Dear Bonnie,

I'm a coward. I should be saying this to your face not writing this letter but, I know if I do you'll talk me out of running away from all my problems. You're gonna make me face a future without Elena, and you're gonna help make me the best man that I can possibly be. Same way she did. And I'm absolutely terrified of failing you both. So I'm leaving. Because I'd rather let you down once than let you down for the rest of your life. And I hope it's the happiest life because you, Bonnie Bennett, are an amazing woman, mediocre crossword player, and my best friend.

With great love and respect, Damon.

Damon's letter to Bonnie in Nostalgia's a Bitch

This is the relationship between the cured vampire, Damon Salvatore and the witch, Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie first saw Damon in Friday Night Bites when he dropped Caroline off at cheerleading practice. They first interacted in Haunted, when Damon learned that Bonnie had come into possession of the Bennett Talisman. He needed this to open the tomb which Katherine was locked in (for 145 years or so he believed). At first, Bonnie didn't want to have anything to do with Damon, saving his life only for Elena's sake and soon blaming him for Caroline's transition into a vampire. However, as time went on, Bonnie was put into situations where she had to work with Damon to achieve what they both wanted (albeit reluctantly at first). Their teamwork has often proved to be beneficial for the both of them. Their relationship has even come to a point where Damon is visibly worried for Bonnie's well-being and was devastated when he found out about her death. The improvement of their relationship is seen in Damon's efforts to help bring Bonnie back from the dead. However, their unique friendship hit a speed bump when Damon reverted to his old ways. Finally, they stood side by side with each other as the Other Side collapsed, holding each other's hand and at peace with what is to come for the both of them. They later discover that they are trapped in a 1994 Prison World. During that time, they start to bond and form a close alliance to take down Kai. Before sending Damon back home, she mentions that he's not exactly the last person she would wanna be stuck with. When Damon returns home, he does everything he can to find a way to bring Bonnie back, including a long road trip to Oregon to seek the Gemini Coven, and also compelling Alaric to steal the Ascendant from Jo. They finally reunite at the Salvatore Boarding House with a hug after Sheriff Forbes's funeral. It's shown that Damon and Bonnie genuinely care about each other and have made sacrifices for each other. After the many ups and downs in their relationship during Season Seven, they become close again. However, Bonnie is heartbroken to learn that the Armory's monster corrupted Damon's mind and she lost him again. Bonnie is currently trying to save his life, along with Enzo's life, with the rest of her friends.

They are known as "Bamon" by fans.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

In Friday Night Bites, Bonnie is at cheerleading practice with Elena wondering about Caroline. When Damon pulls up in his car with Caroline, seeing them kiss before she gets out, Bonnie surmises that Damon is the mystery guy from the grill. Elena tells Bonnie that he is Damon Salvatore and Bonnie guesses that he's related to Stefan.

In Haunted, Damon walks up to Bonnie asking about Caroline's whereabouts. After Bonnie warns him to stay away from Caroline, Damon notices that the she is wearing the Bennett Talisman around her neck. When she won't give it to him, Damon tries to take it and the necklace burns his hand and a frightened Bonnie runs away.


Damon demands that Bonnie give him the crystal

In History RepeatingBonnie had multiple dreams about her wiccan ancestor Emily Bennett, which lead the girls (Elena, Bonnie and Caroline) to decide to hold a séance. During the séance, Emily was able to possess Bonnie and use her own more mature powers to destroy the Bennett Talisman and try to prevent the release of the vampires sealed in the Tomb under Fell's Church. Meanwhile, Damon reveals the reason he really came back to Mystic Falls: to resurrect Katherine with the help of the talisman, which Katherine had given to Emily on the last day of Emily's life before she was executed. Stefan tried to stop Damon, knowing that it would cause a disaster in Mystic Falls: all the vampires held in the tomb of the old Fell's Church were trapped without blood for 145 years, which caused them to desiccate slowly and painfully, and Emily was concerned that the vampires would kill the descendants of the Founding Families in retaliation.

On her way to the ruins of old Fell's Church, Damon greets Emily (in Bonnie's body) and reminds her about the deal they made a century and a half prior: Damon would protect Emily's line and Emily would protect Katherine. Damon lunged for the crystal talisman, and Emily used her power to throw him up to the branch of a tree so she could perform the ritual to destroy the crystal without his interference. Emily released Bonnie from her possession immediately afterwards. Furious, Damon attacked Bonnie, but Stefan saves her by pulling him off of her and feeding her his blood to heal her.

In Isobel, Isobel and John Gilbert (Elena's biological parents) want the Gilbert Device, which Pearl stole back in 1864 from the original Johnathan Gilbert. Pearl gave it to Damon, and when Isobel and John found out, Isobel demanded that Elena, Stefan and Damon give the device to her or would kill Jeremy. Bonnie, after she learns the device is a weapon against vampires, offers to dispel the device, which would make it useless. However, she only pretended to dispel it because of her dislike of vampires (excluding her friends who were turned into vampires, such as Caroline). However, Bonnie makes up for it in the end by helping Elena and Stefan save Damon from death.

Bonnie Stop It!

Bonnie, Elena and Damon before she ignites Damon's body

Bonnie Gives Damon A Spiritual Migraine

Tumblr le5dnm3gP91qfjadho1 500

Bonnie attacks Damon

In The Return, Caroline is admitted to the hospital after she, Tyler, and Matt are in a car accident. Bonnie arrives at the Hospital feeling extremely guilty and worried about Caroline's condition, as the wreck occurred due to Tyler being affected by the noise of the Gilbert Device that she lied about deactivating. Still, although with resentment toward Damon, she convinces him to giving Caroline some of his blood to heal her and guarantee her recovery.

In Brave New World, after Caroline is murdered by Katherine in the hospital, Bonnie is horrified to discover that Caroline has transitioned into a vampire. This caused Bonnie to lash out at Damon, who she blamed for all the misery that had occurred in Mystic Falls, and uses her powers to spray Damon with water from a hose and then set the water on fire. Bonnie was determined to get rid of Damon once and for all, but she is stopped by Elena, who reminded her not to let the vampires get the best of her.


Bonnie helps Damon find the moonstone

In Plan B, Bonnie bumped into Mason Lockwood and got a vision of him and who she thinks is Elena (but is really Katherine) kissing. Stefan realized what it meant, and informed Damon. Together, Bonnie and Damon incapacitate Mason and take him back to the Salvatore Boarding House where they try to find out where the moonstone was and what he and Katherine wanted with it. Bonnie, who Damon calls "judgy", leaves as soon as she learns that the moonstone is in a well, and leaves Damon before she can find out what Damon planned to do with him.

In Masquerade, Bonnie helped Damon and Stefan with their plan to kill Katherine at the Masquerade Ball by putting a spell on a room in the Lockwood Mansion to keep vampires inside. 

