In my belief, magic is neither good or bad. Its alignment, positive or negative, is set off by the user's intention.
Cleo to Kaleb in Long Time, No See

Cleo Sowande[1] is a witch who first appeared in the sixth episode of the third season of Legacies.

Early History

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Three

In To Whom It May Concern, Cleo joins a number of prospective students looking to join the Salvatore Boarding School. The lack of students is questioned by Gunter, but, more or less, they still attend Lizzie and Hope's tour of the school. However, as the tour progresses, some of the prospective students leave, with only a handful of students returning from their break. As Alaric and the students talk, Cleo asks Gunter if he can hear what they're talking about. He reveals that the school is in trouble.

The tour extends to the gym where Jed and a couple wolves work out. Cleo is unimpressed as Hope and Kaleb try to convince the students of all the wonderful things that they do at the school. She continues to join the tour, whereas a couple of other students decide to leave.

Hope brings the tour back to the great room. She details all the great things that they do there, such as eating together and having decade dances. Some students have even discovered their powers there. However, Hope loses control of her magic and unleashes a wave of magic that sends her and the other remaining students flying through the air, knocking them unconscious.

As she comes to, Kaleb is playing the piano. Kaleb apologizes for what happened earlier, and attempts to explain that Hope was conducting one of their "defense against magic" drills. She's not convinced, but Kaleb shifts the conversation, asking about her dreams or her fears. She tells him that her fear is being stuck in a room with a man who plays piano. She wants answers. Hope can't control the magical energy inside of her and wonders if she's alright. He tells her that she is and, in fact, the Salvatore School is one of the safest places to be. Again, she doesn't buy what he's selling. If that were true, then why aren't the other students not returning. Kaleb doesn't respond, she keeps pushing for answers. She knows the school is in trouble and questions what would happen if the remaining students do not register. Lying, he tells her that it doesn't even matter if they register or not. She doesn't fall for his deception and regrettably tells him that she cannot stay at a place where they will not tell her the truth. She does however compliment his piano playing and leaves the hall.

Finding Hope lashing out with paint, she asks if she's alright. Attempting to start a conversation, she tells her that she misses being in a studio, though she sculpted. Hope, however, doesn't want to talk about it, but Cleo asks again, as it seems as if she's just expressed herself through her paint. She attempts once more. There was a game she and her sisters used to play and asked Hope what she saw in the painting. Hope doesn't want to talk and tells her she has to go. Coyly, she asks if running will work this time. She doesn't know Hope, but she knows there is something powerful inside of her and she would rather not be knocked unconscious again. Hope gives in as she asks again what she sees in the painting.

She sees anger, fear, and her friends in trouble. Every room she goes into reminds her of someone she's lost. Cleo is sorry. Hope knows that she needs to move one, but doesn't know how. Cleo gives her a little advice. In her experience, she's already done the hardest part - she's said it out loud. She wonders if it's so painful, why she doesn't leave. Hope tells her that this place is her home and she doesn't know who she would have become if it wasn't for them. She wonders about the safety of the school and Hope tells her the truth. Sometimes it can be dangerous, but it is also a place where it's safe to be oneself. Cleo's moved by Hope's words. She's the first person here who's been honest with her. She also reveals that if they don't have enough students then they have to close the school. That, however, doesn't dissuade her, in fact, she asks how a new student would go about signing up.

In Headmaster Saltzman's office, Cleo completes her admission registration forms, officially becoming a student at the Salvatore School. Later that night, Hope helps her unpack her belongings into her new room.

In Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right, it has been a few days and is Cleo's first morning assembly. They officially have thirty students enrolled which makes them a school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Alaric gives Lizzie the podium and announces that since there are less students and less tuition, they have canceled their trips and dances. To have some sense of normalcy, she proposes the school to have a fundraiser month, but she needs more suggestions. Cleo stands and offers that she and Hope can make art and host an auction. Hope immediately disapproves, but Lizzie vetoes her objection. As they continue to discuss, Josie interrupts their assembly with a city messenger. He learns and shares with the students that the school has a property tax lien and owes $91,000 and must pay within the week. Lizzie declares that fundraiser month is canceled and they're combining everything into fundraiser day.

