Matt, it's Caroline. I know there has to be a reason why you helped Rayna, but I need to hear it from you.
Caroline leaving Matt a message in Days of Future Past

The former romantic relationship between the vampire, Caroline Forbes, and the human, Matt Donovan.

Matt mentions that he has known Caroline since the first grade although he did not like her very much. After verbal assaults by Damon, Caroline gets drunk and tells Matt her problems. He and Caroline befriend each other after Matt tells her he knows what it is like to be alone. Though it had a rocky start, Matt and Caroline began a romantic relationship. Caroline is often jealous due to Elena and Matt's history as they're still close even now.

After Caroline is turned in a vampire, he notices a major change in her and believes she's avoiding him, but he admits that he loves her. She drinks his blood when he cuts himself and she compels him to forget that he saw her face change and he later breaks up with her, thinking she has jealousy issues. They briefly get back together for the second time after Caroline sings to him for forgiveness at the Mystic Grill. However, an accident happens at the Grill which injures Matt badly. Matt is shocked when Caroline force-feeds him her blood, and this is how he discovers she is a vampire. Later, this is what breaks them up permanently and Matt accuses Caroline of killing his sister, which strains their relationship a bit. As the series progresses, they are able to form a close friendship once again and they are currently allies. This friendship lasts even after the series' end.

They are referred to as "Maroline" by fans.

Early History

Both Caroline and Matt were born and raised in Mystic Falls. Their mothers, Kelly Donovan and Elizabeth Forbes were never on good terms in high school. Caroline and Matt went to the same high school but they never really hung out with each other very often except when with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett. With Matt dating Elena and Caroline being a shallow cheerleader, neither felt an attraction for each other.

Throughout the Vampire Diaries Series

After her parents died, Elena broke up with Matt, as she needed some space, but started dating the mysterious but handsome loner Stefan Salvatore. Caroline took an interest in Stefan as well, but he kindly turned her down and went to spend time with Elena, much to Caroline's dissatisfaction.


Matt brings Caroline home

Caroline was distraught after Damon, Stefan's older brother and her ex-boyfriend, called her shallow and useless. She got drunk and started talking to Matt who tried to cheer her up. Eventually, he had to take her home. Her mother, Elizabeth Forbes was investigating another attack when she saw Caroline in Matt's arms and approved of his decision to take Caroline home. Matt took Caroline to her room but as he made to leave, Caroline called him back as she didn't want to be alone. Matt spent the rest of the night with her but left very early in the morning by climbing through her bedroom window as he didn't want to be caught by Caroline's mother.

Caroline and Matt 2 History Repeating

Caroline confronts Matt

At school, Matt casually greeted Caroline with the same "hey" he told her for years, but Caroline, upset that he had left, felt that he was simply avoiding her. Matt managed to climb through her bedroom window again and explain why he had left. Being in that position with her freaked him out and he never really liked her before but he admitted he liked the feeling of being with her. Caroline forgave him and they camped out in her room again with Caroline bringing snacks to eat.

Elena, Bonnie and Tyler noticed that the two were spending a lot of time together, though Matt denied that anything was going on. Matt started working at the Mystic Grill to pay the bills due to his mother not being around. Caroline and Bonnie arrived after leaving the 50's dance and Caroline realized that Bonnie liked Ben McKittrick. Matt overheard her call Ben a "washed up football player" working at The Grill and was offended due to his own status as a football player working himself. Caroline tried to fix what she said but nothing could have been done. Matt had stopped their relationship before it even started and Caroline left. Matt caught up with her by the sidewalk and kissed her for the first time.


Caroline and Matt makeout

Caroline and Matt went to a party by the cemetery together. Caroline grabbed Matt's hand when she saw Damon with Elena but felt compelled to apologize for it. She told Matt she just wanted Damon to see she could be happy with someone else. Caroline even arranged a double date with Elena and Stefan to test if Matt was interested in her. However she became upset that Elena and Matt spent most of the time reminiscing about childhood memories. Stefan let the two drive his sports car and Caroline cheered up when she and Matt kissed. The night was fun until they came across Damon and Kelly Donovan making out at the boarding house. The date ended and Matt took his mom home. Caroline had to leave town to go to a birthday party for her father's boyfriend's daughter. Matt was worried about the weather and didn't want her to go, but she promised she'd be safe. Her car broke down and while trying to get a signal, she came across a decaying body. She and her mother went to Matt and Kelly, reporting that they had finally found Vicki. The Donovans were devastated and instead of going to Caroline for comfort, Matt went to Elena. Caroline entered the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant against Elena and several other contestants. Matt was supposed to be her escort, but couldn't make it due to work, so she had a replacement.


