Chicago was magical.

Chicago is a metropolitan city located in the state of Illinois. This city also appears in the TV series as a location in which the history continues.


During the 1920s, Stefan Salvatore arrived in Chicago where he met, for the first time, Klaus and Rebekah. They meet and are seen in Gloria's bar drinking both alcohol and human blood. 

Stefan had an apartment in Chicago, near an all girl's boarding school. The apartment had a hidden liquor cabinet, and in a wall Stefan used to write the name of all his victims, so that later he could relive the emotions of his kill.

The three of them bonded, even believing that they could be together forever but that changed when the bar where they spent time was attacked. The police were searching for Klaus. In the same year, Katherine was following Stefan, but she didn't reveal that she was alive. When she had an opportunity, Katherine continued to hide herself.

Season One

During Season One, Anna mentioned that she had seen Katherine in Chicago in 1983. Damon couldn't believe that Katherine could still be alive and had not come to find him. Katherine, in her turn, tells Stefan that she saw him and Lexi at a Bon Jovi Concert in 1987.

Season Three

Stefan and Klaus arrived in Chicago in The End of the Affair. They went to a bar owned by a witch, Gloria. In the following episode Klaus and Stefan visited a clothing store here. Klaus' sister Rebekah was also with them. She knew how to contact the Original Witch. There are flashbacks in this episode to Chicago in 1920 in the same bar.

Season Seven

In Cold as Ice, it is revealed in a flashforward to 2016 that Valerie Tulle and Stefan Salvatore are in a relationship and are living together in an apartment, possibly the apartment Stefan used to live in in the 1920s where he has his victim list which was seen in The End of the Affair. Their apartment was seen again in Days of Future Past.


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