[Elijah is dreaming that he is his teenaged self in the 10th century. He's chasing a young Klaus through the woods]

YOUNG KLAUS: You cannot catch me, Elijah!
YOUNG ELIJAH: You're getting faster, Klaus, but you are not yet fast enough!

[Young Klaus giggles as he continues to run through the forest, his voice echoing through present-day Elijah's head. Suddenly, Young Klaus disappears, and Young Elijah stops in the middle of a small clearing]

YOUNG ELIJAH: Klaus? Niklaus?

[He looks around him until an older, deeper voice calls out to him. It's present-day Elijah, his face and suit splattered in blood. Thunder and lightning crack above them]

ADULT ELIJAH: There you are.

[Adult Elijah approaches Young Elijah, who is getting more scared by the moment]

ADULT ELIJAH: Do you understand?

[Adult Elijah places his hand on the back of Young Elijah's head as his vampire-face comes out] 

ADULT ELIJAH: One day, only a monster shall remain.  

[Frightened, Young Elijah grabs his hatchet from his waist, and though Adult Elijah dodges it at first, he's eventually hit in the shoulder with it]


[Elijah lays on his bed in the compound, still asleep as he was when he was rescued. He's breathing erratically, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and his muscles are tense, as though he's being overwhelmed by fear. Klaus stands over him and talks to him, his voice echoing through Elijah's head. In Elijah's dream, he pulls the hatchet out of his shoulder, but Young Elijah runs away before he can catch him]

Klaus: I know you are locked in battle, however deep in your mind our mother has set the stage. Hear my voice.

[Elijah twitches anxiously in his sleep]

Klaus: Our mother thinks she will win because she has left you alone, but you are not alone. Let me in.

[Klaus puts one hand on his head, and one hand on his chest, hoping to gain entry into Elijah's mind. Elijah's body goes rigid as though he's been shocked and Elijah's muscles begin to seize and spasm painfully]

Klaus: Let me help end whatever torment she has forced upon you.

[Klaus' nose begins to bleed, and he gets glimpses of the dreams Elijah has been having. Klaus groans in pain as he continues to try to break through, but he's quickly ripped off of Elijah by Hayley]

HAYLEY: [confused] What are you doing?

[Klaus, startled, pants in an attempt to catch his breath as he wipes the blood from his nose]

Klaus: I'm trying to enter Elijah's thoughts to wake him.

[He gestures to Elijah, who is still sleeping fitfully]

Klaus: Esther's locked me out.

[Hayley walks over to Elijah, noticing a flower petal-shaped wound on his neck]

HAYLEY: Is this rash a side effect of the witchy acid trip he's on?

[Klaus frowns and returns to Elijah's bedside to examine the wound more carefully]

Klaus: I haven't seen this since I was a child. Mikael would return home from battle more blindly temperamental than usual, and our mother would use the petals of a rare merlock orchid to put him to sleep. She would mend his mind with a spell, and then wake him with the roots of the same plant.

[He turns to Hayley, looking hopeful]

Klaus: If she has access to it now, then maybe it also grows in the Bayou. You stay here with your wolves and mind the fort.
HAYLEY: [rolls her eyes] I'd rather rip your mother's head off.
Klaus: [looks at her seriously] Stay clear of her. I mean it, Hayley. She already got to you once. What would happen if Elijah were to wake and find you a victim of her madness?
HAYLEY: [reluctantly] I won't go after her. I promise.

[Klaus looks at her for a moment before turning and leaving. Hayley turns back toward Elijah and approaches the bed to talk to him]

HAYLEY: [quietly] I've learned a few things from your mother. I won't go after her. I'll go after everything that she loves.



[It is barely sunrise, and Jackson is preparing Oliver's body for his funeral. He wraps it up in white sheet before dousing him in alcohol and putting him in a small boat. Jackson takes a swig of whiskey and pushes the boat out into the lake in the Bayou, lighting it on fire with a lighter to give Oliver a traditional Viking funeral. Later, Oliver's remains are still smoking on the lake while Jackson drinks on the nearby dock. Suddenly, Hayley arrives and stands behind him]

HAYLEY: [whispers] I'm so sorry, Jack.

[After a moment, Jackson angrily jumps to his feet.

JACKSON: This is bull, Hayley! Crescent tradition says you have a funeral at dawn, and no one is here!

[Hayley, speechless, remains silent]

JACKSON: That loyalty... [He stops himself, unable to finish his sentence] ...Loyalty's gone.

[Jackson goes to walk away, but Hayley stops him]

HAYLEY: We're standing around moping over Ollie's body when there's a war to be fought. I understand that you have to grieve, Jack. You waited for me, so I'll do the same for you. But, our people need their Alpha.

[Hayley gently takes the bottle of whiskey out of his hands before putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. After a moment, Hayley leaves him alone to mourn his pack mate]


[Hayley and Aiden have arrived to Marcel's apartment to come up with a plan]

MARCEL: Where is your Alpha?
HAYLEY: [sighs] Unavailable.
MARCEL: So, you brought Junior Varsity? You know, I'm getting a little tired of you using my place as a den for wayward wolves.
HAYLEY: Well, it was just that we were going to, uh, take down Finn Mikaelson today, and considering how he treated your vampires, I assumed that you would want in on the bloodbath.
MARCEL: [clearly interested] I'm listening.

