an aneurysm. Abby decides to leave even if Caroline tries to convince her to stay.

Growing Pains, Caroline leads Klaus,(who's in Tyler's body), with Bonnie to put Klaus back in

Bonnie and her grandma

his body and take him out of Tyler's body, after Bonnie refuses Klaus starts pushing Bonnie to do the spell, saying that he'll rip Tyler's heart and he'll jump in someone else maybe Jeremy, so Bonnie take the decision and do the spell. Bonnie start making the spell while Caroline and Jeremy watch the whole scene, Tyler is back on his body when suddenly Bonnie's grandma appear and tell Bonnie that she

Caroline stands up and walk towards Bonnie

warn her to stay away from dark magic, Bonnie starts telling her grandma to let her go, and her grandma answer that she can't. Caroline and Jeremy begin to worry and Caroline asks her what's happening, Bonnie starts crying and Caroline, who was on the floor taking care of Tyler, stands up and start walking towards Bonnie, she stays there while Bonnie is crying on her knees.

Caroline and Bonnie dancing

In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, Caroline and Bonnie share a girls night with Elena, they are dancing, drinking and Bonnie is taking some photos in the living room. In the next scene they are in Damon's bath and

Elena and Bonnie watch how the hybrids take Caroline

a discussion between Elena and Caroline about Damon begins, while Bonnie share just some thoughts about the things Elena and Caroline are arguing. Caroline decides to tell Elena that she is sired with Damon and they start arguing about it, then Elena ask Caroline to leave while Bonnie stare at the scene, then two hybrids arrive and Elena and Caroline start fighting with them, then while Bonnie is making a spell to protect Caroline and Elena one of the hybrids tell Bonnie that a hybrid bite is enough to kill Caroline, so Bonnie stop the spell and the hybrids leave with Caroline.

Caroline, Bonnie, Matt and Elena discuss about Silas plans

In Stand By Me, Caroline is glad to see Bonnie, thinking that she will bring a solution after Jeremy's death, They start having a discussion about bring the veil down for Silas, Caroline disagree and she start  fighting with Bonnie.

In Because the Night, Bonnie meets with head witch, a witch friend of her mother's who she tricks into believing that she wants to be cleansed of expression. Aja's coven joins them and they begin the process of cleansing Bonnie by linking with one another. Stefan arrives to warn the witches about Bonnie's true intentions, but to his horror Aja prepares to slay Bonnie, fearing that after Silas' intervention she's "lost" to them. Stefan tries to intervene, but Aja gives him a massive headache.

Caroline saves Bonnie

laus and Caroline appear, and Klaus said they couldn't stop the witch now because she’s linked to the others. Klaus is more than willing to let Bonnie die - but Caroline can't stand for that and rushes forward, stealing the head witch's dagger and turning it on her. Caroline stands back in horror as each witch slowly falls to the ground, dead. Caroline just murdered 12 people and completed the expression triangle - now all Silas needs is the Cure.

Caroline and Bonnie

In Pictures of You, Caroline gets ready for Prom with Bonnie helping her dress shopping. When Elena arrives at the store, Caroline and Bonnie leave then Elena steals the dress.

In She's Come Undone, Caroline was trying to call Bonnie, and finally she answered the phone. Caroline asked her if she could come over to help her will turning Elena's humanity back on, but Bonnie said she wasn't going to forgive her that quickly and told her she needed to study for the final exam.

Bon 2.png
Silas kept attacking Caroline and told her that he wanted her to find Bonnie. After he threatened that he would kill her mother, Caroline called Elizabeth Forbes and told her to go home and lock the doors and Caroline soon arrived home with her. They were in the living room trying to call Bonnie when she finally arrived. Caroline went to talk to her, and at first she didn't unlock the door since she was afraid that she was Silas. Then Liz walked in behind Caroline, but Bonnie quickly told her that that was not her mother. Bonnie is able to enter with her magic while Caroline went running to help her mother who in reality, was unconscious on the living room floor. Silas told Bonnie that she was wrong thinking that she could hide from him, but Bonnie said that she wasn't. Silas told her that she better not betray him, and she said that she wouldn't, but told him not to hurt her friends. Silas ordered her to leave the house immediately, and she left, and Silas followed behind her.

Best Friends in the graduation

In Graduation Bonnie calling Caroline to tell her that she needed to wait until that night to have enough power to raise the veil again. Bonnie suggested they cancel graduation, but Caroline was having none of that. Bonnie wasn't ready to tell anyone that she was dead—they'd been through so much, she said. Grams just told her to make sure she said her goodbyes before it was too late. Then Bonnie and Caroline were already there when Matt showed up. Then Elena and Stefan followed. Caroline couldn't believe they'd all made it. Bonnie teared up but still said nothing about her death.

Caroline, Elena and Bonnie

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Caroline and Elena are excited to go to college but Bonnie only can accompany them as a ghost. They reach their dorm room and begin unpacking, they meet their new roommate Megan, this unexpected roommate bothers Caroline, since they were expecting Bonnie to be their roommate.

Bonnie continues to hide the truth about her death and responds to Caroline's messages by Jeremy.

In True Lies, Caroline says goodbye to Elena because Elena goes in search of Stefan, she also has learned of the death of the father of Bonnie, and says to Elena that when she knows anything about Bonnie just makes this known to her, they give each other a hug and Caroline leaves.

Bonnie and Caroline

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Caroline after finding out about Bonnie's death, she attends the memorial service for Bonnie, she carries her pompoms in memory of Bonnie, as they belonged to cheerleading squad at school. Caroline can't see her, but Bonnie tells words of friendship through Jeremy, then Tyler arrive and Bonnie is happy to see everyone together.

Caroline, Elena and Bonnie

In Death and the Maiden,Caroline is present in the moment that Bonnie is resurrected, she is very happy and immediately reminds Bonnie will be her roommate in college.

In Dead Man on Campus, Caroline and Elena are organizing a party at the University for the return of Bonnie and for all the good events recent as Silas dead.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Caroline and Bonnie prepared a breakfast break for Elena because Caroline is very excited about the break up between Damon and Elena but then receive a call from Stefan who informs them that Katherine is dying.

Caroline and Bonnie

Later in the Salvatore's house, Caroline, Bonnie and the others are celebrating the imminent death of Katherine, when Nadia appears, she is looking for help to carry out a plan to save Katherine's life but nobody want to help, so she threat them telling that she has kidnapped to Matt locked in the safe where Stefan was.

Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy are looking for Matt but Caroline is worried about the issue of Stefan having sex with Katherine, then she finds out that Bonnie has had sex with Jeremy and she is excited about the idea, Jeremy and Bonnie are uncomfortable with the conversation and decide to separate and leaving Caroline alone.

Later in the evening Caroline, returns to the Salvatore house a little dirty, pulls leaves out of her hair. Bonnie, Jeremy and Matt have already returned and she tells them that she was lost, Bonnie begins to see some familiar faces from the Other Side: Vicki and Alaric. Then Tyler appears too.

