[It's nighttime. Matt is frantically running for his life. A vampire is chasing him. He stops and hides behind a tree. He looks behind the tree, and when he turns his head back, a vampire attacks him. Jeremy shoots the vampire in the back with an arrow as the vampire drinks Matt's blood. The vampire falls over.]

Zanadew Lounge

Jeremy: No way. I'm not doing this.
Klaus: What makes you think you have a choice?
Damon: You have to kill vampires to complete the hunter's mark. Mark equals cure. You're in a bar full of almost vampires, so get your hunt on.
Jeremy: Screw you. You said I wouldn't have to kill any innocent people.
Damon: Jeremy, they're not people.
Klaus: Enough! Have at it, or else.
Jeremy: I don't take orders from you, dick. [Jeremy drops a stake.] Hunters can't be compelled.
Klaus: [laughs and walks up to Jeremy] You're right. I can't compel you. But if your conscience is getting in the way, then allow me to make this easy for you. Because, I can compel them.

[They look at the vampires in transition; a few compelled humans are feeding them their blood.]

Klaus: I'm gonna give you a two-minute head start. Then I'm gonna send every vampire in here after you. You kill them, or they kill your friend...Matt.
Matt: Wait a second!
Damon: No, no. You turn them, he kills them. That was the deal, Klaus.
Klaus: I'm taking artistic license.
Damon: You know he can't take them all on at the same time.
Klaus: With you as his coach, he'll be fine. It's Matt I'm worried about.
Damon: Ah...Jeremy, go get the weapons out of the car. I'll be right behind you. [Jeremy runs out of the bar.] Both of you. [Matt follows.]
Klaus: [Shouting after Jeremy and Matt.] If I hear an engine start, I'll kill Matt myself!

[Most of the transitioning vampires have been fed blood and are standing.


[Jeremy is holding a piece of fabric to Matt's bleeding neck. Matt is on the ground.]

Jeremy: Are you okay?
Matt: Yeah, I just need a second.
Jeremy: We don't have a second. They can smell your blood. We need to go.

[Jeremy hears something behind him. He swiftly turns around, holding up his bow, but it's Damon. Damon deflects the bow.]

Damon: Don't hesitate! You're lucky it was me. Otherwise you two'd be dead.
Jeremy: You set us up.
Damon: I was trying to get this thing over with. You're the one that pissed off Klaus. Now you have to fight your way out of it.
Matt: All right, where are the other vampires?
Damon: They're newbies. They're still trying to figure out how to track, which means you have two seconds to get ready to fight.
Jeremy: [turns to Matt] The lake house is this way. If we can get there, they won't be able to get inside.
Damon: Wait, you want to run?
Jeremy: They're going to kill Matt.
Damon: [Hesitantly] Fine. Get out of here. I'll slow them down.

[Jeremy and Matt run to the lake house, and a vampire charges at them. Damon rips out the vampire's heart and looks at it. The vampire is dead.]

Matt: [running] Jeremy! Where are you?
Jeremy: Keep going. We're almost there.

[A vampire trips Matt, and Matt falls to the ground. The vampire stares at Matt hungrily and drags Matt closer to him by Matt's feet. Matt screams and struggles. The vampire is about to bite Matt, but Elena snaps the vampire's neck and throws him backwards.

Elena: Are you okay?

[Elena helps Matt up, and Jeremy is running towards him. Elena looks at Matt's blood covered neck.]

Elena: Oh my god...
Jeremy: Get to the house! Hurry!

[The three run to the house and make it in.]

Elena: Jeremy, what's going on?
Jeremy: They're coming.

[Elena looks backwards, and a group of at least six vampires arrive. Elena closes the door, and the scene fades, going to the opening credits.]

Gilbert Lake House

[It is the following morning. Jeremy is placing a gun down while Elena is cleaning Matt's neck wound.]

Jeremy: Sun's up. They're long gone.

[Damon enters.]

Elena: What the hell were you thinking? [Gets up.] All I asked you to do was to teach him how to fight.
Damon: He's not the best student in the world.
Jeremy: Wait. Now this is my fault?
Damon: Stop talking. Look, I know you're angry, but my way was the easiest, fastest, and safest way to complete his mark to get you the cure.
Elena: I don't care about the cure, Damon. Not if it means putting the people that I love in danger.
Damon: Hey, there would have been no danger if he hadn't gone all bleeding heart.
Elena: He killed someone. These were innocent people.
Damon: The mark grew, didn't it?
Elena: [sighs] Okay. Look. We need a plan. There's a group of compelled vampires out there, and as soon as the sun goes down, they're gonna come after Matt, so we have to find a way to protect him.
Damon: Yes, I know. [Damon walks over to Jeremy and puts his arm around his shoulder.] But there will be no problem when big Jer and I here go on a hunting expedition. [Elena doesn't look on board with the plan.] Elena, I know, it's tragic. I get it. But we also agree that he had to kill them. Now, we have added incentive. So you take the least most valuable player home; Jeremy and I will finish this.
Elena: I'm sorry? Are saying I should leave him here with you?
Damon: Trust me. I will keep him safe. Okay?

