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This page contains all the tropes related to Damon Salvatore.


  • For the entirety of the series, Damon has been the Anti-Hero.
  • Some argue that in his heart, he is Good, even if he is not Nice or polite. However, the majority of the time he is downright rude to people.
  • He is extremely cynical and sarcastic; a real Deadpan Snarker; and defends himself with a Sour Armour.
  • On the first season his Jerkass attitude made Elena call him an "Ass" several times (or maybe it was just his shapely behind...)
  • He is certainly a Handsome Devil, and we all know that All Girls Want Bad Boys.
  • There is no doubt he is Tall, Dark and Handsome, even if he claims he is not that tall.
  • But he is also a Loveable Rogue, and although he breaks the law and costumes all the time, he is charming enough for the audience to root for him (remember kids, if you are a pretty white boy you can do no wrong!).
  • He has been known to cause quite a bit of damage to save Elena.
  • He often proposes that Murder is the Best Solution to most of the problems they face. Many times this creates more problems than it solved, because he frequently overlooks stuff like whether he's actually capable of killing the foe, whether they are actually the source of the problem or whether they have friends who'll come looking for revenge.
  • He might have sworn to give Stefan a lifetime of misery, but he will allow nobody else to mess with his kid brother!.
  • Because he is a vampire, and as he says, a predatory species, he does not feel bound to human morality, and displays a morality of his own. (AKA justification for being an evil psychopath, despite it being clearly shown that not all vampires are evil.)
  • He is definitely a ladies' man, a real Casanova. He's had romantic envolvment with Katherine, CarolineRoseMary, CharlotteElena - just to name a few!
  • One could say he has been Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places!
  • He has swung from evil to "good" to evil so many times, it qualifies as a Heel Face Revolving Door.
  • Invoked with  he wants his beloved to be happy, because he isn't willing to sacrifice his happiness for Elena's - he doesn't want her happy unless it's with him.
  • Then there are his Forgotten Powers: in season one he could control a crow and fog - he even boasts about it to Stefan. Never been mentioned since he killed the crow. Not to mention the selective superhearing that works on some episodes, but not others....
  • He had a friends with benefits relationship with Rose-Marie, which ultimately got her killed.

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