Bonnie, Katherine & Caroline decide to go to the Bitter Ball

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Caroline, Bonnie and Katherine who is still posing as Elena, attend college classes, they walks into a classroom and Caroline is talking about a fresh start in her life as single. Caroline decides to move on from her relationships with Tyler and Klaus and asks Bonnie and Elena to attend at Bitter Ball with her. she tells Bonnie to assist without the company of Jeremy what Bonnie accepts, the three agree to attend the dance.

At the Bitter Ball, Caroline and Stefan are talking and Damon arrives with Bonnie and informs them that he has Jeremy as hostage and that if Bonnie doesn't help him to get a witch, Enzo will kill to Jeremy. Caroline helps Bonnie to convince Liv a witch to help them. She, Damon and Bonnie accompany to Liv to do the spell for the location of Doctor Wes and so to save Jeremy.

In Gone Girl, Caroline is in the Salvatore's house with Tyler, Matt and on the phone with Jeremy and Bonnie. They're talking about Katherine possessing Elena's body and all the things that she did to hurt them supplanting Elena and they remember that because of Katherine,Tyler found out about Klaus and Caroline sex. Then Stefan arrives and begin to looking for a solution on how to draw her to them and so to stab her with the traveler knife.

Bonnie and Caroline

In Promised Land, Caroline is with Bonnie on the college, Bonnie shuffles her belongings into a box, while Caroline talks, she says to Bonnie as Julian is trapped inside Tyler forever, or until he dies, she was thinking what could happen if he dies, maybe That's how them get him out, Bonnie is surprising for Caroline idea, but Caroline say that as he'll go to the other side and then, when Liv does the spell to help her and Enzo, Tyler can come back. Bonnie doesn't say anything. She just continues to pack the room up, Caroline ask Bonnie why she is not talking to Liv or doing anything other than packing up their dorm room, Bonnie tells to her that they have to be out of there right after finals, which she might skip, due to the potential extinction of magic in the place where she was spending her summer break, Caroline doesn't believe to her, Bonnie grows more frustrated.

Caroline talking with Bonnie

She aggressively tosses one of the boxes, which piques Caroline's suspicion, Bonnie finally tells to her there is no spell and that she made it up that he other side is collapsing and everyone in it, including her, is going away for good, Caroline is strangely speechless, that's why she don't think Caroline should kill Tyler, Bonnie storms out, but Enzo had been listening to the conversation the whole time from a corner in the room.

Caroline continues to pack their belongings, she ask to Bonnie what are they even suppose to take, Bonnie just sits on her bed in silence, Caroline reclaimed to her why she is just sitting there and Bonnie says to her that she is thinking. After Caroline get annoying Bonnie says that she think that know how to get them all back from the other side and that she need to find Enzo.

In Home, many spirits from the deteriorating-Other Side are passing through Bonnie to return to life, Elena forcibly included but she wasn't happy because Bonnie forced her to return to life without Damon. Caroline starts asking for Stefan because he still hasn't returned, Caroline's questioning ends when Bonnie starts coughing up blood, she is worried about her friend, but Bonnie unintentionally touched Stefan and he returns from the Other Side. Caroline is later seen grieving with Stefan after Damon and Bonnie unsuccessfully returned from the Other Side.

In I'll Remember, it has been a whole summer since Bonnie and Damon's death. Caroline is still grieving their deaths as she tries to get the Mystic Falls Gang back together. In Yellow Ledbetter, Caroline and Enzo begin working together to try and find a way to bring Bonnie and Damon back from the dead. Caroline and Enzo chase a lead with the so-called Gemini Coven. In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Caroline and the rest of her friends established that Bonnie is stuck in a 1994 Prison Dimension, which was made specifically for Kai Parker (a psychotic siphoner from the Gemini Coven). Bonnie remembers her previous Christmases with her best friends, Elena and Caroline. Bonnie exclaimed that she misses her friends, which included Caroline. In The Downward Spiral, Bonnie is out of her Prison World and she realizes that she missed Elizabeth Forbes' death. Bonnie later encounters Caroline with no humanity and was amused at how "Caroline-like" (as Bonnie called it) Caroline still was without the humanity-aspect. In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Bonnie and Caroline are devastated to learn that Kai Parker linked Elena and Bonnie's lives together. Kai did this so that Bonnie must die a natural death in order for Elena to be awoken from a lifelong, magically-induced coma. While Elena sleeps in her magical coma, Caroline lends a hand to Bonnie in entering Elena's mind so that all three can say goodbye to Elena together. Elena decides to let Bonnie live out her life instead of asking Bonnie to once again sacrifice her life for Elena. Caroline and Bonnie are heartbroken that Elena must slumber for a lifetime. However, Elena urges Caroline and Bonnie to write down everything they do in a diary and all three excitedly talk about their futures.

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, both Caroline and Bonnie's try to move on from Elena's lifelong coma. They are both supportive of each other as they try to move on with their lives. In Never Let Me Go, Caroline is held hostage by the Heretics inside the Salvatore Boarding House. However, due to Lily Salvatore signing the lease to the house over to another owner, none of Caroline's friends and allies can come to her rescue, especially her vampire friends. Bonnie uses Matt in a spell to try and sign over the lease to the house to him and she helped on rescuing Caroline.

In I Carry Your Heart With Me, after not hanging out for awhile together, Caroline cuddles with Bonnie on Caroline's bed in their dorm room. They agree that they miss chilling with each other. They discuss the present issue of Alaric wishing to resurrect Jo, his former girlfriend. In Kill 'Em All, Damon and Enzo contact Caroline and Alaric to try and help save Bonnie's life from Rayna Cruz's blood pills. Caroline is later supporting Bonnie and present during the duration of Rayna and Bonnie's spelled life-swap. In Requiem for a Dream, Caroline attempts to get through to Bonnie, in Bonnie's unconscious head, by bypassing her irrational, newfound Supernatural Huntress side. Just when it looks like Caroline is helping Bonnie reach reason, Bonnie stabs Caroline which also effects her outside Bonnie's head as well. Caroline becomes Bonnie's first target as a Huntress. Despite this, Caroline continues to assist in trying to bring Bonnie back to her normal self, without much success now that Caroline is forced to go on the run from Bonnie with Stefan. In Gods and Monsters, Caroline and her friends successfully cure Bonnie of her Supernatural Huntress side. This also restores Caroline and Bonnie's friendship.