[Elena looks at him warily before nodding her head 'yes.']

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan is coming out of the shower. He stops and turns around to see Rebekah reading his diary on his bed.]

Stefan: [clears his throat] I know you were, uh, daggered for a little while, but, uh, knocking is still a thing.
Rebekah: So is writing in your diary apparently. I'm just checking for doubts. You can never be too cautious when it comes to love. One minute, you're begging me to compel Elena from your mind, and the next, I'm up coffin creek with a dagger in my back.
Stefan: Right. Well, you can read it all you want. I'm done with her.
Rebekah: [turning a page] Until we find the cure, right? [Stefan doesn't answer and pours himself a drink.] Hey, I'm talking to you. [closes the book.]
Stefan: Oh, I know you are. I'm ignoring you.
Rebekah: [gets up] Look, we're at a bit of a disadvantage in this whole race for the cure. Team Klaus has Jeremy the hunter, team Shane has Bonnie the witch-
Stefan: If you're here to remind me of our last place status, I'm very well aware.
Rebekah: Actually I have a plan. The cure is buried with Silas, that ancient evil guy my brother Kol is afraid of. Shane was so eager to prove his existence that he gave away that he has one of the keys to resurrecting him, his headstone.
Stefan: I see. You wanna steal it.
Rebekah: Yes, and then Team Shane will have to join Team Rebekah, and Team Klaus will be left out in the cold where he belongs.

Professor Shane's Office

[A candle is lit on the desk. Bonnie looks rather stressed as she and Shane are sitting at his desk.]

Prof. Shane: You know, just because your eyes are closed doesn't mean you're meditating. Come on, use your breath. Use your breath to calm your nerves.
Bonnie: Great. So now, I can't even meditate right? What else can I fail?
Prof. Shane: Bonnie, you didn't fail.
Bonnie: I did an expression spell that almost killed April.
Prof. Shane: Exactly! Almost. Failing would have been actually killing her. You got like a...D Minus.
Bonnie: It's not funny. [Candle ignites.] I have all this power now, and I'm worried I won't be able to control it.
Prof. Shane: Bonnie? Look at me. [he grabs her hand and hypnotizes her] I'm here with you. You don't have anything to worry about. You are strong; you are focused. You are in complete control.
Bonnie: You're here with me. I'm in complete control.

[The candle's flame goes out, and the door opens. Liz and one of her deputies barge in.]

Bonnie: Sheriff?
Sheriff Forbes: Bonnie, I'm gonna need you to go.
Prof. Shane: What the hell are you doing?
Sheriff Forbes: We need to ask you a few questions.

[Her deputy takes Shane and handcuffs him.]

Prof. Shane: [laughs] Are you serious? I'm sure I can answer without the handcuffs. Come on, this isn't even your jurisdiction.
Sheriff Forbes: Then, I guess we better get you to Mystic Falls ASAP.

[The deputy takes Shane out of his office, and Bonnie is angry.]

Bonnie: Wait! Why are you doing this?
Sheriff Forbes: That's something you should ask your dad.

[The sheriff leaves.]

Zanadew Lounge

[Jeremy and Damon have driven near the bar but are parks in the woods nearby.]

Jeremy: Do you really think they went back to the bar?
Damon: [opens the trunk]  Where else are they gonna go? It's all cabins and vacation homes; they can't get in anywhere.

[Damon hands Jeremy a gun. Jeremy puts it behind his back as Damon hands him the compound bow.]

Damon: All right. There you go.
Jeremy: Fine. Let's get this over with.

[Jeremy pulls back the compound bow.]

Damon: Listen, just go one at a time, only shoot for the heart, don't hesitate, and don't miss. [hands Jeremy an arrow.]
Jeremy: Save the teaching moment. Elena's not here. You don't have to pretend like you give a damn about me.
Damon: [closes the trunk] I'm trying to keep you alive, dumbass. [hands Jeremy more arrows] Come on.

[Jeremy and Damon head into the bar, and music can be heard in the background. They walk in cautiously, and Jeremy holds up the bow. A giant blood smear can be seen on the ground, and Damon walks around it.]

Damon: Something's not right.

[They follow the trail of blood into the back cold storage room. A giant pile of the vampire corpses are in the corner.]