Caroline and Matt on Founder's Day Parade

Matt got injured while helping with a float for the Founders' Day Parade. Caroline was horrified and insisted Matt go with Tyler to the hospital, ignoring his complaints. On Founder's Day, Matt escorted her on the float along with Elena and Stefan. At the Mystic Grill, Caroline tried to get him to talk to Tyler, but Matt refused. Tyler's father came and told him he had to leave. Caroline intervened when she saw trouble and Mayor Lockwood advised them all to leave.

While driving, Tyler was affected by the device set off for the vampires in the town and sent the car off the road. Tyler and Matt were okay, but Caroline was taken to the hospital for surgery. Tyler apologized just as Sheriff Forbes told him his father was dead, and Caroline's condition was unknown.

Caroline and matt 4 the return 1

Caroline and Matt kiss.

Matt remained in the hospital to see how Caroline would improve and was relieved when her injuries healed quickly because of the fact that earlier Damon had given her some of his blood. Matt, Bonnie, and Caroline expressed great happiness at her recovery.

Days after becoming a vampire, Stefan convinced Bonnie to create another Lapis Lazuli for Caroline so she could still stay in touch with the human world. Caroline became jealous of Aimee Bradley who was flirting with Matt. She apologized and they left into the woods. W

Caroline and Matt

hile making out, Caroline lost control and started drinking Matt's blood but was stopped by Stefan who warned her that a werewolf was on the loose, knowing that vampires could be killed by them. Caroline used compulsion to erase Matt's memory of the attack, convincing him an animal attacked him. Later, at the Mystic Grill, Caroline got jealous of Aimee again. Matt couldn't take it any more and broke up with Caroline, even though Aimee was flirting with him. Caroline did this on purpose
Normal twelve0397

Matt kisses Caroline

because she is a vampire now and she has changed a bit.

In The Descent Caroline and Matt tell each other how they really feel about each other. Matt kisses Caroline but after a bit she pushes him back.

In The House Guest, they finally get back together after Caroline sang a song in the grill dedicated to Matt. But the happiness is short when an unstable Jonas Martin tries to take Bonnie and Matt saves her but its severely wounded in the process so Caroline feeds him her blood to heal him. When he wakes up Caroline finally tells him she is a vampire and Matt was first confused, but then remembers what his late sister Vicki said to him before she died and he assumes that Caroline was involved in her death, causing him to run away.

In Know thy Enemy, Caroline is heartbroken and doesn't know what to do about Matt. She returns home after searching for him. Matt is waiting at Caroline's house when she arrives back home. He demands that she tell him what happened to Vicki and everything about her. After Caroline has told him most of everything, he tells

Caroline "compels" Matt

her that he doesn't want to remember any of it because he doesn't want to look at her and see what she really is. Caroline compels him to forget, but it is later revealed that it was a setup by Sheriff Forbes to find out everything about the vampires. Matt had already drank some vervain before he went to Caroline's house, so her compulsion didn't work.

In The Last Dance, Matt still knows what Caroline is and has a hard time being around her though he agrees to take her to the 1960s Decade Dance.


Caroline and Matt

In The Last Day, Caroline meets Matt at the Grill and they make plans for lunch when he has his break though as soon as Caroline leaves, Matt goes to her mother and says he still sees something human in Caroline. After Matt sees Damon leave the Grill, he follows him with a rifle of wooden bullets to the tomb where Damon is going to rescue Caroline and Tyler, who are being held captive by Klaus to be used in his sacrifice ritual later that night. When Damon is attacked by Maddox, Matt shoots Maddox, thus allowing Damon to kill him. Matt points the rifle at Damon but Damon knocks him out and goes down to free Caroline and Tyler. Damon tells Caroline that Matt has a rifle of wooden bullets and Caroline is shocked as she thought she compelled him to forget everything. She rushes up to him and he is waking up just as Tyler begins his transformation. Damon tells Matt and Caroline to barricade themselves in the Lockwood Cellar to protect them from Tyler and they run to it with Tyler chasing them in his wolf form. Caroline closes and locks all the doors but Tyler breaks in with ease and is about to break through the gate separating him from Matt and Caroline.