In Today Will Be Different, Caroline visits Bonnie to see how she is doing after Bonnie unsuccessfully tries to get Enzo back to her. Bonnie explains that she is a bit jealous of Caroline for getting everything she wanted: a family and the life of her dreams with the guy she loves. Caroline expresses that she didn't realize how selfish she was complaining about her life raising children and she reassures Bonnie that she will never be alone. Bonnie smiles with tears in her eyes, grateful to have Caroline comforting her. In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, Caroline wakes up after a night of passion with Stefan to find Bonnie in her bed instead. Caroline is alarmed when she sees Bonnie laying next to her instead of Stefan and proceeds to cover herself better under the bed blankets. Bonnie smiles gleefully and wishes Caroline a happy engagement. Caroline then smiles and they both laugh when they see that Bonnie has decorated her bedroom with yellow balloons. They continue to chat about whether or not Bonnie should help Caroline search for wedding dresses. Bonnie proceeds to mention that her only competition as a maid of honor is currently in a coma and that she knows Caroline would want an early start on her June wedding preparations, despite it being months away. After much hesitation, Caroline decides to go with Bonnie for shopping for wedding dresses. While in the wedding dress shop, Bonnie laughs to herself when Caroline tells the shopkeeper what type of dresses she is searching for. The shopkeeper grabs the dresses and carries them away, leaving Caroline and Bonnie to converse some more. While they idly chat, Damon suddenly barges into the shop and instantly kills the shopkeeper. Bonnie and Caroline are alarmed to find him there and Damon attempts to attack and even kill Bonnie, but Caroline protects her and she is able to fight Damon off for them to escape. Later, they are held hostage by Sybil and the siren tries to get information out of Bonnie being both Enzo and Damon cared about her. In the end, Caroline and Bonnie fight together to try and save Damon and Enzo from fighting each other (thanks to Sybil's mental influence). In the end, Caroline is able to subdue Sybil after Alaric incapacitates her with a siren-weapon, the pitchfork. In An Eternity of Misery, Caroline mentions while on the phone with someone that Bonnie is trying to get Enzo's humanity back on. Caroline sounds sympathetic towards Bonnie while she talks about this. In Coming Home Was a Mistake, In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You, In The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch,


Caroline: Elena, oh my God! How are you? Oh, it's so good to see you.
Caroline: (to Bonnie) How is she, is she good?
Elena: Caroline, I'm right here. And, I'm fine. Thank you.
Caroline: Really?
Elena: Yes! Much better.
Caroline: You poor thing.
(hugs Elena)
Caroline: See you guys later?
(walks away)
Elena: (to Bonnie) No comment.
Caroline: His name is Stefan Salvatore. He lives with his uncle up at the old Salvatore boarding house. He hasn't lived here since he was a kid. Military family, so they moved around a lot. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue.
Bonnie: You got all of that in one day?
Caroline: Oh, please. I got all of that between third and fourth period. We're planning a June wedding.
Bonnie: You sober yet?
Caroline: Nope.
Bonnie: Come on, I need to get you home, I need to get me home!
Caroline: Why didn't he go for me?
Bonnie: I'm not touching that.
Caroline: Why is it that the guys I want, never go for me? I try so hard, maybe because I'm inappropriate and I always say the wrong things and Elena always says the right things. I mean, she doesn't even try and he just picks her!
Bonnie: Caroline, it isn't a competition.
Caroline: Yeah, it is.
-- Pilot

Caroline: I'm confused. Are you psychic or clairvoyant?
Bonnie: Technically, Grams says I'm a witch. My ancestors were these really cool Salem witch chicks or something. Grams tried to explain it all, but she was looped on the liquor so I kinda tuned out. Crazy family, yes. Witches? I don't think so.
Caroline: Yeah, well, feel free to conjure up the name and number of that guy from last night.
Bonnie: I didn't see him, you did. Why didn't you just talk to him?
Caroline: I don't know. I was drunk.
Bonnie: I was talking to Gram, and she said that the comet is a sign of impending doom. The last time it pasted over Mystic Falls there was lots of death, so much blood and carnage it created a bed of paranormal activity.
Caroline: Yeah, then you poured Grams another shot and she told you about the aliens.
-- The Night of the Comet

(Caroline arrives with Bonnie)
Bonnie: You're taking Damon to the founder's party? What about me?
Caroline: Go with Elena.
Bonnie: She's asking Stefan.
Caroline: Ok, go by yourself.
Bonnie: Gee, thanks. What about your mom? Is she ok with you bringing Damon?
Caroline: And I'm supposed to care why?
Bonnie: He's older sexy danger guy.
Caroline: Older sexy danger guy? Is that an official witch twitter tweet?
Bonnie: No more witch jokes, ok? That whole Mr. Tanner prediction thing has me freaked.
Caroline: Ok. And Damon's not dangerous. You know, he just has a lot of issues with his brother. You know, like major, deep-Rooted drama.
Bonnie: Like...?
Caroline: I'm not really supposed to say anything.
Bonnie: Caroline Forbes, when have you ever kept a secret in your life?
Caroline: Ok. But you can't tell Elena.
Bonnie: No.
-- Family Ties

(Caroline's bedroom)
Caroline: I remember the party. Damon came up behind me, and he was kissing my neck, or biting my neck. I passed out. It's like there's holes in my memory lately. It's just weird. Maybe I let him bite me.
Bonnie: Why would you do that?
Caroline: Can we just not talk about it, ok? Don't want to talk about Damon. I don't want to talk about any of it. Just want to go back to normal. What are you doing with that candle?
Bonnie: Um... Nothing. What's this? (Bonnie sees the crystal.)
Caroline: Damon gave it to me. Or he was going to give it to me. All I know is, it's mine now.
Bonnie: It's ugly.
Caroline: Well, get your grubby hands off it.
-- You're Undead to Me

Caroline: I have got your costume. It's all here.
Bonnie: Seriously?
Caroline: Come on. Can someone please be excited that it's Halloween? I just wanna have fun, you know, just some silly, fluffy, Damon free fun.
Bonnie: Hey, isn't this the one you got from Damon?
Caroline: Yep. Wear it . Toss it. I don't care. I just want it gone. Hey, have you seen Elena? Do we know what she's wearing?
Bonnie: I was with Grams all weekend . I haven't talked to her. Maybe she's with Stefan.
Caroline: Riding to his castle on his white horse.
Bonnie: Don't be bitter . It provokes wrinkles.
-- Haunted

(At the mystic grill, people having fun. Caroline walks up to Bonnie)
Caroline: Bonnie I've been looking for you. I'm totally sorry to do this I know it's so Indian giver and I know we're not even supposed to say that anymore but I need my crystal back.
Bonnie: Why? You said you hated it.
Caroline: Then I saw it on you and I realize how great it is, and I've got three outfits I can coordinate it with so....
Bonnie: I can't give it back to you.
Caroline: Well, I didn't want to tell you this but I'm your friend, when you wear it makes you look fat. There I said it, but it's because I'm your friend so...
Bonnie: I'm sorry Caroline, I can't.
Caroline: What do you mean you can't? Bonnie it's mine.
Bonnie: I thought you said it was Damon's.
Caroline: It is.
Bonnie: So he's the one who really wants it back.
Caroline: No maybe just... [Caroline tries to snatch the crystal off of Bonnie but it shocks her.] Are you wearing polyester?
Bonnie: You were really gonna pull it from my neck. What the hell is wrong with you? [walks away]
Caroline: Argh!
(Bonnie walks into Caroline and stops her)
Bonnie: Caroline.
Caroline: Don't talk to me.
Bonnie: Don't do that, let me explain.
Caroline: What is there to explain Bonnie? You got what you wanted... and something that doesn't even belong to you by the way and, I get called a shallow, useless waste of space.
Bonnie: Who said that to you?
Caroline: Who do you think?
Bonnie: You know that not true. Don't let him treat you like that.
Caroline: As opposed to how my best friend treats me. [walks off]
-- 162 Candles