In The Sacrifice, Bonnie did a spell to help Damon and Stefan.


Damon takes Bonnie to the witch burial grounds

In Know Thy Enemy, Bonnie worked with Jeremy and Damon in order to find the spell they needed to harness the power of the one hundred witches killed in a massacre hundreds of years prior. Damon admitted knew where the site was because Emily Bennett had been burned there, and that he had tried to save her. He took them to the site where the witches were burned. Inside the house, Damon noticed that he could not move. Seconds later, his daylight ring stopped working, and Bonnie deadpans that the spirits didn't like him being in the house. Stefan and Damon later called Bonnie "their secret weapon" because no one except for them knew that Bonnie had her powers back and had been successful in harnessing the energy of the 100 dead witches. In The Last Dance,
Bamon still

Bonnie and Damon at the 60s decade dance

 Bonnie and Damon figured out that Klaus (in Alaric's body) had been planning to kill her by provoking her into using more magical power than she was able while trying to kill him. Damon told Elena to run and find Stefan, and then asked Bonnie if she was still willing to do what has to be done to kill Klaus. When Stefan and Elena returned, they found Damon alone and Bonnie in the cafeteria fighting with Klaus. After a few striking blows at Klaus, Bonnie sank to the ground and Stefan and Elena couldn’t find a pulse. Damon cut in and told them to leave and that he would take care of the body, stating that the Sheriff couldn't find out about it. He took Bonnie back to the house on the witch burning site and she woke up soon after, revealing that she had only pretended to die in order to give the group more time to formulate a plan to kill Klaus. Damon and Bonnie decided not to tell anyone because the only way that Klaus would think she was dead was if everyone else did as well.

Bonnie and Damon leave after trapping Alaric and others in the house

In The Sun Also Rises, Bonnie cast a spell on John to bind his life-force to Elena's. Damon, Bonnie and Elijah leave for the sacrifice, where Klaus was planning on killing a vampire (Jenna), a werewolf (Jules) and the Petrova doppelgänger (Elena). Jeremy wanted to accompany them, but Bonnie kissed him and cast a spell to make him pass out. Meanwhile, Alaric was furious when he discovered that he was unable to leave the house, due to the sealing spell Bonnie had placed on the house to keep him and Jeremy safe. Bonnie appeared and threw Klaus across the ground. Greta headed over toward them, but Damon broke her neck. He picked up Elena and pulled the stake out of Stefan's back. Stefan told him to get Elena out of there and revealed he won't leave until Klaus is dead. Bonnie continued to cast the spell and as Klaus weakening, Elijah approached him. Elijah began to kill him, but Klaus croaked that he did not bury their family at sea - the bodies were safe. He promised to take Elijah to them if he saved him, and told him that if he killed him, he would never find them. Bonnie threatened to kill them both if Elijah doesn't slay Klaus, adding that she didn't care if she died in the process. However, Elijah apologized and dashed away with Klaus before Bonnie could stop them.


Bonnie stops Damon from killing Tyler

In Homecoming, Bonnie attacked both Tyler and Damon with aneurysm spells in order to stop them from fighting each other. Bonnie stopped Damon from killing Tyler (out of fear of the implications of Tyler's sire bond to Klaus) and learned that Damon had the weapon that could kill Klaus.

In The Ties That Bind Damon helped Bonnie find out where her mother was living, so they could ask for her help to open Klaus' sealed coffin (that was later revealed to hold Esther). Bonnie discovered something different about how Damon and Elena act with each other. After Elena won an argument with Damon, Damon told Bonnie that they kissed, leaving Bonnie shocked and giving Elena a quizzical look.

In Down the Rabbit Hole, when Shane (Silas) claims that he will stay on the island to find Bonnie, Damon stays along to make sure he'll do it, while Rebekah stays to find Galen Vaughn.


Damon hugs Bonnie.

In Stand By Me, Damon left Vaughn with Rebekah, so she could pursue her lead on the cure, and he was off to find Bonnie. Luckily, Bonnie walked out of the woods and found Damon, who hugged her. Bonnie and Damon drove up to Elena's house, and Damon immediately told Caroline to get him Stefan. Apparently Bonnie had shared her plan with him on the trip home. Damon told Stefan about how Bonnie needed to complete the Expression Triangle in order to gain enough power. She mentioned about dropping the veil between this side and The Other Side, so all supernatural creatures have access and they can all see Jeremy, Alaric, Vicki and everyone that they ever lost.

In Pictures of You, Bonnie went to Damon and the others about Silas being at the Prom. He also congratulated her winning prom queen.

In The Walking Dead, Damon and the others were trying to find Bonnie before Silas could get to her. Later, when Silas appeared as Alaric, Damon held him down while Bonnie used her magic to defeat him.

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, when Jeremy finally tells Damon of Bonnie's death, he is shown to be devastated by the news. He later attends her funeral.

In Monster's Ball, Damon wanted to use Silas' suicide mission to bring Bonnie back to life by having Silas bring Bonnie back to life at the cost of the former's life in exchange for helping Silas destroy The Other Side, hinting that he misses Bonnie and will do anything to bring her back.

In Handle with Care, being Bonnie is still dead and on the Other Side, Damon goes through with a plan that benefits both Bonnie and Silas. Although Damon didn't want to deal with his ancient ancestor, he does so for Elena, Jeremy and Bonnie.

In Death and the Maiden, Damon and Elena ally themselves with Silas in order to try and bring Bonnie back. However, when Silas refuses to help when a sudden situation goes down, Silas breaks his promise to bring Bonnie back from the Other Side. Desperate to save Bonnie for Elena and Jeremy's sake, Damon is forced to turn to Qetsiyah for help. Qetsiyah agrees to help Damon bring back Bonnie. This is successful being Bonnie was spelled to be a corporeal ghost. Damon and Bonnie are reunited in this episode months after Bonnie's second death.

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, after being dumped by Elena (who was really Katherine in Elena's body), Damon retaliates by kidnapping Jeremy and forcing Bonnie to help him and Enzo. Damon uses Jeremy as leverage against Bonnie, which infuriates Bonnie. Due to Damon's violent revenge plan, this sours Bonnie and Damon's friendship and they become enemies once again.

In Home, Damon and Bonnie work together to bring Stefan and their other deceased friends back from the Other Side. Bonnie says her goodbyes and crosses over to the Other Side where Damon appears alongside her. Despite their differences, they join hands and embrace their impending doom together. Bonnie asks Damon if he thinks that moving on will hurt, and before Damon can complete his response, they are consumed by a vast white light, presumably killing them and destroying the Other Side.


Bonnie and Damon

In I'll Remember, they only appeared together at the end of the episode. Damon makes Bonnie pancakes and she comments on how everyday she tells him she hates that, and Damon says that everyday he does it anyway. He also adds on "Bon Appétit" and Bonnie passes him a newspaper. Their location is unknown.


