Brady's Trailer

[The dead werewolves lie in a pile next to a bonfire. Brady carries another body of a dead friend over his shoulder and places him on the pile. Brady looks over at Jules, who is watching the fire burn the bodies, Jules looks up at him, sadly. Wordlessly, they walk over to Stevie, who is pacing in front of the trailer.]

Brady: [to Stevie] Go ahead. Tell her.
Stevie: Let me just preface this with a big disclaimer that screams, "I should have known better."
Jules: What is it, Stevie?
Stevie: When Brady told me what that Tyler kid said about Mason being here for the moonstone, something clicked. There was this moment back in Florida when I suspected Mason was up to something because he was banging that hot, vampire chick Kathy and he didn't want anyone to know.
Jules: [agitated] All right. Just get to the point, Stevie.
Stevie: That is the point, Jules. It's the sun and moon curse. Mason was asking me all kinds of questions about it, if it could be broken, and when that evil man-witch showed up last night, double-click. Witches, vampires, moonstone. They're putting everything in place to break the curse.
Brady: We can't let them do that, even if we have to kill every last vampire in this town.

Forbes Residence

[Elena's cell phone goes off, waking up the trio of girls. Caroline promptly pushes Elena out of bed.]

Caroline: Go away!
Elena: Unf.

[Elena lands on the floor and looks back up at Caroline, angrily. She crawls across the floor towards her phone and takes it off the dresser.]

Elena: [Answering the phone.] Hello?

[Caroline and Bonnie look over at Elena from Caroline's bed, both incredibly annoyed with being awaken.]

Bonnie: Shhh.
Caroline: Elena!

[Elena drags herself out of Caroline's room and continues her conversation in the hallway.]

Stefan: How was the slumber party?
Elena: Good and much needed. [Flirtatiously.] When can you and I have one?
Stefan: Mmm. That can be arranged.
Elena: Okay. Now. Today. Take me far, far away.
Stefan: Even with everything that's going on?
Elena: Because of everything that's going on.
Stefan: And you're sure this has nothing to do with dodging your father who just got into town?
Elena: Uh, this has everything to do with that.
Stefan: Well, in that case, where would you like to go?

[Elena smiles.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Andie checks her watch and puts on her jacket as she walks down the stairs. Damon follows behind her, carrying her scarf.]

Andie: I'm late. This is such a crazy day. [Looking in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs.] I'm, uh, covering the Historical Society's High Tea.

[Andie has a bandage over her bite mark on her neck.]

Damon: [Sarcastically; throwing the scarf up] Ooh! Thrilling.

[They walk together down the main hallway leading to the front door.]

Andie: Yeah. It's for some visiting writer. He's writing a book on small-town Virginia. It's a big snooze.
Damon: Writer? What's his name?
Andie: Uh, Elijah Smith.
Damon: Smith. He's using Smith?

[Andie looks at herself, yet again, in a different mirror. Damon places the scarf around her neck and ties it.]

Damon: Okay. You have your story straight in your mind, right?
Andie: I can't say that you bit me or drank my blood, just that we hit it off and I really like you. You are terrific, though. You're sweet, funny, you're honest.

[Damon smiles, places his hands on either side of her head, and compels her.]

Damon: And you're falling hard.
Andie: You might be the one.
Damon: Perfect.

[Damon opens the front door for Andie. Alaric, not having knocked yet, stands on the front porch.]

Damon: Have a great day, honey.

[Damon kisses Andie. They pull apart and Andie walks out the front door, acknowledging Alaric.]

Andie: Oh. Hey, Alaric. Later.

[Andie gets in her car and leaves. Damon waves goodbye to her. Alaric moves to stand in front of Damon.]

Damon: My new girlfriend. Andie Star, action news.
Alaric: It's not called action news.
Damon: I know. I just like saying it. Come on.

[Alaric enters. Damon shuts the door behind him and leads Alaric into the parlor.]

Damon: So, John Gilbert gave me this to kill Elijah.

[Damon unrolls the dagger from its protective cloth.]

Damon: Said you have to dip the dagger in the remains of an old white ash tree that dates back to the Originals, if there's any truth in that.

[Damon hands the dagger to Alaric and Alaric takes it.]

Alaric: So you think it's a setup?
Damon: It could be. Guy's a weasel. Wouldn't put anything past him.

[Damon turns around and heads to the bar.]

Damon: What are you up to today, Mr. Saltzman?

[Alaric gets up and walks over to Damon.]

Alaric: Well, Jenna and I were supposed to go to her family's lake house, but somehow, we both got roped into doing this Historical Society thing at the Lockwoods.
Damon: Where Elijah's the guest of honor.
Alaric: Tell me you're not gonna kill him at the tea party.
Damon: No. That would be stupid.

[Alaric gives Damon a skeptical look.]

Damon: I want to know his endgame before I kill him, but I do think it's time Elijah and I officially met.

[Damon annoyingly taps Alaric with the dagger. Alaric looks on at him, clearly not amused.]

Mystic Grill

[Bonnie and Caroline are sitting at a table in the Grill.]

Caroline: Okay. So tell me about this big, witchy plan you've been cooking up.
Bonnie: We still don't know the extent of what Elijah's up to.
Caroline: No, we don't.
Bonnie: So, I'm gonna ask Luka to tell me what he knows.
Caroline: And he's not gonna tell you anything.
Bonnie: I didn't say he was gonna have a choice.

[Caroline looks past Bonnie.]

Bonnie: What?