(At Elena's house. Caroline walks into the living room to apologize to Bonnie.)
Caroline: Bonnie. Look, it's just not me. I don't believe in the...But if you do,then...Okay. I'm in.That's all it takes for me to jump on board,because I consider you to be my best friend. And I'm saying this knowing that Elena's in the kitchen listening to my every word. Look, I didn't know how real this was for you,but I'm listening now. Okay? Elena, you can come in now. We're done. (Elena enters.)There is just way too much drama in this room.So what do you guys wanna do?I have an idea.Why don't we have a séance?
Bonnie: I don't think that's a good idea.
Caroline: Come on. Let's summon some spirits. This Emily chick has some serious explaining to do.
Bonnie: What are we doing?
Elena: I don't know.
Caroline: Be quiet and concentrate.Close your eyes.Now take a deep breathe.Bonnie. Call to her.
Bonnie: Emily you there?
Caroline: Really?"Emily you there?"That's all you got? Come on. Fine. Jeez.
Bonnie: Emily. I call on you. I know you have a message. I'm here to listen.
-- History Repeating

(Matt is bussing tables at the Grill. He looks up as Caroline and Bonnie enter, still in their 50s garb. Bonnie looks earnestly up at the bar.)
Bonnie: Let's sit up there.
(Caroline stops and crosses her arms, teasing Bonnie.)
Caroline: Be a little more obvious, Bonnie.
Bonnie: Don't rain on my hot-guy parade.
(Without them noticing, Matt has come up behind them, carrying dirty dishes in a bin.)
Caroline: What? It's just a drizzle. Ben McKittrick? Really?
Bonnie: He's hot.
Caroline: He's a washed-up jock who pours drinks for a living. You could do way better.
(Matt, having paused to hear the conversation, looks down and walks past Caroline, who finally notices him.)
(Caroline and Bonnie are sitting at a table. Bonnie stares at Ben behind the bar and Caroline sulks.)
Caroline: Tonight was so much better on paper.
Bonnie: Ah, you're just feeling sorry for yourself. Go and talk to him. Be bold and fearless.
Caroline: Yeah, this coming from the girl who's been eye stalking the bartender.
Bonnie: You're right.
(Bonnie boldly gets up and walks over to the bar. Caroline watches her, looking impressed. Bonnie stops in front of the bar and speaks to Ben.)
-- Unpleasantville

Caroline: The Fell cousins don’t have a shot and Amber Bradley is only on the court so the pageant doesn’t look like its founding families only which of course it is. So that leaves Elena which totally has the sympathy vote since her parents died. How can I compete with that?
Bonnie: Very nice, very sensitive
Caroline: Oh I'm sorry, this must sound really unimportant. In light of everything.
Bonnie: It's okay, I get it, you want to win.
Caroline: Well, my grandmother was Miss Mystic and both of my aunts. My mom is the only one who didn’t get the gene and I want this. I actually deserve this.
(They enter the room where the dancing is occurring, Bonnie sees Elena and Stefan leaving)
-- Miss Mystic Falls

Bonnie: Alright show me.
Caroline: Let's reference last years Miss Mystic float
(She writes on her computer)
Caroline: This is what they did last year (She turns her computer and shows a picture to Bonnie) and this is exactly what we don’t want to do
Bonnie: Ew. Okay! So, what are we doing? Caroline: Southern classic elegance... Gone with the Wind?
Caroline: How'd you know?
Bonnie: You channel Scarlett, daily
Caroline: So true!
(They laugh. Caroline is looking around)
Caroline: Where's Elena? She's supposed to be helping.
Bonnie: I don’t know.
Caroline: Okay, what’s the deal?
Bonnie: What do you mean?
Caroline: Don't play dumb. You and Elena are fighting. Spill!
Bonnie: It's nothing.
Caroline: It's not nothing. You know this whole float is supposed to be about friends creating something together and everyone is fighting. Matt and Tyler hate each other, you and Elena are on the outs and I don't like it! And I can’t fix it if I don't know what’s wrong.
Bonnie: I can't talk about it, Caroline, I'm sorry.
(Caroline looks at her)
(Mystic Grill)
Caroline: So you're not going to tell me what happened?
Bonnie: I did something bad, Caroline, and I lied about it.
Caroline: To who?
Bonnie: To Elena. I pretended to do something I didn't really do.
Caroline: What are you talking about?
Bonnie: I couldn't do what she wanted me to do. It wasn't right. Grams would have never done it, so I couldn't either. But when Elena finds out, she's never gonna forgive me.
-- Isobel

Bonnie: How is Caroline today?
Matt: See for yourself.
(They go in Caroline's room. Caroline is awake and looking completely healthy.)
Caroline: Jersey Shore's on.
(Bonnie embraces her)
Caroline: Careful, still a little sore.
Bonnie: Sorry.
Caroline: Its okay but they say I'm healing really quick.
Matt: My turn. (kisses her)
(Bonnie cries from joy.)
Caroline: Oh, isn't he cute? Why are you crying?
Bonnie: I'm just happy you're okay.
Caroline: Oh, I love you guys!
Caroline: We love you.
-- The Return

Bonnie (about Caroline): She almost died, it's bound to mess with her head... and she's Caroline.
-- Brave New World.

(Bonnie, Caroline and Stefan are in Caroline’s bedroom. Bonnie has Emily’s grimoire in her hands. Caroline has the ring in her hands)
Caroline: So, I don't get to choose the ring I have to wear the rest of my life?
Bonnie: Hey, if you don’t want it…
Stefan: No, no, she wants it
Caroline: Now what?
Bonnie: Now is the part where I explain the rules. The witch who spells the ring has the power to dispel it so if you ever do anything to hurt anyone…
Caroline: I'm not gonna hurt anyone.
Bonnie: You are a vampire that mean the urge to kill is a part of who you are. The minute you let it take over, I will stop you.
Caroline: Bonnie, you're supposed to be my friend.
Bonnie: I can't ignore what happened okay? If you want to be friends, you have to prove that the Caroline I remember isn’t gone. Now put the ring on the bed.
(Caroline puts the ring on the bed)
Caroline: Do you really think I meant to kill that guy at the carnival?
Bonnie: He's still dead. Now, do you want me to cast the spell or not?
(Bonnie opens a little bit the curtain. The sun is going on the ring. Bonnie looks at the ring and closes her eyes a moment and finally opens them)
Bonnie: All done.
(She gives the ring to Caroline. She takes the ring and puts it on her finger)
Caroline: So that’s it? I mean nothing witchy happened. You know, no flickering lights, no gust of wind. Have you even done this before?
Stefan: Caroline...
Caroline: I just want to make sure that worked
(Bonnie opens the curtain)
Bonnie: It worked.
Caroline: What if it hadn't Bonnie ?!
(Bonnie looks at Stefan)
Bonnie: She's all yours
(She takes the grimoire and leaves)
Bonnie: It worked.
-- Bad Moon Rising