[Hayley and Aiden sit across from him on the couch]

AIDEN: Well... [He clears his throat] It's not gonna be easy. He's surrounded by a pack of juiced-up wolves. He doesn't have a weakness.
MARCEL: He does, actually!

[He pulls his phone out of his pocket]

MARCEL: And, I have her on speed dial! [Aiden and Hayley look at him in confusion] He's got a thing for Cami.
HAYLEY: Klaus will go ballistic if we get Cami involved in this.
MARCEL: Klaus ain't here! And Cami? Well, she's got this thing about people telling her what she can and can't do!

[He dials Cami's number and holds the phone up to his ear before addressing Hayley again]

MARCEL: I trust you, of all people, understand.

[Hayley chuckles]


[Vincent/Finn is doodling magical sigils in his notebook while Cami, who stands by the window, talks]

CAMI: He hasn't called. He thinks he's protecting me, but... I don't think I want to be protected! Truth be told, I don't think I want to be around him anymore at all.

[Finn smiles proudly and closes his notebook]

FINN: Well, that's a nice piece of progress!

[Cami smiles at him, before awkwardly looking down at the floor]

FINN: What's on your mind?
CAMI: [hesitates] I was wondering...

[She sighs and sits down on the couch]

CAMI: I know this is, like, horribly unprofessional, but, I was... hoping I could get a new advisor.
FINN: [confused] You aren't finding our sessions productive?
CAMI: No! No, that's not it. They've been great! You're-- you're really getting to know me. I just...

[She licks her lips nervously]

CAMI: I wanna get to know you, too.

[Finn looks surprised and smiles, and the two sit awkwardly in silence for a moment]

CAMI: [smiles nervously] Right, yes. [She laughs uncomfortably] Mortifyingly unprofessional. I'm gonna go.

[She grabs her purse and heads for the door. Finn, clearly torn, considers this a moment before he jumps up and stops her]

FINN: Uh, Camille! [She turns back toward him hopefully] Do you enjoy jazz?

[Cami smiles]


[Davina is looking into a broken mirror as she performs a spell]

DAVINA: [chants] Venez très connu cendre. Venez très connu cendre.

[Kaleb/Kol walks out of the bathroom, having just showered, and watches as Davina's spell begins to repair the broken mirror. He approaches her and leans in close]

KOL: Still at it?

[Davina is so startled that the mirror cracks in the corner again]

DAVINA: [annoyed] I'm trying to repair the damage that you did to my de-linking spell!
KOL: Oh.

[He looks down at the indestructible white oak stake on the table in front of her, and she snatches it away from him]

DAVINA: The only reason I'm still shacked up in this dump motel with you is for your freaky witch-encyclopedia brain.
KOL: Okay. Well, here's a magical secret from the ancient legends of the Romani psychics-- SLEEP, Davina! You've been awake for days.

[Davina starts anxiously packing up her things]

DAVINA: Kind of hard to rest with a thousand-year-old psycho in the next bed.
KOL: [scoffs] You say that, I sound like a bit of a creeper!
DAVINA: [frustrated] Can you just stop?
KOL: Stop what, darling?
DAVINA: Calling me "darling," and trying to be funny, and--

[She's momentarily distracted when she sees that Kol's shirt is open, revealing his bare torso]

DAVINA: --That.

[Kol simply smirks and buttons up his shirt before walking toward her again]

KOL: Oh! Well, most girls like this. But, then, you're not like most girls, are you?
DAVINA: What I'd like is for you to just stop messing around.

[She continues packing up, and after a moment, Kol stops her]

KOL: Okay, Davina. Alright. I have been trying to charm you. And your resistance is as impressive as it is baffling. But, there are things that we can do. Big things. [Davina looks at him warily] I can't share my secrets with you unless we trust each other.
DAVINA: I don't care about your secrets, Kaleb. Kol. [She becomes flustered] I don't even know what to call you!
KOL: Kol Mikaelson. And, if you want to take down Klaus without your friends dying, well, then, you'd be a fool not to listen.

[Suddenly, Kaleb begins to groan in pain and falls to his knees. Davina rushes over to him to find that there are symbols burned/carved into the skin of his forearm-- there are Norse runes that spell his name, and a triskelion]

DAVINA: What's happening?
KOL: That's Mother Dearest, calling me home.


[Lenore/Esther is in the greenhouse of the Lycée, where she has put the same Runic symbol and a triskelion in salt on the table to do her spell. Vincent/Finn watches her work from across the room]

FINN: Well, you always did know how to leave a message, Mother.
ESTHER: [smirks] If only all my sons were as respectful as you are. Kol will return home soon, Elijah will wake from his slumber believing the only way to salvage his humanity is to rejoin our family.

[Finn nods in agreement]

ESTHER: Which is why it is time you bring Camille in. [She hands him a small bundle of herbs] Here. I've spelled this to subdue her without causing bodily harm.
FINN: [visibly nervous] I thought we had more time.
ESTHER: We don't. Once Klaus has been duly influenced by his father, we will need to act quickly.
FINN: No, there's no need for this. [Esther gives Finn a look] I can bring her in without it.