[Bonnie turns around and sees that Caroline is looking at Matt. Caroline gives him a small wave and a smile, but Matt's face remains stony and he walks away without any acknowledgement towards her. Bonnie looks back at Caroline.]

Bonnie: What was that about?
Caroline: Uh, I don't know. I thought that we were...I don't know.

Brady's Trailer

[Jules is waiting outside the trailer, gazing off into the distance. Tyler approaches her.]

Jules: Tyler, hi.
Tyler: You're still here.
Jules: Is that all right with you?
Tyler: That guy last night made it pretty clear that you needed to go.
Jules: And we will soon.

[Brady and Stevie walk around the other side of the trailer and approach them. Tyler looks at them, nervously.]

Jules: Listen. We kind of need your help with something.
Brady: We need you to help us find the moonstone.
Tyler: Somebody needs to explain to me what the big deal is about a rock.
Stevie: That rock helps break the curse of the sun and the moon.
Tyler: I don't know what that means.
Jules: It's an old curse placed on both vampires and werewolves.
Stevie: Vampires break the curse, they're free to walk in the sunlight, but we're stuck only turning at the full moon, aka werewolf Armageddon.
Brady: But if we break it, they're stuck as night-walkers, and we can turn whenever we want.
Stevie: Aka werewolf domination.

[Tyler sighs heavily.]

Jules: Tyler, if we can turn at will, that means we never have to turn at all, not if we don't want to.
Tyler: I'd never have to turn again?
Brady: There's more. Stevie?
Stevie: If those vamps are gearing up to break the curse, they must have also found the doppelgänger.
Tyler: The doppelgänger?
Stevie: Evil twin shadow person. We're betting Mason's hot, vampire chick Kathy knows all about it, so we need you to help us find Kathy. I--I have a picture. Mason brought her to the bar once. No one liked her. She was a vampire. Bad news.

[Stevie looks through his phone for the picture.]

Stevie: Right--right here. The girl next to Mason.

[Stevie shows the picture of Mason and Katherine to Tyler. Tyler looks at it and then up at Stevie with skepticism.]

Tyler: That's Elena Gilbert.
Jules: You know her?
Tyler: I've known her my whole life.

[Jules and Brady exchange a look.]

Mystic Grill

[Matt is busing a table when Caroline walks up to him.]

Caroline: Hi.
Matt: I'm...I'm working.

[Matt walks away and Caroline follows him.]

Caroline: Yeah, I can see that, but can you work and talk?

[Matt stops abruptly and turns to face Caroline who stops as well.]

Matt: What do you want, Caroline?
Caroline: Uh, I want to talk about what we were supposed to talk about last night before I had to cancel on you. I want us to clear up the weirdness. I just want us to talk about us.
Matt: Now you're just making it worse.

[Caroline places her hands on either side of her face.]

Caroline: Uh, I...I don't know what's going on, Matt.
Matt: Where were you last night when you were supposed to be with me?
Caroline: I...
Matt: And don't say you were with Bonnie because Bonnie was here, Caroline. I saw her.

[Caroline is speechless.]

Caroline: Oh.
Matt: Yeah.

[Matt turns around and walks away.]

Caroline: Matt!

[Caroline struggles to find words but gives up. Tyler approaches her.]

Tyler: Caroline.
Caroline: You stay away from me.

[Caroline starts to walk away.]

Tyler: It's important.

[Caroline and Tyler knock shoulders, causing Caroline's bag to fall to the floor, spilling out its contents. Caroline kneels down to retrieve her bag and things, while Tyler kneels down to help.]

Caroline: Just stop it, Tyler, okay? You're're just making it worse.

[As Tyler and Caroline place Caroline's things back in her bag, Tyler picks up Caroline's phone and swiftly puts it in his back pocket without her noticing.]

Tyler: Please, Caroline. I'm sorry about what happened, okay, but there's so much we need to talk about.

[Caroline grabs her bag and gets up from the floor.]

Caroline: I said just leave me alone.

[Caroline storms out of the Grill. Tyler gets up from the floor and Matt approaches him.]

Matt: The two of you want to get together, fine. There's nothing I can do about it, but do me a favor, and both of you stop lying about it.

[Matt turns around and Tyler grabs his arm.]

Tyler: Matt, there's nothing going on.

[Matt turns back around and grabs Tyler by the collar of his jacket.]

Matt: Hey! I said stop lying.

[Matt releases Tyler and walks away.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan and Elena are in the hallway with their bags packed, ready to leave.]

Stefan: Ready for our romantic weekend?
Elena: Beyond ready. Let's go before John shows up and pretends to be a concerned father.
Stefan: Mmm. I'll go put these in the car.

[Stefan opens the front door and starts to walk out, but stops when he hears Elena's phone start to buzz. Elena takes out her phone seeing that she has received a text message from Caroline reading "Need to talk. Where are you?" Elena sends a text back to Caroline saying, "Headed to lakehouse w Stefan. U okay?"]

Stefan: Uh, please tell me there's nothing wrong.

[Elena looks up at Stefan, but before she has time to comment, Caroline sends her another text saying "All good, never mind. Have fun." Elena looks relieved and sends a text back saying "Xoxo."]

Elena: Nothing's wrong. Just Caroline. [smiling up at Stefan] Come on. Let's go.

[Elena walks out the front door. Stefan shuts the door behind them and follows her.]

Brady's Trailer

[Tyler looks down at the texts he exchanged with Elena via Caroline's phone.]

Tyler: She's going to Dunham Lake. Her family has a house up there.
Brady: Nice. Let's go get our doppelgänger.