Bonnie and Damon stuck in 1994.

In Yellow Ledbetter, after being consumed by the white light, Damon and Bonnie find themselves standing in the same place, the graveyard, still holding hands, and let go. Damon and Bonnie walk into town and find it deserted. Also, the Mystic Grill, which Damon blew up, is still standing. They walk through various streets and find no one in town. They see cars parked on the streets that are all about 20 years old. They come to Elena's house, which has not been burned down, where Damon finds a newspaper. He shows it to Bonnie, where she reads about a solar eclipse, and Damon points out the date: May 10, 1994. When Bonnie says that where they are is impossible, the eclipse happens. Sitting on Elena's porch, Bonnie tells Damon that her Grams made a sacrifice for Bonnie so that Bonnie could find peace. Bonnie thinks that Grams sent her somewhere and Damon came with her when they held hands. Bonnie tells Damon that magic should be able to get them out. Bonnie tries to use magic to light a candle, but fails, much to Damon's disappointment. Later, Damon is in the Salvatore Boarding House kitchen making pancakes while dancing in place, listening to music, and drinking from a bottle of alcohol. Bonnie comes in carrying her long-lost teddy bear, Ms. Cuddles, and her Grams' grimoire. Bonnie thinks that she can use the grimoire to learn how to do magic again, but Damon is doubtful. Bonnie is annoyed and asks for his support. Damon gives her some pancakes and the crossword puzzle from the newspaper. As she is starting the crossword, the eclipse happens again. Damon has Bonnie look at the date on the paper and it says May 10, 1994.

Damon cooking for Bonnie

She realizes that they are stuck in a repeat of the same day. Damon remarks that he is in his own personal hell and that Bonnie is stuck with him. Two months later, Damon is in the kitchen making pancakes again while Bonnie tries to figure out 27 across on the crossword. When Bonnie says that she is sick of pancakes, Damon tells her he's sick of waiting for her to get her magic back so they can get home. Bonnie says that she is trying and Damon says the she is useless. Bonnie thinks she hears something but Damon hears nothing. Bonnie angrily remarks that maybe they're trapped in her hell because Damon is the person that she likes least before grabbing her Ms. Cuddles and storming off.
At night, in the kitchen, Bonnie cooks something in a pot, puts it in bowls, and brings a bowl for her and Damon to the table and sits down across from him at the table. Bonnie tells Damon that she misses their friends too. Damon nods before noticing that 27 across has been filled in. When they both realize that Bonnie didn't solve it, they realize that they are not alone after all.

In Welcome to Paradise, Damon and Bonnie go shopping together. Damon is doubtful that Bonnie is able to do magic but she believes that she can learn again. They also discuss the possibility of someone else being there with them and filling in the crossword puzzle. Bonnie says that Damon is refusing to have hope to see Elena again. As they pass a chip shelf, Bonnie notices some missing pork rinds. Then they hear music from outiside. They come outside to find a coin-operated kids' carousel moving. Bonnie tells Damon that that is what hope sounds like.

Damon opens the carousel coin box thinking it's a short or a faulty wire, but Bonnie thinks someone turned it on. Damon asks why she thinks that if there's another person there with them that they can get out. Bonnie states that if there's another person with them, that means that her Grams put them there and there should be a way out. Bonnie starts a game, asking Damon the first thing he'll tell Elena when they get out. When he sarcastically says he'll tell Elena he killed Bonnie because she was annoying and useless, Bonnie points out Damon's car in the supermarket parking lot, much to Damon's enjoyment.

Damon sits in the car with the engine on pretending to drive fast, telling Bonnie he enjoys it because it's the opposite of her voice. Bonnie asks how his car got there and if he was there in 1994. Damon claims he doesn't remember and Bonnie says that someone might've put his car in the parking lot. Then, after remembering Elena, Damon tells Bonnie that he's gonna tell Elena how much he loves her. They see something moving and go to find their "new friend."

While searching, they find that what they saw could've been a flapping tarp. The carousel starts again and Damon says that it was on a timer. After dismissing the rest of their clues, Damon states that they're never getting out. Bonnie tells Damon to give her his daylight ring. Bonnie tries to force it from him, angrily asking, if this is his hell, why he doesn't end it. Bonnie tells him that hope is the only thing keeping her going and that he isn't helping before she storms off.

Later, when Damon is about to be killed by Kai, the other resident of 1994 Mystic Falls, Bonnie shows up and uses her magic. Kai gets scared and Damon knocks him out. Damon apologizes for calling her the most annoying person in the world. He states he hadn't met Kai yet, to which Bonnie smiles.

Back at the boarding house, they begin questioning a tied-up Kai. Kai claims that he wasn't planning to kill Damon but to get Bonnie to access her magic because Damon and Bonnie care about each other. He tells them that Bonnie's magic is the key to getting them out.

In Black Hole Sun, while Damon is at the boarding house with Kai listening to him ramble, Bonnie walks in with an assortment of items that Kai wanted. Kai then says he will show them how the items will get them out when Damon tells him what he did on May 10, 1994. When Bonnie asks why Damon won't tell him, Damon tells her that it's about the worst thing he's ever done. With some coaxing from Bonnie, Damon begins telling the story of the terrible thing that happened when he came home in May 1994 to make amends with his brother and start fresh. After testing Bonnie's magic, Kai shows them the Ascendant, the tool that will allow them to get home. While they walk with Kai to find where the power of the eclipse is focused, Bonnie reads the newspaper and notices an article about a family massacre in Portland, Oregon, where Kai is from. Kai admits that he is the one who killed them. He tells them that even though he's a witch, he can't practice magic, and his coven, the Gemini Coven, banished him to that place. Bonnie tells Damon that they can't leave because that would free Kai. Damon then tells how he killed Gail, the pregnant girlfriend of his nephew Zach Salvatore, and their unborn child. Later, Damon comes in while Bonnie is eating pancakes. Bonnie reasons that Damon makes pancakes everyday because Gail liked them and Damon is punishing himself. Bonnie says there's hope for Damon because he feels remorse for the bad things that he's done. When Damon suggests that they steal the Ascendant from Kai, Kai shows up and explains that he can temporarily consume magic from others, which he demonstrates by absorbing magic from Bonnie and using it. Kai threatens to consume all Bonnie's magic, which will most likely kill her, if they don't agree to work together to get home.

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Damon and Bonnie work together with Kai for a spell to get out of the Prison World. When Bonnie finds out he doesn't know the spell, she s kills him. Damon is annoyed with Bonnie for killing their only chance of getting out until Bonnie discovers the Ascendant can only be used by a Bennett witch so there is hope. Damon and Bonnie excitedly prepare the Ascendant to go home. Echoing the moment they get trapped in the Prison World, Damon remarks he's sure she'd rather be with plenty of other people. Bonnie, however, smiles and says "Not exactly."

