Stefan meets Freya in The Originals

A Crossover Episode is the placement of two or more shows combining the characters, settings or universe into a single episode conjoined with either a spin-off or an entirely different series. In this case, The Originals is the spin-off of the The Vampire Diaries as The Original family was associated with the parent show, until the storyline developed and The Originals had succeeded with their own show. The same way Hope Mikaelson's storyline from The Originals continues in Legacies.

For a list of actors/actresses who appeared in TVD/TO/Legacies and another show/film see: Cast Crossovers.

Several Crossover episodes have occurred during the previous seasons. They are listed in chronological order.

List of episodes in the order of airing

Episode Description Character/s
The Originals
Camille (16)
The Vampire Diaries, 4x20. This episode is the official Pilot to The Originals. Klaus returns to New Orleans until he discovers his unborn child, his former protégé, now king of New Orleans, and his families' deep buried secrets.
Bloodletting 28
The Originals, 1x07. Tyler visits New Orleans, intent on gaining his vengeance on Klaus and killing his unborn child.
The River in Reverse
The Originals, 1x08. Tyler continues with his plans, until obstacles destroy his path and is ultimately thrown in The Garden.
500 Years of Solitude
Caroline and Klaus walking 5x11
The Vampire Diaries, 5x11. The parent show's hundredth episode; Katherine is deteriorating though Klaus and Rebekah decide to visit. Rebekah has an encounter with Matt, Klaus had his wish with Caroline and Elijah appears as Katherine's hallucination.
Red Door
The Originals, 2x05. We finally learn the origins of Tatia, a Petrova Doppelgänger who has a history with the Original family. She was mentioned in Season 2, 3 and 4 of TVD. Tatia's flashback sheds light on how the mythology we knew as viewers was all lies.
Moonlight on the Bayou
TVD714a 0100b
The Vampire Diaries, 7x14, This is part of a two hour crosssover with The Originals. Stefan visits New Orleans to seek safe haven from a hunter named Rayna Cruz.
A Streetcar Named Desire
OR314a 245
The Originals, 3x14, This is part of a two hour crossover with The Vampire Diaries. Stefan visits New Orleans to seek safe haven from a hunter named Rayna Cruz.
Behind the Black Horizon
OR317a 0094
The Originals, 3x17, the kidnapping of Freya is instrumental in leading Elijah and Finn to their once home - Mystic Falls - to rescue her, and once there, they had a run in with the reluctant sheriff's deputy; Matt Donovan.
Voodoo in My Blood
4x08 Voodoo in My Blood-Hope-Hayley-Alaric
The Originals, 4x08, Alaric visits New Orleans to give Klaus one of The Hollow's bones, and helps Elijah and Marcel to find the other bones.
The Feast of All Sinners
The Originals, 4x13, Hayley got Hope to attend Alaric and Caroline's school of magic. Alaric and Hayley talk about Hope's future.
Where You Left Your Heart
5x01 Where You Left Your Heart-Caroline-Klaus
The Originals, 5x01, Dorian Williams appeared at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, while Caroline Forbes visited Klaus.
What, Will, I, Have, Left
5x06 What, Will, I, Have, Left-Caroline-Klaus
The Originals, 5x06, Caroline Forbes met and traveled with Klaus to help him find Hope who ran away with Roman.
God's Gonna Trouble the Water
The Originals, 5x07, Caroline's voice can be heard as she narrated her letter to Klaus in which she expressed her condolences for Hayley.
The Tale of Two Wolves
5x12 The Tale of Two Wolves-Alaric-Caroline
The Originals, 5x12, Klaus visits Caroline and Alaric at their school of magic to ask Josie and Lizzie to help him with Hope. Elijah and Hope meet Landon.
When The Saints Go Marching In
The Originals, 5x13, Caroline visited Klaus.
This is the Part Where You Run
Legacies, 1x01, Matt appeared. With Landon on the run with a supernatural dagger and a bus full of dead passengers, Matt calls Alaric and Hope to figure out what supernatural creature could have killed so many people in such a horrible way.
We're Being Punked, Pedro
1x03 We're Being Punked, Pedro-Jeremy
Legacies, 1x03, Jeremy appeared. He warns Landon Kirby and Rafael Waithe about using Rafael's abilities in the open and reveals that Alaric sent him to find the two and return them to the school.
Hope is Not the Goal
1x04 Hope is Not the Goal-Matt-Alaric
Legacies, 1x04, Matt appeared. He visits the Salvatore School announcing Dana Lilien and Sasha Stoteraux haven't been seen and didn't return home. He asks if any of the students have seen them and leads the search effort along with Alaric Saltzman.
Mombie Dearest
1x06 Mombie Dearest-Jo
Legacies, 1x06, Josette Laughlin appears. She is resurrected by the Necromancer in order to steal the supernatural knife and return it to Malivore. She meets her two daughters and learns about their lives; she is initially shocked that they survived but learns about the Gemini Coven's actions to save them.
Let's Just Finish the Dance
1x14 Let's Just Finish the Dance-Roman
Legacies, 1x14, Roman Sienna appears at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. He briefly talks with Hope, apologizing for the part he played in her mother's death.
That's Nothing I Had to Remember
2x06 That's Nothing I Had to Remember-Freya
Legacies, 2x06, Josie visited Freya to help her with a spell.
Kai Parker Screwed Us
2x12 Kai Parker Screwed Us-Kai 3
Legacies, 2x12, Malachai Parker appeared in the 2018 Prison World and at the end of the episode he managed to escape.
You Can't Save Them All
Legacies, 2x13, Malachai Parker was decapitated by Alaric.


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