Mystic Falls 1864

[A horse drawn carriage with a driver and his passenger are heading down a dirt road. Up ahead, in the middle of the road, lies a man with a woman kneeling beside him. The woman gets up when she sees the carriage and starts shouting.]

Katherine: Please! Please, help us!

[Katherine runs toward the carriage as it comes to a halt.]

Katherine: Please, my husband, he's been hurt! Please help him!

[The driver jumps down from his seat and goes to check on the man in the road. The passenger of the vehicle opens the carriage door and exits.]

Man: What are you doing out here in the middle of the night? It's not safe.
Katherine: No. No, sir. It's not safe.

[Katherine bares her fangs and bites the man's neck. The man screams as Katherine drains the life out of him. Meanwhile, the driver is kneeling over Damon's body, but turns around when he hears screaming. He sees his passenger's dead body lying by the carriage, but does not see Katherine. He looks back the other way and Katherine has appeared right in front of him. Her eyes become red and she drains the blood from the man who screams for his life. She tosses him aside when she has drained him, blood drenching here chin.]

Katherine: And that's how it's done.

[Katherine wipes the front of her dress with her palms. Damon slowly and cautiously gets up and looks at the two dead men.]

Damon: What happens to the bodies?
Katherine: Well, I'll take them into the woods and the other animals will finish them off. [Damon seems frightened] Are you sure you're ready for this?
Damon: [nods] I'm ready. I want you to turn me.
Katherine: When it's time. Kiss me.

[Damon pulls a handkerchief from his coat pocket with a flourish. He moves to wipe the blood off Katherine's chin, but Katherine grabs his hand and moves in closer.]

Katherine: You should get a taste.

[Katherine moves in to kiss Damon, but Damon moves away.]

Damon: Sorry.
Katherine: Don't be. Soon you won't be able to get enough.

[Damon hesitates for a moment before kissing Katherine with a fiery passion. Damon pulls away and the blood from Katherine's chin has smudge on Damon's lips which Katherine wipes at with her finger.]


Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan and Elena are snuggled up spooning in Stefan's bed. Elena awakens and Stefan wakes up shortly after this and kisses Elena on the cheek as Elena pulls his arm tighter around her.]

Elena: Mmm. Good morning.
Stefan: I could get used to this.
Damon: Rise and shine, sleepyheads.

[Elena and Stefan both sit up, startled at Damon's presence at the end of Stefan's bed. Both of them pull the sheets up to their chins, covering up any parts they may not want Damon to see.]

Elena: Damon! Please!
Stefan: What are you doing?
Damon: Oh, stop being smutty.

[Stefan pulls the sheets further up on Elena, making sure she's covered up properly.]

Stefan: Seriously, get out of here!
Damon: If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it. Now listen, we have some very important business to discuss.
Elena: And it has to be right now?
Damon: Well, we have lots to do, now that we're all friends and working toward a common goal.

[Stefan and Elena exchange looks. Damon gets up from the end of the bed and turns around to face them.]

Damon: So, in order to open the tomb, we need to find the journal to get the grimoire to undo the spells. First things first-since you are Elena Gilbert, you're on journal duty.
Elena: Since when am I helping?
Damon: Well, Stefan's helping, and you've taken up residence in Stefan's bed, ergo...
Stefan: You don't have to do anything that you don't want to do.
Elena: I'll look for it tonight.

[Elena lays back down in the bed, pulling the sheets over her face.]

Damon: Good.
Stefan: How do we know that this journal will hold the location of the grimoire? We're really going to take the word of this vampire? He seemed like a bit of a dimwit
Damon: In lieu of any other options.

[Elena pulls the sheets down and sits up suddenly.]

Elena: OK, what exactly is a grimoire, anyway?
Damon: It's a witch's cookbook.
Stefan: Every spell that a witch casts is unique unto itself, so every witch would document their work.
Damon: Yeah. Cookbook.
Stefan: What about our mystery vampire? Dimwit obviously wasn't working alone, so whoever's out there knows who we are.
Damon: And I don't like that disadvantage, so...[claps his hands together] Chop, chop. [starts to walk out of the room, turns around, and continues to walk backwards out of the room while talking to Elena and Stefan] You know, I really like this whole menage a threesome team thing. It's got a bit of a kink to it. [He chuckles.] Don't screw it up.

[Damon exits the room. After a second, Elena looks over at Stefan.]

Elena: He doesn't--

[Stefan places his finger to his lips and points to the door then his ear, indicating that Damon could still hear them.]

Elena: Oh, right, yeah.

[Stefan grabs Elena's hand and kisses it, then starts to get out of bed.]

Stefan: OK.

[Elena pulls Stefan back into bed.]

Elena: Oh! No, come here.

[Elena kisses Stefan.]

Stefan: We shouldn't-
Elena: Shh.

[Elena places her finger to his lips, then points to her ear, as Stefan did earlier. They both smile and continue to kiss each other as they pull the covers over their heads and begin to have what is referred to as morning sex.]

Salvatore Estate 1864

[Katherine and Damon are under the covers in Katherine's bed. Katherine giggles loudly.]

Katherine: What are you doing? Stop it!

[Katherine pulls the covers down and Damon pops up next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist.]

Damon: Make me.

[Katherine rolls Damon over and straddles him, baring her fangs and hissing. Damon looks up at her with curiosity. He caresses her face and she places her hand on top of his, smiling down at him. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.]

Katherine: Yes?

[Katherine retracts her fangs and her eyes become normal again. She turns her head to see who's entering, but remains on top of Damon, pinning his wrists down with her hands. Emily enters the room.]

Emily: Excuse me, Miss Katherine. Miss Pearl is here to see you.
Katherine: I'll be down soon. Please ask her to wait.

[Emily waits to be dismissed.]

Katherine: Thank you, Emily.

[Emily exits the room, shutting the door behind her. Katherine looks down at Damon, pouting her bottom lip.]

Katherine: Fun's over.
Damon: Hmm, no.

