The crow

The Crow is an animal introduced in Pilot, that would later reappear in I Was Feeling Epic. Damon compelled the crow to spy on people for him, particularly Elena, and it first bumped into Bonnie's car during a ride with Elena. It was later seen on Elena's adoptive parents gravestone. When Damon revealed himself to his brother, Stefan, the crow flew into the Salvatore Boarding House.

The crow was later used by Damon to try to get Caroline to help him out of the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House in the episode, You're Undead to Me. It was also seen during the Sexy Suds Car Wash and later when Caroline was compelled to help Damon. When Damon was left without his ring, he decided to eat the crow due to lack of blood.


  • The crow had a larger role in the novels. In particular, in The Awakening, before Elena and Damon meet she sees a "large crow".
  • In the original series, Damon can be transformed into a crow and a black dog. Katherine is the only one who can control the fog and cause side effects (physical-mental paralysis) but in the TV series, Damon controls a crow and the fog.
  • Damon's power to control the crow and the fog are no longer used in the show because it was considered too supernatural.
  • Crow actor names are: Lee (in Pilot) and Elijah (2, 3, 4 and 5th episode).
  • The crow re-appears in 1912 in a flashback sequence.


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