Andie: Thank you! So, what do you want Mister tall-dark-and-handsome?

Damon: I'm not that tall. I need a distraction.

Andie and Damon flirting in Daddy Issues

The relationship between the cured vampire/human Damon Salvatore and the human Andie Star.

Damon mostly compelled Andie after Jenna set him up with her. He began to feed on her, similarly to how he did with Caroline Forbes, but eventually pushed her away so that he wouldn't hurt her. They briefly reunited before Stefan compelled Andie to kill herself.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two

In Daddy Issues, Damon and Andie are introduced to each other by Jenna. Damon brushes Andie off and walks away when she offers to buy him a drink, but later he decides he needs someone to talk to about his problems and his love for Elena so he calls her. They end up in the bath together. Damon tells her that he kills people and compels her not to be afraid. He tells her he likes it and tells her to be his distraction before biting her.


Damon kisses Andie.

Andie begins to wear a scarf to hide her bite marks. He makes her promise not to tell anyone that he bit her. He sends her away.

Andie suggests hosting a dinner party with Damon, Alaric, Jenna and Elijah after assuming Alaric's jealous of Jenna and Elijah. Andie and Jenna discuss their relationships with Damon and Alaric as they prepare dinner.

After a fight with Elena and Stefan, Damon goes to his room where Andie's waiting for him in her underwear. She tells him that she loves him and he bites her. He eventually lets her go as she collapses on the floor. He compels her to leave and not come back and she looks at him for a long time before doing so.

Season Three

In The Birthday, Andie is with Damon while he's taking a bath. She gives him more information from the news indicating where Stefan is. After Damon and Alaric follow the leads they receive, Stefan compels Andie to jump from a stage roof and stops Damon from saving her. Damon finds Andie, dead.

Andie's death is reported on the news and when Elena asks Damon why he didn't tell her, he says he didn't want to spoil her birthday.


(Jenna introduces Damon to Andie)
Damon: I know you. The news lady.
Andie: Yeah, Andie Star. Nice to meet you. Can I buy you a drink, Damon?
Damon: My glass is all full, Andie. Thank you. (leaves)
--Daddy Issues



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