Cleo finds Hope in the art room who is frustrated and annoyed that she was volunteered to do this. She reminds Hope this is for helping the school, but Hope is resistant to the idea. She's been blocked and has nothing to contribute. Cleo looks over her most recent painting of the school. It's technically proficient, it just feels a little soulless. Hope confides in her that she hasn't made anything good since Landon died, and her only hope of finding him was destroyed. She's been blocked before after a devastating loss. Hope questions what she did to break out of it. It was something drastic and she thinks she has an idea that may help her. Cleo suggests that she take Landon's remains and give him life through her art. She tells Hope that she cannot move on from her grief if she's still holding onto it. She wants to help. Hope accepts her offer and Cleo pulls some clay from the shelf. Together, they mix the remains with the clay and Hope sculpts a bust of Landon. The bust is magically baked by Hope and finished. Cleo finds it to be beautiful, but Hope believes she didn't do him justice. A buyer bursts through the doors, willing to purchase the bust, but Hope refuses. Cleo suggests $91,000 and the rich woman agrees. Hope refuses again, and the woman turns to attack Hope, but she defends herself.

Cleo and Hope find Lizzie and Kaleb and learn that leprechaun has caused the school to fall into maddening chaos. Kaleb explains to her that Malivore is the supernatural being that sent the leprechaun but they've taken him and banished him to a prison world. She questions if there's anything more she needs to know about the prison world, but Lizzie and Hope's argument goes quite. Hope takes an axe with the goal of questioning, then killing the leprechaun.

She eventually finds Hope cleaning the axe, believing that she's been torturing the leprechaun. Hope informs her that it's not what it looks like and for her to relax. She supposes that everyone around the school thinks killing monsters is normal; however, for her, every creature - supernatural, human or otherwise - deserves to be treated with respect. The leprechaun is otherwise fine and she's not torturing him. Her translation spells are not working on him, so if they're lucky, he will lead her straight to whatever portal he came out of, meaning she needs a bit of his blood for a locator spell. With that she releases the creature and allows him to run free. Hope gives Cleo a crash-course in monster hunting. All of this wouldn't be necessary if Alyssa hadn't broken the ascendant, but when in doubt a locator spell should help. Cleo questions what the creature would lead them back to a portal, but Hope explains that's how it's always been. After he gets what he wants, they return to where they were released. In Cleo's opinion, that's drastic, but Hope realized that she wasn't ready to let go of Landon when she couldn't sell the bust. She can't rule out that he's not in Malivore, not without going there first, and she can only do that through the prison world. Cleo understands she's grieving, but is still confused as to why Landon would be in Malivore. He's not a monster. Hope tells her the truth. Landon was a phoenix and that Malivore is his dad. Despite all the overwhelming information, she still wants to help.

She and Hope track the leprechaun to a parking garage. Hope reasons that since the leprechaun's attracted to wealth, there may be a Lamborghini here. Cleo questions if they should split up, but immediately wonders if that's against monster-hunting rules. It's not, and is actually a great idea. Hope agrees to split up, but they need him alive to bring them to the portal. Should she run into any trouble, just scream.

Now by herself, she searches another portion of the parking garage. Car alarms are going off and she attempts to coax out the creature. She magically silences the car alarms and promises not to hurt him. With her back turned, someone reaches out and grabs her shoulder. She screams, but it's only Alaric. He questions why she's here and wonders if Hope is here, too. She explains that they've split up and it is a long story. One that will probably make him upset. He's already aware of the leprechaun. He takes the lead in searching and looks in a car near a car. Cleo sees the leprechaun above him, but warns him too late as it jumps on him. Wanting to save Alaric, she casts a spell that causes the leprechaun to float into the air and explode. Hope arrives too late and her chance to find the portal is taken from her.