[Brady walks away and Tyler reluctantly follows.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Elena and Stefan pull up to the lake house in Stefan's Porsche. Elena stares up at the house and sighs. Stefan looks at her with concern.]

Stefan: You all right?
Elena: I'm good. I just haven't been back here since before...
Stefan: Oh, my god. [Stefan turns to fully face Elena, slinging his arm over the back of her seat.] Elena, listen, just say the word, all right? We'll get back on that highway, we'll go anywhere else.

[Elena smiles and looks at Stefan.]

Elena: I've always loved it here. I want it to stay that way, I was just...having a moment.
Stefan: Okay.

[Stefan squeezes her shoulder gently and they get out of the car and go up to the house. Elena unlocks the front door and walks in. She looks around nostalgically and walks further into the house. Stefan, right behind her, comes up on the porch and stands awkwardly at the front door. Elena places her bags on a counter and looks over at Stefan.]

Elena: You don't have to wait out there. I'm all good.
Stefan: Oh, that's great because I'm, uh...I'm stuck.
Elena: Oh, my god. You can't get in.
Stefan: Not gonna be a very romantic weekend unless you, uh, invite me inside.
Elena: Stefan, I can't.
Stefan: What?
Elena: My parent's left this place to John Gilbert. He's the only one who can invite you in. I'm sorry. I--I completely forgot.
Stefan: You're kidding me, right?

[Elena looks at him seriously for a moment, but finally cracks a smile.]

Elena: Stefan Salvatore, I hereby invite you into this home.
Stefan: You are such a liar.

[Stefan enters the house and picks Elena up. Elena giggles.]

Elena: Hey, hey, hey!

[Elena kisses him and wraps her legs around his waist as he carries her over to the counter he slides his left hand down the right side of her body. They continue to kiss passionately as Stefan sits Elena down on the counter Stefan runs his hands up and down each side of her body.]

Lockwood Mansion

[The Historical Society's Tea Party has commenced. Elijah and Carol are speaking with each other as they sip their tea.]

Carol: Have you spent much time in Richmond for your book? There's such a wealth of history there.
Elijah: No, I'm focusing mostly on the smaller regions of Virginia. Lots of research. Strictly academic.
Carol: That's fascinating.

[Damon enters the house. Jenna intercepts him.]

Jenna: Damon, what are you doing here?

[Suddenly, Andie walks up to Jenna and Damon, notepad in hand. Damon looks over at her and smiles.]

Andie: Hi. You came.
Damon: Hi.
Andie: Hi.

[Damon pecks Andie on the lips. Jenna looks at the two, surprised.]

Damon: Thanks for introducing us, Jenna.

[Damon walks out of the room. Andie smiles at Jenna and stands next to her as they watch Damon walk away.]

Andie: Ahhh. Wow.

[Damon approaches Carol and Elijah.]

Carol: Damon.
Damon: Carol.
Carol: What a surprise.
Damon: Hi.

[Damon and Carol exchange kisses on the cheek.]

Carol: Hi. Elijah, I want you to meet Damon Salvatore. His family is one of Mystic Falls' founding families.
Damon: Mm-hm. [looks at Elijah] Such a pleasure to meet you.
Elijah: No. Pleasure's mine.

[Damon and Elijah shake hands.]

Mystic Grill

[Luka is playing pool when Bonnie approaches him with two coffees in hand.]

Bonnie: I come bearing coffee gifts.

[Bonnie hands one of the coffees to him and he accepts it.]

Luka: So you're talking to me now.
Bonnie: I found out what your dad did, saving my friends from the wolf pack.
Luka: Well, had I had known that's all it took...

[At the other end of the Grill, Caroline is sitting at a table. Jeremy walks into the Grill and over to Caroline.]

Jeremy: Hey. How's it going?
Caroline: What are you doing here?
Jeremy: Bonnie called. I wanted to help. How's it going?

[Jeremy and Caroline look over at Luka and Bonnie.]

Caroline: She's selling it and he's buying it. She's giving him the sex smile.
Jeremy: All right, Caroline. I get it.

[Caroline looks at Jeremy, noting his jealousy, and looks away with a knowing smirk.]

Luka: What do you say? You want to play a game?
Bonnie: Yeah.
Luka: Yeah?
Bonnie: Yeah.

[Luka starts to move to set up the game, but suddenly he stumbles. He places his hands on the pool table to maintain his balance.]

Luka: What's happening to me?

[Bonnie moves closer to Luka.]

Bonnie: You'll be okay.

[Luka begins to fall over and Bonnie grabs his shoulders, trying to keep him upright. Jeremy and Caroline quickly walk over to help.]

Bonnie: Why don't we go over here?

[Bonnie starts to lead Luka around the pool table. Jeremy approaches them first.]

Jeremy: I got him. I got him.

[Bonnie moves out of the way and Jeremy places Luka's arm around his shoulder and drags him away from the eyes of the bar patrons.]

Jeremy: What kind of witch roofie was that?
Bonnie: Strong one.

[Bonnie smiles slightly, satisfied with her witchy abilities.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Elena is outside, on the dock, a giant blanket wrapped around her. Stefan approaches her from behind.]

Stefan: Having another moment?

[Stefan wraps his arms around Elena and kisses her on the cheek. Elena smiles and places her hands on his arms.]