Matt and Caroline

In The Sun Also Rises, Tyler is about to break through the gate and Matt tells Caroline it won't hold. Caroline begs Tyler to stop though this has no effect on him. Matt then shoots Tyler and wounds him, despite Caroline's pleas that it's Tyler and to not shoot him. Matt and Caroline then escape back to the Lockwood Mansion where Caroline asks Matt how he knows about her though she compelled him to forget. He reveals that he was on vervain when she compelled him and that her mom knows about her as well as Damon and Stefan and most likely Tyler as well. Caroline asks Matt how he feels and he doesn't reply. Tyler shows up at the mansion back in human form and Caroline puts him to bed. Matt then tells Caroline he's enjoyed the last few weeks with her but he's already got enough problems in his life and can't deal with the fact his girlfriend is a vampire as well and breaks up with her. Caroline then goes to Tyler for comfort following the break up.

VD 2

Matt and Caroline

In The Birthday, Caroline and Matt have not been talking to one another all summer, and Matt still has a hard time seening Caroline and Tyler together that he ask Jeremy to wait their table because he can't do it. At Elena's Birthday Party, Matt confronts her after they both watch Tyler dancing with somebody and he asks how she can be close with Tyler because vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. The moment is tense even though he eventually backs off.

During Senior Prank night, Caroline is worried about Matt.

In Homecoming, Matt sees Caroline lying on the floor after Tyler Lockwood injected her with vervain, and tells Matt to get Caroline out of here for her own safety.

Our-town-photo 1

Matt at Caroline's birthday

In Our Town, Matt helps Elena and Bonnie plan Caroline's birthday party, but when they see she is in no mood to celebration, they decide to meet in a graveyard and give her a funeral for her old life. Matt is later seen searching for Caroline after she didn't come back after her walk with Tyler. Later he is seen carrying Caroline home, telling her mother that she's been bitten.

Matt and Caroline

Matt hugs Caroline for comfort

Later in Bringing Out The Dead, after Caroline's father woke up in transition and refused to become a vampire, she was upset at his decision and shared a hug with Matt when he showed up at her house.

In Heart of Darkness, Matt is shown taking Rebekah's side in the debate between her and Caroline about the theme for the decade dance. It later revealed that Matt was doing so in order to free Caroline from decade dance preparation so that she could meet Tyler.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Caroline is becoming very protective of Matt because of his relationship with Elena.

Season Four

Caroline and Matt 4x1
In Growing Pains, Caroline is seen with Matt in his hospital room as she is still heartbroken over the loss of Tyler. She tries to figure out what she's going do and where she's going to go because her and Tyler planned on going to Florida. Matt then consoles her, but they are interrupted by the police and she flees.

In Stand By Me, Caroline and Matt are in the house of Elena after learning of the death of Jeremy, they try to support her after her loss.

Matt Caroline Bring it On

Matt comforts Caroline

In Bring It On, Matt asks Caroline to come over to Tyler's house, and reveals that he left the deed to his house in Matt's name, in order to provide a safe haven for her that Klaus can't reach. Reading the letter Tyler left for her, Caroline realizes that he is not actually going to come back, and she begins to break down into tears. Matt comforts her.

In She's Come Undone, Caroline is still at Salvatore’s boarding house as she calls Bonnie. Matt comes to visit her and Caroline admits that she can’t stand Elena’s screaming.
Matt (17)

Matt and Caroline

She also tells Matt, that she’d ordered him, herself and Elena caps and gowns. ”What the hell is she doing here?” Caroline asks Matt when they see Rebekah coming over. She wants Rebekah to leave, but the Original tells her that Matt is falling classes she she’s going to help him. Caroline is surprised by this and leaves to get her study guides.

In The Walking Dead, Silas had compelled Caroline to cut her wrists. Matt and Rebekah tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't listen. Matt called Damon and gave him the update on Silas and Caroline. Caroline was still determined to cut off her wrists—until Rebekah smacked her back to her senses.

In Graduation, Caroline is happy to graduate with Matt and the others, they are given a group hug.

Caroline and Matt TVD 5x04

Caroline and Matt

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Jeremy finally reveals the truth about Bonnie's death. Caroline and Matt attend to Bonnie's memorial, Caroline, Matt and the others, comfort one another while Jeremy relays Bonnie's message to the group.