(Bonnie is quickly walking to the front door. Caroline comes up from the basement.)
Caroline: Hey!
(Bonnie stops and looks at her.)
Bonnie: Hi. How’s your mom? Elena filled me in on everything.
Caroline: I’m gonna take her home tonight.
Bonnie: Caroline… Uh... Never mind, I've got to go.
(Bonnie starts to leave again.)
Caroline: Did you find the moonstone thing?
Bonnie: Not yet. Hey, do you remember that old well where we used to play when we were kids?
Caroline: Yeah.
Bonnie: It's in the woods. Do you remember where?
Caroline: On the edge of the old Lockwood property. Why?
(Bonnie pulls out her phone and texts Stefan.)
Bonnie: I think that's where Mason is keeping the moonstone. I got to go.
Caroline: Well, I can come with you.
Bonnie: No, it’s okay.
(She looks at Caroline who is hurt and disappointed.)
Bonnie: Sure.
Caroline: Okay.
(Caroline smiles and they walk out of the house together.)
-- Plan B

(Caroline opens the front door and Bonnie is there)
Caroline: Hey, come on in.
Bonnie: I got Stefan's message.
Stefan: Hey, you brought the grimoire, thank you.
-- Masquerade

(Bonnie and Caroline are sitting at a table in the Grill)
Caroline: Ok. So tell me about this big, witchy plan you've been cooking up.
Bonnie: We still don't know the extent of what Elijah's up to.
Caroline: No, we don't.
Bonnie: So, I'm gonna ask Luka to tell me what he knows.
Caroline: And he's not gonna tell you anything.
Bonnie: I didn't say he was gonna have a choice.
(Caroline looks past Bonnie)
Bonnie: What?
(Bonnie turns around and sees that Caroline is looking at Matt. Caroline gives him a small wave and a smile, but Matt's face remains stony and he walks away without any acknowledgement towards her. Bonnie looks back at Caroline)
Bonnie: What was that about?
Caroline: Uh, I don't know. I thought that we were... I don't know.
Caroline: He's[Jeremy] so crushing on you.
Bonnie: So?
Caroline: So … you'd rather be with traitor warlock over here?
Bonnie: I’m not into Luka. It's just, you know, he understood me. And he was new...different.
Caroline: And you've known Jeremy since forever and you only see him one way: as Elena’s brother. But you’re a witch and I'm a vampire. It’s not like we're in any position to...
Bonnie: Be picky?
Caroline: No, to... judge.
-- Crying Wolf

Bonnie: He said the ball's in your court
Caroline: Yeah, but I can't do anything about it.
Bonnie: Why not? All you do is talk about how much you care about him.
Caroline: Yeah, but I am still keeping so many secrets.
-- The House Guest

Bonnie (To Caroline and Elena): I leave town for the summer and everything goes to hell for the both of you.
Bonnie: The problem with my dad's normal side of the family is normal made for a really boring summer.
Caroline: After the last few days, I would kill for a normal family.
-- Disturbing Behavior

Matt: I'm kind of surprised any of you are doing this.
Bonnie: Caroline's making us.
Caroline: We're about to be seniors. These are the memories that will stay with us forever, and if we don't...
Elena: And if we don't create these memories now, then what's the point of it all?
-- The Reckoning

Caroline: Here we are. Senior year.
Bonnie: Anyone else think it should feel slightly more empowering?
Caroline: Okay. So prank night was a bust. But we are accepting it, and we are moving on.
Bonnie: You're right. I mean, why should I let the fact that my boyfriend is seeing the ghost of his dead girlfriends hinder this experience?
Caroline: Yes! And why should I let the fact that my boyfriend was turned into a hybrid put a damper on an otherwise fabulous day.
-- Smells Like Teen Spirit

(Caroline helps Bonnie hanging lanterns from the trees)
Caroline: So when you did the spell to send Vicki away, did that get rid of Anna, too?
Bonnie: I wish. All I did was block the magic that was helping Vicki get a physical foothold here. Jeremy's still got a direct line to the other side, and as long as he wants to see Anna and she wants to see him, she's still here.
Caroline: Ok, you don't think I can actually resist commenting on that.
Bonnie: There. You commented.
Caroline: Bonnie...
Bonnie: What do you want me to say, Caroline? I went against the balance of nature when I brought Jeremy back to life, and now I’m paying the consequences.
Caroline: I want you to say you're not okay with it.
Bonnie: I’m a thousand times not okay with it. I just don’t know what to do about it.
Caroline: I feel so sad for him. It took a lot for him to send his sister away.
Bonnie: Yeah.
Caroline: So much strength as a man.
Bonnie: I've got a ghost problem to deal with, Caroline. Save the Jeremy lecture for later.
(She grabs her bag but it’s open and everything is on the floor, including her grimoire. She’s about to catch it but there’s some wind and it opens on a page.)
Caroline: Ok, did your grimoire just...
Bonnie: I think so.
(She takes the grimoire to read the page)
Caroline: Ok, please tell me that's a recipe for witch cookies.
Bonnie: It's a manifestation spell. It's used to reveal veiled matter.
Caroline: What's veiled matter?
Bonnie: Ghosts.
(Bonnie and Caroline are in the abandoned house and enter a room)
Caroline: So this is where you brought Jeremy back to life?
Bonnie: Yeah. Sorry, I know it's creepy, but we needed a private place around here to do the spell.
Caroline: Hmm. There's no chance it's haunted by the hundred dead witches who were horrifically burned to death in this very spot, is there?
Bonnie: They're not here anymore. And they made it clear they were never coming back.
Caroline: Right. A pinkie swear?
(Caroline is lighting candles)
Caroline: Ready? Do you need me to do...
(Bonnie is already casting the spell)
Caroline: Right. Ok
(Bonnie is still casting the spell. There's wind)
(Bonnie is still casting the spell. There's wind everywhere in the room. Everything moves)
Caroline: Bonnie, I don't like this. Bonnie...
(Suddenly someone grabs Bonnie’s hands. It's her grandmother)
Caroline: Oh, my God. Is that your...?
(Bonnie's shocked)
Bonnie: Grams.
(Caroline hangs out. Bonnie looks at her)
Bonnie: What are you talking about?
Caroline: Um...Lexi's back, so Elena wants us to hold off on destroying the necklace.
Bonnie: You said boyfriend dramas. Plural. What is it, Caroline?
Caroline: Elena caught Jeremy kissing Anna.
Bonnie: What?
Caroline: I'm sorry.
Bonnie: He kissed her?
Caroline: She's got a foothold now, so she probably thinks that she's here to stay. But you and I, Bonnie, we're going to find that necklace. Ok? Okay.
(Caroline and Bonnie are in her car. Caroline just hang up her phone)
Caroline: Jeremy's got the necklace. He's going to meet us at the witch house.
Bonnie: Ok. What's going on up there?
(She stops. Carol Lockwood’s car Is against a tree. She’s unconscious)
Caroline: It's Mrs. Lockwood's car.
(Frederick and other tomb vampires go toward the car)
Caroline: Bonnie… I'm gonna get out of the car-
Bonnie: What?
Caroline: And you're gonna drive the hell away from here.
Bonnie: No way! I'm not leaving you.
Caroline: Bonnie, you've got your ghost boyfriend drama, Elena has hers, and right now, the mother of mine is about to be ghost bait. So go and send them all back to the other side, okay?
(Caroline gets out of the car. Bonnie leaves. Frederick looks at Caroline and smiles. Caroline vamps out and goes toward him)
-- Ghost World