Suddenly Bonnie gets shot by an arrow from a still-alive Kai, who can't be killed in this world. Damon rushes to heal Bonnie with his blood, but Kai intervenes. Kai and Damon fight. Bonnie, in excruciating pain, drags herself over to the Ascendant. "I'm not gonna make it ... but you are." Bonnie says, tears in her eyes. She flings Kai away and tosses Damon the Ascendant, activating it. Damon can only watch in horror before he's sent back home, leaving Bonnie with Kai alone.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Damon visits Bonnie's dorm and listens to her voicemail (even though he thinks she's dead). He leaves an awkward but sincere message thanking her for what she did for him and that he was sorry. "Defying all possible global scenarios ... I might miss you a little bit." Damon says sadly.

In Do You Remember the First Time?, Bonnie manages to send her bear Miss Cuddles to home filled with her magic to keep it from Kai. Damon discovers it and is relieved to realize she's still alive. Damon takes the opportunity in Fade Into You to work with the others to find a way to get Bonnie out and he acknowledges her for the first time to be his friend.

In I Alone, Damon and Elena find a way into the Prison World through the Ascendant to get Bonnie. They finally get in contact with Bonnie and promise to get her out. Damon reminisces about his time with Bonnie, how her hope kept him going, and she sacrificed herself for him to be back. Damon establishes he's doing this for Bonnie, not for Elena because she's his friend and he owes it to her. Unfortunately their plan fails and Kai gets out instead of Bonnie, leaving her all alone. Damon is stricken with guilt by this.

In The Day I Tried To Live, Damon and the others still work to bring Bonnie back, this time with a now remorseful-Kai after his merge with Luke. It's revealed Damon and Bonnie made a pact earlier on to drink the oldest bourbon together before killing themselves if they never got out. Bonnie is drinking the bourbon, which horrifies Damon and makes him guilty. However, Bonnie ultimately doesn't go through with it thanks to Jeremy.


Bonnie and Damon reunite.

In Let Her Go, Damon comes into the kitchen at the Salvatore house and finds various ingredients for making pancakes, as well as already-made pancakes on the counter. He looks up and is shocked to see Bonnie smiling at him. Damon smiles, spreads his arms, and Bonnie happily leaps into them. When Bonnie shows him the video she took of the woman from the 1903 prison world, Damon shockingly recognizes her as his supposedly dead mother.

In The Downward Spiral, Damon calls Bonnie. They tease and banter for a moment. Bonnie confides in him her difficulty fitting back in at home after everything she went through in the Prison World. Damon tries to ask Bonnie to talk to a remorseful Kai and accept his apology, but Bonnie resents Kai deeply and refuses. Damon backs off, but is pressed again by Kai who has information on his mother. Damon arrives with Kai. Bonnie experiences powerful post-traumatic stress and coldly rejects his apology, then leaves.

Damon visits her dorm a short while after. Bonnie is furious with Damon for making her see Kai even while he tries to explain the situation. In rage, Bonnie uses her magic on Damon to make him experience everything Kai did to her up until the point she was left alone, starting to cry. Damon apologizes. Bonnie screams at him to get out and he does.

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Damon goes to Bonnie at Whitmore College to ask for her help in getting his mom out of the 1903 prison world. He apologizes to Bonnie for his earlier behavior and asks her to work with Kai so that they can use Damon's mom to flip Stefan's humanity switch back on. She asks if she gives him her blood if he'll leave and Damon tells her that she may want to come with them because he has the answer to what she wants. Later, Bonnie and Kai meet up with Damon and Elena at the boarding house and they all travel to the 1903 prison world. Damon and Elena go to find Lily Salvatore while Bonnie and Kai search for the Ascendant. Later, Damon tells Bonnie and Elena to go and start the spell on the Ascendant while he goes to find Lily. Bonnie begins the spell as Damon returns with his mother in tow. Damon, Bonnie, Elena and Lily leave with Kai stuck in the prison world. At the boarding house, Damon and Elena are making out in the kitchen when Bonnie walks in. When Elena leaves them alone, Bonnie thanks Damon for helping her to find closure. Damon turns on the watertap and tells Bonnie that Lily wants to open up the prison world to get her other family back but he assures that they are never going back. Bonnie then gives him a gift from 1994, cure for vampirism. She tells him she knows he wanted it for Elena. He asks what if he doesn't want that for her now and Bonnie says it's none of her business.

In Because, Damon stops by with a coffee. The two talk about recent events, specifically his mother wanting to free her heretic family from the 1903 Prison World and how he gave her the Ascendant. Bonnie is angry about the dangerous decision and even more furious that they'll need her for the spell. Damon tries to insist she'll be fine, but Bonnie angrily storms away. When Bonnie tries to destroy the Ascendant to protect herself and everyone else from Kai/the eretics, Damon stops her. Finally Damon explains to her Lily has the cure and is leveraging him. Bonnie is still livid and the two clash. Bonnie knowingly accuses Damon of not wanting Elena to have the cure and challenges him to take the Ascendant and risk everything. Damon hesitates, but ultimately doesn't take it.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Elena falls into a sleeping curse by Kai and is linked to Bonnie, only able to wake up until she dies. The spell has no loopholes without somehow killing both. Damon is in furious torment over this. He finds him only to find Bonnie dying. Kai taunts Damon to let her die to wake up Elena. Damon appears deeply conflicted. He apologizes to Bonnie and kisses her on the forehead before appearing to walk away, leaving Bonnie betrayed. Kai mocks how little Damon seemed to care for her after all when suddenly Damon reappears, chopping off his head. Damon then rushes over Bonnie just moments from death and heals her, choosing ultimately to save her instead of awakening Elena.


In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Bonnie is shown to be with Alaric and Damon in Europe. Bonnie insisted on taking them on a worldwide vacation to get over the loss of their lovers. It proved to be somewhat effective until Damon brought up that he wouldn't get to see Elena for another few decades. However, when a car came rushing at Bonnie from behind, he debates about whether or not to save her life. In the end, Damon uses his vampire speed to save Bonnie from potentially dying in a car accident. Bonnie soon figures out that he hesitated to save her life, which angers her. However, Bonnie tells him that he is stuck with her until she dies and Elena wakes up and they continue to finish their vacation with Alaric as best friends traveling the world together.

In Cold as Ice, Damon calls Bonnie and asks for help. Bonnie sarcastically says that that is a great way to be greeted. Damon asks Bonnie for a better location for Julian. Bonnie realizes that Nora, who is helping Bonnie with the local Toys for Tots drive, could help her. She tells Damon that she might be able to help and tells him he'll text her later. After Bonnie learns from Nora that Julian doesn't work alone, Bonnie texts Damon to run.