Elena: Jeremy broke his arm diving off this dock when he was six. My dad taught me how to fish right off the edge over there. So many memories. Do you ever think about us, what our future will be like, our memories?
Stefan: I think there are a lot of conversations to be had about our future, about the kind of life we could have together.
Elena: Now there's a box that we shouldn't open.
Stefan: Oh, we can open it. Whenever you're ready.
Elena: No. I'd rather just be here...Now.

[Elena strokes Stefan's arm with her thumb.]

Stefan: You know, this is a future memory. It's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you. [whispers in Elena's ear] I love you.

[Elena smiles as Stefan kisses her on the cheek. Elena grabs onto Stefan's arms, making their embrace tighter.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Alaric watches as Damon opens the door to the study and gestures for Elijah to enter. Damon follows Elijah in and shuts the door behind him. John walks up to Alaric.]

John: What's Damon doing with Elijah?
Alaric: How would I know?
John: Because you're his little helper.
Alaric: If you say so, John.
John: Does Jenna know about your extracurricular activities? Maybe it's time we tell her. I mean, she can't stay in the dark forever.
Alaric: You're a dick.
John: I don't think you should sleep over anymore. It's inappropriate with children in the house, and that ring that Isobel gave you, that's mine. I'm gonna want that back.

[Alaric smiles smugly at John. John walks away and Alaric watches him go with the same expression on his face.]

[In the study, Elijah and Damon are speaking.]

Elijah: What can I do for you, Damon?
Damon: I was hoping we could have a word.
Elijah: Where's Elena?
Damon: Safe with Stefan. They're laying low, you know, bit of a werewolf problem.
Elijah: Oh, yeah, I heard about that.
Damon: I'm sure you did since it was your witch that saved the day.
Elijah: You are welcome.

[Damon sits down on the desk.]

Damon: Which adds to my confusion on exactly why you're here.
Elijah: Why don't you just stay focused on keeping Elena safe and leave the rest to me.

[Elijah moves to exit the room, but Damon vamp-speeds in front of him, blocking the way out.]

Damon: Not good enough.

[Elijah grabs Damon by the throat and vamp-speeds him into a wall. Damon, in retaliation, grabs Elijah's throat. Elijah grabs Damon's hand and easily pulls it off of his neck, making sure to crush Damon's hand as he does so. Damon groans in pain.]

Elijah: You young vampires, so arrogant. [Elijah drops Damon's hand from his own, but continues to hold Damon up against the wall by the throat.] How dare you come in here and challenge me?
Damon: You can't kill me, man. It's not part of the deal.
Elijah: Silence.

[Elijah grabs a pencil lying on the desk and stabs Damon in the neck with it. Damon clutches at the pencil and yells in pain. Elijah lets go of Damon, who falls against the desk and removes the pencil, painfully. Damon claps his hand over the bloody wound. Elijah whips out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the blood off his hands.]

Elijah: I'm an Original. Show a little respect.

[Elijah dangles the handkerchief in front of Damon, who grabs it hastily, and places it on his wound.]

Elijah: The moment you cease to be of use to me, you're dead, so you should do what I say. Keep Elena safe.

[Elijah leaves the room.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Stefan is preparing dinner in the kitchen. He looks over at Elena who is watching him from the couch, a glass of wine in her hand.]

Elena: My dad did all the cooking, too.
Stefan: And your mom?
Elena: [smiling] She sat right here and watched. She couldn't cook either.

[Stefan smiles and continues chopping up an onion. Elena turns around and looks at the fireplace.]

Elena: [looks back at Stefan] Fire's dying.
Stefan: Oh, yeah. I'll go get more wood.

[Stefan stops chopping and walks towards Elena.]

Elena: I got it.
Stefan: No, no. It's cold outside.

[Elena gets up and walks over to Stefan, placing her hands on his chest.]

Elena: So, I'll get a jacket.

[Elena turns around and walks off into her parent's old bedroom. Elena stops and looks over at the vanity. She picks up a bottle of perfume, uncorks it, and smells it. Stefan enters the room. Elena puts the cork back in and places the perfume bottle back on the vanity.]

Elena: My mom's perfume. [She turns around and walks over to the closet.] Jenna was supposed to pack all this up, but...she kept putting it off. [She turns the light on in the closet and looks inside.] I don't blame her.

[Elena looks at the closet door and takes one of the sweaters off its hook. She turns back to Stefan.]

Elena: Here.

[Elena tosses the sweater at Stefan, who catches it.]

Elena: Bundle up.

[Stefan starts to put the jacket on.]

Elena: It was my great-granddad's.

[Stefan pops up the collar and Elena admires him in it.]

Elena: And you look very hot in it.
Stefan: I look hot in your dead great-granddad's jacket?
Elena: Beyond hot.

[Elena smiles. Stefan walks over to her and kisses her, unexpectedly. Elena kisses him back awkwardly. Stefan and Elena walk back into the closet and continue to kiss. Stefan pushes Elena into the back wall of the closet. Elena pulls away for a moment.]

Elena: Stefan! It's my parents' bedroom.

[Stefan just smiles persistently for and second then kisses Elena again, who smiles and finally gives in, wrapping her arms around his neck and Stefan continuing holding her face with one hand and slides the other up her arm and they both start to kiss. Stefan hears a hollow thud when Elena's back taps the wall. Stefan breaks their makeout session and looks up at the wall.]

Elena: What?

[Stefan raps his knuckles on the wall. Elena turns her head and watches him.]

Stefan: Huh.

[Elena looks back at him.]

Elena: What?
Stefan: This is hollow inside.

