This category will be used to list any supernatural species in The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, and Novels. Individual categories will only be used exclusively for the main supernatural species while this category will be supplemented for other introduced supernaturals.


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  • Arachnae: Giant spider-like supernatural beings that can wear the skin of its victims.
  • Augustine Vampires: Artificially created sub-species of vampires-turned-cannibalistic ripper with an insatiable, ravenous hunger for the blood of other vampires.
  • Croatoan: A supernatural being with a looming, shadowing silhouette and dangerously sharp beak-like nose that hunts what lies beneath - the truth. The human-like appearance is a mere ruse, as it is a puckered mass of tentacles abound, twisting and thrashing in each direction. The croatoan also has acid-like saliva, so lethal and overwhelming, it dissolves the remains of victims until nothing is left. It requires the magic of a powerful witch - who has nothing to hide - to summon the creature.
  • Cyclops: A large, brutish nocturnal creature with a single eye and incredible strength and terrible odor. They are presumably akin to Trolls as there is a "surprising amount of overlap" between the two species, but remain unknown if they exist.
  • Doppelgängers: Supernatural occurrences that were created by Nature as a result of the creation of true immortals as a means to maintain the balance that all things must die.
  • Dragons: Terrifying monsters with the ability to transform into winged-beasts with unmatched power.
  • Dryads: Gentle living tree spirits that once lived among humans that are attuned with Nature.
  • Enhanced Original Vampire: An Original vampire with enhanced features over the original creation.
  • Erote: Collectively known as the Erotes, lore dictates that they are a group of winged gods representing the multiple dimensions of love and desire. According to some texts, they were infallible, and all mortals were said to worship them for their ability to share the divine power of love.
  • Evolved Werewolves: Werewolves of the Crescent Wolf Pack that participated in the Unification Ceremony and gained additional abilities over that of werewolves; notably, control of their transformation.
  • Fairies: A magical species whose power is dependent on the belief of others. They can produce wings, seemingly with the ability to fly and shoot fairy dust. They are a weakness to qareens.
  • Gargoyles: Towering statue and stone-like supernatural being with wings and paralytic claws.
  • Ghosts: Spirits of the deceased that could, under certain circumstances, appear as a visible manifestation to the living, and in even rarer circumstances, physically interact with the living world.
  • Golems: A mud creature created from black magic. The first golem, Malivore, is capable of consuming supernaturals and humans into itself, a dark hell-like dimension designed to cleanse the earth of "monsters" and wipe their existence from the collective conscience. Malivore created his own beings, imperfect and powerless golems, that resemble humans but cannot continue his legacy.
  • Gorgons: Supernatural beings that can turn their hair into snakes and petrify humans.
  • Headless Horseman: A supernatural being that carries around his severed head but functions otherwise normally.
  • Hybrids: Cross-breeds of two or more different supernatural species; such as werewolf-vampire, siphoner witch-vampire, witch-werewolf, and witch-werewolf-vampire hybrids.
  • Immortals: Truly immortal supernatural beings that cannot be killed by any conventional weapon.
  • Jinn: Supernatural wish-granting beings that are born into 500 years of servitude.
  • Krampus: An inhuman-looking being described as anti-Santa. He is a monster that brings snow and ice and seeks out hatred and anger. He can also attack his targets with an extremely long tongue.
  • Mer-Man: A large supernatural aquatic being with enhanced strength and super speed.
  • Mediums: Humans who gain the supernatural ability to communicate with deceased beings on the Other Side as a result of being resurrected from a non-supernatural death.
  • Minotaur: A large supernatural bull-like creature with great strength.
  • Mummy: A supernatural being with a cursed scarab that imparts the ability to resurrect and to create plagues.
  • Oneiroi: Large, black-winged shapeshifting dream "demons". They are presumably akin to Night Hags, but such a creature remains unknown if they exist.
  • Oni: A supernatural "demon-ghost-monster," as described by Josie, that can possess people through touch, either through voluntary or involuntary action. Once inhabiting a host, it makes them act crazy. However, those with a "broken mind" makes it harder for the oni to control its host.
  • Original Vampires: The first generation of extremely powerful vampires created through magic and the progenitors of a vampire bloodline.
  • Phoenixes: A supernatural being that resurrects upon death in a burst of fire. Much remains unknown about this species.
  • Psychics: Subset of humans, though classified as a supernatural species, that exhibit the ability to read, manipulate and/or control the minds of others.
  • Qareen: An Arabian monster that whispers insecurities and feeds off discord. It feeds off the strife it creates, becoming stronger and affecting more and more people until it materializes into the mortal plane.
  • Santa Claus: Purveyor of Christmas and associated magic and belief, he rewards good boys and girls, while seeking out peace and joy. He possesses great speed, to which he attributes to making it to all the houses around the world in a single night.
  • Shadow Men/Creatures: Skeletal-like supernatural beings with unknown abilities though they possess numerous sharp teeth and shrunken eyes.
  • Shunka Warakin: A supernatural being of Ioway Native American legend that is a large carnivorous creature with huge claws that feeds only on werewolves.
  • Siphoners: A subsection of witches born without the ability to generate their own magic but do possess a rare power that allows them to siphon magic from other sources and use that magic for their own purposes.
  • Sirens: Supernatural beings who were originally psychic, and given immortality that was depended on the feeding of human flesh to remain young and beautiful granted to them by another psychic via unknown means.
  • Slug: A supernatural creature that can replicate itself within its host, make their hosts susceptible to suggestion, and then finally killing said host.
  • Sphinxes: A supernatural being capable of divining future events.
  • Spirits: The souls of deceased beings that have passed on to find peace in the Bright World, the ultimate destination for the dead, or were previously sent to Hell before its destruction. It remains unknown what happened to the souls that were contained in Hell after its destruction.
  • Supernatural Hunters: Supernatural Hunters and Huntresses that were originally humans who are endowed with supernatural abilities to hunt and kill vampires through magical means.
  • Travelers: A once powerful, cursed sub-culture of nomadic witches that excelled in possession.
  • Upgraded Original Vampire: An Original vampire created by reverse-engineering the Immortality Spell that created the Originals with the addition of a lethal venom, scientifically altered werewolf venom, capable of killing Original vampires and their prodigies.
  • Unicorns: A mysterious supernatural horse-like being with a single horn on its head.
  • Vampires: Magically reanimated human corpses which are inhabited by the spirits of the deceased person and who closely resemble the living human they were before their transformation. They feed and survive on the blood of the living, typically on that of humans, and they can also transform other humans into more of their kind by sharing their blood with them.
  • Werewolves: Cursed by a witch, they are supernatural shapeshifting species of individuals who unwillingly transform into large, fearsome, and extremely hostile wolves on the night of the full moon.
  • Witches: Supernatural beings who are born with the power to affect change with witchcraft. They are known as "Architects of the Supernatural" and "Servants of Nature" as the majority is to honor and maintain the balance of Nature.
  • Zombies: Coined by Penelope Park, "zombies" are a unique classification of supernatural beings that are humans that have been reanimated by the Necromancer using necromancy. These beings are essentially walking corpses that lack all but basic instincts and are used to do the Necromancer's bidding. While the Necromancer has resurrected other supernatural beings in otherwise perfect health, they've not specifically been referred to as a zombie, though the Necromancer has complete control over the reanimated person's faculties.

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