Later that night, Cleo confronts Hope as they clean up the money and other items the leprechaun consumed from the school. She's still mad. She explains to Hope that the last thing she wanted to do was kill the creature but it was going to hurt Alaric and she panicked. She didn't know he was going to explode. Though mad, she understands Cleo's actions. Saving someone is more important than anything else and looks towards Landon's bust. That was meant to help her, but Cleo believes that it is not good enough because her obsession is all-consuming and she doesn't have room in her life for anything else. She attempts to connect with Hope. In the few days she has known Hope, she hasn't asked her a single thing about her life. Hope knows that she's right and apologizes. Hope asks her that she mentioned being blocked and inquires about what happened to cause it. It was something terrible and why she hates violence. Her sisters were murdered and she is the only one of them left. Since then, she's accepted that there was nothing she could have done to save them and have figured out how to live without them, to move on. Hope wonders if it's now her turn. Cleo thought that is what she wanted, but Hope's feelings have changed. Cleo elects to remove the bust, at Hope's request. Hope is determined to find the real him anyways.

In Long Time, No See, Cleo joins Kaleb in setting traps for possible new monsters that may find themselves at the Salvatore School. She interrupts him and MG and notices that something is going on between the two, wondering if they need a moment. Kaleb declines and they head off.

At the Old Mill, Cleo casts a spell over a line of salt; it catches fire and spreads across the salt and extinguishes when the spell is complete. Kaleb thinks it's hot, but she believes he must say that to all the witches. She explains that the spell is done; if a monster enters this space, it will be unable to leave. This is inclusive of any of the other spaces she's consecrated. Kaleb offers her a cushion to sit on so they can get to know one another better as they wait. Cleo explains there is something she would like to know and asks about what was going on between him and MG earlier. Kaleb brushes off the question, explaining that she's not a part of the squad and she wouldn't understand. She does, however, know what it feels like to be at odds with a friend. Hope is still upset with her for what she did to the leprechaun and she's at a loss as to how to fix it. Kaleb attempts to explain what's going on. He promised to always have MG's back but he also made him vow to never give up on Landon. This is before he learned that MG had and hid the ascendant. Cleo fills in the rest - it seems that he cannot keep one vow without breaking the other. Until he figures something out, he's staying neutral. Cleo thinks of an idea that may help.

Cleo retrieves a book on Greek mythology. The answer lies with psychopomps. They are creatures that are capable of traversing dimensional planes. She thinks Kaleb hates her idea, but on the contrary, he's really impressed. Specifically, she finds Charon, the Ferryman. Pay his bounty, and he will carry a soul across the River Styx. Kaleb is intrigued, but doesn't understand how he can help since Landon isn't dead. Cleo begs to differ, for the right price, she believes that he can help. He's not convinced. That's not how the portal or the Malivore monsters work - they can't just summon any creature they want. She questions if they've ever tried such a task. How can they be certain that they can't do just that. Surely there are spells which exist to summon what the school considers to be monsters. Kaleb believes that to be black magic, which they don't practice at the school. She believes something different. Magic is neither good nor bad. Its alignment, positive or negative, is set off by the user's intention. Kaleb believes this is how she intends to help him with his vows to MG. She's confident that she can also remind Hope that her intentions towards her have always been good, too. Kaleb doesn't believe that MG's intentions were good, though. Cleo understands that he's angry with his friend; however, saving Landon will require action, and he can't remain neutral forever. Kaleb decides to leave for a squad meeting and tells her that he'll think on her advice and vamps back to the school.

Alone, Cleo manages to perform a summoning spell to summon Charon and trap him behind the consecrated space. The spell is a low more taxing than she initially believed it to be and Kaleb finds her nearly unconscious with her nose bleeding. Kaleb doesn't understand what she did, but she points to Charon, who emerges from the shadows. Kaleb is in awe of the ghastly, skeletal figure before them. He walks towards them, but Cleo's barrier proves true and prevents him from crossing.