Damon: Looks like we're gonna have to find some new vampires. What a waste.
Jeremy: What the hell happened?
Kol: I confess. [Jeremy turns around and holds the bow up to see Kol entering the room.] I did it.
Jeremy: Kol?
Kol: Jeremy, good to see you, mate. Sorry about the mess. Ugh, it was a little crowded when I arrived, and I prefer more intimate gatherings. We three need to have a little chat. [Takes a sip of bourbon from the bottle.]
Kol: Care for a drink?
Damon: He's underage, and I don't like you, so let's just cut to it.
Kol: You know, my brother bragged about his plan to complete Jeremy's hunter's mark. It was easy enough to track this lot down. They were all hiding in the shadows. Now, killing young vampires is easy or old ones, for that matter.
Damon: Why? What's it to you either way?
Kol: Because, you fools, in your zeal to find the cure, you risk waking someone very dangerous.
Damon: Oh...You must be talking about Silas.
Kol: What do you know of him?
Damon: Nothing. Don't want to. Not our problem.
Kol: Isn't it?
Damon: Uh-uh.
Kol: A few hundred years back, I came across a group that worshipped Silas. His followers told me that he would rise again, and when he did, he would trigger the end of all time. You know, being an immortal, you can see why I'm opposed to time's ending. So I murdered all of them. And now, here you are willing to risk raising him in your search for the cure. I can't exactly sit back and let that happen, can I?
Damon: We're not going to back off the cure 'cause you were told one too many scary bedtime stories, you idiot.
Kol: [pushes Damon] Jeremy, we were mates in Colorado. You're a smart lad. Why don't you call off this imbecilic treasure hunt?
Jeremy: [holding up the bow] I'm not calling anything off, mate.
Kol: [takes a step backwards] Well I could kill you. But then, I'd have to deal with the hunter's curse. And I, I don't particularly feel like being haunted for the next century. Better idea. I'll just rip off your arms.

[Kol rushes at Jeremy, but Damon rams Kol into the wall and head-butts him. They fight.]

Damon: Jeremy, run!

[Jeremy flees, and Damon continues to hit Kol. Kol catches Damon's hand and puts him in a headlock.]

Professor Shane's Office

[Stefan and Rebekah are rummaging through Shane's office in search for the tombstone.]

Stefan: Well. Headstone's not here.
Rebekah: Don't ripper out on me. We'll find it. Oh, you're all bottled up. You need a release. Maybe we can find a voodoo doll or something.

[Rebekah opens a desk drawer and moves a bottle. She lifts up a stack of papers to find Shane's herbs.]

Rebekah: Ah, this should do the trick. Exactly what you need. [walks over to Stefan] The professor's stash of herbs.
Stefan: Not interested.
Rebekah: What happened to you? You were so much fun in the twenties.
Stefan: I was a psychotic killer with no emotions in the 1920s.
Rebekah: You may have been a killer, but you were far from emotionless, Stefan. [smiles] You had a blast. I know you remember. The jazz, the booze, our little table at Gloria's...Don't make me compel it out of you.
Stefan: All right, um...I guess we had a little bit of fun.
Rebekah: Thank you, so now that we've established that fun is, in fact, possible, maybe you'd like to start having some? [Stefan hesitates] Don't worry about the professor. He won't be back anytime soon; I made sure of that.

[Stefan takes the jar of herbs, and Rebekah smiles.

Police Station

[Shane and Liz are sitting alone at a table in an interrogation room. A camera on a tripod in the corner is recording their conversation.]

Prof. Shane: You're accusing me of orchestrating a mass murder? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?
Sheriff Forbes: It's Mystic Falls. It's actually one of the least ridiculous things I've heard.

[Outside the room Bonnie and Rudy are watching the live video of the interrogation.]

Bonnie: He already explained this Dad. Pastor Young came to him for help. He was crazy.
Rudy: No, he was grief-stricken and Shane took advantage of it.
Bonnie: And somehow talked him into killing a house full of people? It doesn't make any sense.
Rudy: I've met people like this Bonnie. They're fast-talking, they're charismatic, they're manipulators. They prey on the weak-minded.
Bonnie: Mmm. And you're worried that's what he's doing to me. That's why you brought him in, isn't it?
Rudy: No. We brought him in because April Young told us what he did. Rebekah Mikaelson confirmed it. He confessed to her.
Bonnie: [Getting up from her seat] I'm going in there.
Rudy: Bonnie, no, you're not.
Bonnie: If he's gonna tell anyone what he did, it's me. Unless of course you think I'm too weak-minded.

[Bonnie leaves and goes inside the interrogration room.]

Sheriff Forbes: Bonnie, now is not the time.

[Rudy walks in behind Bonnie.]