(There's a band playing in the garden; everyone from the school is here; Caroline enters the house with Bonnie]
Caroline: How did he plan a better party than me so fast? What? Is that a band outside??
Bonnie: Who are all these people?
Caroline: This is weird! Where is Tyler?
-- Homecoming

Bonnie: I'm sorry, what? You've already claimed your birthday as everyone's favorite day of the year.
Caroline: Yeah, and now, it's just a reminder that technically, I'm dead. [beat] Look, I didn't even like 17. And the only point to being 17 is to get to 18. It's a filler year; I'm stuck in a filler year.
Bonnie(To Caroline):Friend, daughter, overachiever.
-- Our Town

Caroline (To Bonnie and Elena): It's not working. I can hear every word you’re saying about Damon, the vampire gigolo.
Caroline (To Bonnie and Elena): Okay. First of all, this privacy spell is totally not working. Second. Elena, you are not doing this, Esther is doing this.
-- All My Children

(Bonnie comes out of the house and sees Caroline walking up with an ice chest.)
Caroline: Hey.
Bonnie: Hey.
Caroline: I totally lucked out. The hospital just had a blood drive, so I got some O negatives, some A's, and my personal favorite (Caroline pulls out a blood bag.) B positive.
(Bonnie and Caroline are watching Abby who is in her garden.)
Bonnie: I made her a daylight ring. She’s been standing out there all morning. I don't think she's taking this very well.
Caroline: Well, it's only been a few days since she turned. Your mom is still adjusting.
(Caroline and Bonnie walk over to Abby.)
Caroline: Ms. Wilson, why don't you come inside? Have something to drink?
Abby: I can't feel it anymore. My garden, it's gone. I can't feel anything.
(Abby walks towards the house.)
Caroline: I don't understand.
Bonnie: Witches have a connection to the Earth. We can literally feel nature. Life.
(Bonnie places her hands on the sides of a dead plant. She recites a spell and suddenly the plant starts to bloom into a beautiful flower.)
Bonnie: When Abby became a vampire, she lost it. I don't know how to help her.
-- All My Children

Caroline: Oh, creepy professor guys is Shane now.
Bonnie: He's not... He's not creepy.
Bonnie: You guys friends again? Thank God.
Caroline: Well, she saved my life. In spite of me being the nasty, bad witch.
Elena: Thankfully we had our good witch. You know, your hottie creepy Professor really knows his stuff, Bonnie.
Bonnie: It's been baby steps but he's helping with a whole new kind of magic. He calls it expression.
-- We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

Caroline: Bonnie, I need you to think fast. I know that the daggers don’t work on Klaus but what if we put his essence into Rebekah? It'll work, right? Say it'll work!
Bonnie: Slow down, slow down, what – what's happening?
Caroline: Just, come on, Bonnie. Will it work?
Bonnie: Yeah, I don't see why not.
Caroline: Uh, Bonnie Bennett, I love you!
Bonnie: Do you need my help? I can leave Elena here with Jeremy.
Caroline: Elena? She's there too?
Bonnie: Yeah, she came with Damon. Who’s being slightly less horrible than usual.
Caroline: You know what? I can’t deal with this right now.
-- O Come, All Ye Faithful

Caroline: Thank god. We were so, so worried. (They hug.)
Bonnie: I'm okay.
Caroline: Bonnie, you are talking like a crazy person. You are not killing 12 people, and you sure as hell can't invite every monster who has ever died back into this world.
Matt: Caroline, I think she knows that.
Bonnie: I can do it. I have the power. We can bring everyone back-- Jeremy, Alaric, Vicki.
Caroline: Bonnie, stop it. You can't just say these things.
Bonnie: It's gonna be fine...
-- Stand By Me

Matt: Hey, have you seen Bonnie?
Caroline: Yeah, I called her last night. She's fine. She's just a little drained from, you know, everything.
Matt: Can't really blame her.
Caroline: Yeah.
-- Bring It On

Caroline: What kind of dreams?
Bonnie: Usually I'm at his grave … all of a sudden, he appears to me.
Caroline: Oh, you never got to say goodbye, Bon. You’re grieving, that is normal.
Bonnie: When I woke up, the couch was on fire.
Caroline: Oh...
Bonnie: I don’t know if it's because I was emotional in my dream, or if Shane was right. Without his help, I'll lose control of my magic.
Caroline: No, it's because you need a night off from mourning. And I'm gonna make sure that you have it.
Bonnie: You look super hot, by the way.
Caroline: You think?
Bonnie: Oh, yeah!
Caroline: Yeah!
Bonnie: Yeah!
Caroline: Yeah!
Bonnie: Matt and I are gonna have the sexiest date there.
Caroline: You know what? I love friend prom. And it's exactly what prom should be, friends and memories. Yes, it sucks that my boyfriend can't be here, but the three of us are going have the time of our lives.
Elena: Hey Bonnie, heard you got your mind wiped. That sucks. Pretty dress, Caroline.
Caroline: I know, you helped me pick it out months ago. When we were friends. Before you tried to kill me.
Elena: I thought it looked familiar.
Caroline (to store employee): Can you press this for me? I'll pick it up later. Bonnie?
-- Pictures of You

(Caroline is talking on the phone with Bonnie. The shots alternate between Caroline at the boarding house and Bonnie at a table in a diner.)
Caroline: Bonnie! Where have you been? I've left, like, 90 million messages.
Bonnie: Studying French. We still have final exams, remember?
Caroline: Ugh, don't remind me. Look, this whole thing with Elena... it's about to get brutal, and I know that she's not your favorite person right now, but I could really use you over here.
Bonnie: For what, moral support? Or so you can check up on me?
Caroline: Moral support! And maybe just a tiny check-in to make sure that Silas isn't playing any more pesky little mind games with you.
Bonnie: I'm fine, okay? Silas doesn't control me anymore. And I think I'll pass on the invite. I-- Elena tried to kill me. I'm not quite ready to forgive and forget. I'm gonna call you later, okay? I gotta go.
(Bonnie hangs up as Katherine sits down across from her at the table and picks up a menu.)
Bonnie: Caroline!
Caroline: There you are.
Bonnie: What's going on? [Caroline pauses.] Are you all right?
Caroline: I've been calling you for hours.
Bonnie: I'm sorry. I came as soon as I got the message. (She continues to rattle the door handle.) Caroline, let me in. Let me help.
Caroline: How do I know it's you? Silas keeps getting in my head, attacking me. He says he wants to know where you are, he threatened my mother.
(Her mom comes into the hallway.)
Elizabeth/Silas: Caroline?
Caroline: Mom, just stay there.
(Bonnie sees that the person Caroline thinks is her mom is actually a hooded figure. She starts rattling the handle more urgently.)
Bonnie: Caroline, that is not your mother!
Elizabeth/Silas: What's going on?
(The front door finally flies open. When Caroline looks back again, she sees the hooded figure.)
Caroline: Oh, my god.
- She's Come Undone