[Klaus is wandering around the Bayou, looking for the merlock orchids to awaken Elijah. As he walks through the forest, an unidentified man stands nearby with a knife in his hand. Eventually, Klaus, noticing the man's breathing and heart beats, vamp-speeds over to where Ansel has been watching him and pins him against a tree]

Klaus: Stop following me. I have no intention of taking Esther's bargain, and no desire to be remade a mortal being. Now, kindly piss off. I'm in a hurry to help my real family.

[Klaus stomps away, but stops when Ansel calls out to him]

ANSEL: You seek the merlock orchid.

[Klaus turns toward Ansel and looks at him suspiciously]

Klaus: How did you know that?
ANSEL: I saw you carry Elijah home last night. Who do you think used to find the orchid for your mother to put Mikael to sleep? Without my help, you could search forever.

[They stare at each other for a long moment, and Ansel smiles a small smile at his son]

Klaus: My mother brought you back from the dead. My sense of strategy tells me that it wasn't to play a father-son game of hide and seek.

[Klaus once again turns away to search for the flower]

ANSEL: You can storm off in a fit of stubbornness if you like, but I suggest you do so toward the west.

[Ansel gestures to his right, and Klaus stops for a moment, considering his options with a sigh]


[Davina is driving Kaleb/Kol's car while he sits in the passenger seat, wincing as he cradles his injured arm. They're listening to classical music, Davina's favorite, but Kol uses magic to turn the station to blues music. Amused, Davina leans over and hits the button to turn off the radio]

KOL: [laughs] You have any fun with magic, or is it all just angst and child sacrifice with you lot?
DAVINA: You were a witch before you were a vampire, right?
KOL: Yeah. None of my siblings had tapped into their power. I was a bit of a child prodigy! I loved it. I loved the power, I loved the rush... and then, when we turned, I lost it all. Went through a bit of a dark period.
DAVINA: [incredulously] A thousand years?
KOL: Yeah, well, I'm a thrill-seeker. I couldn't get that from magic anymore, so I looked elsewhere.
DAVINA: Yeah. Murder, mayhem...
KOL: Yeah, youthful misadventures! I actually spent quite a lot of time with witches. You know, learning from them, teaching them. Trying to get back what my mother stole from me.
DAVINA: Is that why she brought you back as a witch?
KOL: Well, she felt like this body would be best for the task at hand-- spying on the prettiest witch in town! 
DAVINA: [laughs] I can't believe your mom sent you here to flirt with me.
KOL: Oh, no, she sent me to follow you. The flirting bit was me!

[After a moment of silence, Kol flicks his fingers, turning the radio back on to classical music. Davina smiles at him]


[Aiden, Hayley, Josh, and Marcel are outlining their plan to take down Vincent/Finn. Aiden smooths out a map on the coffee table]

AIDEN: Cami said Vincent wants to meet at Preservation Hall. But, he won't be unprotected. [He points to different spots on the map] There will be wolves positioned here and here.

[Marcel points to a different location on the map]

MARCEL: Can we keep this alley open?

[Aiden nods in confirmation]

HAYLEY: Alright, I'll wait there and rip Vincent's head off.
MARCEL: Nah, he'll body-jump.

[Cami enters suddenly with a file box in her hands]

CAMI: Vincent's head stays on. He'll have a hard time answering questions without it.

[She opens the box, and the rest of them start to look through it]

JOSH: [sarcastically] Sweet, it's a big box of dusty old junk. We're saved!

[Aiden smiles despite himself. Marcel starts to go through the contents of the box]

CAMI: [laughs] They're dark objects my uncle left for me. I've been cataloging them according to Kieran's notes. As far as I can tell, these can be used against witches specifically.

[Marcel pulls a pair of shackles attached to a chain out of the box, and when Hayley sees them, she smirks]

HAYLEY: Kinky!

[Josh laughs]

MARCEL: Ah, I remember these! A hundred years ago, the Human Faction waged a war against the Voodoo Queens. They had a traitor spell these manacles. Slap 'em on a witch, they can't do magic as long as they're on.

[He sets the shackles back into the box]

JOSH: Alright, we're not gonna get the "Handcuffs of Doom" on him while he's surrounded by a werewolf entourage.
AIDEN: We can just lure him away. I can do that.
HAYLEY: Cami, if we do this, you're the bait. Are you sure you're okay with that?

[Everyone looks at Cami in concern. Cami looks slightly nervous, but she shakes it off]

CAMI: Make it look convincing. The guy's really smart.


[Klaus is still wandering around the forest, while Ansel follows behind him]

ANSEL: A thousand years estranged, and you choose to walk in silence? Surely you have questions for me.
Klaus: [sighs] Just one-- is there a way to cure Elijah without having to listen to the pointless ramblings of an old man?  
ANSEL: I'm afraid the price of my expertise is conversation.

[Ansel pats Klaus affectionately on the back and slips past him so he can lead him through the woods]

Klaus: You know, I used to tell myself that my real father must have had no idea I existed. Otherwise, he'd never leave me to suffer under Mikael.
ANSEL: Esther forbade from seeing you. So, I waited, knowing that one day, you would trigger your curse and need your real father. When that happened, Mikael found me first. I fought him for you.
Klaus: Yes, well, your grand declaration is just a few years too late.
ANSEL: Now, you joke, but I know you've always felt a void in your life. I've watched you from beyond for centuries. You've traveled all corners of the world, seen monuments erected, feasted on the blood of the history's most extraordinary men, but you've never found true peace.