[Elena moves out of the way. Stefan breaks off one of the panels and removes the rest with ease. A hidden door lies behind the wall.]

Elena: What is it?
Stefan: It's a really good hiding place.

[Stefan breaks the lock off the door and opens it. He flips the light on and they see an arsenal of weaponry for hunting vampires within the hidden closet.]

Elena: Oh, my god.

Forbes Residence

[Bonnie and Jeremy are kneeling next to Luka's unconscious body in the living room. Caroline walks in with an armful of candles.]

Caroline: We only have, like, an hour or two before my mom gets home, and these are all I could find.

[Jeremy stands up and Caroline hands him the candles, one by one.]

Bonnie: Place these evenly around the room.

[Caroline hands the remaining candles to Bonnie, who takes them. Jeremy begins placing the candles around the room.]

Jeremy: How does this work?
Bonnie: Um, I'll put him in a trance and ask him questions. It's like hypnosis.
Jeremy: You sure you're strong enough for this?
Bonnie: That's what the candles are for. I'll draw power from the flames.
Caroline: I'll get the matches.

[Caroline starts to leave the room.]

Bonnie: I got it.

[Bonnie shuts her eyes and the candles flare up. Caroline turns around and smiles.]

Jeremy: Never gonna get used to that.
Caroline: [smiles and places hands on hips] Oh, come on. That's pretty hot, and you know it.

[Jeremy smiles. Bonnie looks up at him.]

Bonnie: I need a bowl of water.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah. I'll--I'll go get it.

[Jeremy exits the room. Caroline smiles broadly down at Bonnie, who looks up at Caroline.]

Bonnie: Okay. What was that? "It's hot"?
Caroline: [whispers] He is so crushing on you.
Bonnie: So?

[Caroline sits down on the floor across from Bonnie.]

Caroline: So...What, you'd rather be with traitor warlock over here?
Bonnie: I'm not into Luka. It's just, you know, he understood me, and he was new and different.
Caroline: And you've known Jeremy since forever, and you only see him one way, as Elena's brother, but you're a witch, and I'm a vampire. You know, it's not like we're in any position...
Bonnie: To be picky.
Caroline: [laughing] No. To judge.

[Bonnie and Caroline smile at each other. Jeremy walks back in the room with a bowl of water. Bonnie takes the bowl from Jeremy and places it on the floor by Luka's head.]

Jeremy: Looks like he's waking up.

[Bonnie dips her hands in the water and places them on either side of Luka's head. She shuts her eyes and performs a non-verbal spell which is shown to be working by the flames of the candles flaring up intensely. Luka starts to breathe heavily.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon and Alaric are sitting in the library, drinking bourbon.]

Damon: Today was a bust.
Alaric: Yeah. How's the throat?
Damon: Sore.
Alaric: Yeah. That Elijah's one scary dude, but with nice hair. Hey. You want another one?

[Alaric gets up, Damon hands him his glass, which Alaric takes and walks over to the bar.]

Damon: He's gonna be hard to kill.
Alaric: Yeah. I'd think twice before I'd trust that dagger and some ashes to do the job. [He pours more bourbon in their glasses.] You're gonna need more info.
Damon: I'm out of sources.
Alaric: What's up with you and this news chick?
Damon: Ooh. [Alaric hands Damon his glass of bourbon.] She's got spunk, huh?

[Alaric sits back down on the couch and looks at Damon significantly.]

Alaric: Just don't kill her, please.
Damon: If I did, who would report her death?
Alaric: Just don't do it, all right? She's friends with Jenna, and it's bad enough that I'm lying to her about everything else. I hate the lies.

[Alaric takes his phone out of his pocket and looks at it.]

Alaric: Oh, God. I got to go. I got to pick Jenna up. [standing up] Don't worry. I'll, uh, show myself out.

[Damon places his hands on the back of his head and shuts his eyes.]

Damon: Good luck.

[Alaric walks out of the library. Damon remains in his relaxed position until he hears a loud, crashing noise from the hallway. His eyes fly open and he walks out of the library and into the hallway. Out in the hallway, Damon sees that Alaric has a large knife plunged into his stomach. Alaric looks at Damon as he clutches at the knife and groans as he falls to the floor. Suddenly, from the rafters of the parlor's ceiling, Stevie drops down with wolf-speed. Damon and Stevie engage in supernatural speed combat. Stevie, with the element of surprise, stabs Damon in the neck with a syringe full of vervain. Damon grunts but is not completely affected by the vervain and vamp speeds around the room, crashing Stevie into several walls. Finally, Damon weakens and falls to the ground. Stevie removes the syringe from his neck and stands up.]

Stevie: Whew! Damn, you're strong. It took the whole syringe.

[Two more werewolves walk through the front and look down at Alaric's dead body. Damon, weak, but still awake looks up from the floor.]

Stevie: Grab that one. He's dead.

[Jules enters the house with a shotgun over her shoulder. She looks down at Damon.]

Jules: Hi, Damon. Nice to see you again.

Gilbert Lake House

[Elena removes a journal from a bookcase in the hidden room. Stefan, leaning against the doorframe, watches her.]

Elena: These must be the other Johnathan Gilbert journals. Jeremy had the one, but John said that there were others. [flipping through the pages] His whole life's in here.

[Elena looks around the hidden room in awe.]

Stefan: I'll go get the firewood. I'll let you have a moment.

[Elena crouches down on the floor and grabs a handful of wooden bullets. Stefan leaves the room as Elena continues to examine the weaponry in the hidden room.]

Brady's Trailer

[Brady looks down at his phone, having received a text.]