[Damon caresses Katherine's face and Katherine leans down and kisses him.]

[Downstairs, Pearl is waiting for Katherine. Katherine descends the stairs, fully dressed, smiling at Pearl.]

Katherine: It's good to see you, Pearl.
Pearl: Perhaps we could talk outside.

[Katherine turns to look at Emily who is standing behind Pearl.]

Katherine: Emily, would you please tell Mr. Salvatore that I've stepped away?
Emily: Which one?
Katherine: [smirking] Both.

[Emily walks up the stairs as Pearl and Katherine exit the house. They walk down the porch steps and across the yard.]

Pearl: How long do you plan on staying with the Salvatores? People talk, Katherine. You, carrying on with both brothers, doesn't help the situation.
Katherine: The Salvatores have been kind to take me in. As far as everyone here knows, I'm a poor orphan girl from Atlanta, lost her family in the fires.
Pearl: A match you lit, no doubt.

[Katherine giggles. The two stop at the end of the yard. Pearl looks over at a young girl and shouts to her.]

Pearl: Honey, please be careful!

[The young girl goes over to pet a horse. Katherine looks back then turns to face Pearl. They carry on with their conversation.]

Pearl: Honoria Fell came by the apothecary yesterday with a case of this elixir. [She retrieves a bottle of liquid from her bag and shows it to Katherine.] She asked that it be sold at a reduced rate.
Katherine: I don't follow.
Pearl: Try it.

[Katherine takes the bottle, uncorks it, and sniffs it. She then places the rim of the glass on the palm of her hand and gasps as it burns her.]

Katherine: What in hell?!
Pearl: Vervain.
Katherine: Why is there ver—[sighs]—they know.
Pearl: They're trying to find us, and they're getting crafty about it.
Katherine: The townspeople ingesting vervain? Well, that's inconvenient.

[Katherine hands the bottle of liquid vervain back to Pearl.]

Pearl: It might be time for us to move on again.
Katherine: No. I like it here. I'm not interested in leaving just yet.

[Anna trots over to Katherine and Pearl.]

Anna: Can we go, Mama?

[Katherine and Pearl look back at her. Anna senses something.]

Anna: Is something wrong?

[Katherine and Pearl do not respond.]

Motel Room

[Anna is lying in a motel bed, her phone to her ear, as she leaves a message for Jeremy.]

Anna: Hey, it's me again. Anna. Stalker chick and Foosball champion. I'll be at the Grill later, if you want, you know, a rematch, or whatever.

[Ben exits the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He looks over at Anna as he dries his hair with another towel. Anna hangs up her phone.]

Ben: Who are you calling?
Anna: Jeremy Gilbert.
Ben: You're not, like, into him, are you?
Anna: I need him for something. Get over it.

[Ben walks over to the window and pulls the curtain back. The sun burns him, his skin starts to smoke, and he reacts quickly.]

Ben: Oh! Mmm! Damn it!
Anna: Dude, you gotta stop doing that.
Ben: I know. I just-I keep forgetting.
Anna: You're new. You'll get it.

[Ben sees an open journal lying next to Anna and picks it up. He lies in the bed next to her as he examines the contents.]

Ben: You found the Gilbert journal?
Anna: Does that look like the Gilbert journal?
Ben: Well, it's old and musty, and how am I supposed to know the difference?
Anna: I don't know, I figured maybe, just maybe, you've been paying a little bit of attention since we met.
Ben: [scoffs] You know, you don't have to talk down to me. I'm not stupid.

[Anna gets up and walks over to the mini fridge. She extracts a bottle of blood and walks back over to Ben, sitting down on the edge of the bed, and handing him the blood.]

Anna: Here. Drink. I don't want you getting itchy around the witch. She can sense if you're weak.

[Ben uncaps the bottle and gulps down the blood. He scrunches his face up as he examines the bottle.]

Ben: When can we go hunting again? This tastes old. I want fresh blood.
Anna: When we get that tomb open, you can kill anyone you want. For now, just stay focused on Bonnie while I try to get the journal back from Jeremy's teacher.
Ben: Why did you choose me?
Anna: I needed someone in a position to be my eyes and ears. Small town bartender fit the bill.
Ben: There are plenty of bartenders to choose from. Why me?
Anna: You were sad, Ben. You lacked purpose. You needed me.

Gilbert Residence

[Elena is combing through boxes of old family memorabilia. Stefan sits at the breakfast bar, watching Elena.]

Elena: Do you think Damon really believes us? That we're both trying to help him?
Stefan: I don't think Damon knows what to believe. Trust isn't something that comes naturally to him.
Elena: You know...I really think that Damon believes that everything he's done, every move that he's made, he's done for love. It's twisted, but kind of sad.
Stefan: There are other ways to get what you want. You don't have to kill people. Damon has no regard for human life. He enjoys inflicting pain on others. For 145 years, every single time that I have let my guard down and let Damon back into my life, he's done something to make me regret that. I'm not going to make that mistake again.
Elena: So what do you think will happen if the tomb gets opened and Damon gets Katherine back?
Stefan: I think that no matter what Damon promises, a lot of people will die.

[Elena exhales loudly and picks up a photo from the box. Stefan gets up and stands behind Elena, examining the photo.]

Stefan: That's Johnathan Gilbert.

[Elena looks down into the box, puzzled.]

Elena: What's this?

[Elena opens up a wooden box. What appears to be a muzzle is contained within it. Stefan looks as if he recognizes the device, but doesn't explain as Jeremy enters the room shortly after.]

Jeremy: What are you guys doing?
Elena: Hey. Just going through some stuff, feeling sentimental. Dad had this old family journal from years ago. I thought I'd dig it up.

[Jeremy sits down on the kitchen counter.]

Jeremy: Johnathan Gilbert's journal?
Elena: Yeah, what do you know about it?
Jeremy: I just did a history report on it.
Elena: Oh. So where is it now?
Jeremy: I gave it to Mr. Saltzman. He wanted to see it.