[Klaus is clearly affected by his words]

ANSEL: The only moments of joy in your life, however fleeting, have been simple pleasures. As you climbed the Himalayas, as you tended to your horses. Quiet days, teaching that boy Shakespeare--
Klaus: [overwhelmed] Stop.
ANSEL: I watched you paint. I watched you feel your unborn daughter's kick--

[Klaus grabs him in a choke-hold]

Klaus: [angrily] I said, stop! A millennium of observing me-- were your eyes closed as I slaughtered whole villages? Fed my way through thousands of innocents? Because, let's face it-- I have a tendency to play with my food.

[Ansel stares at him, silent, as Klaus steps closer so they are nearly nose-to-nose]

Klaus: Have I made you proud, Father?

[Upset, Klaus angrily shoves past Ansel, who looks heartbroken]


[Kaleb/Kol has just returned back to the greenhouse, where Lenore/Esther is waiting for him. He goes to the shelf to grab a jar full of an herbal poultice for his arm]

KOL: [frustrated] Remind me to teach you how to send a text message.
ESTHER: You were told to get the white oak stake days ago. We need it now... seeing as your father has risen.

[Kol looks alarmed and feigns surprise to maintain his cover]

KOL: Mikael? Back from the dead?
ESTHER: [furiously] Enough! You kept it from me. Why? Because of Davina Claire?
KOL: To protect your plan! She's never gonna trust me if she thinks I'm just a flying monkey to the wicked witch! I've got it handled, Mother.

[Esther considers this for a moment, and then snuffs out a nearby candle, which causes Kol's Runic wounds to heal]

ESTHER: I want that stake! And I don't care what you have to do to get it!

[Esther turns and walks out of the greenhouse. Kol picks up an athame on the table and looks at it with interest]


[Ansel and Klaus have come upon a large tree, where the merlock orchids are growing upon the branches. Surrounding the tree are dozens and dozens of purple-flowered herbs]

Klaus: [frustrated] Vervain. It's everywhere. My relentless mother has set a trap.

[Ansel looks at the tree and then back at Klaus before smiling pleasantly]

ANSEL: I'll retrieve the merlock for you.
Klaus: [suspiciously] At what cost?

[Ansel angrily throws his knife into the ground and approaches Klaus]

ANSEL: Why don't you use your vampire abilities to end your doubts? Search my mind. You'll see I'm not aligned with your mother.
Klaus: I have absolutely no interest in the inner-workings of your brain.
ANSEL: I'm surprised at your cowardice.
Klaus: Oh?
ANSEL: While you stand here in fear of me, your brother suffers further.

[Klaus is clearly hurt by these words, and after a moment, he reconsiders Ansel's offer]

Klaus: Gather the orchids.


[Davina has arrived at the cemetery, where Kaleb/Kol is waiting for her outside of a mausoleum, holding the athame that he took from the Lycée]

DAVINA: What did your mother want from you?
KOL: She wants me to take that stake out of your bag-- give it to her, so that you can't kill Klaus before she gets her big, happy family.
DAVINA: Is that why you called me here?
KOL: [frustrated] I'm not my mother's puppet!

[He stands up and walks toward Davina, holding the dagger toward her]

KOL: I want something different entirely. I want your blood.

[Davina backs away from the athame, looking scared, but Kol raises his hands non-threateningly]

KOL: Relax, love! I'm not gonna take it. I'm asking ya. Nicely.
DAVINA: [sarcastically] Sure, I'll just bleed for you with no explanation at all.
KOL: [chuckles] About a hundred years ago, this tomb used to be my playhouse. The witches I used to run with, we used to make all kinds of magic in here. That is, until I pissed the prettiest one off, as I tend to do, and she locked me out.
DAVINA: So, why do you need my blood?
KOL: Her name was Mary Alice Claire.

[Davina, knowing where he's going with this, sighs and rolls her eyes]

KOL: Only a Claire witch can open this tomb.

[He walks toward her and hands her the athame, handle-end first. She looks at it for a moment before taking it. When we catch up with them, they've just entered the tomb, which is full to the brim of artifacts and materials with which to practice witchcraft. Davina looks around at all the shelves in wonder]

DAVINA: Where did you get all this stuff?
KOL: Well, I was a vampire. I could get anything I wanted. I couldn't practice witchcraft, so, I charmed some witches, and I taught them a new kind of magic that I learned in Arabia called Kemiya. We made items that allowed me to use magic without doing magic.

[He starts pulling boxes off of a shelf, and Davina suddenly makes the connection]

DAVINA: You taught them how to make dark objects.
KOL: Yeah. And, for a time, they were scattered all around this city. [He opens a small wooden box] I can't for the life of me find where they are now, but... I've got the one that matters.