Rudy: Let her talk. [Liz gets up and walks out of the room with Rudy.]
Prof. Shane: I Think your Dad's confused about the format of the parent-teacher conference.
Bonnie: I'm so sorry. Rebekah told them you confessed. I know she's lying.
Prof. Shane: [Leans forward and speaks in a low voice] You know, the truth is, she's not.

[Bonnie looks shocked and confused.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena and Matt enter the house.]

Elena: I'm so sorry. Listen. When I asked you to stay with Jeremy, I never thought--
Matt: What did you expect, Elena? It's Damon.
Elena: I never wanted anyone to get hurt.
Matt: Well, then you shouldn't have left him in charge. Look. I'm sorry. I know you didn't have a choice. Sire bond and all.
Elena: Sire bond doesn't work like that.
Matt: All I know, Elena, is that the old you would have never left Jeremy with Damon, especially after what happened last night.

[Elena's cell phone rings; she answers it.]

Elena: Jeremy?
Jeremy: (On the phone.) Elena, we're in trouble.
Elena: Whoa whoa whoa, slow down. Where's Damon?
Jeremy: Listen to me. Kol attacked us. I barely got away, but he has Damon.

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Klaus is sitting on a sofa in his living room in front of a lit fireplace. Elena is sitting on the other sofa opposite him.]

Klaus: A bit ironic, you coming to me for help. Weren't your friends just trying to bury me in a cement tomb?
Elena: This is your fault. You started this when you forced Jeremy to kill those vampires.
Klaus: And now my little brat of a brother has gone and made things worse. Well, he never did like Damon. I suppose I should do something, shouldn't I?
Elena: Call him off, Klaus.
Klaus: You are in no position to make demands, love. Whilst I'd like to cure you to make more hybrids, I do have other reasons for finding the cure, not the least of which is destroying it so you lot can't use it against me.
Elena: Whatever our differences, we want the same thing. Please, Klaus, I'm begging you.

[Klaus smiles at her then rolls his eyes as he gets out his cell phone. He calls Kol who is still in the back storage room at the bar.]

Klaus: Little brother. Just two days home, and I'm told you've already gone and made a mess.
Kol: Come on, Nik. I was only having some fun.
Klaus: Those vampires were for my hunter.
Kol: I'll make some more. There's no shortage of people.
Klaus: Where's Damon Salvatore?
Kol: I gave him a good and proper beating just for old time's sake.
Klaus: Yes. Well, you've had your fun. Now let him go and come home. Avoid any more trouble, or you'll find yourself back in a box.
Kol: Hey. No need to be nasty about it.
Klaus: On the contrary, I find nastiness to be essential whenever my siblings try to sabotage me. Listen closely, Kol. Stay away from the Gilbert boy. You understand?
Kol: Fine. I won't touch him. You have my word.

Zanadew Lounge

[Kol hangs up. Damon is sitting on a beer keg holding a stake in his chest.]

Kol: Very good, darling. Now stab yourself a little bit further. [He compels Damon to obey.]
Damon: [pushing the stake into himself, he groans in pain] If you're gonna kill me, do it like a man.
Kol: I don't want to kill you. I just wanted to make sure you could be compelled.
Damon: I'm gonna rip out your spleen.
Kol: You ought to be thanking me. I mean you don't really want the cure found. You fancy Elena. I mean, even more now that she's a vampire. Admit it. The last vestige of her humanity is her annoying little brother Jeremy, and deep, deep down, I bet you want him dead, don't you?
Damon: Nope.
Kol: [laughing] You're lying. I bet you'd love to rip his head right off...And I'm gonna give you your wish. [He crouches down in front of Damon and compels him.] You're not gonna remember what I say, but you're going to find Jeremy Gilbert, and when you do, you're going to kill him.

Gilbert Residence

[It's nighttime.]

Elena: Jeremy, it's over. You can put all this away.
Jeremy: [clicking a magazine into a gun] Klaus still wants me to finish the mark. He's not gonna stop.
Elena: Okay. Well, Damon's gonna be back soon and then we can figure something out.
Jeremy: Seriously? You still trust Damon?
Elena: He saved your life.
Jeremy: He saved the map to the cure. He couldn't care less about me.
Elena: I care about you. [She puts her hand on Jeremy's shoulder but Jeremy immediately swats it away.]
Jeremy: Don't. Whatever's inside of me that makes me want to hunt, right now it's on overdrive.
Elena: [looking down] Jeremy.
Jeremy: [He looks down at the wooden stake in his hand and, startled, drops it.] I'm sorry. I know what I have to do, Elena. I really want to get that cure for you, but...I just - I don't know how I'm gonna do this.

[Elena nods at him understandingly.]

Professor Shane's Office

[The room is dimly-lit, and smoke can be seen hovering over the desk.]