[Elena and Stefan exchange looks.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Alaric is sitting in a dark classroom at his desk, poring over the contents of the Gilbert journal. Only a single lamp lights the pages as he reads from it.]

Alaric: [voiceover, reading from the journal] I met Barnette and Giuseppe this evening. I saw the skepticism in their eyes when I showed them the compass.

Salvatore Estate 1864

[Giuseppe Salvatore, Barnette Lockwood and Johnathan Gilbert are in the study, looking at the compass and discussing it.]

Giuseppe: We're supposed to believe that can track one of them?
Barnette: What is it, magic?
Johnathan: It's science.
Barnette: I'll believe it when I see it.
Giuseppe: I've been thinking about this church idea. I believe it could work.

[Stefan opens the door to the study and is startled by the appearance of the company. They all turn and look at Stefan.]

Stefan: Excuse me, father. I didn't know you had guests.
Giuseppe: We'll be done in a few minutes, son.
Stefan: I'll come back. Forgive me, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Lockwood.

[Stefan shuts the door behind him.]

Johnathan: Have you told them?
Giuseppe: Not yet.
Johnathan: Giuseppe, we need all the men we can get.
Giuseppe: I'll tell them. You can count on both my boys.

Mystic Falls High School

[Alaric has taken the journal to the teacher's lounge to make copies. He takes the printed pages and the journal off the copier and walks over to a locker to place the printed pages in. Out in the dark hallway, Anna walks down the length of the corridor. Alaric closes the locker and walks out of the teacher's lounge and back to his classroom. He tosses the journal onto the desk and sits back down. Alaric grabs some papers in a tray and begins to grade them. Anna rushes past his classroom with vamp-speed. Alaric looks up.]

Alaric: Hello?

[Alaric gets up and goes out into the hallway to look around.]

Alaric: Hello?

[Anna is hiding behind a wall, close by, waiting.]

Alaric: Someone there?

[Alaric turns to his right and begins to walk down the corridor, giving Anna the opportunity to vamp-speed into his classroom. Alaric turns around and quickly walks off to the teacher's lounge. He opens his locker and takes out a duffel bag which he retrieves a blow dart gun from, modified to use wooden stakes. Alaric takes one of the wooden stakes and inserts it into the blow gun. He cocks the gun and walks back to his classroom. Before entering, he hides up against the wall out in the corridor next to the classroom door. Swiftly, he turns into the doorway, points the gun, and shoots the dart. Stefan, without effort, grabs the stake and stares at Alaric. Alaric begins to reload another stake into the gun as Stefan watches him. Alaric looks down and cocks the gun, moving towards the doorway as he does so. Stefan vamp-speeds around him and blocks his way. Alaric looks up at him and Stefan grabs him by his shirt.]

Stefan: You shouldn't have done that.

[Stefan pushes Alaric into the desk and takes the gun from him. Alaric scrambles up from the floor, ready to fight.]

Stefan: Have a seat.

[Alaric hesitates, but Stefan points at a chair, insisting that he does as he is told. Alaric sits down in a desk. Stefan examines the gun.]

Stefan: What is this, compressed air? [Alaric doesn't respond] Did you make it yourself? Who are you? [Stefan moves closer to Alaric, who flinches.] I'm not going to hurt you...unless you try that again.

[Stefan hands Alaric the gun and Alaric takes it. Stefan pulls one of the desk upright and sits on top of it, looking at Alaric.]

Stefan: Now...who are you?
Alaric: I'm a teacher.
Stefan: Are we gonna have to do this the hard way?
Alaric: I'm also a historian. And while researching Virginia, I--made a few discoveries about your town.
Stefan: So you show up like Van Helsing. Come on. Tell me the truth.
Alaric: My wife was a parapsychologist. She spent her life researching paranormal activity in this area. It was her work that led me here.
Stefan: Where's your wife?
Alaric: Dead. A vampire killed her.
Stefan: Where's the Gilbert journal?
Alaric: What do you want with it?
Stefan: Where is it?
Alaric: It's on my desk.
Stefan: No, it's not.

[Alaric looks over at his desk and sees that the journal is missing. He looks back at Stefan.]

Alaric: It was on my desk.

Motel Room

[Anna is looking through the journal, while Ben gets ready for his date with Bonnie. Ben stands up and walks over to Anna.]

Ben: Anything?
Anna: Not yet. Just a lot of gibberish. Yeah, some people just shouldn't journal.
Ben: I thought this Gilbert was the brains.

[Ben leans over to look at the journal. Anna looks up at him.]

Anna: Don't you have a date?
Ben: Yep. Wish me luck.

[Ben moves in to kiss Anna, but Anna pushes him away, not taking her eyes off the journal. Anna continues to read on as Ben walks out of the room.]

Johnathan: [voiceover] I saw her again today--The most beautiful woman in town, with a name just as pretty: Pearl.

Apothecary 1864

[Katherine is whiffing various perfumes as Pearl speaks to her.]

Pearl: Have you thought any more of what I've said?
Katherine: We'll leave soon, Pearl, I promise. I need to take care of a few things first.
Pearl: You're going to turn both of them, aren't you?

[Katherine looks at Pearl, mischievously.]

Pearl: Katherine, please. Be careful.
Katherine: We'll all be safe, I promise.

[Katherine looks over Pearl's shoulder and sees Johnathan entering.]

Katherine: Mr. Gilbert's coming. Quick, your cheeks. [Katherine pinches Pearl's cheeks] Perfectly rosy.

[Johnathan stands in the doorway and Pearl turns to look at him.]

Johnathan: Miss Pearl. May I have a moment?
Pearl: Yes, Mr. Gilbert. I'm still waiting for you to explain that comet in the sky.

[Johnathan and Pearl leave together.]

Katherine: [to Anna] Your mother has an admirer.

[Anna and Emily smile.]

Salvatore Estate 1864

[Giuseppe, Damon, and Stefan walk together across their property and converse.]

