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Aurora: Ooh, I know the answer to that one. It's representational magic. Something in the room represents each one of us.
Tristan: Apparently, it's what allowed Aya's witches to drag you to this chambre de chasse she created for me.
Aurora and Tristan about the Chambre de Chasse in A Streetcar Named Desire

A Chambre de Chasse is a magically constructed location that exists on the astral plane represented by a specific mindscape usually depicted as a room. They are created with Representational Magic using representational totems to draw and anchor the minds of others. When the destruction of said totem is destroyed, the person can leave the Chambre de Chasse.


"It's a chambre de chasse. A hunt room. It's where witches bring their prey for mental target practice. Our bodies are in the real world, laying dead on the floor, whilst our minds are in here, represented by these creepy animal heads."
Kol Mikaelson
Chambre de Chasse.gif

The Chambre de Chasse is a localized "pocket dimension" on the astral plane represented by one's mind created with representational magic. Witches have been known to use it as prisons to hold people's minds, and, according to Kol, to have 'mental target practice'. Although, witches such as the Sisters and Freya have been seen to use such methods for recreation.

Throughout The Originals Series

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Finn created an elaborate spell with totem animals allowing him to take the upper hand and trap his brothers Klaus, Kol and Elijah in an astral plane with the features of a hunting lodge. However, since the representations proved inaccurate, the spell collapsed.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, The Sisters created an astral parlour to trap Klaus and Elijah along with Tristan and Aurora de Martel. This time the guests of the Chambre de Chasse were represented by pawns on a chessboard, and Freya was able to undo the spell once discovered the representations of her brothers.

In The Bloody Crown, Freya Mikaelson created an astral landscape with the features of a mansion with a beautiful garden to allow her siblings (minus Klaus) and herself to have a spiritual relief as their bodies were weakened by different wounds.

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, Klaus is attacked and his mind is drawn into a Chambre de Chasse. While he looks around, Elijah appears, revealing that he too was transported to the Chambre de Chasse. Neither of them are aware of the witch that performed the spell.

In The Kindness of Strangers, it is revealed that Freya created the Chambre de Chasse, reconstructing an astral Abattoir to so that Hope would be able to bring the Mikaelsons back together and take back the Hollow's darkness in order to save her family. To free themselves, the Mikaelson siblings had to find keys that represented them to unlock the door and leave the Chambre de Chasse. Once Kol outed Freya that she constructed it for Hope, she left the astral prison of her own accord, leaving her siblings to fend for themselves.

Throughout Legacies Series

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In The Story of My Life, Professor Vardemus tricks Hope into looking inside an enchanted bowl, initially believed to hold a Pentelic marble. Once she looked inside, both of them were transported into a chambre de chasse. Angered, she threatens to kill Rupert. He retorts that if should she get free, then hopefully he and Lizzie will be long gone. He rushes out of one of the many doors, leaving Hope trapped.

Hope tries a key labeled Klaus but to no avail. As she struggles, Lizzie appears to her, having entered the astral plane to taunt her. Unlike her first attempt, she's determined to kill Hope now. Since she's practically an expert on mental prisons by now, she gives Hope a hint. Getting out is always about getting to the root of your problems. Plucking a key that has Hope written on it, Lizzie can now leave whenever she wants and explains that she'll give Hope a goodbye before she kills her. Hope doesn't believe that she can kill her, but Lizzie shows her a whittled stake that holds up her hair. It was a large Red Oak tree and she made more than one stake. Vamping to a door, she leaves the chambre de chasse as the keys fall and scatter to the floor. Eventually, Lizzie's clue helps Hope to escape, as all she had to find was Lizzie's key.


  • Chambre de Chasse in French means "hunting room".


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