[Davina, remembering that Father Kieran/Cami have a stockpile of dark objects, gulps nervously]

DAVINA: What is it?
KOL: It's not about what it is, it's about what it could be. You want to take down Klaus, right? [Davina nods] I've wanted one thing for years-- [He holds up one of the white-oak-ash daggers that he has found in a box]-- to drive a dagger into his heart, like he's done to me so many times.
DAVINA: Those daggers don't work on Klaus.
KOL: Smart girl.

[He puts the dagger into the wooden box and closes it]

KOL: With a little practice, and some trust, we'll fix it so this one will. We'll put him in a box, but, seeing as he won't be entirely dead, your friends will be safe. [Davina looks interested] So, what d'you say?

[Davina looks at Kol, a small smile on her face]


[A jazz band is playing inside of Preservation Hall, where Cami is dancing as she watches. After a moment, Vincent/Finn returns with two beers in his hands. He gives her one]

CAMI: Thank you! [She looks around at the huge crowd] This is amazing!
FINN: I developed an appreciation for the music after I moved here. I never had a taste for it before.

[He takes a sip of his beer and makes a face, which makes Cami smile]

CAMI: I see you're still developing your taste for beer! [Finn laughs and shrugs] My mom said beer wasn't lady-like, so I learned to love it as an act of rebellion. What about you? Snobby mom? Distant dad? Spill!
FINN: Well, my mother and I are quite close. She made so many sacrifices for us. Now, anything she asks seems negligible in comparison.

[Cami smiles. Their conversation is interrupted when Cami's phone rings]

CAMI: I'm so sorry, can you hold this?

[She hands Finn her beer and digs her phone out of her purse]

CAMI: Oh, I have to take this! My friend is covering my shift. I'll be right back, I'm so sorry!

[Cami sets her purse down on a nearby table and heads away from the crowd to answer her phone. Finn watches her protectively from where he's standing, but after a moment, his view is blocked by a man who is heading for the crowd. When he moves out of his eye-line, Cami has vanished. Concerned, Finn heads outside to look for her, but when he leaves the hall, he hears Cami screaming and turns down the alley. He finds Cami flat on her back, being attacked by someone who is bending over her]


[Cami's attacker turns toward Finn. Their hood is up, but their glowing yellow eyes indicate that it is a werewolf. Finn runs toward them, but the werewolf leaps onto the roof of the next building, so he instead kneels next to Cami to make sure she's okay. Her neck is bleeding, and she's hyperventilating. The hooded attacker whistles at Finn, and he stands to get a better look at them before they take off again. When Finn goes to return to Cami, she's vanished again, leaving him frantic]


[Klaus and Ansel are sitting across from each other as a campfire burns between them. Ansel is using his long knife to cut the merlock orchids]

Klaus: I've always seen a blade to have a very different use.
ANSEL: Mikael taught you to kill, Klaus-- but, you were born to create. Power lies in embracing your true nature.
Klaus: You think I should accept my mother's offer? Sacrifice my vampirism? And then what? Become a florist?
ANSEL: [smiles] You wouldn't be sacrificing anything. As a wolf, you'll be king to an entire species.

[Klaus seems tempted, despite his best efforts]

ANSEL: You would feel at true peace. And you'll be a better father.

[Klaus' face goes from tempted to angry in only a second]

Klaus: I am no longer a father.

[Klaus stands and walks away from the campfire, but Ansel continues talking]

ANSEL: In our animal form, we feel everything more acutely.

[Klaus stops and listens, though he does not face him]

ANSEL: When you were a boy, after each full moon, I would wake closer to your village, having been drawn to you in the night. Since I've been back, each month when I turn, I wake further from New Orleans. I know the call of my own blood, Klaus.

[Shocked, Klaus turns toward him, afraid of what he's about to say]

ANSEL: I know your child is still alive.

[Klaus glares at his father suspiciously, still in shock at this revelation]


[Vincent/Finn is on the phone with Aiden as he sits on his couch, surrounded by lit candles on the coffee table]

FINN: [furiously] IT WAS A WOLF BITE!

[He angrily throws a handful of sand onto the table]

FINN: Who broke rank?
AIDEN: I'll knock some heads together and find out.

[Finn starts drawing magical sigils into the sand with his finger as part of his spell]

FINN: I'll know where Camille is shortly. You'll meet me there. Come alone, because your wolves can't be trusted.

[Finn hangs up on him. When Aiden hangs up his own phone, we see that he is in St. Anne's Church as he walks toward Josh, Cami, and Hayley, who are sitting on the sacristy]

AIDEN: Well, he bought it. His locator spell will bring him here without the bodyguards.

[Hayley bites her wrist and drips her blood into a golden cup used for communion while Cami watches her, her neck still bleeding]

CAMI: I always thought having a woman's mouth on my neck would be more erotic.
HAYLEY: [chuckles] You'll heal fast. Let's get all these lights off.

[Hayley hands Cami the cup of her blood, which she drinks to heal her wound]

HAYLEY: Here you go.

[Aiden walks across the room to snuff out the candles, and Josh follows him so they can talk privately]

AIDEN: We're so going to hell for this.
JOSH: [laughs] Yeah, well, you get used to it.

[Aiden can't help but laugh as well, and Josh looks at him for a long moment before speaking]

JOSH: Hey, I know this isn't your ideal Friday night. I'm sure you'd rather be, like, doing push-ups, or drinking beers with your bros, or whatever.
AIDEN: Eh, it's not so bad.