Giuseppe: As descendants of the Founding Families, they'll want to know that they can count on you.
Stefan: Of course they can. Is there any doubt?
Giuseppe: I'm not sure your brother Damon understands the importance of duty.
Stefan: Damon left the Confederacy on principle. It was his choice and should be respected.
Giuseppe: You'll forgive me if I have trouble respecting a deserter.
Damon: Well, I never asked for your respect.

[Giuseppe stops and faces Damon, who halts in front of his father.]

Giuseppe: Good for you, Damon. Because all I have is disappointment.

[Stefan feels the tension in the air and changes the topic.]

Stefan: You said the town is in trouble?
Giuseppe: There's been too many deaths. It is time for us to fight back and stop these killers.
Stefan: Killers? What are you talking about?
Giuseppe: We live amongst demons.
Damon: You're being cryptic now, father. Why don't you just say the word?
Giuseppe: Vampires. They exist. And they live amongst us. But we have a plan to kill them. And you're going to help us.

[Giuseppe looks at Stefan, who nods, understandingly. Giuseppe then looks at Damon. Damon does not make a move to indicate what he's thinking.]

Gilbert Residence

[Damon is slicing a tomato and talking to Jenna, who is sitting on a counter with a glass of wine in hand.]

Damon: My father never approved of anyone I dated, which only made me want them more. Of course. What about you?
Jenna: There were a few guys. Logan isn't the only loser I've dated.
Damon: They ever find him? Or is he still missing?
Jenna: He's not missing. He's in the Bahamas working on his tan. Very entitled, that one. Marches to his own drum. [Jenna drains the remainder of her wine.] He's a Fell. They're all snooty.

[Damon chuckles and walks over to Jenna, pouring more wine into her glass. She raises her glass to him and Damon turns back around to continue cooking.]

Damon: Hello, Elena.

[Jenna turns around right when Elena enters the kitchen. She is shocked to see Damon there.]

Jenna: Hey. Where have you been? We're cooking dinner.
Damon: Is Stefan with you?
Elena: Um - he'll be here soon.

[Elena leans against the counter which Jenna is sitting on and watches Damon with distaste.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Stefan and Alaric are still conversing in Alaric's classroom.]

Stefan: How long have you been aware of me?
Alaric: I learned just recently. What about your brother?
Stefan: You met Damon.
Alaric: Who do you think killed my wife?
Stefan: Are you certain it was Damon?
Alaric: I witnessed it.
Stefan: If you're here for revenge, this is going to end very badly for you.
Alaric: I just want to find out what happened to my wife.
Stefan: I thought you just said that Damon...
Alaric: Yeah. I saw him draining the life out of her. He must have heard me coming. He just...disappeared. So did her body. They never found her.
Stefan: Damon can never know why you're here. He'll kill you without blinking.
Alaric: I can take care of myself.
Stefan: [scoffs] No, you can't. I can help you. If you let me.

Gilbert Residence

[Damon places something at the dinner table and heads back to the kitchen. Elena is carrying plates towards the table and Damon deliberately bumps into her.]

Damon: Whoa. Mmm.

[Elena smiles in an annoyed way and shakes her head as she continues on past Damon to place the plates at the table.]

Elena: Don't do that.
Damon: Do what?
Elena: You know what. That move was deliberate.
Damon: Well, yeah, I was deliberately trying to get to the sink.

[Elena looks back at Damon and scoffs. Damon, now at the stove, stirs a boiling pot of water.]

Damon: Speaking of Stefan, where is he? He's missing family night, which I am enjoying immensely.

[Elena walks back into the kitchen to gather more dinnerware. Damon pauses briefly before changing the topic.]

Damon: Is it real?
Elena: Is what real?
Damon: This renewed sense of brotherhood. [He takes the spoon out of the pot and tastes the sauce] Can I trust him?
Elena: [looks boldly at him] Yes, you can trust him.

[Elena walks back to the table to place the napkins. Damon vamp-speeds over to her. Elena turns around and looks up at him.]

Damon: Can I trust him?
Elena: I'm wearing vervain, Damon. It's not going to work.
Damon: I'm not compelling you. I just want you to answer me. Honestly.
Elena: Of course you can.

[Elena moves around Damon and back into the kitchen.]

Salvatore Estate 1864

[Giuseppe and Katherine are playing croquet in the garden.]

Katherine: You can trust me, Mr. Salvatore. I would never cheat.

[Katherine hits the ball with her mallet, knocking it through the bridge. Giuseppe sighs and Katherine giggles devilishly. Damon and Stefan approach the pair.]

Giuseppe: [to Damon and Stefan] I'm losing over here. Again!

[Giuseppe takes his turn at the game and Katherine curtseys at Damon and Stefan. Damon and Stefan stop walking and observe the game.]

Damon: She's good. I almost believe she genuinely likes him.
Stefan: Perhaps she does.
Damon: [scoffs] She knows father would have her killed if he knew the truth.
Stefan: Not if we talk to him; explained how we feel. He could help us keep her safe.

[Damon turns his body towards Stefan and faces him fully.]

Damon: Have you gone mad? No, no, father would drive the stake in her himself!
Stefan: That's not true. We can trust him.
Damon: No, no, not with this. Please, promise me you won't tell him, Stefan.

[Damon grips Stefan's shoulder. Katherine watches them from across the garden, her smile faltering. They look over at her.]

Stefan: I promise.

Gilbert Residence

Damon: There was a time when I trusted him more than anyone.
Elena: Trust breeds trust. You have to give it to get it.
Damon: Are you lecturing me?
Elena: [places hand on hip] Do you need to be lectured?
Damon: I just want her back. I'm sure you can understand that.
Elena: I can understand that you would do anything for her, yes.

[Elena walks past Damon and places a bowl on the table. Damon threateningly makes his next statement, close behind Elena's back.]

Damon: Then you understand what I will do if anyone gets in my way.

[Damon walks away, leaving Elena looking disturbed.]

[Later on, Damon and Jeremy are sitting in the family room playing a video game.]

Jeremy: You said you never played this thing before.
Damon: I'm a fast learner. Quick reflexes.