Bonnie: I hit kind of a snag.
Caroline: A snag? A snag is a bad yearbook picture. You hit a tsunami. Where are you?
Bonnie: Trying to fix it, but I'm running into some trouble. I need to wait until the full moon tonight until I have enough power to put the veil back up.
Caroline: Are you telling me that we might graduate right smack in the middle of a ghost-filled Expression Triangle?
Bonnie: Maybe we should just cancel.
Caroline: No, we are not going to cancel. Graduation is the most important event of our lives, the last ceremony of our youth. It is our rite of freaking passage! Hell will freeze over before I let anyone cancel graduation.
Bonnie: Can you not make jokes about hell freezing over? We're not that far off from that already.
Caroline: Just promise me that today is a friend day.
Bonnie: Okay, I promise. I love you.
Caroline: I love you, too.
Bonnie: It's our last hurrah before you guys go off to college.
Caroline: Before we go off to college.
-- Graduation

Caroline (To Bonnie) Text Message: Get your ass in Whitmore, Bonnie. We need you.
Caroline (To Elena): We're here.
Bonnie(As a ghost): We're all here together.
-- I Know What You Did Last Summer

Bonnie (To Caroline): Caroline, I watched you decorate that dorm room like your life depended on it. (They laugh.) And I know that college isn't everything you expected and that you feel like something's missing, but... Tyler...
-- For Whom the Bell Tolls

(By the time Bonnie resurrected, she's with Jeremy, Elena and Caroline enter behind them.)
Elena: Bonnie?
(Bonnie turns to face them.)
Caroline: Please tell me this is real.
Bonnie: You guys can see me?
Jeremy: Bonnie, it worked.
Bonnie: It worked!
(Elena and Caroline run to Bonnie and they group-hug.)
Elena: You're here!
Bonnie: Thank you.
Caroline: Oh my god, oh my god! And we can be roommates, 'cause we have that extra bed, and we can clear out half the closet...
Bonnie and Elena: (in unison) Caroline!
Caroline: I'm sorry, I just...I can't believe you're really here!
Bonnie: I'm here. I'm back.
-- Death and the Maiden

(Bonnie records a video of herself on her cellphone)
Bonnie: Hi, Mom. I know we haven't seen each other, or talked in a while... so I wanted to make you a video update. I finally finished my whirlwind summer tour, got a new 'do and, I'm in college at Whitmore, where Grams taught. And this is my dorm! It's huge, right? It even has a fireplace! I mean, what dorm has a fireplace?
(The door opens and Caroline and Elena enter.)
Bonnie: Oh, here they are. Hey, guys! Say hi to my mom! (Caroline and Elena get excited and wave to the camera.) They're planning me a welcome party. Just something, just low-key. I miss you. Please come visit when you get a chance. I'll, um, talk to you soon. Bye!
Elena (mimicking Bonnie): "By the way, Mom; I'm not a witch anymore, because I died and then came back from the Other Side."
Caroline: "Yeah, I'm this supernatural anchor that connects the two worlds together, so..."
Elena: "Technically, I'm a ghost, that people can still see, and touch, so..."
Bonnie: Okay, so I left out a detail...or two. I'll explain when she visits. How big is this party going to be?
Elena: Well, let's see. Silas and Tessa are gone, and you finally aren't.
Caroline:: Which equals a massive cause for celebration!
Elena: Which equals a massive party. Hopefully. I mean, since each of us have only made one friend in college so far.
Caroline: And given that mine went radio silent after he kissed me, and yours was last seen at a tea party for a vampire-hating secret society.
Bonnie: Hmm... Augustine, right? The one who covered up your roommate's death and wants you kicked off from campus.
(Both girls give her a look.)
Bonnie: What? I've kept up! The Other Side is boring. What else am I supposed to do?
Elena: Alright. So, Augustine wants us gone. Who cares? It doesn't matter. It's not gonna happen. We're moving on with our lives, together, as functional vampires,—(pointing towards Bonnie)—a former witch, anchor-thing. I don't know. (They laugh) And we have a party.
Caroline: With Jell-O shots.
Bonnie: (Looking at her cellphone) Oh, shoot. Um, I have to go register for classes.
(Caroline and Elena share a look.)
Bonnie: What??
Caroline and Elena together: Nothing.
(Bonnie turns around smiling)
Elena: (in a low voice) Have fun registering.
(Caroline and Elena tease Bonnie, acting like they are making out.)
Bonnie: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
(Bonnie leaves)
-- Dead Man on Campus

(Caroline makes a mimosa for Elena)
Bonnie to Elena: So that's it? You're giving up?
Caroline: As she should! He did say, and I quote, "I'm a bad person. I am bad for you. And I'm choosing to let you go."
(Elena's phone begins to ring on a neighboring dresser, causing Elena to perk up. Caroline goes to pick up the phone, seeing Stefan is calling)
Caroline: It's Stefan.
Elena: Tell him I don't feel like talking.
Bonnie: (to Caroline) She doesn't feel like talking.
(Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy search the grounds of the Salvatore mansion, looking for the place where Nadia buried Matt in the safe)
Jeremy: I don't see any freshly dug ground.
Bonnie: This property is massive.
Caroline: Hello! Is no one going to comment on the fact that Stefan slept with Katherine? I mean, that's kind of a big deal.
Jeremy: It doesn't matter. We've all slept with our fair share of bad choices.
Bonnie: No offense taken.
Jeremy: No. Obviously not you.
Caroline: BONNIE. BENNETT. Wait, did you two...
(Bonnie and Jeremy say nothing, though Bonnie's expression confirms Caroline's suspicions)
Caroline: And you didn't tell me?!
Bonnie: I didn't think I was obligated.
Caroline: Of course you were obligated! You're my best friend! Oh my god. Does Elena know that her little brother....
(Bonnie and Jeremy interrupt Caroline before she can finish)
Bonnie and Jeremy: (in unison) No.
Caroline: Oh, I love scandalous sex! Even better! God, how am I the only person on this planet that isn't having scandalous sex?
Jeremy: Why don't we split up and think about that?
Caroline: Good idea. We'll cover more ground that way.
(Bonnie and Jeremy start to go off in one direction, while Caroline stands back)
Caroline: We'll cover more ground that way.
-- 500 Years of Solitude