In This Woman's Work, Bonnie and Damon first encounter each other when Krystal, Damon's one night stand, leaves the Salvatore Boarding House. Bonnie notices that something is bothering Damon and she teases him that she will leave a detailed entry in her diary to Elena about Krystal if he didn't tell her what was wrong. Damon bitterly tells her to go ahead. Later on, Bonnie is fed up with Damon acting unlike himself and she angrily asks him what is wrong. Damon, knowing that she would hate him if he told Bonnie that he thought he killed Elena under the Phoenix Stone's influence, he still refused to tell her and he left her alone after their bitter argument.

In Moonlight on the Bayou, Damon and Bonnie ally together with Enzo to go to the Armory's building to investigate the history of the Phoenix Stone and Rayna Cruz. After Bonnie handicaps Enzo and goes off to explore the Armory's building on her own, Enzo knocks out Damon and traps him in one of the Amrory's sealed rooms with Tyler Lockwood, who began transforming into a werewolf during a full moon. Bonnie risks her life to save Damon by opening the sealed door to his prison. Tyler knocks her out due to causing her physical trauma as a werewolf. Damon rushes Bonnie to the hospital after he feeds her some of his vampire blood. After Bonnie is unconscious and resting while recovering in a hospital room and bed, Damon affectionately tells her that he doesn't want her to risk her life for him again.

In I Would for You, Damon chooses to desiccate himself and doesn't tell Bonnie who instead hears it from Enzo. Bonnie storms into the storage container that he was being held in and yells at him for choosing to leave her with out a proper goodbye.

In One Way or Another, Damon feels bad for leaving his friends behind in order to dessicate alone in a coffin, next to Elena's coffin. Damon regrets leaving Bonnie and Alaric's side the most. Knowing that Bonnie would not react well to Damon's sudden appearance at Bonnie's psychiatric hospital after dessicating for three years, attempted to buy her some flowers to make up for his long-disappearance. After their sudden reunion, Bonnie was shocked to see Damon, but after staring at each other in the tense situation they were in, Bonne angrily slams the door on his face.

In Somebody That I Used to Know, they allied with Enzo and Rayna Cruz to end the Armory's influence in their lives. Also, Bonnie is dying and she must ally with Damon in order to save herself. While doing this, Bonnie and Damon's reunion was not going well. Bonnie would not forgive Damon for leaving her without saying goodbye, which bothered Damon. It can be assumed that Damon is going to try in future episodes to gain his friendship back with Bonnie.

In Requiem for a Dream, Damon is frantic, along with Enzo and Caroline, to save Bonnie from her Supernatural Huntress side. However, due to Bonnie still being unconscious in the Salvatore Boarding House, nobody knows how she is going to react when she awakens. Damon, Enzo, Caroline and Stefan all try to get inside Bonnie's head, except Stefan (he only tried to assist Caroline from outside Bonnie's head). Damon is surprised that neither Caroline, Bonnie's longtime best friend, and Enzo, Bonnie's current boyfriend, couldn't get through to Bonnie's good side. Without much to do now, Damon decides to enter Bonnie's head and provoked her enough in order to get her to wake up. When Bonnie does wake up, she calls Damon and expresses her hatred towards him. She also gloats that she marked Damon as well as her third target and she got Matt Donovan to help her hunt Damon down in Mystic Falls' woods. When she finds him, Damon and Bonnie bicker back and forth as they physically fight in the woods. When Bonnie subdues him and tries to stake his heart, Damon pours his heart out to her and begs Bonnie to forgive him for abandoning her. Just when Bonnie reconsiders her actions for a moment, she tries to stake him again. Matt then appears behind Damon and Bonnie and shoots Bonnie in the back with vervain darts and assists Damon in getting an unconscious-Bonnie away from Mystic Falls.

In Gods and Monsters, Damon helps save Bonnie from turning into a monstrous, Supernatural Huntress. Damon, with Stefan, convinces Alaric and Caroline to use their twin daughters in siphoning the spelled, locked Armory open in order for Damon to kill the last corpse that connected Bonnie's huntress side to her. Damon is successful in relieving Bonnie of her Huntress side. Damon later calls Bonnie and she jokes with him, but all is forgiven between them. However, as Damon ventures into the Armory's Vault, Bonnie along with Enzo tell him to stop listening to the Vault's false voices. Unfortunately, shortly after Enzo goes into the Armory's vault after Damon, they are both mentally altered. Damon, Enzo, and the Armory's creature all escape the vault and eventually, Bonnie tracks Damon and Enzo down. However, Bonnie and the rest of her friends are at a loss on how to save Damon or Enzo.

In Hello, Brother, the season opens up with revealing that it's been months since Bonnie has last seen Damon. Bonnie and Stefan have been searching for Damon and Enzo for months while knowing that the Armory's creature was mentally manipulating them. When they finally get another lead on them, Bonnie refuses to have hope on finding them, but Stefan convinces her to come along for the search anyway.

When Bonnie and Stefan do find Damon and Enzo, they both tell Bonnie and Stefan that it was a bad idea to find them. When Bonnie refuses to leave because of trying to find Enzo, this puts Stefan and Bonnie in danger. When Enzo finally appears, Damon vampspeeds Bonnie into a chokehold, which she cannot break out of being she has no more magic. Stefan finally convinces Damon to let her go. Eventually Bonnie and Stefan decide to leave, while leaving Enzo and Damon behind. After leaving them, Bonnie expresses how Enzo was trying to help her. Bonnie now has hope again that she can save Damon and Enzo from the Armory's monster, later revealed to be a Siren.


In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, Damon first tries to attack Bonnie, on Sybil's orders, while she was wedding dress shopping with Caroline. Being Bonnie doesn't have access to her magic, she couldn't defend herself against Damon. However, Caroline was able to defend Bonnie long enough for them to escape.

Later on, Damon and Enzo are forced, by Sybil, to fight to the death until Bonnie could choose between them. Bonnie was forced to choose to save Enzo instead of Damon because of Sybil's mind games. Damon begs Bonnie not to choose Enzo because the threat of Hell is his ultimate result after Sybil is done with him. However, Sybil has Damon kill Bonnie after she chooses to save Enzo over Damon. When Damon almost kills Bonnie, Alaric miraculously shows up, hits Damon with his car and saves Bonnie from being killed by Damon. After Bonnie and her friend successfully subdue Sybil and Enzo, Bonnie is left emotionally distressed after the exhausting and emotional day of dealing with Sybil's games with Damon and Enzo.