Stefan: [sighing, walking around] So much random crap in here.
Rebekah: [seated] Crap, maybe. Random, no. Looks like Shane has a bit of an afterlife fetish. Hopi prayer feathers, the Han dynasty soul vase, and that is a Polynesian sacrificial knife. Brutal way to die, but at least you appease the gods.
Stefan: Since when did you become such an artifact expert?
Rebekah: I enjoy other cultures, Stefan. I know that might be hard for you to understand, considering you dated a child who only thinks about herself.
Stefan: [smiles, then throws the knife at Rebekah, who catches it right before it hits her face.]
Rebekah: [laughing] Still a sensitive subject, I see. [she stands up and walks toward Stefan] Do you know why I wouldn't compel Elena from your memory?
Stefan: Because you wanted me to suffer.
Rebekah: I did. It's the only way you'll learn. It took me a thousand years and hundreds of betrayals to realize that love, and caring, ruins you.
Stefan: Hmm. That's awfully bleak.
Rebekah: Quite the opposite. It's liberating actually. You know why we had so much fun in the twenties, Stefan? Because we didn't care. We just did what felt good -- drinking, feeding, sex. [She's lightly dragging the knife against Stefan's neck.]
Stefan: The sex wasn't good because we didn't care. It was good because you're crazy. Crazy sex is always good.
Rebekah: You were hardly the model of sanity.

[Stefan grabs the wrist of her hand holding the knife and pulls her arm down. She laughs and smiles at him.]

Rebekah: Stop...caring. [She drops the knife while they continue to stare at one another, their faces nearly touching.]

[The door suddenly opens. They disappear as an unknown man enters. He begins searching the office for something, removing books from the shelf and tapping the walls. He eventually opens a door and finds a large stone.]

Rebekah: Good. You found it. [She grabs his neck, restraining him while he makes choking noises.] Question is who are you?

Gilbert Residence

[Elena opens the front door. Damon is standing on the porch.]

Elena: What happened? Are you okay? [she puts her hands on his shoulders.]
Damon: Kol happened.
Elena: Thank God you both got away. If Kol had taken Jeremy-
Damon: Is he here? 'Cause I just want to talk to him really fast.
Elena: He's at the Grill. He wanted to check on Matt.
Damon: Well, I should go apologize to him. I was-I was pretty tough on him today.

Police Station

[Shane is sitting alone at the table in the interrogation room. The door opens behind him and Bonnie enters.]

Bonnie: Told my dad to give us a minute. [walks over to the camera and turns it off] Camera's off. [sits across from Shane at the table] You can talk.
Prof. Shane: [pointing at a camera mounted at the corner of the ceiling] Are you sure about that?
Bonnie: Yeah. I don't lie. I'm not you.
Prof. Shane: Look. I was always gonna tell you the truth. I just kept putting it off because I was worried how you'd react.
Bonnie: [nodding] Bad. That's how I react to murder.
Prof. Shane: I'm not a killer, Bonnie. Pastor Young was depressed-
Bonnie: I've heard this. Skip to the part where you convince him to massacre 11 people.
Prof. Shane: It wasn't a massacre. It was a ritual. It was something necessary to raise Silas and get the cure that your friends so desperately want.
Bonnie: If they knew people had to die-
Prof. Shane: It doesn't matter if they die. Silas will bring them back.
Bonnie: You're crazy.
Prof. Shane: I'm not crazy. I'm just passionate.
Bonnie: [standing up and leaning across the table.] You're full-on crazy. [she walks over to the door and opens it.]
Prof. Shane: Do you remember our first session? [Bonnie pauses at the door.] It was about your grams, right? You thought every time you did magic you were causing her pain. [he turns to look at her] Aren't you curious what's happening to her now? Wouldn't you like to see her again?

[Bonnie gapes at him in disbelief, but finally decides to stay and shuts the door.]

Mystic Grill

[Matt is clearing a table. Damon approaches him, followed by Elena.]

Damon: Don't you ever take a night off?
Matt: I took two days off to help you out at the lake house, remember? I almost got killed?
Damon: Where's Jeremy?
Matt: He's in the back, I think.
Damon: Hmm. [he walks around Matt heading for the back room.]
Elena: [to Matt] Are you doing okay?
Matt: Yeah. All things considered.

[Damon spots Jeremy across the restaurant. They make eye contact. Damon's eyes start to vamp out and he begins crossing the restaurant toward Jeremy, who looks alarmed.]

Elena: Damon. [He stops suddenly and looks around at her, a strange look on his face.] Are you all right? What's going on? [Damon turns away to see a door close; Jeremy's gone.]

[Cut to Jeremy in the back room. He looks around, withdraws his gun, cocks it and stands aiming it at the door. But then he looks down at a metal panel on the wall, covering the entrance to underground tunnels.]