As night draws closer, she and Kaleb show Alaric the newest creature trapped within her spell. Alaric questions if they captured this being, but it's a complicated answer. Cleo, however, immediately reveals that she summoned him. Alaric wanted the traps set in order to get more information. Cleo believes, in theory, this creature does more than that. It could save Landon, but it does not accept money. They need his expertise. Alaric is a bit rusty when it comes to psychopomps, but he believes he knows what it wants. He instructs the pair to retrieve some of Landon's personal belongings, as that will help him identify Landon's soul. Before she leaves, he tells Cleo that next time she wants to summon a monster, she should ask for permission first.

Returning to the Old Mill, they find Alaric singing. She wonders if he's torturing it, but Alaric explains that in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Orpheus charms Charon into reuniting him with his beloved using poetry and song, as opposed to money. Charon is charmed by the three's song and opens an outstretched hand. Alaric instructs Kaleb to give him Landon's personal items. Charon accepts and taps his staff on the ground twice and dissolves into the ground.

The next morning, all is right and Landon has been rescued. Kaleb prepares her breakfast. They're celebrating and it's all thanks to her and her summoning spell. She wonders if this officially makes her a part of the squad. He admits that he was on the sidelines, which is ironic as he gave MG so much grief for the same thing. Thanks to her advice, he learns that taking no action has just as many consequences. She wonders if he's patched things up with MG, but there's apparently a line.

In Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?, Cleo is on her morning run when she's approached by Lizzie, informing her that she is her new mentor. She's a member-elect for their squad. All she has to do is one super-heroic event. She wants her to summon another monster. Hope, however, intervenes and they head back to the school, where a new Malivore monster has already appeared. The creature is unknown to them, but it can talk. Cleo warns them they must be wary of the new creature but it runs off.

As tensions rise between Lizzie and Hope, she steps in and takes both of them at their word. She believes that the monster is the cause of their discord. Kaleb brings news that the monster has molted and Landon realizes that it's a gremlin.

They convene and discuss how to handle the gremlin and ultimately decide to use Landon as bait. While Lizzie and Hope guard Landon and set a trap, she and Kaleb begin researching on how to stop the gremlin. She confides in Kaleb that everything going on is intense and that she doesn't want to get used to it. She thought that the school was perfect for her - secure, enlightened, and creative - but has grown unsure. Kaleb doesn't want her to let fear drive her away from something good. However, the more she's learned of Malivore, he sounds more terrifying and wants to know how she's supposed to feel safe. Kaleb misreads the signals and takes her hand, but she rejects his advances. Instead, she opts to tell him to ask her again when their lives aren't in jeopardy. When Kaleb leaves to retrieve another book, the gremlin makes his move and kidnaps her.

Holding her in a well, Lizzie, Hope, Kaleb, and Landon come to her rescue. The gremlin has grown in size and she admits that was her doing, since she used some colorful language when she was taken. Kaleb faces off against the gremlin while Lizzie and Hope weaken it by being genuinely respectful of one-another. Landon drops her jumper cables and helps free her from the well. Together, they decide to take the gremlin down. However, it's already weakened and shrunk from its original state.

Later that night, she and Kaleb take the long way back to the Salvatore School. Kaleb tells her that it will be worth it, because watching the stars under the Falls is magical - just like her. After he sees that MG is doing fine, she takes him by the arms and tells him she knows a shortcut to the Falls.

In All's Well That Ends Well, Cleo wakes to Hope humming. Hope's unusually happy and she questions if she's unwell. Landon brings Hope tea and scones and also picks up on the unexpected happiness. Hope elects to bring Cleo with her for quality "rommie" time and they leave for a morning picnic.