In Nostalgia's a Bitch,


Bonnie: "That must be the mystery guy from the Grill."
Elena: "That's not a mystery guy. That's Damon Salvatore."
Bonnie: "Salvatore? As in Stefan?"
-- Friday Night Bites

Damon: "So, where'd Caroline run off to?"
Bonnie: "Do yourself a favor, Damon, and don't ask me about Caroline."
Damon: "Oh, Bonnie. So loyal."
Bonnie: "Just stay away from her"
-- Haunted

Damon: "Okay. It's your last chance."
Bonnie: "I'm gonna scream."
Damon: "Oh, no, don't do that. Let's stay on point. Listen, I want my necklace."
Bonnie: "You can't have it."
Damon: "Well, I can't take it, but you can give it to me. I'm trying to help you here."
Bonnie: "I don't want your help."
Damon: "See, you do want my help and you don't even know it. You know why, you little witch? Because you've stumbled into something you need to stumble out of."
Bonnie: "Just leave me alone or I swear I'll..."
Damon: "Ooh, nope. No threats. Look. A, you hurt me last time. B, I wish you no harm. Believe it or not, Bonnie, I wanna protect you."
Bonnie: "He's bad news, Elena. He really scared me."
Elena: "You need to stay as far away from Damon as possible."
Bonnie: "I'm trying. He just keeps showing up."
-- History Repeating

Bonnie: "You tried to kill me."
Damon: "But I didn't... does that not count for anything?"
-- Unpleasantville

Bonnie: "Did you know the Gilbert device affected Tyler Lockwood?"
Damon: "Well, I know it took the Mayor down."
Bonnie: "Don't you want to know why?"
Damon: "Yes, Bonnie, I would love to know why a non-vampire was tortured by the vampire torture device that you let John Gilbert use against us. Speaking of your guilt, how's Caroline?"
Bonnie: "She's much better."
Bonnie: "One wrong move, and I'm gonna take you out."
Damon: "Now you need to stop with the witch's brew. You're starting to believe your own press."
Bonnie: (She uses her powers on Damon. He cringes in pain.) "Oh, I'm sorry... you were saying?"
-- The Return

Bonnie: "Here is his bag as requested" (Sets Mason's bag on a chair)
Damon: "Hey, grab that corner."
Bonnie: "Why-why are we doing this?"
Damon: "Because I don't wanna stain the carpet."
Bonnie: "I knew you were gonna say something like that."
Damon: "Hm. Judging again" (Sighs)
Bonnie: "He's not gonna be out much longer."
Damon: "Whoa. Looks like this guy is used to being tied up" (Bonnie touches Mason's head) "What are you doing?"
Bonnie: "You're looking for a moonstone; I am trying to help you find it."
Damon: "Oh good, yeah. Find out if he gave it to Katherine, find out where she is and find out what they are gonna do it with once they get it."
Bonnie: "Somewhere small, dark, there's water."
Damon: "Like a sewer?"
Bonnie: "No, like a-- well. That can't be right. Yeah, it's a well."
Damon: "Why would it be in a well?"
Bonnie: "I told you: I only get what I get" (Mason grabs Bonnie's arm and she screams. Damon pulls her out of Mason's grasp) "That's it. That's all I got." (Walks quickly up the stairs)
Damon: "Hey, Judgey?" (Bonnie turns around to look at him) "Thank you."
-- Plan B

Bonnie: "You heard Jeremy and me talking, didn't you?"
Damon: "Is it true?"
Bonnie: "Yes."
Damon: "The part about you having a 50/50 shot of surviving, is that true?"
Bonnie: "He was upset, I didn't want him to worry."
Damon: "So you'd lay it all out on the line for Elena, no matter what?"
Bonnie: "No matter what."
Damon: "Good."
Bonnie: "You can't tell her."
Damon: "Your secret's safe with me, but, I mean, with all that power, is there no way to increase your odds?"
Bonnie: "Careful, Damon. I might start to think you actually care."
Damon: "We wouldn't want that."
-- The Last Dance

Damon: "What the hell’s wrong with you? You’re not supposed to witchy migraine me!"
Bonnie: "You’re not supposed to kill Tyler!"
-- Homecoming

Damon: "You're still mad at me for what happened to Abby. Let me apologize. I'm sorry Elijah forced us to turn your mother into a vampire to save Elena's life. Didn't exactly have a choice."
Bonnie: "There's always a choice. Whenever you make one, someone else suffers."
-- Do Not Go Gentle

Bonnie: "How did I not know any of this stuff about Jeremy?"
Damon: "The witch who loses her powers gets left out of the important conversations."
-- We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

Damon: "Wait a minute. You're using me to get to Bonnie Bennett? Whoa, brother. You picked the wrong vampire."
Vaughn: "We'll see about that."
Shane (about Bonnie): "I'll stay here to make sure she's safe."
Damon: "I'll stay here to make sure you're not lying."
-- Down the Rabbit Hole

Damon: "I can't - I can't just leave her behind, I can't show up without Bonnie!"
-- Stand By Me
Damon: "I could actually hug you right now." (goes and hugs her)
-- Stand By Me
Matt: "Where are Bonnie and Damon?"
Elena: "We lost Bonnie on the island. Damon stayed back to try and find her."
Matt: "That's funny. Doesn't he hate her?"
Elena: "He doesn't hate her. I think he actually kinda loves her. You're mean to the people that you care about."
Matt: "That's some messed-up logic."
Elena: "Damon logic."
Matt: "Damon logic."
-- Stand By Me


Damon: "This place is going down, isn't it?"
Bonnie: "It is. I'm sure there are a million people we'd rather be with right now, but..."
(Bonnie takes Damon's hand and they entangle)
Damon: "A couple thousand, at most."
Bonnie: "Do you think it'll hurt?"
Damon: "I don't kn-"
-- Home

(Damon gives Bonnie a plate of pancakes topped with a smiley face with fangs)
Bonnie: "Every day I tell you I hate that."
Damon: "And every day I do it anyway. Bon appétit."
-- I'll Remember

(after the Other side collapses, Damon opens his eyes and finds that he's still in the woods)
Damon: "Huh." (looks over and sees that he's still with Bonnie and they're still holding hands; they let go) "That got awkward fast."
Bonnie: "What happened? Where is everybody?"
Damon: "How many more streets are we gonna wander?"
Bonnie: "How many times you gonna ask me questions I don't have the answers to? Hmm?"
Damon: "All right, talk me through it."
Bonnie: "Before the Other Side collapsed, my Grams said that she made a sacrifice so I could find peace."
Damon: "The part where you actually have a theory."
Bonnie: "Well, this clearly isn't peace, otherwise I wouldn't be stuck here with you."
Damon: "Rude."
Bonnie: "Listen, there was a time when I couldn't practice magic. This grimoire taught me a lot. Maybe I can reteach myself."
Damon: "If you're still a witch. Which, with our luck and your skill, probably ain't the case."
Bonnie: "Would a little support kill you?"
Damon: "You know, I am acutely aware that we are in some otherworldly time dimension. However, do you ever think for one second that maybe it's you being negative reacting to my natural self negatively? Hmm?"
Bonnie: "You're ridiculous."
Damon: "Nope, I'm consistent."
-- Yellow Ledbetter