[The two smile at each other. Back on the sacristy, Hayley and Cami are still talking]

CAMI: Okay, tell me the plan one more time.
HAYLEY: Aiden's gonna get Vincent to the altar, and then I'm gonna jump him. He's powerful, though, so we only have a few seconds to get the shackles on him.
CAMI: Where's Marcel?
HAYLEY: He's looking for Davina. He heard she was back in town.
CAMI: Overprotective-dad stuff?
HAYLEY: If you want to call ripping Kol Mikaelson into a thousand little pieces "protective dad stuff," then, yeah. That's it.

[Cami laughs and blots the blood off her neck with a towel]


[Kaleb/Kol and Davina are still going through all of the materials in Kol's playhouse. He snaps his fingers, and classical music starts to play on the record player, which makes Davina smile]

KOL: The hunters who forged the Originals' daggers to take out my family didn't know that Klaus was part-werewolf-- not vulnerable to silver.

[Davina picks up the dagger and looks at it, so Kol comes over and takes it from her]

KOL: Now, it's impossible to replicate the spell cast on the dagger. Trust me, I've tried. [He puts the dagger back into the box] But, it's not impossible to change the dagger itself. Kemiya allows witches to destroy one element to create another. Say, changing silver to gold, for example.
DAVINA: So, you've been hanging out with me this whole time because you don't have enough power on your own?
KOL: No! Kemiya's about... it's about chemistry. It's about connection. And, after what happened with the white oak stake, I don't think you can deny what we have.

[He holds out his hand, which has a large diamond laying in his palm]

KOL: So, here. Hold my hand.

[Davina steps toward him, and Kol holds up the diamond so she can see it better]

DAVINA: That's a huge diamond.
KOL: It's a paragon diamond. You use them to conduct power.

[He lays the diamond back in his palm and holds his hand out toward her]

DAVINA: Is the hand-holding really necessary?
KOL: I mean, we could make out, but then that'd be entirely distracting.  

[Davina sighs and reluctantly holds Kol's hand. He holds out his other hand, which holds a length of rope, so she takes the other end of the rope in her free hand]

KOL: Alright, follow my lead. Close your eyes.

[She closes her eyes and does as she's told]

KOL: [chants] E loke gae la lidi. E loke gae la lidi.

[After a moment, Davina joins him in chanting the spell. Kol lets go of Davina's hand with the hand that holds the diamond, and slowly slips down and grasps her elbow]

KOL & DAVINA: [chants] E loke gae la lidi. E loke gae la lidi.

[The rope suddenly catches on fire, and they stop chanting and stare at each other in surprise. Kol moves his hand to her shoulder, and lets go of the rope before he can burn his hand. Davina is so distracted by him leaning closer to her that the burning rope singes her hand, and she drops it onto the floor. They both then kneel and look at the ground, where they find a rope made of gold laying in place of the regular rope they just spelled. He fastens the length of gold around her wrist, and Davina smiles]

KOL: To replace the one I broke.
DAVINA: [whispers in awe] We changed it.
KOL: Well, Davina Claire, we're going to change everything.

[Davina stares at him, obviously charmed by him despite her best efforts to resist it]


[Klaus and Ansel are still by the campfire they made, where Ansel has just finished preparing the merlock orchid roots for Elijah. He puts the poultice in a handkerchief and gives it to Klaus]

ANSEL: This will help Elijah.

[He turns away, but Klaus calls out to him, and he turns back with interest]

Klaus: Ansel. I'd be lying if I said your offer wasn't appealing. I've never known a parent to be a benevolent force. I think I would have liked to have been your son. But, a different path was chosen for me, and I have, for the past one thousand years, been son of Mikael. Paranoid. Vengeful. And, powerful enough to protect my daughter.

[Ansel clasps the back of Klaus' head affectionately and stares him in the eyes]

ANSEL: I want to help you defend her.
Klaus: [near-tears] I believe you. But, love is what Esther twists. She will take the best of your intentions, and she will use them to get to my little girl.

[He takes Ansel's hand in his own and clasps it tightly]

Klaus: [sadly] You waited too long before you came to rescue me. [He brushes past Ansel and stops]I won't make the same mistake with Hope.

[Klaus picks up Ansel's blade, and Ansel turns toward him, confused and hurt]


[Klaus walks toward him with the blade in hand, and Ansel realizes what he plans to do]

ANSEL: [desperately] No, Klaus. I know you. You are not capable of this.
Klaus: That's the first lie you've told me.

[Ansel looks at Klaus sadly, and after a moment, Klaus slashes at him with the blade, slicing Ansel's chest open in a diagonal line. Ansel gasps, staggering forward, and Klaus looks horrified at what he's just done. He steps forward and catches his dying father in his arms, slowly lowering his body onto the ground. Ansel, still shocked, caresses Klaus' cheek with his hand before he finally dies. Klaus, overwhelmed, starts to cry, but quickly steels himself]


[Davina lays down on a nearby futon while Kaleb/Kol puts away his paragon diamond in a small velvet pouch]

DAVINA: Well, it's late. I should get going.
KOL: I suppose you'll be wanting to get back to Marcel's.
DAVINA: I lied to him about you. I'll probably go back to the attic.
KOL: Voluntarily returning to the jail cell where they locked you up.