Just past the defensive perimeter spell, they sit together to enjoy Brie. Hope calls it their brainstorming session, but is also very calm about their lives being in danger. She, on the other hand, is still reeling from being trapped in the well. Hope, however, believes they assumed incorrectly that the gremlin grabbed her randomly. In fact, she now believes that Malivore specifically targeted her and, to test her theory, they would only need to lower the perimeter spell and use her as bait. Cleo is unsure and worried, but realizes Hope has already done just this. She's upset, but Hope urges her not to be mad. They can stop, if she wants, but thought they could get some answers if they could get a talking monster. She relents and accepts Hope's plan. At least if she's going to be bait, they can enjoy the picnic. Their enjoyment, however, is quickly interrupted. The sky darkens and the weather drastically changes. Hope pulls a short sword for herself and Cleo and a wail is heard in the distance. They look around in confusion until a new creature appears behind them. The creature, a woman, reaches out for Cleo, but Hope casts a spell to ensnare her in roots and vines from the ground. The spell works but she lets out another wail and she and Hope double over clutching their heads in pain. She quickly casts another spell to physically stitch her mouth closed and she and Hope recover. This confirms Hope's theory; the monsters and Malivore are after her. Now, they just have to find out why.

Taking the monster back to the school, they trap her behind a boundary spell. Alaric and Landon join her and Hope. She's a walking horror movie, Hope comments. The lights flicker and fog surrounds her. They still don't know what kind of monster she is. Alaric is positive that they can still get answers as she talks. This, however, is tricky and Cleo releases the spell that keeps her from wailing. Both Landon and Alaric immediately identify her as a banshee and Cleo lights the candle again to stop her from wailing.

Needing a break, she finds Jed and wonders if werewolves work out just anywhere. Jed confides in her. He's been relegated to the junior squad since his actions hurt MG and wonders if he'll find a way to make it right. She's sure he will. He wonders about her and why she's here. She's supposed to be researching a way for the banshee to communicate without using her mouth, but having found out she is the reason the monsters are coming, she needed a moment. Jed realizes that if she can't get the monster to talk, then she won't find out why they're after her. He's inspired by their talk and believes he's found a solution that will solve both of their problems. Together, they immediately go find Alaric.

In the gymnasium, Jed is chained to the floor as Landon finds the spell – Alias Vocem. Jed's idea was to allow the banshee to speak through another as a conduit. Cleo, however, sits on the sidelines, notably worried with Hope by her side. Alaric gives Hope the okay and, after Landon gives Jed Blue Calamus, she casts the spell. The spell is successful and the banshee speaks through Jed. Malivore has promised the banshee freedom from darkness should she bring Cleo to him. Though she's forced to tell the truth, she's not compelled to answer all their questions. With their interrogation at a stalemate, Hope asks who will die. The banshee explains that if she stays at the school, then Landon will die.

With more distressing news, she confronts Hope, bringing her tea. Hope is adamant that no one is dying. She's not so sure as Hope's spelled Landon in her room. She wants to know the truth and believes it's time for them to talk. She explains to Hope that she has looked for a place like the Salvatore School for a long time, for a place to call home. However, she's come to the conclusion that she cannot be the reason that trouble comes into their lives and tells her that she's leaving. Hope explains to her that monsters have always been coming for someone, but they've never made anyone leave because of it. She asks if that is what she wants and wonders if she would be happier if she left. Hope immediately responds with "yes", confused with the burst of honesty that she exclaimed she didn't mean. She knows that Hope was being honest as the tea was brewed from Blue Calamus. Cleo leaves her sitting alone at the table and prepares to leave.

True to her word, she leaves the school. However, on her own and unaware of another monster, a Hunter, stalking her, she's caught off guard and attacked. The Hunter blows some green powder into her face, and she's knocked unconscious. Tied to a tree, she's rescued by Hope. Like she told her before, no one was dying today. Cleo gives her thanks and they return to the school together. She supposes that it was a good thing she was there to keep her safe, though not before putting her in danger. Hope tries to explain her comment from before. It was true that is how she felt, but it wasn't the whole truth. Hope tells her that she is kind and brilliant and lucky to have her as a friend and as far as she is concerned, this is her home. No matter what and even if it brings danger. With the appearance of a second monster, they come to the conclusion that their monster problem is multiplying and the Hunter must also be working for Malivore. She wonders why it ran away, but Hope doesn't know; however, it felt familiar, almost like she's fought it before.