In 500 Years of Solitude, On the Salvatores's house, Caroline, Matt and the others are celebrating the imminent death of Katherine. Later, Nadia appears, she is looking for help to carry out a plan to save Katherine's life but nobody want to help, so she threat them telling that she has kidnapped to Matt locked in the safe where Stefan was. Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy start looking for Matt.

Later in the evening Caroline, returns to the Salvatore house a little dirty, pulls leaves out of her hair. Matt asks Caroline where she been and she says she was lost in the woods but she really was with Klaus.

Tyler-Care-Matt-Nadia 5x14

Caroline talking with Matt

In No Exit, Caroline and Tyler are in the Lockwood's house worried for Matt, when he arrives, he is surprised to see Caroline in the house,then Nadia appears in the front door, but she's barred from enter the house without permission, Matt then allowed her to enter.

Matt pours himself a glass of alcohol to explain where he has been for the last two days, Caroline doesn't believe his explanations and she attempts to find out if Nadia is compelling him on, she gets upset to see that Matt doesn't answer the truth, she reminds him when Nadia buried him alive,Nadia interrupts and reminds to Caroline that everyone knows that she aren't winning friends with her romantic choices.

Nadia goes to leave the Lockwood house, but Caroline blocks her exit way since Matt sent a message asking for her help, Matt doesn't remember anything and Caroline realizes that he is compelling by Nadia, Nadia confirms and Caroline uses her vampire speed out and pushes Nadia up against the wall, choking her but Nadia fights back, forcing Caroline against the wall instead, Tyler saves Caroline and bite to Nadia then Nadia leaves, Matt is very surprised since he doesn't remember anything.

In Gone Girl, Caroline and Matt is in the Salvatores house with Tyler and on the phone with Jeremy and Bonnie. They're talking about Katherine possessing Elena's body and all the things that she did to hurt them supplanting Elena. Then Stefan arrives and begin to looking for a solution on how to draw her to them and so to stab her with the traveller knife.

Later, Caroline and Matt is with the others in the room of the house Salvatores as they have to Nadia dying there, they're hoping that Katherine appears and she does.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get,


Matt and Caroline with Tyler.

In I Never Could Love Like That, Matt and Tyler walk into Whitmore's bar where Stefan and Caroline already took over with karaoke and by compelling every students there. Matt along with Tyler are stuck in the room, forced to listen to Caroline's singing. She later on quiz Matt and Tyler about her, claiming they should know all about her since they both dated her. As Caroline asks him what her favorite color is, Matt answers correctly by saying she doesn't have one. But as Caroline threatens to kill both Matt and Tyler, Tyler gets angry, breaking a wooden chair and making a stake. Matt tries to call his friend down, saying that the humanity-free vampires will kill them. However, Tyler doesn't listen and goes to stab Caroline. But with her vampire speed, Caroline puts Matt in front of Tyler, making the former werewolf stab his friend instead. As Tyler tries to help a wounded Matt, Caroline watches them and laughs, along with Stefan.

In Mommie Dearest, Matt asks for Caroline's help in saving all the humans who were compelled by Julian, Lily Salvatore's former lover, to stay dormant and on IV wires in order to keep them healthy for Julian's army of vampire to feed off of. After Valerie Tulle assists Caroline and Matt, Matt's discovers Caroline's surrogate pregnancy with Alaric and Jo's twin babies, due to her vomitting from morning sickness and Caroline's conversations with Valerie. Matt is left very surprised at this.

In Days of Future Past, Caroline is not seen in this episode. However, a voicemail of her voice is heard on Matt's cellphone. Caroline asks Matt why he freed Rayna Cruz, which ended up sending his old friends running from her. Caroline wanted to hear Matt himself explain why and not from others. It is revealed after this voicemail that Matt's deceased partner, Penny Ares, was killed somehow by Stefan Salvatore, Caroline's best friend and then-ex-boyfriend.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Matt is first seen calling Caroline's phone about Tyler's death. They both later attend Tyler's funeral with the rest of their friends, before Damon crashes it and attempts to kill Matt in order for Damon to keep his humanity off. However, Caroline and the others convince Damon to let Matt go. Later on, when the episode's issues are semi-solved, Matt and Caroline at the Mystic Falls' empty carnival as they hang out with the rest of their friends.