(Caroline walks into a classroom, followed by Bonnie and Katherine who is posing as Elena)
Caroline: So we all agree? No more moping about life's little failures and no more dabbling the dark arts of boyfriends past. This is a fresh start. (She turns around to face them.)
Katherine: Couldn't agree more. I happen to love fresh starts.
Bonnie: Um, I haven't been moping or dabbling. (They sit.)
Caroline: No one likes a bragger, Bonnie.
(There's an empty seat between Bonnie and a girl in her class. The girl had her purse on the seat and Bonnie talked to her.)
Caroline: Today is the dawning of a new era. This is stage one of our metamorphosis into the land of the brave, the free, and the single.
Katherine: Bonnie's not single.
Caroline: Bonnie's best friends are single, which makes her single adjacent. So she can be our wingwoman. (She pulls out a flyer and gives it to Katherine.)
Katherine: 'Whitmore's Annual Bitter Ball, a night to celebrate broken hearts, jilted lovers, and bitter singles.' This is our fresh start?
Caroline: No. This is our purge, our cleanse. This is where we rid ourselves from the baggage better known as our tragic and mortifying first semester.
Katherine: I'll drink to that.
(As Caroline keeps taking in the background, Bonnie notices the girl next to her playing with her pen, twirling it on the seat's desk. But then, she keeps twirling it... by hovering her hand over it without touching it. Bonnie opens her eyes and mouth in surprise.)
Caroline: Bonnie!
(The girl looks at Bonnie and sees that Bonnie has seen her and she slams her hand on the pen, stopping it. Katherine gently hits Bonnie with her elbow to get her attention.)
Caroline: Bonnie, you in?
Bonnie: Yeah. Yeah. Sounds like fun.
(Caroline is talking with Stefan and Damon arrives with Bonnie)
Caroline: Bonnie, what's going on?
Damon: Oh, don't worry. I'm not her date. We're not going to break any Bitter Ball rules.
Stefan: How about you just answer the damn question?
Damon: Well, Bonnie is going to find me a witch to do a locator spell on the elusive Dr. Wes Maxfield. She's going to find him, I'm going to kill him. Bon-Bon, should I tell them?
Bonnie: Enzo has Jeremy. If I don't get a witch to find Wes by midnight, he'll kill him.
-- Total Eclipse of the Heart

Caroline: So Julian is trapped inside Tyler forever, or until he dies. So, I was thinking.. what if he does die? You, know, maybe that's how we do it! That's how we get him out!
Bonnie: You want to kill Tyler?
Caroline: He'll go to the other side and then, when Liv does the spell to help you and Enzo, Tyler can come back.
(Bonnie doesn't say anything. She just continues to pack the room up)
Caroline: And speaking of, shouldn't you be, like, preparing, or talking to Liv? Or doing anything other than packing up our dorm room?
Bonnie: We have to be out of here right after finals, which I might skip, due to the potential extinction of magic in the place where I was spending my summer break.
Caroline: Right, but I think the other side falling apart is slightly more pressing than late housing fees.
(Bonnie grows more frustrated. She aggressively tosses one of the boxes, which piques Caroline's suspicion)
Bonnie: There is no spell.. I made it up. The other side is collapsing and everyone in it, including me, is going away for good.
(Caroline is strangely speechless)
Bonnie: So no. I don't think you should kill Tyler.
(Caroline continues to pack their belongings)
Caroline: What are we even suppose to take? Photos, clothes, hair products? No that any of that matters when we're all dead.
(Bonnie just sits on her bed in silence)
Caroline: Why are you just sitting there?
Bonnie: I'm thinking
Caroline: Well, think while you pack. Death is literally on its way. You said a vampire appeared to you, who died on old Miller road, which means the spell is moving past Mystic Falls. So, whatever will fit. The rest, we'll never see again.
Caroline: Hello! Bonnie! Which part of "we're about to die" isn't registering?
Bonnie: I think I know how to get us all back from the other side. I need to find Enzo.
-- Promised Land

Caroline : Ahem.
Bonnie : I didn't want to wake you.
Caroline : Well, I would lose more sleep if you just snuck out without saying hi!
Bonnie : Hi!
Caroline : Mmm... I missed this.
Bonnie : Am I gonna catch fire?
Caroline : No! I just can't touch vampires. Valerie basically turned my skin into vervain.
Bonnie : I'll work on unraveling the spell when I--
Caroline : Stop! We have so much to catch up on. Let's just go shopping for Halloween costumes and we can worry about magic later.
Bonnie : Kind of worrying about magic already. Alaric think we can reunite Jo's spirit with her body by using some sketchy Native American resurrection stone. My job is to crush his dreams in the most gentle way possible.
Caroline : Wow! Okay... You don't even think it'll work?
Bonnie : I don't think it should. The Other Side is gone, there's no more Gemini prison world, which means Jo's spirit... is probably at peace.
Caroline : Our lives are weird.
Bonnie : Tell me about it.
- I Carry Your Heart With Me

Bonnie : Is it safe to enter? Or is your boyfriend still half-naked under the sheets?
Caroline : [groans] God, I'm a roommate horror story!
(Bonnie walks into the room and puts her bag on her own bed)
Bonnie : Please! At least your bed has seen a half-naked male all semester. I think Ms. Cuddles is starting to feel sorry for me.
(Bonnie picks up Ms. Cuddles and turns to face Caroline)
Bonnie : I mean, look at her! Do you see how she's judging me?
(Caroline laughs happily, and Bonnie moves Ms. Cuddles' arms and pretends like the teddy bear is talking)
Bonnie : [in a high voice] I need man-help.
Caroline : Well, don't look at me for advice. I just sent my boyfriend to spend the day with his first love.
(Bonnie looks at Caroline in shock and goes over so she and Ms. Cuddles can sit on the bed across from Caroline)
Bonnie : Valerie? The Heretic who turned your skin to vervain so you and Stefan couldn't touch?
Caroline : [nods] Yeah. That would be the one.
(Bonnie's eyes widen in surprise)
Bonnie : Wow. You're either completely insane, or the most secure woman in the world.
Caroline : [laughs] I want him to work things out with her. He has this habit of bottling up all his hurt feelings, and I think it would be really good for him if they could just clear away all the 19th-century drama so they can get on with their lives. Clean slate.
Bonnie : [nods] Most secure woman it is. I'm officially inspired!
(Bonnie gets up and puts Ms. Cuddles back down on her bed before picking up her bag and getting ready to leave)
Caroline : So, are you going out to meet a guy?
Bonnie : [sighs] No. I'm going to Mystic Falls to discuss magic with a Heretic I just brought back to life. And then maybe I'll meet a guy.
- Live Through This


  • Caroline's daylight ring is created by Bonnie.
  • In Bonnie Bennett's Funeral Caroline offers black and red pom-poms from their high school cheerleading days.
  • Bonnie watched Caroline decorate her dorm room like her life depended on it from The Other Side.
  • They are dormmates.
  • Caroline and Bonnie start writing in a diary after Elena made them promise so that one day when she awakes from her magical coma, Elena can know how her friends lead their life when she was gone.
  • In Season Seven episode twenty-one, Caroline becomes Bonnie's first vampire target as a Supernatural Huntress.
    • This also marks the first time Caroline and Bonnie become enemies in the series, as a whole.


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