With the night coming to an end, she joins Jed in the werewolf transition space. He's turned back into his human form, covered in a blanket. She offers him water and that explains that Alaric has told her what happened. She tells him that his plan worked and that he underestimates himself. Because of his idea, the banshee found peace and he has found his place back on the squad. She wonders if, while inside her mind, if he's discovered why Malivore is after her. At first, he didn't since things were hazy. He didn't understand what it meant, but now he thinks he gets it. He's never had a genius monster-hunting idea until he was standing next to her. Malivore is after her because she's a muse, a witch who is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter with the power of inspiration.

In You Can't Run From Who You Are, Cleo sits in a circle of candles. Alaric guides her, instructing her to relax and to just let the inspiration flow out of her. It doesn't work. She believes that muses cannot choose whom they inspire or rather perhaps she's terrible at being one. She wants to stop since this clearly isn't working. Hope believes that they'll eventually learn how to activate her powers, then she'll inspire them to have something against Malivore; an advantage. Jed offers to let it come naturally and to quit trying to force it. Alaric believes Jed is on to something. Perhaps they need to focus on what inspires her, instead of her trying to inspire others. Hope makes a quip about Kaleb's love game and is inspired by Cleo. She has an idea on how to defeat Malivore, but needs to do some research in the meantime. Likewise, Alaric, too, is inspired. He believes their monster problem is connected to the artifact, which they know was in Triad's possession. Maybe there's a clue in their old headquarters. Cleo offers to accompany him; Kaleb follows suit and offers his skill set to the mission.

Together, they set off for Triad Industries. At the abandoned headquarters, the place looks trashed and looted of valuables. Cleo believes she gave him an unhelpful idea and that perhaps she can inspire a better one on the way home. Kaleb agrees and suggests that they should grab something to eat on the way back, but Alaric has found the electric control panel. He learns that there's two fire suppression systems, one for the artifacts room there in, and another one elsewhere. They find a sarcophagus, hiding a door in plain sight. It's a records room; Triad's documentation on all their supernatural objects. If they know anything about the history of the artifact, it'd be in here.

They split up and begin their search. As Cleo searches a filing cabinet, Kaleb appears and uses his vamp speed to search the files. Nothing mentions the artifact. Cleo, however, remains unimpressed. He asks her out on a date; he was thinking they could get drinks at the Tap, barbecue from The Pit Stop, and then they could go moonlit dancing on the roof of the old clock tower. She admits that it sounds fun, but passes on the offer. Kaleb thinks he needs to up his game, but misses Cleo's point. She doesn't like it when he tries to impress her or be cool. She wants him to drop the act and be honest. She questions if that is something he is capable of and leaves him alone.

Despite finding some clues, their mission is cut short by the activation of the fire suppression system. They make their way back home, though the car ride is silent. Kaleb offers to grab some dinner, and she mocks him, believing he was incapable of speech. Kaleb changes attitudes and tells her she's right. It's not easy for him to be vulnerable, like admitting the real reason he went on the mission. In truth, he wanted to come to have her back, in case Malivore sent another monster after her. His concern over her is actually very sweet and thanks him for being honest with her. He apologizes that it took so long, but the last time he was vulnerable with someone, he ended up dead and becoming a vampire. She tells him that she has a free evening coming up and that she's sure that he'll tell her about it sometime. It's a date and he's excited.

In I Was Made To Love You, Hope, banging on Lizzie's door, gains Cleo's attention. She tells her that Lizzie's off campus and offers her assistance. Hope knows something is wrong with Landon and needs a second opinion. Hope dismisses her as she needs someone that knows him. She's adamant to help, though. Perhaps that will change, once people start letting her in on what is going on instead of trying to conceal things. Hope's not looking for another witch. She was hoping that Lizzie would have some leftover supplies to perform various magical tests on Landon. Cleo believes Hope; she doesn't need another witch, she needs a friend. Together, they can get to the bottom of things.