Later at the carnival, Caroline shows Matt pictures of the twins, upon recognizing Caroline's new nanny Seline as one of the Sirens the Armory was trying to find, Matt tells Caroline she needs to get home.

In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You, Matt and Caroline are forced to endure Thanksgiving together with Sybil and Damon at the Salvatore Boarding House. Peter Maxwell, Matt's biological father, is also there and Damon starts taunting them all. Damon explains that he plans on killing one of them and sending them to hell by the end of that night. Finally, Damon decided to kill Peter for gambling instead of raising his son. Matt begs Damon not to kill him and Caroline reasons with Damon until she could save Peter from being killed by Damon.

In We Have History Together, Caroline and Matt are first seen interacting through a phone call. They are both casually talking about and reminiscing about their time in high school. They talk about their high school days while Caroline visits her old high school on a work assignment. However, it is later revealed that Sybil pushed Caroline's boss to give her the assignment about the Founders Day history research project.

Later on, Caroline desperately calls Matt asking him to help the high school students Sybil sirened. Sybil sirened them as leverage to get Caroline to cooperate with her in finding the Maxwell family's bell. This was unsuccessful on Sybil's part being Matt and his father successfully saved the high school students Sybil used as leverage against Caroline. Also, Seline got to the Maxwell bell first, which saved both Matt and Caroline enough time to save the high school students as well.

In The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch,

Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

Second Relationship:


Caroline: Am I shallow?
Matt: Is that a trick question?
Caroline: I don’t mean to be. I wanna be deep… I wanna be like, the abyss deep.
Matt: No offense, Care, but deep’s really not your scene.
Caroline: That’s true. I’m shallow. I’m worse than shallow. I’m a kiddie pool.
-- 162 Candles

Caroline: "Do you ever feel like there's not a person in the world who loves you?"
Matt: "Life can be a little rough."
Caroline: "I just wish..."
Matt: "What?"
Caroline: "Wish that life was...different."
Matt: "Yeah, me too."
(Matt gets up to leave; Caroline grabs his hand)
Caroline: "Please. Don't leave me alone."
(Matt gets into bed with Caroline; Caroline snuggles up next to Matt)
162 Candles

Caroline: Did you just come to insult me or what, because its been a really long night.
Matt: No it's just that I don't like you. I never have, but it was nice.
Caroline: What?
-- History Repeating.

Matt: We can watch a movie at my place.
Caroline: Uh, with your mom… and a six pack?
-- There Goes the Neighborhood

Matt: I knew should have called, I'm sorry.
Caroline: What are you doing here?
Matt: I don't know, but I was driving home from work and i just found myself here.
Caroline: Well are you ok? I've been worried about you.
Matt: I miss you...yeah.
Caroline: (giggles) Matt.
-- The Sacrifice

Matt: What the hell? …your face, all the blood… I drank your blood.
Caroline: You were dying… my blood healed you.
Matt: What do you mean, it healed me? How can your blood heal me?!
Caroline: Because that's what vampire blood does for humans and that's what I am. I'm a vampire, Matt.
Matt: No…
Caroline: But it's all gonna be okay because I'm going to tell you everything, and you're gonna understand why I had to keep it from you, and we're gonna be fine.
Matt: We'll be fine?!
Caroline: Yes, because we're together and we love each other.
Matt: Vampires… oh my god. Vicki, oh my god, at the hospital, I thought that she was trippin' out.
Caroline: What?
Matt: Vicki. She knew about vampires and and I – what did you do?
Caroline: Wha- nothing. Nothing. Matt.
Matt: I need to get out of here.
Caroline: No no no no no. I can't let you leave, okay, not like this.
Matt: What did you do to my sister?!
Caroline: Nothing, nothing! I swear, nothing!
Matt: What did you do???!
Caroline: NOTHING, Matt, you have to calm down!
-- The House Guest

Matt: I-I thought that I might be able to get past this whole vampire thing
Caroline: But you can. Matt...
Matt: I don't know if I can, Caroline
Caroline: Matt!
Matt: I get it. This is your life now. You know what my life is, car? My life is an absentee mom. And a bunch of bills to pay, and school, and a job, and it sucks sometimes. But it's my life. and... I think that I just want to live it without all of this
-- The Sun Also Rises