Brady: We're good to go.

[Brady walks to the door and looks back at Tyler, who is still sitting at the table.]

Brady: You up for this?

[Tyler doesn't respond or move from his spot. Brady sits down across the table from him.]

Brady: These people have done nothing but lie to you. This girl that you've known since birth, she's with the vampires now, the ones who killed Mason. They're the enemy, and if they break that curse, well...all of us are as good as dead. Are you up for this?
Tyler: Yes.
Brady: Good. Because if you wuss out, you're gonna have me to deal with, you got it?

[Tyler nods.]

Gilbert Residence

[John pours himself a glass of wine in the kitchen. Jenna enters the kitchen. John looks up at her.]

John: Where's Elena?
Jenna: At the lake house for the weekend.
John: With Stefan?
Jenna: Yes, with Stefan.
John: And who gave her permission for that?
Jenna: I did. Until you get a lawyer, file for guardianship, it's my call, and there's nothing you can do about it.
John: I always knew you were lax with them, but I didn't think you were negligent.
Jenna: She wanted to get away from you, okay, and so do I, so I'll be staying with Ric.

[Jenna turns around and starts to leave the room.]

John: 'Cause he's such a great guy, right?

[Jenna, biting her tongue, turns back around and strides closer to John.]

Jenna: You are on dangerous ground.
John: He's a liar, Jenna.
Jenna: What?
John: Did he ever tell you what happened to his wife?
Jenna: She died.

[John moves around the island in the kitchen and closes the gap between Jenna and himself.]

John: Really? So they found her body?
Jenna: What are you saying?
John: Why don't you ask Ric? I'd love to hear his answer. Have a great night.

[John walks out with purpose. Jenna turns around and looks at him with a hint of skepticism.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Alaric's body lies on the floor of the parlor room. Damon has been chained to a chair with a wooden spiked metal collar around his neck. Damon has become less weakened by the vervain, but is still unable to move much. He sees Ric's dead body on the floor and looks worried for a moment, before spotting the Gilbert ring on his finger. Damon sighs with relief and glances over to his right. Stevie is standing there, holding the ends of two chains which attach to Damon's spiked collar.]

Stevie: Morning, sunshine. [walks in front of Damon] I saw this movie once, some torture porn flick. Anyway, they had this collar device that was really cool, so I just modified it some with some wooden nails, and when I pull...

[Stevie pulls the ends of the chains forward. The wooden spikes insert themselves in Damon's neck and Damon groans in pain. Suddenly, Jules speaks up from the corner.]

Jules: So I hear you have the moonstone.

[Jules and two other werewolves walk farther into the room.]

Damon: [laughing] Oh, if you only knew the irony of this moment right now. Let me tell you how this is gonna go. You're gonna torture me, I don't talk, someone loses a heart. Last time, it was your boy Mason.

[Stevie wraps the chains around his hand. Jules inches closer to Damon.]

Jules: This time, it'll be you.

[Jules looks at Stevie and nods. Stevie pulls on the chain again, impaling Damon's neck. Damon groans in pain.]

Forbes Residence

Caroline: How long is this gonna take?
Bonnie: I don't know. He's fighting me.

[Luka is moving his head around, fighting the spell. Bonnie's hands are still placed on either side of his head.]

Luka: Please stop. Please.

[Bonnie closes her eyes and Luka soon follows suit, successfully having been put into a trance.]

Bonnie: There. All right. Why are you working with Elijah?
Luka: Klaus. We both want him dead.
Bonnie: You want to kill Klaus, too. Why?
Luka: Because he has her and we have to get her away from him.
Bonnie: Who...who are you talking about?
Luka: My sister.
Jeremy: His sister?
Bonnie: Why does he have her?
Luka: He's searching for a way to undo the curse without the doppelgänger. He's forced generations of witches to help him for centuries.
Bonnie: What has Elijah promised you?
Luka: If we help Elijah kill Klaus, he's promised to return her to us.
Bonnie: And how do you kill Klaus? How do you kill an Original vampire?

[Luka starts to fight the spell again.]

Luka: He'll kill me if I tell you. Don't make me.
Jeremy: It's okay, Bonnie. We can find another way.
Bonnie: No. [She puts Luka back in a trance.] How will you kill Klaus?
Luka: After the sacrifice, Klaus will be vulnerable, weak. It's our only chance.
Caroline: After the sacrifice?
Bonnie: What do you mean, after?
Luka: Klaus will be vulnerable.
Bonnie: But Elena will be dead.
Luka: Yes. Elena has to die.

[Bonnie looks up at Jeremy.]

Jeremy: [shaking his head; whispering] No.

Gilbert Lake House

[Stefan dumps an armful of wood onto the porch and returns to the garage. He opens the door, flips on the light, and walks in to get more firewood. Before he picks any firewood up, Stefan freezes. He stands back up and turns around. Brady is behind him, with a gun pointing straight at Stefan. Brady shoots Stefan in the chest with a wooden bullet. Stefan falls to the floor and groans in pain. Tyler enters behind Brady.]

Brady: Keep him down. If he moves [hands the gun and a stake to Tyler, who takes it.]...Kill him.

[Brady exits the garage. Stefan continues to groan and writhe in pain. Tyler points the gun at Stefan.]

Tyler: Don't move!
Stefan: Just let me get the bullet out. It punctured my heart. I need to get it out. I'm not gonna fight you.

[Tyler moves around Stefan, keeping the gun pointed at him. Tyler looks at the door and looks back at Stefan.]

