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Board Thread:New on The Vampire Diaries Wiki/@comment-4347751-20160411182359 Original Authority 1113 bytes
Jeremy Gilbert/Appearance DelenaTheOneAndOnly 3673 bytes
Damon Salvatore/Appearance Bennett Witch Bot18 18311 bytes
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Board Thread:New on The Vampire Diaries Wiki/@comment-4347751-20160411182359 Original Authority 1113 bytes
Chris Edrington SpeedyBot 607 bytes
Thread:Original Authority/@comment- 235 bytes
Mikaelson Safe House Alaric Saltzman 9101 bytes
Evensong: Into the Wood SpeedyBot 548 bytes
Kitsunetsuki SpeedyBot 988 bytes
The Originals Season Four Body Count Natalie j 3448 bytes
Season Five Body Count Natalie j 10367 bytes
Bonnie and Enzo Athena Petrova 45267 bytes
Damon and Matt Athena Petrova 13088 bytes
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Bennett Blood Mage18 20152 bytes
One Wrong Turn On Bourbon/Transcript SpeedyBot 26416 bytes
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/Transcript SpeedyBot 28856 bytes
Don't It Just Break Your Heart/Transcript SpeedyBot 28175 bytes
God's Gonna Trouble the Water/Transcript SpeedyBot 22427 bytes
We Have Not Long To Love/Transcript SpeedyBot 23637 bytes
Bag of Cobras/Transcript SpeedyBot 29145 bytes
High Water and a Devil's Daughter/Transcript SpeedyBot 24746 bytes
Voodoo in My Blood/Transcript SpeedyBot 27118 bytes
Phantomesque/Transcript SpeedyBot 21637 bytes
A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken/Transcript SpeedyBot 23376 bytes
Voodoo Child/Transcript SpeedyBot 22590 bytes
There in the Disappearing Light/Transcript Bennett Blood Mage18 21026 bytes
Black Hole Sun MissVampy13 16042 bytes
Where You Left Your Heart/Transcript Natalie j 29436 bytes
The Day I Tried To Live Natalie j 20195 bytes
Season Six Body Count Original Authority 7088 bytes
The Kindness of Strangers/Transcript Jolsarygt 24673 bytes
Stefan and Julian Athena Petrova 9088 bytes
Tyler and Matt Athena Petrova 27522 bytes
Wings Powers Natalie j 12559 bytes
Tyler and Vicki Athena Petrova 5344 bytes
Linking Natalie j 11249 bytes
Ne Me Quitte Pas/Transcript Jolsarygt 19076 bytes
Warehouse District Natalie j 4570 bytes
Lafayette Cemetery MissVampy13 34674 bytes
Lizzie and Josie's sweet sixteen Bennett Blood Mage18 1710 bytes
Davilla Estate Original Authority 1799 bytes
Dreams Original Authority 12355 bytes
St. John Family Bennett Blood Mage18 6131 bytes
Songs Used in Promos for Episodes Alaric Saltzman 3444 bytes
Founders' Day Celebration Original Authority 3331 bytes
1969 SpeedyBot 2994 bytes
Judith Maxwell MissVampy13 3972 bytes
Mystic Falls Cemetery Bennett Blood Mage18 13483 bytes
Stay Bennett Blood Mage18 22870 bytes
The Eight Everlastings MissVampy13 5307 bytes
The Armory MissVampy13 13445 bytes
Lucien's Army MissVampy13 4422 bytes
Jeremy and Vicki Original Authority 14997 bytes
The Originals Season Three Body Count Original Authority 24826 bytes
Queen Death/Transcript Jolsarygt 26887 bytes
The Devil MissVampy13 7902 bytes
Caroline Forbes (novel) SpeedyBot 23539 bytes
Bite me I'm famous SpeedyBot 10820 bytes
Emmett Original Authority 5508 bytes
Let Her Go Bennett Blood Mage18 23857 bytes
Caroline and Elizabeth SpeedyBot 25786 bytes
Damon, Elena and Alaric SpeedyBot 26135 bytes
Elena Gilbert (novel) Jack "BtR" Saxon 86369 bytes
St. Louis Cathedral SpeedyBot 9940 bytes
Aurora and Lucien SpeedyBot 12650 bytes
Aya and Marcel SpeedyBot 6066 bytes
Elijah and Hope SpeedyBot 21256 bytes
Elijah and Lucien SpeedyBot 1545 bytes
Elijah and Tristan SpeedyBot 8548 bytes
Klaus and Lucien SpeedyBot 11335 bytes
Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah SpeedyBot 58193 bytes
Klaus, Hayley and Hope SpeedyBot 29667 bytes
Kol and Lucien SpeedyBot 2736 bytes
Rebekah and Hayley SpeedyBot 26080 bytes
Keelin Bennett Blood Mage18 42909 bytes
Bonnie McCullough Jolsarygt 58327 bytes
Elena Gilbert/Relationships Original Authority 9379 bytes
Founders' Hall Silver Infinite 23 3520 bytes
Brotherhood of the Damned Original Authority 16563 bytes
The Originals Season One Body Count Original Authority 11519 bytes
Lucien's Penthouse Jolsarygt 6053 bytes
What, Will, I, Have, Left/Transcript TheImmortalCrescentTribrid 26954 bytes
Woods Alaric Saltzman 1971 bytes
Klaus and Marcel Bennett Blood Mage18 33912 bytes
Behind the Black Horizon Alaric Saltzman 17465 bytes
Annual Charity Football Game Bennett Blood Mage18 5622 bytes
Lisina Alaric Saltzman 5278 bytes
Alaric, Caroline, Josie and Lizzie Bennett Blood Mage18 8664 bytes
Freya Mikaelson Original Authority 184073 bytes
Elena's Coffin Bennett Blood Mage18 4508 bytes
Staff of Arcadius Bennett Blood Mage18 6101 bytes
Mystic Falls Founders Bell Bennett Blood Mage18 6152 bytes
Bone Daggers Bennett Blood Mage18 2036 bytes
Crescent Wolf Pack Original Authority 12338 bytes
Damon Salvatore (novel) MissVampy13 58154 bytes
The Celestial Court MissVampy13 11638 bytes
List of references to The Vampire Diaries Universe in other media Alaric Saltzman 4318 bytes
There's a Mummy on Main Street Bennett Blood Mage18 12297 bytes
Klaus and Hayley SpeedyBot 110767 bytes
Joshua Rosza SpeedyBot 71190 bytes
Klaus and Hope SpeedyBot 54855 bytes
Marcel Gerard SpeedyBot 139886 bytes
Marcel's Loft SpeedyBot 5198 bytes
The Abattoir SpeedyBot 19498 bytes
The Bayou SpeedyBot 6662 bytes
Vincent Griffith SpeedyBot 111314 bytes
Mystic Falls Bennett Witch Bot18 20360 bytes
Vehicles Bennett Witch Bot18 13190 bytes
Stefan Salvatore Bennett Witch Bot18 477851 bytes
Flashbacks Bennett Witch Bot18 58618 bytes
Stefan and Caroline Bennett Witch Bot18 268470 bytes
Timeline Bennett Blood Mage18 1594 bytes
Caroline Forbes Bennett Blood Mage18 486089 bytes
Malachai Parker Bennett Blood Mage18 117925 bytes
Stefan Salvatore (novel) MissVampy13 97397 bytes
Wolf Packs Jolsarygt 10726 bytes
Stefan and Damon Bennett Blood Mage18 113440 bytes
Niklaus Mikaelson Bennett Blood Mage18 441454 bytes

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