[Cut to Damon, still looking slightly odd. He looks at Elena then turns and walks toward the back room. Elena follows.]

Elena: [in the back room] Damon, what is wrong with you?
Damon: It was Kol. He must have compelled me. If I find Jeremy...I'm gonna kill him. [He vamp-runs down into the tunnel. Elena looks down through the entrance, bewildered.]


[Jeremy hurries through the tunnels, aiming his gun and flashlight ahead of him as he goes.]

Damon: [voice only, in the distance] Jeremy! Get out of here! Do you hear me? Don't stop. Kol compelled me. There's nothing I can do!

[Cut to Damon walking in the tunnels.]

Damon: You can't hide in here, Jer. If I find you, you're dead.

[Cut to Jeremy.]

Damon: [voice only] Jeremy, are you listening to me? You better run! I am coming to kill you. You need to go now!

[Damon vamp-runs down a passage.]

Professor Shane's Office

[The unknown man is sitting in a chair with his arms on the armrests. Rebekah is torturing him by slicing his right arm open slowly with the knife.]

Rebekah: All you have to do to make it stop is tell me who sent you. [The man groans but doesn't answer. She tastes some of the blood on the knife.] You're full of vervain, so I know you haven't been compelled.
Stefan: Or maybe somebody compelled him before he ingested it.
Rebekah: He was after the headstone. We need to know who sent him.
Stefan: Okay. Fine. So we take him home, wait till the vervain is out of his system, and then compel him and get whatever information we want.
Rebekah: That's not a bad idea.

[The man grunts and begins spitting out blood. Stefan grabs his face and looks into his mouth.]

Stefan: He just bit off his own tongue.
Rebekah: So he does know something.

[The man grabs the knife from Rebekah's hand and jabs it into his own neck. Stefan pulls it out but too late. The man bleeds out of the neck, dead.]

Stefan: I guess he was compelled.
Rebekah: Was it my bastard brother or yours?
Stefan: Maybe it's option number three. There's another team in the race.

Police Station

[Bonnie is pacing back and forth while Shane is sitting at the desk.]

Bonnie: You're saying if I help you raise Silas you can bring my grams back? Don't play on my guilt, Shane.
Prof. Shane: I'm not playing on anything. This is the truth. You told me what happened. Your reckless use of magic is the reason--
Bonnie: Don't.
Prof. Shane: --is the reason those spirits are torturing her on the Other Side.
Bonnie: [angrily] Don't.
Prof. Shane: Hurting her again and again and again.
Bonnie: [shouting] I said don't!
Prof. Shane: Unh! [he raises his hand, apparently in pain] My hand! You can't stop, can you? All this power that you're feeling, you actually like it, don't you?

[Bonnie smiles evilly and Shane screams in pain. His hand sounds as if it's being crushed.]

Prof. Shane: Look at yourself, Bonnie. Look at yourself, Bonnie.

[Mayor Hopkins opens the door.]

Rudy: [alarmed] Bonnie, what are you doing?
Bonnie: Get-- [she throws water from a glass onto the floor and turns it into fire] --out of here.
Rudy: Bonnie, stop!
Prof. Shane: You can't reason with her, Mayor. She's lost control.
Rudy: Bonnie, baby, baby. Please. [looking at Shane] Do something!
Prof. Shane: Bonnie...Bonnie, look at me! Now take a deep breath. I'm right here with you. You are in complete control. [Bonnie's expression starts returning to normal] That's it.

[The fire goes out. Shane looks at his hand in wonder. A single tears slides down Bonnie's cheek and she leaves the room, hurrying past her father.]

Prof. Shane: Your daughter...is a prodigy. With my guidance...she could be one of the most powerful witches in the world...But without it-whew-she's a time bomb.

Professor Shane's Office

[Stefan's cell phone is ringing. He looks at it, but Rebekah grabs it from him before he can answer it.]

Rebekah: [answering the phone] Hello, Elena.
Elena: [in the tunnels] What did you do to Stefan?
Rebekah: Rescued him from his old, dull life, but it keeps calling. Stefan's not in the mood to talk right now.
Elena: Then he can listen. I know you might not care about me right now, Stefan, but Kol compelled Damon to kill Jeremy. They're somewhere in the tunnels, and-it's one giant maze down here, and I can't find them, so if you still care about the cure or about Jeremy, then maybe you can come help. [Stefan remains silent. Elena looks angry but resigned.] Okay. [hangs up.]
Rebekah: Well that is an interesting predicament. For both of us.


[Jeremy is still in the tunnels, and hears Damon calling from a distance.]

Damon: [voice only] Did you miss the part where I said I'm compelled? Don't stop!

[Jeremy withdraws a knife and uses it to cut his hand. Cut to Damon.]