Caroline: I thought you were ignoring me?
Matt: I'm not ignoring you.
Caroline: You only said five words to me all summer, and those were four of them.
Matt: Maybe because every time I’ve seen you, you’ve been with him.
-- The Birthday

Caroline: What’s going on? And what are you two doing here together? I thought you were supposed to be here with Rebekah.
Matt: Plans changed. I need a drink.
-- Homecoming

Caroline: Have I told you how amazingly awesome you are?
Matt: Yeah, I'm one of the good ones. I know. Why the compliments? What else do you want?
Caroline: I know that you and Elena have been getting closer lately.
Matt: And your point is?
Caroline: One way or the other, she's pretty much spoken for.
Matt: Elena's my friend, Caroline. I'm just looking out for her.
Caroline: And I'm just looking out for you. Because sometimes the people who love her get caught in the crossfire.
-- Do Not Go Gentle

Matt: If the council is after you then why are you here?
Caroline: Because I don't know where to go. Tyler's dead and everything is different now...and..and.." ( She starts cyring and he comforts her]
-- Growing Pains

Caroline: (to Matt) Look, if you need to study, we're gonna study. I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna get my flash cards, and my study guides, and some energy bars. This is gonna be good.
(Caroline leaves)
Rebekah: (about Caroline) You dated that?
Matt: She likes projects.
-- She's Come Undone

(Caroline enters the house with a disjointed demeanor, doing the walk of shame. Also in the room are Matt, Bonnie and Jeremy)
Caroline: Hey
Matt: Hey. Where have you been?
Caroline: (zipping up her jacket) In the woods... I got lost.
-- 500 Years of Solitude

(Caroline and Tyler are talking when Matt arrives)
Caroline: Matt?
Matt: Caroline.. What are you doing here?
Tyler: Kind of wondering the same thing. Where the hell have you been?
(Before he can answer, Nadia appears in the front door, but she's barred from enterting the house without permission)
Nadia: Did I give you my sunglasses? Oh.. I thought you said they wouldn't be home.
Caroline: Okay, Rewind, start over. This whole time, you've been with Nadia?
Matt: It's a long story. Nadia, come on in.
(Matt pours himself a glass of alcohol to explain where he has been for the last two days)
Matt: I was on my way out of town and then there she was, sitting on the front steps, waiting for me.
Nadia: Subtley's not my strong-suit. I felt bad about compelling him; and bad about snapping your neck. Again, subtlety.
Tyler: So why haven't you been answering your phone?
Matt: Uh... I lost it the first night.
Caroline: First night where?
Nadia: Atlantic City. I'd never been and neither had Matt.
Matt: One drink led to three and that led to five and.. uh.. the rest is kind of a blur.
Caroline: Yes because she's compelling you!
Matt: Caroline! I'm wearing vervain. (he holds up his arm and shows her his bracelet) She's not compelling me.
(Caroline stands up and walks over to Matt and tries to compel him)
Caroline: Where have you been the last two days.
Matt: I told you, she's not compelling me. We're having fun.
Caroline: Fun? Oh come on! Just like the time when she buried you alive. WOOAHH. Pop open the champagne.
Nadia: I thought you said she'd be cool with us hanging out?
Caroline: and what the hell is that supposed to mean?
(Nadia stands up to confront Caroline)
-- No Exit

Caroline: Why didn't you tell us Enzo has been locked up this whole time?
Matt: Honestly, I didn't know anybody was missing him.
Caroline: Matt!
Matt: I'm sorry. I was confused by which vampires we liked and which ones we don't.
-- The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

Caroline (Via voicemail): Matt, it's Caroline. I know there has to be a reason why you helped Rayna, but I need to hear it from you.

---Days of Future Past


  • They dated after Matt's break up with Elena Gilbert.
  • Elena gave Caroline her blessing for her to pursue a romantic relationship with Matt.
  • Matt's mother disliked Caroline when she found out that Caroline was dating her son.
  • Matt broke up with Caroline for a second and final time because she was a vampire.
    • Matt, awhile after his break up with Caroline, swore to never date another vampire.
  • Caroline has tried to kill him while her humanity was off.
    • This put a strain on their friendship.
  • In Days of Future Past, it is revealed that they still kept in contact with each other over the course of three years of not living in Mystic Falls.
  • They are the first couple on this show to get back together and breakup in the same episode.


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