It's pretty touching, though. How they put aside their differences? You got to be more positive!

Chad is a human who first appeared on the ninth episode of the second season of Legacies.

Early History

Virtually nothing is known about Chad's history, other than he worked at the Ice Dream Palace in Texas prior to meeting "Ted".

Throughout Legacies Series

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, Chad notices Ted at the Ice Dream Palace; he's having a particularly hard day with their boss, Gary. He introduces himself, telling Ted that he was the one that toasted Gary's phone with waffle cones. That brings a smile to Ted's face; it was a masterstroke that provided him the only smile he's had that month. As the month passes on Chad continues to befriend Ted, rather the Necromancer, who's fed up with being human. As Chad cleans out a freezer, the Necromancer tells him that they shouldn't be there cleaning up congealed dairy and sugar. They should be kings and people should tremble at the sound of their names. Chad mistakes his goal with money but the Necromancer wants to reclaim his power. Necromancy, dominion over life and death and the ability to bend the universe to your will. What the Necromancer describes, Chad wishes he could have seen him back in the day. That gives the Necromancer an idea. He crushes a cockroach beneath his heel, picks it up and places it on the freezer. Chad watches as the Necromancer commands the insect to rise. The Necromancer has been practicing and he brings the bug back to life. Having witnessed his sorcery, Chad agrees to become the Necromancer's acolyte. With the passing of three more months, Chad watches as the Necromancer continues to struggle to regain his powers. The dead cat he's attempting to revive briefly came back, only to die shortly thereafter. Chad attempts to be supportive though, the Necromancer tells him that cockroaches are child's play compared to more complex animals. Eventually he'll work his way back up to humans. He explains to Chad that Malivore took away his powers, but he couldn't take his birthright. Unfortunately, he now has to rebuild his skills. Curiosity gets the better of him and Chad and asks why Malivore did this to him. If Malivore promised him peace, why did he send him to Texas? The Necromancer believes it is because he was jealous of his power. Beyond that, he was the only one who was smart enough to outfox someone, though he can't remember exactly who it was, nor why he doesn't remember. As two more months pass and the Necromancer has fallen into depression, still struggling with regaining his powers. Chad attempts to lighten the mood, asking if he'd like to do some magic, but he feels it's pointless. As Chad cleans up around his apartment, the Necromancer believes himself to be foolish, thinking he could reclaim his former glory when it took him centuries to become "the Necromancer". Chad convinces him that he can't give up, which gives him an idea. Chad believes they should fight back. Take a trip to Georgia and take a leak in Malivore. However, upon arrival, they learn that Malivore has already been defeated; the pit is no more. In order to begin to reclaim his glory, he tells Chad that dark sorcery requires a steep price to be paid. In exchange for power, he must sacrifice that which he holds most dear. Chad doesn't understand. The Necromancer, however, has grown fond of their time together. Chad doesn't see the dagger coming and the Necromancer plunges it deep into his chest, killing him. A month later, Chad is resurrected by the Necromancer — he's leveled up. While Chad was dead, the Necromancer has devised a master plan, a plan that takes him back to Mystic Falls — a place of immense magical energy, a place where so many people have died, the very ground courses with blood and power. Another month passes and Chad arrives in Mystic Falls alongside the Necromancer — specifically Mystic Falls Cemetery. The Necromancer explains to Chad that he plans to consecrate the ground. He'll set up a trap for the next hapless soul who wanders through, committing a a murder of pure, unbridled cruelty. Chad's wavers at the thought, but it must be done to seal his bond to the cemetery and draw from the mystical hot spot beneath. As the thought of murdering children disturbs Chad, he attempts to kill the Necromancer as he sleeps. However, knife in hand, it's unable to plunge the dagger into the Necromancer. He can't. The Necromancer has complete control of his resurrected form, finding his futile attempt funny. The Necromancer renounces their would be friendship. Chad is his acolyte to command and demands that he kneel. Chad is forced to do as he's commanded, though he has a revelation. He now understands why Malivore did what he did. He believes that he made the Necromancer human in order to give him another shot at peace. If "Ted" could have just lived that life well, he might have gotten to peace. Malivore had given him a second chance. Though "Ted" blew it. Spying on and witnessing various events unfold at the Salvatore School, Chad assists the Necromancer preparing a spell. The Necromancer takes Ryan Clarke's body and casts a spell. Chad witnesses as he recreates the portal to Malivore. Then they wait. The following day, the portal begins to bubble. A new visitor emerges from it, though Chad cannot see it, but watches as the Necromancer bargains with it. Freedom from death for the mora miserium. In What Cupid Problem?, Chad stands idle and watches as the Necromancer agonize over the loss of the mora miserium. Despite the Necromancer's lost, Chad thinks the situation is touching. The witches put aside their differences and came together and quips that he should be more positive. Chad's comment infuriates the Necromancer further, so much so that he picks up and throws the blood cauldron towards him. Chad, however has an idea — there's got to be something else at the Salvatore School that they can use that has more power. Chad's idea is accompanied by a new visitor as the Malivore pit begins to bubble. Using their 'new friend' to distract the students, he and the Necromancer breach the protection spell around the school and infiltrate the weapons armory. While the Necromancer brings back a horde of objects, Chad is tasked with digging up Pothos, though he's a few minutes behind the Necromancer. he had to wait until he was buried and then he had to dig him back up. The Necromancer doesn't take kind to his "excuses". He's instructed to put the corpse next to the sphinx, but as he moves to do so, he notices a golden arrow. Pointing it out to the Necromancer, Chad is praised for a good job, albeit reluctantly. Chad moves to touch the arrow, but is immediately told not to touch it. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, it is revealed that upon Rafael's return to Mystic Falls, he was ambushed and stabbed by Chad. Rafael eventually bled to death shortly after as a result of his wounds. In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Chad is among the minions the Necromancer controls to do his bidding. Josie, However, has commanded him and Alyssa to redecorate the Salvatore Crypt. With the Merge complete, the Necromancer order him to fetch the robes; they must have ceremony and raise Malivore. Josie has other plans. The Merge was not a successful and will not raise Malivore and forces the Necromancer to do her bidding over his own. Chad and Alyssa are caught between the power struggle, but the Necromancer agrees to Josie's terms. Following up on Josie's orders, Chad, Alyssa, and Rafael accompanies the Necromancer to speak to Alaric — though the Necromancer decides to strike his own deal with him and Chad is among one of the bargaining chips. The Necromancer promises to free his puppets from his control and bring him back to life, seemingly including Chad. With the deal sealed — and Rafael's heartbeat returning — it is assumed the Necromancer also freed Chad from his control.