Damon: Seriously? You're being hunted by a vampire, and now you're bleeding?

[Damon vamp-runs to where Jeremy left his jacket on the ground. He is picking it up when suddenly Jeremy runs at Damon and puts him in a headlock. Damon bites his arm and Jeremy yells in pain as Damon throws him down to the ground.]

Damon: [eyes vamped out] Dumb move, Jer. You can't fight me in closed quarters.
Jeremy: Worth a shot. [He shoots Damon twice in the abdomen.]
Damon: [groans in pain as he falls to his knees] You're gonna have to shoot me, Jeremy, in the heart. I'm not gonna be able to stop myself. Jeremy, you are a hunter. You know you want to. Do it. [Jeremy stands still with gun aimed at Damon, but doesn't shoot.] Do it! [Damon gets up, and his face vamps out as he fails to resist the compulsion. Jeremy fires the gun.]

[Later, Damon is lying on the ground, waking up.]

Damon: Ow. Ugh. [He sits up. Groaning, he pulls a bullet out of his forehead.] He shot me in the head! [throws the bullet on the ground angrily] Stupid, idiot, borderline brain-dead moron! [standing up] That was dumb, Jeremy. You should've killed me when you had the chance. [He sees Jeremy's blood on the ground; his eyes vamp out as he walks down another tunnel.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Kol walks into a room. Rebekah enters from the other side, blocking his way.]

Rebekah: Going somewhere? I would if I were you. If Damon kills the hunter, Nik will not be pleased.
Kol: [smiling] I told Nik I wouldn't touch the kid. I didn't.
Rebekah: [sarcastically] Oh. Well, that was clever. I'm sure he'll really appreciate it.

[Kol pushes past his sister to leave but Rebekah pulls out the white oak ash dagger and points it at his back. Kol stops and finally looks afraid.]

Kol: You'd really dagger me?
Rebekah: If I do, Damon's compulsion ends and this is all over.
Kol: And then you're no better than Niklaus. Daggering siblings when you disagree with them-- Look at what this family has become. I mean, Elijah won't even show his face, he's so disgusted by our bickering. This cure has ruined us, and it hasn't even been found yet. Just imagine what would happen if it is.
Rebekah: This family was ruined long before we knew about the cure.

[Kol vamp-speeds around to face Rebekah and points the white oak stake at her heart.]

Rebekah: Kol!
Kol: I won't let you raise Silas.

[Klaus vamp-runs into the room and breaks up the two of them.]

Klaus: Enough of this foolishness. Put it down, Kol.

[Kol vamp-runs out of the house.]

Rebekah: He was going to kill me!
Klaus: Well, then, I think you need a lesson in how to properly dagger a sibling.
Rebekah: Burn in hell. [She turns and leaves the house.]


[Jeremy is running. In pain, he stops and leans against a tree, sliding his back down it to the ground. His left hand is injured and haphazardly bandaged but still extremely bloody. Cut to Damon, in the woods, still in pursuit of Jeremy.]

Elena: [behind him] Damon, stop! [he stops] Please. I know that you don't want to hurt Jeremy, so please stop.
Damon: [turning around to look at her, pain in his eyes] I can't.
Elena: Yes, you can. You're strong enough to resist the compulsion. I know that you are.
Damon: Why, because Stefan did?
Elena: Because I love you. Because you love me. You'd do anything for me, so please...do this for me.

[Damon seems entranced by Elena's words, but then blood drips from a tree; they both hear it. They can hear Jeremy gasping for breath and smell all the blood he's lost.]

Damon: I'm sorry, Elena. [He vamp-runs away as his eyes vamp out.]
Elena: Damon! [She vamp-runs after him.]

[Jeremy cocks his gun.]

Damon: Jeremy.

[Jeremy turns around to face Damon and point his gun at him, propping himself up against the tree as he tries to stand.]

Damon: Shoot now.

[Jeremy fires at the exact moment that Stefan vamp-runs at Damon and pushes him up against another tree.]

Stefan: Hey, brother. Long time, no see. [He snaps Damon's neck and Damon collapses. Elena arrives to look at Stefan incredulously.] You're welcome.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan is leaning against the dirt mound in the cell where the vervain used to grow, handling a wooden stake. Damon stirs on the ground, groaning as he wakes up.]

