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It's cool not growing old, I like being the eternal stud.
Damon describing himself as a stud in Family Ties

Damon is an extremely handsome young man with a height of 5'10', a well-toned body, and the physical appearance of a 25-year-old despite being over 178.

Throughout the series, Damon usually wears black shirts with black jackets. With striking, intense blue eyes contrasting wonderfully against dark eyelashes and eyebrows, and a "bad boy" smile, he can be described as relatively athletic, strong, sexy and seductive. He also considers himself the "eternal stud".

Season One

Damon favors dark clothing over light or colorful clothes. A staple of his wardrobe is his black leather jacket that he often wears with matching boots. He favors black or dark rinse jeans to match his dark appearance and demeanor. He is also spotted wearing a black button downs or t-shirts with matching belts. One of his favorite designers is John Varvatos as seen in Family Ties after Stefan stabs him, ruining his shirt John Varvatos. In flashbacks, as a human in the 1860s era, Damon wore shirts with suspenders, waistcoats, dress coats, hats, cravats and leather laced boots.

Damon in 1864 jpg.

Damon in 1864.

Throughout Season One of The Vampire Diaries, Damon sported a coffee black, straight hair style that reaches just over his ears with bangs that sweep across his forehead. In flashbacks from 1864, when he was in his early twenties, his hair is noticeably longer and curlier.

Damon has dark hair, piercing blue eyes and fair skin with olive undertones. Damon also has a square jaw and a menacing bad boy smile. His body is toned and lean but not overly muscular and bulky. He always appears very clean shaven.

Season Two

Damon's choice of clothing hasn't changed dramatically from Season One, though he has softened his look from wearing a lot of leather to wearing dark button downs and t-shirts. For special occasions, Damon is always dressed to the nines. In Know Thy Enemy, Katherine looked through Damon's closet in search of the moonstone and a whole rack of leather jackets was shown. In a flashback to 1864, Damon wears his usual 1864 clothing, white shirt with a bow tie and a waistcoat.

Damon's hair is seemingly longer than in the pilot, though there are some diminutive changes in his style since season one. His hair style varies from sporty, to professional to relaxed, often leaving a piece or two hanging over his forehead. Overall, he does not venture far from parting his hair down the middle. In a flashback to 1864, Damon's hair was curly and parted on the side.

Damon's eyes have changed from appearing cold and menacing from season one to flirty in season two. His vampire eyes are basically the same as the last season. Damon still retains his athletic body from season one and takes off his shirt several times throughout the season.

Season Three

In Season Three, Damon often wears button down shirts and dark jeans. His style has not changed much except for wearing more t-shirts, mainly black and gray. In the flashbacks to 1912, Damon wears a white shirt with black coat, a hat and a tie.

Damon's hair appears darker and messier than in seasons before. The front is cut shorter than before and the back is longer. In the flashbacks to 1912, Damon's hair are curled at the side.

His eyes are a lot more silver then anyone has seem to depict it so be. He seems to be a bit more muscular.

Season Four

In the fourth season, he wears gray, black and navy blue V-neck shirts and black leather jackets, dark jeans and combat boots for men. In the flashbacks to the 1970s, he wears a white shirt with short sleeves design with a dark jeans and combat boots masculine and a sleeveless shirt pastel tone.

His hair is similar to that of season three. In the flashbacks to the 1970s, his hair is short and spiky in the front in various directions.

His eyes are clearer and he has a more muscular appearance.

Season Five

He wears V neck shirts in black, navy, army green, dark red and green water, social black shirts, black jeans and dark blue jeans, he still wears buskins and sometimes wears a suit and shoes to social events.

His hairstyle is neater and comparatively shorter as compared to the previous seasons.

His look becomes stronger, but his personality becomes more peaceful.

Season Six

While being stuck in the Otherworldly Time Dimension, Damon is seen wearing flannel shirts which were popular in 1990s. When he returns to the real world, he is back to wearing his usual V-neck shirts and black leather jackets.

Damon's long hair are back in Season Six, with one or two bangs on his forehead.

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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