At the Old Mill, Hope has Landon under a sleep spell and trapped behind a boundary spell on the mill. As he wakes, he's upset, though Cleo offers they're here as friends to help. As Landon tries to leave he discovers the boundary spell. Cleo believes Landon and feels that imprisoning him is wrong. Hope, however, tells her that she doesn't know him and that the boundary spell traps supernatural beings. Landon accepts their help and agrees to their tests. Hope wants a blood sample, but Cleo suggests there could be another way. Drawing blood, they discover that it's not blood, but Malivore mud.

Using the Truth Sphere, they learn at the very least what Landon is telling them, he believes. The questioning doesn't prove or disprove who, or what, he is. Landon tells Hope that he loves her with every fiber of his being and that it was like he was made to love her. Cleo believes Landon and believes him not to be a monster, but Hope doesn't. There's one other option that Hope thinks she can do to prove who he is. She pulls out a syringe of her blood. It's dangerous, Cleo tells her. She urges Hope to reconsider before someone gets hurt. Hope ignores her sentiments and tells Landon that only a couple drops should be enough. Landon has an adverse reaction to the blood and his arm begins to dissolve. She begs Hope to make it stop and Hope releases the boundary spell and rushes by his side.

Hope pleads with her to help, but she feels that it's too late for that. Hope is still not sure that she believes him. Cleo is sure he is Landon. He's passed her tests. Hope concludes that Malivore is using him as a vessel, and if that is true, he would be the one person she couldn't bring herself to fight. Cleo wishes their circumstances were different. Hope does too and asks her to retrieve Alaric.

Cleo does as she's asked and heads to the Headmaster's office. She tells Alaric that something is wrong with Landon and suggests he bring his deadliest weapon. Caught off guard by Leonardo DaVinci's appearance, they reunite in conversation. The Necromancer picks up that they know each other as Alaric questions how it's possible. Not wanting to prolong the reunion, she telekinetically takes the axe from Alaric and exits his office, spelling them behind a boundary spell.

Cleo arrives back at the Old Mill as Hope forces Golem-Landon her blood and completely dissolves. As Hope stands and turns around, Cleo runs the axe into her stomach and forces her up against a pillar. Hope thought she was her friend but Cleo admits she has tried to be and she has gone great lengths to give them both what they wanted most. However, time has ran out. This is what it has come to and perhaps if she cared about anything other than Landon, she could have seen it, too. Hope denounces her as a monster, but she knows nothing of who she is. The things that she has seen and where she has come from. She offers that she may tell her once she revives because she intends on forcing Hope to live up to her potential. To live up to her destiny as the one who was able to open the artifact and to end Malivore and to free her. Hope is shocked to learn that she was in the artifact, and Cleo tells her that she was there for centuries. Hope, however, has had enough talking and wants to fight. She breaks the axe handle and pulls the sharpened point from her stomach. She calls Hope stubborn and that the axe was mercy. If she wants to fight, she'll burn her alive with her magic. Cleo raises her hand and casts the spell, but is interrupted. She's knocked out from behind and falls to the floor, unconscious.


Cleo is free-spirited and self-reliant and is excited to find a new home at the Salvatore School, and to earn a place in its Super Squad.[2]

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Cleo possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a witch. However, she is special as she was born a witch who is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter - a Muse. She has a special magical power of inspiration.


Cleo has the typical weaknesses of a witch.



Season Three


  • Cleo is a unisex given name. It is a Greek prefix often translated to mean 'pride', 'fame' or 'glory'. [3]
  • Sowande is of African-Yoruban origin meaning 'wise healer sought me out'. [4]


  • Cleo, a new witch student at the Salvatore School, who bonds with Hope over their artistic passions.[2]
  • Cleo is fluent in Italian.[5]



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