[He walks toward her and sits down next to her on the futon]

KOL: You must have been lonely all that time. A witch needs a coven, even if it is just two.
DAVINA: When can we work on the dagger?
KOL: Soon. We have some more work to do with each other, first.

[He grabs her jean jacket and spreads it over Davina like a blanket]

KOL: [smiles] You're gonna like me, Davina Claire. I'm happy to let you pretend a while that you don't already.

[Davina stares at Kol curiously]


[Vincent/Finn catches up with Aiden, who is waiting for him in the alley near the church]

AIDEN: I staked it out. It looks like a couple of Oliver's friends wanting to avenge his death.
FINN: Where's Cami?
AIDEN: She's, uh, she's tied up near the altar. Hey, you bee-line for her, I'll handle the rest of them, alright?

[Aiden turns to go, but Finn stops him]

FINN: Aiden? Your brother was among the recruits that Oliver rescued, was he not?

[Aiden gapes at him, unable to respond. Suddenly, Finn telekinetically throws him through the front doors of St. Anne's. Aiden slides down the aisle, slamming into a pew and knocking himself out. Josh, unable to help himself, vamp-speeds toward Aiden to make sure he's okay, not noticing right away that Finn is storming down the aisle after him. Josh freezes in fear as Finn spreads his arms wide, lighting all of the candles and turning on all of the lights of the church. Josh stands in a defensive position, but Finn easily snaps his neck with a flick of his wrist before continuing to walk down the aisle]


[Hayley appears out of nowhere behind Finn and tackles him to the ground. Finn tries to crawl away]

HAYLEY: First, I'm going to kick your ass. Then, I'm going to take my pack back.
FINN: [laughs weakly] Your pack? Last I checked, your pack was blindly following me.
HAYLEY: You wanna talk about following? How do your mother's boots taste?

[Hayley kicks Finn in the face, splitting his lip, but he continues to laugh]

FINN: What have you done with Cami?

[Hayley laughs sarcastically and shrugs, so Finn telekinetically throws her down the aisle while he gets to his feet]

FINN: Hybrids die by losing their head or their heart. And, given the choice, I'm going to take the organ that got you into this mess in the first place.

[He begins to cast a spell as he makes a fist with his hand and thrusts it out toward Hayley as he walks toward her]

FINN: [chants] Le specto tre colo ves bestia! Le specto tre colo ves bestia!

[Suddenly, Hayley clutches her chest as she starts to spit up blood. The front of her shirt has a bloody stain on the front of it where he's starting to rip out her heart. Out of nowhere, an arrow pierces Finn through his shoulder from behind, and he screams out in pain. He turns to see Jackson, with Ansel's bow and quiver of arrows in hand, jumping down from the balcony. He shoots another arrow into Finn's thigh, causing Finn to crawl up to the sacristy to get away from them. Before Finn can react further, a healed Cami appears and slams the manacles onto his wrists. He gapes at her, clearly feeling betrayed by her role in this plan. He tries to fight against her with magic, but the manacles are blocking him]

CAMI: You would have done the same thing to me, Finn.

[Finn, completely stunned, stares at his hands and starts to process what just happened. Down the aisle, Jackson has rushed over to Hayley to check on her]

JACKSON: Are you okay? [He brushes her hair off her face with his hand] I'm so sorry I made you wait.
HAYLEY: Your timing was pretty awesome, actually.

[She laughs in relief to be alive, which makes Jackson laugh, too]


[Klaus arrives back home and heads straight for Elijah's room, where he is still sleeping fitfully. He takes out the handkerchief Ansel gave him, and starts smearing the poultice onto Elijah's neck]

Klaus: [quietly] We were innocent once, Elijah.

[Klaus' voice continues to echo into Elijah's dream, where Young Elijah is still running around the forest. He falls to his knees in the clearing, exhausted. In the present day, Klaus continues to treat Elijah's wounds]

Klaus: This bloodlust was forced upon us by our parents, turning us from prey to predator.

[In Elijah's dream, Adult Elijah, still splattered in blood, stares at Young Elijah. Suddenly, modern-day Klaus appears in the woods before Young Elijah and grips his shoulder comfortingly]

Klaus: We're the demons lurking in shadow. We are the savage villains in fairy tales taught to children. But, not for my child. Not for Hope. In her stories, we are knights in shining armor. Without you by my side, I don't think I can survive my own love for my daughter. I need you. I need you, brother. The monster in me can only be challenged by the monster in you.

[In the dream, Klaus echoes, "By the monster in you"]

Klaus: Only together can we fight our demons and save our family.

[In the dream, Klaus hands Young Elijah a stake before he leaves. Thunder and lightning crashes overhead as he sees Adult Elijah standing nearby, staring at him. Adult Elijah lunges for him, but Young Elijah yells at the top of his lungs as he stakes him in the heart, causing Elijah to finally wake up with a gasp. They're both shocked to see the other, but after a moment, Klaus smiles at him]


[Jackson is lighting candles at the altar when Hayley finds him]

HAYLEY: We put Vincent in the back of Josh's car.
JACKSON: Is Aiden alright?
HAYLEY: Mmm, some ice and bourbon and he'll be fine. [She pauses] How did you know where to find us?
JACKSON: I spent a lot of time tracking you when I was a wolf. [He smiles at her affectionately] Call it animal instinct.