[Jeremy's phone goes off. He pauses the game and takes out his phone, but ignores the call, he tosses his phone aside and unpauses the game.]

Damon: Who are you dodging?
Jeremy: This girl Anna. She can be, uh, persistent.
Damon: Is she hot?
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, but she can be weird.
Damon: Hot trumps weird, trust me.

[Jeremy smiles and laughs.]

[In the kitchen, Jenna and Elena are talking. Damon eavesdrops in on their conversation with his vampire hearing.]

Jenna: [whispers] He is ridiculously hot!
Elena: Shh!

[Damon smirks at Jenna's comment.]

Elena: [looks over at Damon] He's an ass.

[Damon rolls his eyes and stops listening in. Elena continues going through things in a box while Jenna helps out.]

Jenna: What are you doing with all this stuff?
Elena: I thought there might be something about my birth parents.
Jenna: Have you told Jeremy?
Elena: I will. When the time is right.

[Elena closes up the box. The doorbell rings.]

Elena: That's Stefan.

[Damon quickly gets up from the couch and walks over to the door. Jeremy watches him go, agitated.]

Jeremy: Dude!

[Elena opens the front door, Damon right behind her. Stefan looks at Damon, confused to why he's at the house, then to Elena, who shrugs.]

Damon: Well?

Mystic Grill

[Ben and Bonnie are sitting at a table, drinking coffee.]

Ben: Admit it. I can't sing.
Bonnie: No. You were great.
Ben: Come on, I totally trashed a Metallica song.
Bonnie: Well, first mistake, Metallica karaoke?
Ben: Well, at least I could admit it.
Bonnie: The woman with the tattoos loved you.
Ben: Yeah, well, next time, I'm going to throw out my Pearl Jam.
Bonnie: Next time?
Ben: Yeah. So, uh, what are your friends up to tonight?
Bonnie: They're all doing their own thing. Caroline's at her dad's, Elena's with her boyfriend.
Ben: Elena Gilbert, right?
Bonnie: Yeah.
Ben: Yeah, I remember. You guys used to hang out.
Bonnie: She's my best friend.
Ben: Yeah, my friends, they all moved away after graduation, and I didn't. So we just kind of drifted apart.
Bonnie: Oh. Elena and I are bonded for life. I can't imagine it any other way.
Ben: That tight, huh?
Bonnie: She's my sister. I mean, I'd die for her.

[Ben sips his coffee, clearly thinking about Bonnie's love for Elena.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan, Damon, and Elena walk out onto the front porch to talk.]

Damon: Who took it?
Stefan: I don't know.
Damon: You know what, it's that teacher. There's something really off about him.
Stefan: No, he doesn't know anything. Somebody got to it right before me.
Damon: Who else knew it was there?

[Stefan looks through the window at Jeremy, but doesn't day anything. Damon looks at Jeremy also and begins to walk back into the house.]

Elena: No. Damon, leave him out of it!
Damon: Why, what's the big deal?
Elena: Damon!

[Damon walks into the house, Elena and Stefan right behind him. Damon sits on the arm of the sofa to speak with Jeremy.]

Damon: So....I heard you found a really cool journal from back in the day. Who else did you show it to?
Jeremy: Huh?
Damon: Don't ask questions, just spill.
Jeremy: [chuckles] You're kidding me, right?
Elena: Jer, did you tell anyone other than Mr. Saltzman about Johnathan Gilbert's journal?
Jeremy: Why is everybody so obsessed with that thing?
Elena: Who else did you tell?
Jeremy: Just that girl Anna.
Damon: The hot, weird one?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Stefan: Wait, who is Anna?
Damon: That's what I want to find out.

[Elena's phone starts ringing. Elena goes off to answer it, leaving Damon to question Jeremy.]

Damon: How do you know her?
Jeremy: I just know her. She wants me to meet her at the Grill tonight.
Damon: Perfect. I'll drive. Come on.
Jeremy: O-Okay.

[Jeremy gets up from the couch and follows Damon out of the house.]

[Elena walks up the stairs and into her room, answering her phone. The scenes flip between Elena and Bonnie, at the Grill, walking away from her table with Ben to speak to Elena more privately.]

Elena: OK, I'm alone. Give me all the deets, Bonnie. I'm dying.
Bonnie: It's going great. He's a perfect gentleman.
Elena: Gentleman, huh?
Bonnie: I know! Boring, huh? I just want to grab him and lay one on him.
Elena: So, why don't you?
Bonnie: 'Cause I'm a chicken.
Elena: [laughs] You're a powerful witch goddess. Come on, seize the day, Broomhilda.
Bonnie: [laughs] Okay. I'm going to text you later with more details.
Elena: You better.

[Elena hangs up. Stefan enters Elena's room. Elena looks at him.]

Elena: Where's Damon?
Stefan: He left to track down Jeremy's friend Anna, see if there was anything there.
Elena: Aren't you going to go with him? If he gets to the journal before we do, then...

[Stefan pulls out a stack of papers.]

Stefan: Doesn't matter.

[Elena looks at the papers in Stefan's hands.]

Elena: What is that?
Stefan: It's a copy of it.
Elena: How did you get it?
Stefan: Well, Mr. Saltzman made a copy and was kind enough to loan it to me.
Elena: [unconvinced] He did?
Stefan: Not exactly, but I got it.

[Elena chuckles.]

Mystic Grill

[Anna walks into the Grill and spots Jeremy, leaning against a pool table.]

Anna: You just couldn't live without me, huh?
Jeremy: Well, I kinda miss my daily dose of cute stalker chick.
Anna: Oh, funny.
Jeremy: Let's play.

[Jeremy and Anna set up the pool table. Damon is at the bar, listening in on them, he looks away with an expression of recognition on his face.]

Apothecary 1864

[It's pouring rain outside. Anna and Emily are out on the front porch. Inside the shop, Pearl is speaking with Katherine and Damon.]