(Damon imitates car noises with his voice, pretending to drive his car)
Bonnie: "How much longer are we gonna listen -"
Damon: "Shh, shh, shh, shh. This sound is the opposite sound of your voice, and I so enjoy it."
Damon: "Which means we're alone, in my own hell, with no Grams escape hatch. We're never getting out."
Bonnie: "Give me your ring."
Damon: "What?" (Bonnie grabs his hand and they fight)
Bonnie: "Give me your ring. All I've heard you say is that you have no hope, and if this is your hell, so if it's so bad then why don't you just end it?" (he pushes her away from him)
Bonnie: "Hope is the only thing keeping me going, Damon. So if you're really done, if you have none," (she pushes his chest) "then be done, 'cause this isn't helping." (she walks away from him)
Kai: "Temper's gonna get you in trouble, Damon. It's already driven Bonnie away how many times? Oh, oh, oh, wait. I know. Thirteen."
Damon: "You think my temper's bad with her? I like her. You, not so much."
Damon (to Bonnie): "Sorry I called you the most annoying person in the world. I hadn't met him yet."
Kai: "I knew Bonnie would show up. She always comes back, all 13 times. And I knew, with the right motivation, she'd be able to access her magic. Although I, I did get a little worried with all your bickering that Damon's life wouldn't be enough motivation. But turns out it was. I guess that's just how you two show your love."
-- Welcome to Paradise

Bonnie: "Play nice."
Damon: "Stop trying to impress the new guy."
Bonnie: "Why don't you just tell him your story?"
Damon: "Maybe because I don't wanna talk about the worst thing I ever did, Bonnie."
Kai: "I need to be entertained while I work. Hell story, please."
Damon: "Remind me not to kill him."
Bonnie: "Maybe telling him your story will take your mind off of it."
Damon: "Whose side are you on?"
Bonnie: "The side where we get to go home to the people we love."
Damon: "Think you can find our ticket out of here, Bon Bon?"
Bonnie: "Hell, yeah."
Damon: "We may be having a bit of a disagreement, but don't ever lay a hand on her."
-- Black Hole Sun

Damon: "On the bright side, this stuff's not so bad. It's fruity, and fizzy."
Bonnie: "Damon, I'm working on something-"
Damon: "On the not-so-bright side, is your intelligence, because you took the only chance of us getting out of here and turned him into a giant... douche-kebab."
Bonnie: "Think about it, Damon. What prison gives an inmate a key?"
Damon: " Is that a trick question? Or is this stuff actually starting to kick in..."
Bonnie: "I think the Gemini coven used a Bennett spell to create this place, what if that's why my Grams sent me here?"
Damon: "This is the face I make when I don't understand you."
Bonnie: "You know the last thing my Grams said to me... was to stay strong. What if that was her way of telling me I have the power to get out? I have the ascendant, a massive celestial event to draw from, plus a burning desire to get away from you."
Bonnie: "That's why Kai wouldn't kill me. He needed a Bennett... I was his only way out of here."
Damon: "Whoa, where are you going?"
Bonnie: "Home. You coming?"
Damon: "I'm sure there are about a billion people you'd rather be here with..."
Bonnie: "Not exactly."
-- The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Damon: "Happy birthday, Bon-Bon."
Damon: (in video) "This place is my own personal hell."
Bonnie: (laughs) "Drama queen."
Damon: "Hey."
Bonnie: (in video) "Reporting to you live from retro world, I'm Bonnie Bennett. Joining us today in the studio is special guest Damon Salvatore."
-- The Day I Tried To Live

Damon: "Bonnie?"
Bonnie: "The one and only."
-- Let Her Go

Bonnie: "I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm glad you called."
Damon: "Uh-oh. Caroline go off the rails? If so, I called it."
Bonnie: "Gloating in one of my best friend's times of need? It's weird that I miss you."
Damon: "Bonnie, I thought I was clear. Our relationship only exists within the confines of 1994."
Bonnie: "You think one phone call makes us friends?"
Damon: "You don't have to pretend, Bon. I'm like a fever you can't shake."
Bonnie: "Yeah. Yeah, a disease."
Damon: "You okay?"
Bonnie: "Well, if scorching some douchebag with my magic is okay, then yeah. Peachy. When you came back, did you just slide right back into your old life?"
Damon: "What, you mean the one where my brother was an auto mechanic and my girlfriend forgot she loved me? Yep."
Bennett: "I want you to get out."
Damon: "Bonnie, I'm sorry."
Bonnie: "Get out!"
-- The Downward Spiral

Bonnie: "I hate Kai and you know that and the first thing you did when I got back was throw him in my face to fake-apologize."
Damon: "Yeah, and then I real-apologized for being a dick."
Bonnie: "And here you are, less than 24 hours later, asking me to work with him."
Damon: "Bonnie, we need Kai to get to 1903. And we need Bennett blood to do the damn spell. Listen, we go in, we grab my mom, she flips Stefan's switch, he triggers Caroline, emotional dominoes. Hey, everybody wins!"
Bonnie: "If I give you my blood, will you just get out of my face?"
Damon: "Probably. Although, I think you're gonna want to join us. Stick with me, Bonnie Bennett. I might just have the answer to all your prayers."
Bonnie: "I just wanted to thank you for helping me find closure today."
Damon: "You know there's a crazy lady up there that wants to open that prison world up more than anything, right?"
Bonnie: "We're never going back there, right?"
Damon: "No, we're not."
Bonnie: "Good. Because I have something for you. A gift from 1994. I was gonna give it to you yesterday, but then you acted like an ass and you didn't deserve it."
Damon: "Well, I... (Bonnie takes out a box) That's not what I think it is, is it?"
Bonnie: "If it wasn't for your notes on the map of Nova Scotia, I would've never remembered there was magic on that island. There's a good chance that I wouldn't be here today. So for my '94 road trip, I got you a little something."
(Bonnie hands Damon the box; Damon opens it to reveal the cure for vampirism)
Damon: "The cure. The cure to vampirism."
Bonnie: "I knew you were planning on getting it yourself. You had the whole route mapped down to the kilometer."
Damon: "Why are you giving me this?"
Bonnie: "Because my mom's surprisingly happy as a vampire. And because I have full faith that we'll get Caroline back to normal the old-fashioned way. But mostly because I knew you wanted it for Elena."
Damon: "What if I don't want it for her now?"
Bonnie: "That's none of my business. I'm just finishing what you started. You can give it to her or not. It's up to you."
-- A Bird in a Gilded Cage

