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[Matt is frantically running for his life. A vampire is chasing him. He stops and hides behind a tree. He looks behind the tree, and when he turns his head back, a vampire attacks him. Jeremy shoots the vampire in the back with an arrow as the vampire drinks Matt's blood. The vampire falls over.]


Jeremy: No way. I'm not doing this.

Klaus: What makes you think you have a choice?

Damon: You have to kill vampires to complete the hunter's mark. Mark equals cure. You're in a bar full of almost vampires, so get your hunt on.

Jeremy: Screw You. You said I wouldn't have to kill any innocent people.

Damon: Jeremy, they're not people.

Klaus: Enough! Have at it or else.

Jeremy: I don't take orders from you, dick. [Jeremy drops a stake.] Hunters can't be compelled.

Klaus: [laughs and walks up to Jeremy] You're right. I can't compel you. But if your conscious is getting in the way, then, allow me to make this easy for you. Because, I can compel them.

[They look at the vampires in transition and compelled women our feeding them their blood.]

Klaus: I'm going to give you a two minute head start. Then, I'm going to send every vampire in here after you. You kill them or they kill your friend...Matt.

Matt: Oh, what a second!

Damon: No, no! you turn them; he kills them. That was the deal, Klaus.

Klaus: I'm taking artistic license.

Damon: You know he can't take them all at the same time.

Klaus: With you as his coach, he'll be fine. It's Matt I'm worried about.

Damon: Ah...Jeremy, go get the weapons out of the car; I'll be right behind you. [Jerem runs out of the bar.] Both of you. [Matt follows.]

Klaus: If I hear an engine start, I'll kill Matt myself!

[Most of the transitioning vampires have been fed blood and are standing.


[Jeremy is holding a piece of fabric's to Matt's bleeding neck. Matt is on the ground.]

Jeremy: Are you okay?

Matt: Yeah, I just need a second.

Jeremy: We don't have a second. They can smell your blood. We need to go.

[Jeremy hears something behinds him. He swiftly turns around, holding up his bow, but it's Damon. Damon reflects the bow.]

Damon: Don't hesitate! You're lucky it was me or otherwise you'd two be dead.

Jeremy: You set us up.

Damon: I was trying to get this thing over with. You're the one that pissed off Klaus. Now, you have to fight your way out of it.

Matt: All right, where are the other vampires?

Damon: They're newbies. They're still figuring out how to track which means you have two seconds to figure out how to fight.

Jeremy: [turns to Matt] The lake house is this way. If we can get there, they won't be able to get inside.

Damon: Wait, you want to run?

Jeremy: They're going to kill Matt.

Damon: [Hesitantly] Fine. Get out of here. I'll slow them down.

[Jeremy and Matt run to the lake house, and a vampire charges at them. Damon rips out the vampire's heart and looks at it. The vampire is dead.]

Matt: [running] Jeremy! Where are you?

Jeremy: Keep going. We're almost there.

[A vampire trips Matt, and Matt falls to the ground. The vampire stares at Matt hungrily and drags Matt closer to him by Matt's feet. Matt screams and struggles. The vampire is about to bite Matt, but Elena snaps the vampire's neck and throws him backwards.

Elena: Are you okay?

[Elena helps Matt up, and Jeremy is running towards him. Elena looks at Matt's blood covered neck.]

Elena: Oh my god...

Jeremy: Get to the house! Hurry!

[The three run to thw house and make it in.]

Elena: Jeremy, what's going on?

Jeremy: They're coming.

[Elena looks backwards, and a group of vampires arrive. Elena closes the door, and the scene fades, going to the opening credits.]


[It is the following morning. Jeremy is placing a gun down while Elena is cleaning Matt's neck wound.]

Jeremy: Sun's up. They're long gone.

[Damon enters.]

Elena: What the hell were you thinking? [gets up] All I asked you to do was to teach him how to fight.

Damon: He's not the best student in the world.

Jeremy: Wait. Now, this is my fault?

Damon: Stop talking. Look, I know you're angry, but my way was the easiest, fastest, and safest way to complete his mark to get you the cure.

Elena: I don't care about the cure, Damon. Not if it means putting the people that I love in danger.

Damon: Hey, there would of been no danger if he hadn't gone all bleeding heart.

Elena: He killed someone. These were innocent people.

Damon: The mark grew, didn't it?

Elena: [sighs] Okay, look, we need a plan. There's a group of compelled vampires out there, and as soon as the sun goes down, they're going to come after Matt, so we have to find a way to protect him.

Damon: Yes, I know. [Damon walks over to Jeremy and puts his arm around his shoulder.] But there will be no problem when big Jer and I here go on a hunting expedition. [Elena doesn't look on board with the plan.] Elena, I know it's tragic. I get it. We also agreed that he had to kill them. Now, we have added incentive. So you take the least most evitable player home; Jeremy and I will finish this.

Elena: I'm sorry? Are saying I should leave him here with you?

Damon: Trust me. I will keep him safe. Okay?

[Elena looks at him warily before nodding her head 'yes.']


[Stefan is coming out of the shower. He stops and turns around to see Rebekah reading his diary on his bed.]

Stefan: [clears his throat] I know you were, uh, daggered for a little while, but, uh, knocking is still a thing.

Rebekah: So is writing in your diary apparently. I'm just checking for doubts. You can never be too cautious when it comes to love. One minute, you're begging me to compel Elena from your mind, and the next, I'm up coffin creek with a dagger in my back.

Stefan: Right, well, you can read it all you want. I'm done with her.

Rebekah: [turning a page] Until we find the cure, right? [Stefan doesn't answer and pours himself a drink.] Hey, I'm talking to you. [closes the book]

Stefan: Oh, I know you are. I'm ignoring you.

Rebekah: [gets up] Look, we're at a bit of a disadvantage in this whole race for the cure. Team Klaus has Jeremy the hunter, team Shane has Bonnie the witch-

Stefan: If your here to remind me of our last place status, I'm very well aware.

Rebekah: I actually have a plan. The cure is buried with Silas, that ancient evil guy my borther, Kol is afraid of. Shane was so eager to prove his existence that he gave away that he has one of the keys to resurrecting him. His headstone.

Stefan: I see. You wanna steal it.

Rebekah: Yes, and then, Team Shane will have to join Team Rebekah, and Team Klaus will be left out in the cold where he belongs.


[A candle is lit. Bonnie looks rather stressful as she and Shane our sitting at his desk.]

Shane: You know, just because your eyes our closed doesn't mean you're meditating. Come on, use your breath. Use your breath to calm your nerves.


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