Pearl: The sheriff was here earlier. He bought large volumes of the vervain elixir.
Katherine: Did he try to put his hands on you again?
Pearl: Doesn't he always?
Katherine: [to Damon, linking her arm through his] She's saving herself for Johnathan Gilbert.
Pearl: I'm beyond saving. We know that.

[Katherine chuckles softly. Damon looks at both of them, worried.]

Damon: How can you be so calm? They're getting closer to you every day.
Katherine: We are the respectable ladies of Mystic Falls. Thanks to Emily, we walk the streets in daylight. No one will ever suspect us.
Pearl: [looking at Damon] Not unless a human tells them.
Damon: I'd sooner die.
Katherine: And soon enough, you will.

[Katherine and Damon share a kiss. Anna enters the shop. The three of them look over at her.]

Anna: Mrs. Fell is approaching.
Pearl: Thank you, Annabelle.

[Pearl walks over to Anna and hugs her. Anna smiles and laughs gleefully.]

Mystic Grill

[Damon looks back over at Anna, realizing who she is. Oblivious, Anna smiles and laughs as she plays a game with Jeremy.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan and Elena are looking through the copied pages of the journal in Elena's room.]

Elena: Here's a reference that he wrote about Emily. [She reads aloud from the page.] "The Fell family believed it should be I, not them, who protected the witch's spell book. But I feared she would haunt me from the hereafter. They mocked my fear, but it was Giuseppe Salvatore who-" [She pauses] Is that your father?

[Stefan has sat down next to Elena.]

Stefan: Yeah.

[Stefan takes the pages from Elena and continues to read aloud.]

Stefan: "It was Giuseppe Salvatore who removed my fear. He told me he would protect the secret of the spell book. He said he would carry it to his grave."

[Stefan looks up from the pages, his brow furrowed.]

Salvatore Estate 1864

[Giuseppe is in his study, writing in his journal. Stefan gently knocks on the door. Giuseppe looks up at him and places his journal down.]

Giuseppe: Stefan. To what do I owe this pleasure?
Stefan: Did I interrupt your writing?
Giuseppe: These are the dull musings of my troubled mind.
Stefan: A great mind.
Giuseppe: Still. I will carry the real secrets with me-
Stefan: To your grave.
Giuseppe: And a full grave it will be.

[Giuseppe gestures towards the empty chair next to him. Stefan enters the study and sits down in the chair.]

Giuseppe: Now, speaking of troubled minds, what's on yours?
Stefan: I have concerns about your plan for the vampires.
Giuseppe: And why is that?
Stefan: We are making the assumption that all vampires are as evil as they've been characterized, but what if that's not true?
Giuseppe: Do you have any evidence to the contrary? Do you know of any vampires?
Stefan: No. No, of course not. But are we to take what others say at face value? You always taught us so differently.

[Giuseppe gets up and goes to pour himself a drink.]

Giuseppe: Stefan...These creatures are of the darkest parts of Hell. They have the ability to control your mind, seduce your spirit. They are deadly. They must be destroyed. [He hands Stefan a glass of bourbon.] Those who stand with them; those who bring shame to their families will be destroyed as well.

[Giuseppe holds his glass out to Stefan, who clinks his own glass against his father's. They drink, but Stefan looks disconcerted.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan has a look of dawning apprehension on his face.]

Stefan: I know where it is.

[Elena looks up at him, impressed with his quick discovery.]

Motel Room

[Anna unlocks the door to the motel room and enters. As she shuts the door, Damon appears behind it. Damon grabs Anna by the throat and vamp speeds her into a wall. Anna also grabs a hold of Damon's throat. Both of them groaning and make choking noises as they tightly hold onto the other's throats.]

Damon: [choking] OK, I give. OK.

[Anna releases him and he releases Anna. Damon coughs and rubs his neck.]

Damon: Damn. You're strong for a little thing.
Anna: I was wondering how long it would take you to find me.

Old Cemetery

[Elena shines a flashlight onto Giuseppe's tombstone. Stefan walks around the grave, setting up torches and taking out supplies.]

Elena: Why isn't your father buried in your family's tomb?
Stefan: It wasn't built until well after he died.
Elena: Are you sure the grimoire's in there with him?
Stefan: As sure as I could be.
Elena: Great.

[Stefan picks two shovels up from the ground and looks at Elena.]

Stefan: Elena. I can do this on my own.
Elena: And I said I would do whatever I can to help.
Stefan: I know, and I appreciate that, but-
Elena: This town is my home, Stefan. My friends and family are here. You're here. I don't want that tomb opened any more than you do.

[Stefan nods and hands Elena a shovel, which she takes. Stefan exhales heavily and takes a moment to gather himself.]

Elena: I'm sorry that you have to do this.

Salvatore Estate 1864

[Katherine is sitting at her vanity, examining a necklace. Stefan watches her from the bed.]

Stefan: What is that?
Katherine: A gift.
Stefan: From Damon?
Katherine: From Emily, actually. And when will you stop worrying about Damon?

[Katherine walks back over to Stefan, placing a shawl around her shoulders.]

Stefan: I want you all to myself.
Katherine: Just as he wants me, but I'm the one who gets to make all the rules.
Stefan: And why is that?
Katherine: Because I'm spoiled.
Stefan: Yes, you are.

[Katherine inches closer to Stefan and pushes him back down on the bed.]

Katherine: And selfish.

[Katherine stradles Stefan.]

Katherine: And because I can do this.

[Katherine runs her hand up Stefan's chest and he moans. She kisses his stomach.]

Katherine: And this.

[Katherine kisses up Stefan's chest. Stefan shuts his eyes and sighs pleasantly. Katherine kisses Stefan's neck and inches her face closer towards his.]

Katherine: And this.

[Katherine's eyes become red and she extends her fangs, biting into Stefan's shoulder. Stefan groans loudly as Katherine holds him down. Suddenly, Katherine starts gasping for air and pulls away from Stefan. Stefan sits up and looks at Katherine, worried.]

Stefan: What? What?
Katherine: Vervain.
Stefan: What?

