The Council Memorial was the first event of Season Four, and was meant to commemorate the lives of all the active members of the newly-created Town Council. The service was held in Mystic Falls Church after Pastor Young blew up himself and the other eleven members of the council.

Pastor McGinnis was in charge of giving the homily. During his speech, Connor Jordan, a supernatural vampire hunter, stabbed April Young, Pastor Young's daughter, and bound and gagged her before leaving her in the balcony as bait to identify the vampires present at the ceremony. Connor aimed his stake-shooting sniper rifle while Elena gave her own speech, not knowing whether or not she was a vampire, but lost his chance to shoot her when Stefan helped her off the stage. When Tyler, who Connor had previously identified as a vampire/hybrid, went up to speak to distract the hunter, Connor shot at him with his sniper rifle and hit him in the heart, though Tyler's hybrid nature kept him from dying. The service then ended in chaos as Tyler was sent to the hospital in an ambulance by Mayor Lockwood to maintain appearances.


  • According to the conflicting reports from Elizabeth Forbes and Connor, there were about twelve members who died in the explosion. However, they contradict each other in the number of deaths, Elizabeth mentions ten, while Connor mentions twelve.
    • It was later confirmed that there were in fact twelve deaths when it was revealed that Atticus Shane orchestrated Pastor Young's mass-murder-suicide in order to complete the first sacrifice required to create an Expression Triangle.
  • Council Memorial can be considered a mirror to Elena's funeral in the novels.
    • In the novel, the first funeral was of Elena's, which occurred after she disappeared following her transformation into a vampire. Damon, Stefan and Elena were present during Elena's funeral, but because Elena was believed to be dead, they remained hidden on a balcony where they could watch the entire service undetected.
  • In both the TV series and novels, the funerals end with an unexpected attack.
    • In the books, Katherine controlled the town's dogs to attack the attendants of the service.
    • In the TV series, Connor attacked April to try to lure out the vampires using her blood, and ultimately shot Tyler with a stake in the middle of the event.



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