Stefan: Easy there, buddy. You lost a lot of blood.
Damon: [groaning] So you bled me out?
Stefan: Yeah. I didn't really have much of a choice. Kol's compulsion is still in effect, so you need to stay locked up. We don't have any vervain, so...this was the only way I could weaken you.
Damon: You sound real torn up about it. Shouldn't we be going after Kol, make him decompel me?
Stefan: [sarcastically] Yeah, yeah, sure. That sounds easy enough, Damon. I'll get right on that.
Damon: [coughing as he fails to sit up] At least let me see Elena.
Stefan: Come on. You know you can't do that. With the sire bond, all you have to do is tell her to let you out of here. It's too risky.
Damon: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?
Stefan: It's better for Elena if you stay in here for now, at least until we find the cure, and then once she's no longer sired and you're no longer compelled, you can both do whatever the hell you want. [He leaves and closes the cell door behind him.]
Damon: Stefan, wait. Stefan! [The door shuts and Stefan locks it.] Stef-

[While walking along a hall upstairs, Stefan sees Elena round the corner and head in the opposite direction to him. They both stop walking.]

Stefan: Going to see Damon?
Elena: I need to talk to him.
Stefan: Well, you can't. He'll just ask you to let him out.
Elena: I won't let him out.
Stefan: You won't have a choice. You're sired. [Elena shifts uncomfortably and doesn't respond.] That all?
Elena: Stefan, what are you doing with Rebekah? She tried to kill me.
Stefan: And this will be the second time that Damon tried to kill Jeremy. So I guess nobody's perfect, right?
Elena: Are you trying to punish me? I don't know how many times I can apologize.
Stefan: I never asked you to. You can do whatever you want, Elena. I really don't care.
Elena: You're hurt. You're hurt, and you're acting out. Stefan, this isn't you.
Stefan: Sure it is. You've just never seen me like this. You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you. [Elena looks shocked. Stefan smiles.] I'll let Damon know you stopped by.

[Elena, looking surprised and a little embarrassed, hesitantly turns and walks away.]

Mystic Grill

[Bonnie and her father are sitting at a table.]

Bonnie: I owe you an apology.
Rudy: You don't owe me anything. I'm not happy to be right. I'm gonna get you some help.
Bonnie: Help? Dad, I'm okay.
Rudy: Are you kidding me?
Bonnie: I got angry, I admit, but I knew what I was doing.
Rudy: You lost control, and Shane said-
Bonnie: Didn't we just establish that we couldn't trust him? He trying to get under your skin.
Rudy: The only thing that got under my skin is what I saw, which is my daughter using dangerous magic! And the fact that you don't think you need help means you need it even more.

[Bonnie, looking slightly abashed, doesn't respond.]

Gilbert Residence

[Klaus walks up the front steps and knocks on the door. Elena opens the door, Jeremy standing behind her.]

Klaus: Good evening, Gilbert clan.
Elena: What do you want, Klaus?
Klaus: I've come to fetch my hunter. Seeing as how my brother's become a liability, Jeremy will be safer with me.
Jeremy: I think I'll pass. I've killed enough people for you today.
Klaus: You think you're safer here? Hmm. Clearly you don't know Kol. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants, so strange as it may seem, I'm your best bet.
Elena: Sorry, but I think we'd rather take our chances.
Klaus: Fine. But when Kol does come-and he will come-be sure to let me know, preferably before he burns your nice little home to the ground. And as for you, hunter, there's no shortage of people to turn or loved ones to threaten, so sleep well. We'll plan on finishing our work tomorrow. [He turns and leaves. Elena shuts the door.]

Rebekah's House

[Rebekah stands in front of a mirror as she sips a cocktail. The door opens and Stefan walks in.]

Rebekah: Sure. Just barge right in.
Stefan: Oh. I thought not knocking was our thing. You didn't dagger Kol.
Rebekah: [removing her earrings] Well, the white oak stake pointed at my heart made things a little difficult. I do believe my brother Kol has finally lost his mind.
Stefan: That's all right. Jeremy's still alive, and I took care of Damon. So where'd you put it?
Rebekah: The headstone?
Stefan: Mm-hmm.
Rebekah: Someplace safe.
Stefan: Wasn't really our deal.
Rebekah: Well, considering that you've betrayed me twice, and I've betrayed you never, I think I'm acting prudently. Especially since we have no idea why that guy was looking for it. Did you work things out with Elena?
Stefan: Do you care?
Rebekah: Nope. Just trying to figure out why you're here.
Stefan: Do you even have to ask?
Rebekah: [smiling] No feelings, no attachments.
Stefan: None...whatsoever.

[They kiss and start pulling clothes off of each other. Stefan pushes Rebekah down on the bed; she leans up to pull at his belt but he pushes her down again, kissing her.]

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy and Elena are standing at the kitchen table.]

Jeremy: This is never gonna end. If Kol doesn't kill me first, then Klaus is just gonna force me to kill more innocent people. How many is it gonna take, 10? 100?
Elena: [realizing something] If you kill one Original vampire, their entire sire line will die with them. That's thousands, maybe tens of thousands of vampires. Kol compelled Damon to kill you. You're gonna kill Kol instead.

[They look at each other, and Elena nods.]

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