[Katherine falls off the bed and onto the floor. Katherine gasps and chokes. Stefan jumps off the bed and kneels down next to Katherine, grabbing her face in his hands.]

Stefan: Katherine! Katherine!

[Giuseppe bursts through the door. Stefan looks up at him in shock.]

Giuseppe: Go get the sheriff. Tell him we have a vampire.
Stefan: What? No!
Giuseppe: Do as I say, son! Nothing that you feel for her is real. She's a vampire, Stefan! A monster! I fed you vervain hoping that it would expose her.
Stefan: How did you know?
Giuseppe: Your sympathy for their plight. I didn't raise my sons to be so weak. [He throws Stefan a shirt.] The sheriff, now. Go, quickly! Now, son!

[Stefan hesitates and looks down at Katherine. Stefan stands up and runs out of the room, leaving Giuseppe alone with the weakend Katherine.]

Old Cemetery

[Stefan and Elena are shoveling up the dirt, digging deeper and deeper into Giuseppe's grave.]

Motel Room

[Anna places her bag on the counter and sits down, looking at Damon.]

Damon: How long have you been here?
Anna: I arrived around half-past comet, watching you screw up every chance you had to open that tomb.
Damon: How did you know about the spell?
Anna: I didn't say much back then, which means I heard everything.

[Damon moves closer to Anna, trying to intimidate her.]

Damon: So if you've been here the whole time, then why are we just crossing paths right now?

[Anna gets up and walks the room.]

Anna: I like to use others to do my dirty work.
Damon: Like Logan Fell? Oh, yeah, thanks for that, by the way. Little bastard shot me.
Anna: Logan was an idiot.
Damon: Mm-hmm.
Anna: We slipped him some blood when he started getting all poser slayer with that compass. I needed his family's journal. I couldn't let him die.
Damon: What'd you want with the Fell journal?
Anna: I thought it contained the location of the witch's spell book. I was wrong. According to her journal, Honoria gave the grimoire to Johnathan Gilbert. And, according to this...

[Anna walks over towards the counter, opens her bag, and takes out the Gilbert journal.]

Anna: He gave it to your father. So now you're going to help me find it.
Damon: Why would I help you?
Anna: 'Cause you and I both want that tomb open.

[Anna hands the journal to Damon who reads the page Anna flipped it to.]

Damon: Hmm. [He shuts the journal and places it back on the counter.] Sorry. I work alone.

[Damon exits the motel room]

Mystic Grill

[Ben walks over to Bonnie, the pair of them getting ready to leave.]

Ben: Well, the check's paid. I'm all yours tonight. What do you want to do?
Bonnie: This.

[Bonnie kisses Ben, but after a moment she pulls away quickly, looking at him with fear.]

Ben: What's wrong?
Bonnie: Nothing. Sorry. I just should have waited until the end of the night to do that.
Ben: I didn't mind.
Bonnie: [chuckles] You know, I'm starting to get tired.
Ben: Do you want go?
Bonnie: I was going to say let's have some more coffee, get a caffeine buzz, and, I don't know, go out and do something crazy.
Ben: Hmm, like what?
Bonnie: Like anything.
Ben: Okay.
Bonnie: I'm going to run to the restroom.
Ben: Okay.
Bonnie: All right.

[Ben sits back down at the table as Bonnie takes her jacket back off. Bonnie heads towards the restroom, looking back at Ben, she quickens her pace and glances back to make sure Ben isn't following her. She turns her head back around, still walking quickly, but Ben has blocked the entrance to the restroom, his face in its full vampire form. Bonnie gasps, but before she can scream, Ben claps a hand over her mouth and drags her into the restroom, without anyone noticing.]

Old Cemetery

[Stefan continues to shovel the dirt out of the grave. Elena stands beside the deep hole, beaming the flashlight down so Stefan can see what he is doing. Elena smiles and starts shaking her head. Stefan looks up at her.]

Stefan: What?
Elena: Not many girls can say they've done this.

[Stefan continues to dig. His shovel hits something solid and it makes a loud thud. Stefan looks up at Elena with apprehension. He scraps the dirt off of the coffin with the shovel and tosses the shovel out of the grave. Stefan kneels down on the coffin, wiping the dirt away with his hands. Elena kneels down to get a better look, holding the beam steady. Stefan opens the lid of the coffin. Elena breathes heavily.]

Elena: Is that it?

[Stefan retrieves the grimoire, which is cradled in his father's arms. He shuts the lid of the coffin and tries to regain his composure, his eyes watery. Stefan stands up and places the grimoire on the dirt next to Elena. Elena kneels down, shining the beam on the grimoire and Stefan rips the cover off. Stefan carefully turns the pages of the grimoire, looking for the spell.]

Damon: Well, what do you know?

[Elena and Stefan, startled, turn around to see Damon. Damon's lip curls up in a snarl.]

Damon: This is an interesting turn of events.
Stefan: I can't let you bring her back. I'm sorry.
Damon: So am I. For thinking for even a second that I could trust you.
Stefan: Oh. You're not capable of trust. The fact that you're here means that you read the journal and you were planning on doing this yourself.
Damon: Of course I was going to do it by myself, because the only one I can count on is me! You made sure of that many years ago, Stefan. But you...

[Damon looks back at Elena.]

Damon: You had me fooled.

[Damon looks hurt and Elena looks ashamed.]

Damon: So what are you going to do now? Because if you try and destroy that, I'll rip her heart out.
Stefan: You won't kill her.

[Damon nods, knowing Stefan is right. Instead, he vamp-speeds over to Elena and grabs her in a chokehold.]

Damon: I can do one better.

[Damon bites his wrist and forces Elena to drink his blood. Elena struggles.]

Damon: Give me the book, Stefan, or I'm snapping her neck. And you and I will have a vampire girlfriend.
Stefan: Let her go first.

[Damon pulls his wrist away from Elena's mouth.]