[He's about to leave when Hayley stops him]

HAYLEY: Jack...

[They hesitate for a moment before Jackson finally speaks]

JACKSON: Oh, Oliie used to give me so much hell for waiting on you. Girls came and went... I always knew you'd come. See, our parents had been so sure that you and I could change things for the better.
HAYLEY: Jack, the girl that you were waiting on was Andréa Labonair, mythic revolutionary. You got Hayley Marshall, a knocked-up tomboy with a bad attitude. You got dealt a crappy hand.

[She laughs, but Jackson looks pensive]

JACKSON: Yeah, you're right. You're not the girl I waited for.

[He walks toward her so they're nearly nose-to-nose]

JACKSON: You're better.

[He smiles at her, unsure of what to do, before he takes off for the Bayou]


[Klaus enters Elijah's bedroom, where he's getting dressed in his usual suit and tie. He's holding a leather-bound notebook in his hands, and looks as though he wants to say something. After a moment, Elijah turns toward him]

Elijah: What is it?
Klaus: [hesitates] I spent the day with my father. My real father.

[Elijah looks stunned speechless, and sits down on his bed]

Klaus: Esther brought him back from the dead, believing he could convince me to renounce vampirism. [Klaus looks torn as he approaches his brother] The thought of what I could be, had I been raised by him. Had I been nurtured. This was his.

[He hands Elijah the notebook, and he opens it to find a sketch of a much younger Klaus inside]

Klaus: He knew about Hope.

[Elijah immediately shuts the notebook and rises to his feet, shocked once again]

Klaus: I wanted to trust him more than anything in the world. I- I wanted to, but...

[He trails off, unable to put into words what he did and what he feels] 

Klaus: I couldn't be sure. And, I would never forgive myself if something happened to her because of my selfish desire for a father. So, I killed him. Without hesitation. I killed him.

[Elijah pauses for a moment to choose his words carefully before speaking]

Elijah: You killed him for Hope.

[Elijah walks until he's face-to-face with Klaus and hands him the notebook]

Elijah: And whatever innocence remains, we must protect at any cost.

[Elijah puts a hand on the back of Klaus' head comfortingly, and Klaus starts to cry]



[Lenore/Esther returns to the crypt where she was keeping Elijah to find Ansel, dead and hung up on hook in the middle of the candle-filled room. Esther gasps in horror and falls to the floor, sobbing at the top of her lungs]


[Kaleb/Kol carries Davina into the attic and lays her down on the bed. The stake is clearly poking out of her purse, and he stares at it. Before he can take it, Marcel appears in the doorway, scowling at him]


[Elijah is finishing getting dressed, putting the finishing touches on his tie while he looks at himself in the mirror. As he buttons up his jacket, he notices that his hands are shaking, and he takes a deep breath to steady himself. He leans against his dresser and wipes his brow as he gets a flashback to when he attacked Tatia in the 11th century and brought her corpse to Esther for help]


[Davina awakens in her bed, confused as to how she got there. She spots the bracelet on her wrist and smiles as she remembers making it with Kaleb/Kol. When she looks around, both Kol and Marcel are gone, and the stake is no longer in her bag. She frowns, horrified at this development]


[Cami is at the bar, drinking a tumbler of scotch when someone walks into the restaurant. Cami doesn't even bother to look up to see who it is before she calls out to them]

CAMI: Sorry, we're closed.
LENORE/ESTHER: That's too bad. I hear you serve the best sazerac in town.

[Cami looks up and is instantly frightened at the sight of Esther approaching her. She quickly backs away from her]

ESTHER: Camille, right? My sons have taken quite the liking to you.

[She raises a hand toward Cami, holding the bundle of herbs from earlier, and Cami gasps]

ESTHER: [chants] Carama sae au!


[Klaus is leaning against a chair in Elijah's room, talking to Elijah, who is standing on the balcony]

Klaus: How do you feel?
Elijah: The worst has past. Though, I suspect the nightmares are far from over.
Klaus: Well, gather your strength. After the message I sent Mother tonight, I expect hell-fire to rain upon us imminently.
Elijah: [approaches him] We need to make a move before she strikes.

[Suddenly, Marcel and Hayley appear in the doorway]

MARCEL: Well, actually, moves were made while you were sleeping.
HAYLEY: [smiles] It's good to see you vertical. Marcel and I each left a gift for you in the ballroom. [Klaus looks at them curiously] You're welcome?

[Klaus looks at Elijah, who gestures toward the door. As they pass Marcel on their way out, he whispers to them under his breath]

MARCEL: You're welcome.

[Downstairs, they arrive in the ballroom, where Klaus and Elijah find both Finn and Kol, each wearing the enchanted manacles, which are suspending them from the balcony by their wrists. Klaus and Elijah look very pleased]

KOL: [incredulously] Kidnapping? That's a rather unpleasant way to begin a family reunion!
Klaus: [grins] Well, wait until you see how we end it!


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