Tyler: I don't think so.
Stefan: Tyler, why are you doing this?
Tyler: I can't let you break the curse.
Stefan: You know about the curse?
Tyler: You're liars, all of you.
Stefan: No. I swear to you. We don't want to break the curse, Tyler. We don't want to do that.
Tyler: Oh, yeah? But I do.

[Tyler shoots Stefan in the leg. Stefan yells in pain.]

Tyler: I can't be like this forever.
Stefan: Tyler, I'm just trying to save Elena.
Tyler: Elena will be fine!

[Stefan looks up at him.]

Stefan: They didn't tell you that part, did they? Who are the liars now?
Tyler: Tell me what?
Stefan: In order to break the curse, Elena has to die.

[Tyler looks uneasy and begins to lower the gun.]

[Elena walks out into the living room, rubbing her arms due to the cold. She looks out the open front door for Stefan.]

Elena: [shouting] Are you growing the trees out there?

[Stefan doesn't respond. Elena glances around her, nervously, and begins to inch closer to the front door.]

Elena: Stefan?

[Elena continues to look out the front door. Brady hides from view against the wall next to the front door. Quietly, Elena picks up a knife from the countertop and slowly walks to the front door and out on the porch.]

Elena: Stefan, what are you doing out there?

[Suddenly, Brady comes up from behind Elena. Elena gasps in shock, turns around, and stabs him in the stomach with the knife. Brady falls on his knees as Elena rushes back into the house, shutting and locking the front door behind her. Brady painfully removes the knife from his stomach. Elena rushes up the staircase. Brady kicks open the front door with ease. Elena rushes across the landing and into a room. Brady enters the house and shuts his eyes.]

Brady: I can smell you.

[Elena, in a frenzy, removes her sweater and places it on the bed. She quietly exits and enters the room across the hallway, shutting the door softly behind her, and covering her mouth so Brady can't hear her breathing. Brady walks up the stairs, the knife clutched in his hand, he enters a room and sees Elena's sweater lying on the bed. He picks it up and sniffs it. Elena quietly opens the door from the other room and sneaks down the stairs. When she gets to the bottom, she looks back up, places her hands on the front door and slams it shut, trying to trick Brady into thinking she went outside. Brady hears the loud noise and turns his head. Elena rushes into her parents room. Brody descends the stairs and glares around the room. He enters Elena's parents room and searches for her, eventually opening up the door to the hidden room. Suddenly, Elena comes up from behind him and stabs him in the shoulder with a wooden stake. Brady falls to the floor, again, and writhes in pain. Elena grabs the bloody knife and rushes out of the room. Brady removes the stake from his back and stands up. Elena runs out the front door with Brady close behind her. As Brady makes it out the front door, Stefan intercepts and plunges his hand into Brady's chest. Elena looks back in shock. Stefan rips his heart out and tosses it to the ground. Elena drops the knife and rushes towards Stefan.]

Stefan: It's okay. It's okay. You're okay. You're okay.

[Elena rushes into Stefan's embrace and he holds her lovingly.]

Stefan: You're all right. It's okay.

[Tyler walks around the corner. Elena looks up from Stefan's shoulder and sees Tyler.]

Elena: Tyler?
Tyler: I didn't know what they were gonna do to you. I didn't. I just...I don't want to be like this anymore.

[Elena pulls away from Stefan and walks over to Tyler. They stare at each other for a moment and Elena embraces him. Tyler wraps his arms around Elena.]

Tyler: I'm sorry, Elena.
Elena: It's okay.

[They continue to embrace as Stefan watches with a sigh of relief.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[The scene is the same as earlier. Jules leans against a shotgun as she talks to Damon.]

Jules: You know what the great thing about buckshot is? It scatters through the body. Maximum damage.

[Damon looks at her with feigned intrigue. Jules lifts the shotgun up and points it at Damon.]

Jules: Where's the moonstone?
Damon: Get over it, honey. You're never gonna get it.
Elijah: You looking for this?

[Elijah, leaning against a banister, twirls the moonstone in his hand. Everyone turns to look at him. Elijah walks down the stairs and places the moonstone on an end table. He backs away.]

Elijah: Go ahead. Take it.

[One of the werewolves uses his wolf speed to rush towards the moonstone, but Elijah, being quicker, plunges his hand into the wolf's chest and rips out his heart. The wolf falls down onto the couch, dead. Two other wolves rush at Elijah and Elijah, without any effort, plunges his arms into their chests and rips out their hearts as well. Jules wolf-speeds out of the house before she is killed. Elijah walks over to Stevie, who crouches down and pulls his jacket over his face in fear. Elijah pulls him up from the ground.]

Elijah: What about you, sweetheart, hmm? You want to take a shot? Yes? No? Yes? Where's the girl?
Damon: [looks around] I don't know.
Elijah: It doesn't really matter.

[Elijah punches Stevie in the face and Stevie falls to the floor. Elijah then removes the chains strapping Damon down into the chair.]

Elijah: So you realize this is the third time I've saved your life now?

[Damon doesn't respond. Elijah turns around, grabs the moonstone, and walks out of the house.]

[Damon, still at the Salvatore house, moves the chair back to its original place. He talks on the phone with Bonnie who is still at Caroline's house.]

Damon: So he planned to kill her all along.
Bonnie: Yeah. The sacrifice is part of Elijah's plan.
Damon: Got it loud and clear.

[Damon hangs up. Alaric suddenly comes back from the dead.]

