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Clara Ward Summerlin was a character who first appeared in the twelfth episode of the first season in The Originals. She was a close friend and a fellow witch to Genevieve. She was also one of the witches that was possessed by Céleste Dubois.

Early History

In 1919, Clara is kneeling before a headstone, praying to her ancestors, and Genevieve whisks her away to see Papa Tunde during his welcome to New Orleans ceremony. In the same year, she is also working in a hospital with Genevieve and Rebekah, and she warned Genevieve not to get close to Rebekah. She is later infected with influenza and died in the hospital after being quarantined in a room.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season One

In Dance Back from the Grave, Céleste, possessing Clara, and Genevieve talk about how the cemetery hasn't changed and that she has been coming there for over a century "wearing one face or another" as eight other female faces flash before us, as she kneels in front of the Chopin family headstone.

In Long Way Back From Hell, it is revealed she was possessed by Céleste Dubois. She attempted to warn Genevieve that Rebekah was not her friend. Rebekah infected Clara and Genevieve with influenza to ensure their silence.


Nothing of her personality is known due to Céleste's possession and her subsequent death of influenza.

Physical Appearance

She was a pretty woman with brunette hair, green eyes and was seen wearing red lipstick in her appearances.


Season One


  • Clara is the feminine form of the Late Latin name "Clarus", which meant "clear, bright, famous".[2]
  • Ward is a popular Old English and Old Gaelic surname. The Old English name derives from an occupational surname for a civil guard/keeper of the watch, or alternately as a topographical surname from the word "werd" (marsh). The Old Gaelic surname derives from "Mac an Bhaird" (son of the Baird).[3]
  • Summerlin is an English and Scottish surname. It's an ancient Viking-Scottish name for the Old Norse word "sumarlithi", which means "mariner", "Viking", "summer wanderer" or "sailor".[4]


  • Rebekah used "germ warfare" to kill Clara Summerlin. She used contaminated rags of sick patients to spread the sickness to both Clara Summerlin and Genevieve.
  • Her body was possessed by Céleste. It is unknown if Genevieve was aware of this.


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