Damon: The book!
Stefan: I'm not going to give this to you until she is standing next to me.
Damon: Problem is, I no longer trust that you'll give it back!
Stefan: You just did the one thing that ensures that I will.

[Damon, still keeping Elena in a chokehold, nods at Stefan.]

Stefan: Okay.

[Stefan, eyes filled with terror, slowly places the book on the ground and reaches out for Elena. Damon places his face against Elena's hair, looking as if he might not let her go, but slowly he pulls his arm away from her. Elena slowly edges to the side of the grave, then quickly jumps over it and into Stefan's arms. Stefan wraps her in a warm embrace. Elena looks at Damon, terrified, and Stefan and her walk out of the woods together. Damon watches them go and picks up the grimoire.]

Mystic Falls 1864

[A group of men walk across Mystic Falls, carrying torches and weapons, Johnathan Gilbert is at the head of the pack with his vampire compass out.]

First man: Make sure the two of you stick together!
Second man: Go and check those woods over there!

[The men continue to talk to each other and bark orders.]

[At the Salvatore House, Giuseppe watches the Sheriff place a muzzle over Katherine. The Sheriff and another man pick Katherine up and start carrying her off. Damon bolts into the room.]

Damon: No! Don't take her!

[Giuseppe grabs Damon and slams him against the wall. Damon struggles to free himself, but the two men carry Katherine out of the room. Katherine looks over at Damon, to weak to do anything.]

Giuseppe: Do you know what they'll do to you if you're branded a sympathizer? You'll be killed along with them!

[Damon grabs his father by the shoulders and looks him dead in the eye.]

Damon: Then let me be killed!

Old Cemetery

[Damon looks down at Giuseppe's grave for a moment longer then runs off with the grimoire in hand.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan leans against the doorway in the bathroom as he watches Elena who is searching the drawers for an Aspirin.]

Elena: Aspirin must be downstairs. Is my head supposed to hurt like this?
Stefan: Oh, you'll be fine. That was just a small amount of blood. It should pass out of your system by tomorrow.

[Elena walks towards Stefan. Stefan rubs her back and Elena looks up at him.]

Elena: Are you OK?
Stefan: Damon was right. This is, uh...this is my fault.

Mystic Falls 1864

[Two men carry Katherine to a cart and place her in it. Damon runs toward the cart, Stefan close behind him. Stefan manages to catch up with Damon and thrusts his arm in front of him, stopping Damon.]

Stefan: Damon! Damon! Stop, stop. I'll help you. We'll get her back.

[Damon violently shoves Stefan away.]

Damon: Help me!? Don't you think that you've done enough? You promised you wouldn't tell him!
Stefan: I didn't think this would happen.

[The cart with Katherine in it starts to leave. Damon and Stefan watch as Katherine goes off to her death. Damon looks at Stefan with intense anger.]

Damon: You did this. This is your fault.

[Damon runs off.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan's recounting his story to Elena.]

Stefan: I put my faith in my father, but Damon put his faith in me, and I destroyed that. This is my fault.

[Elena caresses Stefan's face.]

Elena: You didn't do anything wrong. Don't forget that.
Stefan: Okay.

[Stefan caresses Elena's face. Elena groans and holds her head.]

Stefan: I'm going to get you that aspirin.
Elena: Okay.

[Stefan kisses Elena's forehead and leaves the room. Elena lies down on her bed. Stefan makes his way downstairs and into the kitchen. Jenna is sitting at the dining room table. Stefan smiles at her.]

Jenna: You know you're not staying the night, right?

[Stefan leans against the doorframe.]

Stefan: We're just going to hang out for a little while.
Jenna: You're lucky I like you. Keep the door open.
Stefan: You got it. Hey, do you have any aspirin?
Jenna: Yeah.

[Jenna gets up and rummages through the cabinets. Jeremy enters the room.]

Jeremy: Oh, hey, Stefan. [He looks around the room.] Where'd she go?
Jenna: She went to the bathroom.
Stefan: Where'd who go?
Jenna: He has a friend over.
Jeremy: Anna.

[Stefan looks as if he finally realizes who Anna is.]

Mystic Falls 1864

[Pearl is watching the chaos unfold around her. Anna walks up to her, looking worried.]

Anna: What's happening?
Pearl: Get Emily. Stay hidden. I'll get us out of here.

[Pearl pushes Anna back and Anna retreats. Stefan is nearby and he watches as Pearl runs across the field towards a horse. She unties the horse's reins from its post. Johnathan jogs up to her.]

Johnathan: Pearl!
Pearl: Johnathan!
Johnathan: Do you see all this? The town's gone mad rounding up the demons.

[Pearl walks towards him. Johnathan smiles up at her. Suddenly,the compass needle starts spinning and points towards Pearl. Johnathan, having heard the needle move, looks down at it and back up at Pearl.]

Johnathan: You!
Pearl: Johnathan...please.

[Johnathan looks at her, completely stunned. Pearl starts to back away. Anna sees this event unfolding and tries to rush to her mother's side, but Emily holds her back.]

Pearl: I beg you!
Johnathan: I've got another one over here!

[Pearl vamp-speeds across the field, but is shot by a random man. Anna screams and tries to run towards Pearl.]

Anna: Mother!

[Emily covers Anna's mouth with her hand.]

Emily: Shh, shh!

[Pearl falls to the ground. Stefan watches this from a distance. Johnathan and the other man runs towards Pearl, muzzling her.]

Man: Johnathan, this way!

[Johnathan and the other man drag a struggling Pearl across the grass towards another carriage.]

Emily: [to Anna] Shh! It'll be all right. You're going to see her again. I already know how to protect them. I'm going to protect them.

[Emily removes her hand from Anna's mouth. Anna continues to cry silently. Stefan looks over at them. Emily nods at Stefan and Anna looks over at him.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan runs over to the staircase and when he is out of Jeremy and Jenna's sight, he uses his vamp-speed to cover the remainder of the length to Elena's room.]

Stefan: Elena!

[Stefan looks around the room and sees that Elena's window is wide open and Elena is no where in sight.]

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