Damon: Finally. You missed all the fun.

[Damon picks up the chains from the floor as Alaric attempts to awaken.]

Gilbert Residence

[Jenna is at the dining room table, writing a paper. Her phone goes off and she answers it.]

Jenna: There you are. Are you OK?

[The shots alternate between Jenna at her house and Alaric at the Salvatore house.]

Alaric: Yeah, sorry. I...I...I've just been grading papers. [Grimaces at the horrible lie he told her.]  Honestly, uh...I fell asleep. I'm sorry. Jenna, I'm a jerk.
Jenna: No. It's fine. I'm just glad you're OK.
Alaric: Sorry. Tomorrow I'm all yours, OK?
Jenna: Sure. Sounds great.
Alaric: All right. Good night, Jenna.
Jenna: Good night.

[Alaric hangs up, looking upset, and Jenna hangs up as well, looking at her phone with skepticism.]

Gilbert Lake House

[Stefan and Damon are on the phone with each other. Damon is at the boarding house, sitting on the edge of his bed. Stefan is in the family room of the lake house, staring out the window.]

Damon: It was straight from the witch's mouth. He was gonna go through with the whole sacrifice. You should probably just keep her away a little longer.
Stefan: Be careful. Try not to get yourself killed.
Damon: Yeah. It's been a day for that.

[Stefan hangs up. Elena enters the room. Stefan turns around and looks at her.]

Stefan: That was, um...that was Damon. We need to talk.
Elena: What is it?
Stefan: He learned that Elijah's planning for you to die in the sacrifice ritual.

[Elena looks down and breathes out. She walks closer to Stefan.]

Elena: I know the deal I made, Stefan. Elijah's very careful with his words. He promised to protect my friends. He never said a word about me.
Stefan: You mean, you knew that you weren't gonna survive this?
Elena: If it comes down to the people that I love getting killed or me, I know what my choice is gonna be.
Stefan: Elena, could you stand out there earlier with me, talking about making plans for our future, when you don't even expect to have one?
Elena: I'm sorry, Stefan. I'm just trying to keep the people that I love safe. I'm trying to keep you safe.
Stefan: No. What you're doing is you're being a martyr.
Elena: How is that any different from when you say that you would die to keep me safe?
Stefan: Because I've already lived. 162 years I have lived, and you've barely begun, and now you want to let yourself get killed? That's not heroic. It's tragic.

[Stefan gives Elena an indignant look and walks past her and out of the room.]

Forbes Residence

[Bonnie and Jeremy walk out of the living room.]

Jeremy: So will Luka remember anything?
Bonnie: No. He'll know he lost consciousness, that's all.
Jeremy: Should we wait for Caroline?
Bonnie: She was just gonna drop Luka back at the Grill. Said to lock the door on our way out.
Jeremy: Yeah. Well, I hope she drops him hard.

[Jeremy walks to the front door but Bonnie remains where she was.]

Bonnie: Wait. [Jeremy turns and looks at her.] You're Elena's little brother, I've known you forever. You're that punk kid. I remember your awkward phase, and then your emo phase, your druggie phase. [Jeremy laughs] And overnight, you turned into this hot guy who's really sweet and...
Jeremy: You think I'm hot?

[Jeremy walks closer towards Bonnie.]

Bonnie: With everything that's going on, you know, curses and sacrifice...
Jeremy: Enough already.

[Bonnie and Jeremy kiss passionately and they pull apart after an intense moment. Bonnie looks up at him.]

Bonnie: Wow.

[Jeremy smiles at her and pushes a strand of hair out of her face before kissing her again.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Carol walks up the stairs and flips the lights off. As she ascends the stairs, she hears a floorboard creak and looks back.]

Carol: Hello? [Descends the stairs] Hello?

[Carol looks at the table where a giant vase of flowers are and sees an envelope from Tyler labelled "Mom" leaning against it. She picks the letter up and looks around for a sign of Tyler.]

Mystic Grill

[Tyler enters the Grill and looks around. He sees Matt, placing dirty dishes into a bin, and walks up to him.]

Tyler: Matt.
Matt: I'm not in the mood, man.
Tyler: I need to say something.

[Matt faces Tyler.]

Matt: All right. Say it.
Tyler: I've been going through a rough time, something I can't really talk about, and Caroline's been helping me through it. She's been there for me more than anyone's ever been there in my entire life, and I kind of fell for her. I don't know how anyone wouldn't, because she's pretty incredible. But she loves you, and she needs you, and to be honest, she deserves someone like you. So you be good to her, OK?
Matt: Yeah, man. Of course.
Tyler: See you around, Matt.
Matt: Yeah.

[Tyler walks out of the Grill. Matt watches him go, confused.]

Forbes Residence

[Caroline is sitting on her bed, flipping through a magazine, when she hears a sudden noise. She jerks her head up and gets out of bed. She walks out into the hallway.]

Caroline: Mom?

[Caroline walks over to the front door and looks out the window. She does not see anything and proceeds to lock the door and walk back into her room. From a shadowy corner, Tyler watches Caroline, sighs, and walks off the porch. Tyler walks down the street, bag slung over his shoulder, and approaches an idling car. He opens the passenger door and gets in. Jules looks over at him from the driver's seat.]

Tyler: I'm sorry about Brady and your friends, but if I'm gonna go with you, no more lies.
Jules: [Nodding] No more lies. You're doing the right thing.
Tyler: I can't stay here, not like this.

[Jules puts the car in forward gear and drives off with Tyler, away from Mystic Falls.]

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