In We're Not Worthy, Chad has been freed from the Necromancer and resurrected. However, he's returned to the Salvatore crypt because he's forgotten his earbuds. He takes them and sees his red robe from his time serving the Necromance. He pockets the earbuds and wears the robes. In a deep voice, it mimics the Necromancer. "It is I, the all-powerful Necromancer! All alone. Oh, if only I hadn't treated you so badly. To make it up to you, I will raise any monster of your choosing. A Pegasus, you say? Whatever your heart desires, my dear friend." He moves over to the Malivore pit and, again, mimics the Necromancer and commands something to rise from the pit. As if on command, something reaches a hand out from the pit and crawls out. Chad is surprised. That wasn't his doing, but something emerges. It's a woman and she casts off the mud. She introduces herself as Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. He's intrigued and does the same. His name is Chad. Just Chad, he tells her. She explains that she requires his help, that is, if he is a worthy man. The pit begins to bubble again and it catches her attention. With a worried look, she tells him that they must go, now. Chad follows her out of the crypt as she suggests. Chad, however, parts ways from her and heads to the Salvatore School. Like Rafael, he can see Landon and believes him to be dead. Landon admits he's halfway there. He's unaware of the Necromancer's presence at the school and he startles him. He explains he was at the crypt and hasn't touched any of his stuff or the pit; he was just there to retrieve his headphones. The Necromancer pushes him to finish his story and Chad reveals that a lady monster came out of it, and she asked for a worthy champion. Chad believes that she's looking for Hope. He watches the basin all the time and admits that Hope's so smart and pretty and always saves the day. The Necromancer informs him that Hope is unavailable at the moment and wants to know if the monster said anything else. Chad continues. The lady was in search of a sword and that she sensed it was in a field. Later that night, Chad leaves the Salvatore School with Alyssa. She thought he loved this place. He admits that actually living all that drama is a lot harder than just watching it in a basin. Alyssa completely agreed with him; that he's preaching to the choir. So, he's decided that he's getting out while the getting's good. He's going to try and make something of his life this around. Alyssa agrees with his sentiment and asks where he's going. He tells her that he's going back to the Ice Dream Palace. He's excited and he hopes to become a manager this time. Alyssa wishes him good luck and offers her hand before they part way. She really hopes he gets what he wants. Before he can take her hand, he violently retches blood. She doesn't understand what's wrong with him. Chad, however, cannot answer. His body goes lifeless and he collapses to the ground, dead. Alyssa returns to the Necromancer and informs him of Chad's death and explains to him what happened.


Chad is a friendly, easygoing man. He's open-minded and he's into all that stuff that he believes the government doesn't want them to know about, i.e. UFOs, lizard men, and Bigfoot. When he meets Ted, rather the Necromancer, he readily believes in his abilities and actively encourages him to get his powers back. Despite their friendship, Chad still has a sense of right and wrong. For example, when the Necromancer decided he needed to kill Hope, as well as her friends — children — he knew the Necromancer had to be stopped and even attempted doing so himself. He has, however, resounded himself to being his acolyte as he's no longer in control of himself. Begrudgingly, he continues to act as a voice of reason for the Necromancer.

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  • Chad is a masculine given name of Anglo-Saxon origins. It is the modernized form of the Old English given name Ceadda. The meaning of Chad is "battle warrior".[1][2]




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