Damon: "Hello."
Bonnie: "Hey. This is a surprise."
Damon: "Well, you know, I was just in the 'hood, I thought I might stop by and bring my friend a little morning pick-me-up."
Bonnie: "Thanks. What is this?"
Damon: "Uh, it's a mocha latte frappe-something. I don't know. I guessed."
Bonnie: "Clearly. So Elena told me that you guys found Caroline, which is great. Funny enough, she didn't mention anything about a cure for vampirism."
Damon: "Please don't tell me you said anything."
Bonnie: "I didn't. Apparently, neither have you."
Damon: "Well, I've been busy. You know, my mom's in town. I had to vampire-proof a B&B. You have any idea how many people I had to compel to make that happen?"
Bonnie: "Quite a few, I'm assuming, which makes me wonder how you had time to bring your bud a coffee. Hmm?"
Damon: "Do you ever hear of April Lyrids? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, it's a stupid comet that my mom thinks that she's gonna use to pull her friends out of the 1903 prison world."
Bonnie: "Okay, but we're not letting her people out."
Damon: "Well, I may have reinforced that possibility when I gave the Ascendant to her for safekeeping."
Bonnie: "You what?!"
Damon: "Come here."
(Damon pulls Bonnie into an empty classroom)
Bonnie: "Damon, you were the one that said her friends are vampires who can do magic."
Damon: "I think the PC term is witch-pire."
Bonnie: "The term is freaks we've never dealt with before."
Damon: "But it doesn't matter because she still needs you to do the spell to open up the door to 1903, Bonnie."
Bonnie: "Oh, so that means she's gonna come looking for me."
Damon: "So we stall her. Look, Lily's like a bill collector. If you dodge her calls long enough, she'll leave you alone."
Bonnie: "No. Eventually, they shut your power off. You better fix this before she becomes my problem. Don't ever show up here pretending to care about me again."
Bonnie: "Do not take another step."
Damon: "You don't know what you're doing, Bonnie."
Bonnie: "I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm protecting myself. For the first time, I'm putting me first."
Damon: "Look, I'm all about girl power, but just give me the damn Ascendant and I promise you Kai will not get out."
Bonnie: "Oh, you promise me? Is that supposed to mean something? This isn't about Kai anymore. The people that this would free are a million times stronger than him and us and don't get me started on the fun they would have with a newly human Elena."
Damon: "My mom has the cure, Bonnie."
Bonnie: "What are you talking about?"
Damon: "If I don't bring her that, she's gonna destroy it."
Bonnie: "So your own mother is leveraging you? Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
(Bonnie starts chanting a spell to destroy the Ascendant)
Damon: "Stop!"
Bonnie: "If I hand this over to you, I am sacrificing myself, again. I'm risking my life, again. I could end up dead, again!"
Damon: "You don't wanna push me, Bon-Bon."
Bonnie: "What do you want? For Elena to have a human life, to be happy, to grow old without you? If that's what you really wanted, you would have given her the cure by now. Am I wrong? I said, "Am I wrong?" I know you, Damon. I spent four months with you, day in and day out. We went to hell and back again, literally, and you're more scared now than I have ever seen you before. It's not about what happens if you don't give Elena the cure. You're scared about what happens if you do. If you think you can handle it, free a bunch of people who will want to kill me and anyone else who tries to stand in their way, and then you can spend the next 70 years watching Elena grow old and die. If that's what you want, take it."
-- Because

Bonnie: "I know about the cure, Elena."
Elena: "You do? How is that even possible?"
Bonnie: "Damon called me last night and told me everything, including his insane plan to take it with you."
Elena: "Damon called you?"
Bonnie: "He needed someone to talk to after you left the conversation without telling him what you were thinking."
Elena: "That's not exactly how it happened."
Bonnie: "And I quote: 'She stared at me like I was an alien and then basically teleported out of the room.'"
-- I'd Leave My Happy Home For You

(Damon calls Bonnie on the phone)
Damon: "Bonnie Bennett. You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice right now."
-- I'm Thinking Of You All The While

Bonnie: "Ric was right here. How did we lose him?"
Damon: "You're wearing terrible shoes for trailing someone, and your eyes suck, and you're slow."
Bonnie: "Oh?! I'm slow? You just spent the last few weeks in Europe with a guy pretending to be drunk and you didn't even notice."
Damon: "True."
(Bonnie finds Damon in her dorm room at Whitmore College)
Bonnie: "What are you doing here?"
Damon: "Have you been to Mystic Falls? There is a Heretic clipping his gnarly Heretic toenails in my master bath right now. I have nowhere else to go."
Bonnie: "So, I guess it's a good thing I didn't get hit by a truck, huh?"
Damon: "Come on, Bonnie. It was three seconds."
Bonnie: "Do you know how long three seconds are in a life-or-death situation?"
Damon: "In the first second, I thought how amazing it would feel to have Elena in my arms again. By second number two, I was kissing her. And by the third, I remembered you're my best friend, and that if anything ever happened to you, I would lose my mind. So yes, Bonnie, I do know how long three seconds are."
Bonnie: "Just checking."
Damon: "And I will wait for her, and you're gonna help me. You're stuck with me, too."
Bonnie: "The Heretics are out because of me."
Damon: "No, Bonnie. The Heretics are out because my mother's a lunatic and everyone's too scared to stop her."
Bonnie: "I'm not. I want to fight. I want our town back."
-- Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take

Damon: "Well, I'm sorry, I'm, I'm trying to do this thing where I do right by Elena and I just, I just don't think that she'd want me to crush his spirit like that. Let him down gently."
Bonnie: "Is this you doing right by Elena or you not wanting to break your best friend's heart? Fine, but you owe me."
Damon: "Thanks, Bon bon."
Bonnie: "So Lily is the reason we'll never see Elena again."
Damon: "Apparently she has a thing for emotional torture."
Bonnie: "Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
Damon: "Hey! I do not go behind people's backs and torture them. I like my enemies to look me in the eye and see the depth of my rage."
Bonnie: "You sure you wanna do this?"
Damon: "Burning that bastard's body would've been too good for Lily. I want to give her that man that she's cherished and loved and missed for 100 years. I want her to run into Julian's arms and I want her to remember what it feels like to have that love returned. I want her to taste true happiness. And then, I want to rip his head off right in front of her. I want to break her heart, I want to break her spirit. I want to destroy her."
Bonnie: "So much for the new leaf, huh?"
Damon: "Tell me I'm being stupid and reckless and cruel. Tell me I'm not doing right by Elena."
Bonnie: "You're doing right by Elena."
Damon: "Well, glad to see you've boarded this train to crazy town, Bonnie Bennett. It was getting lonely all by myself."
-- Live Through This

Bonnie: "I need a drink and a buddy. And currently you are my only buddy available to drink. You'll notice I'm overlooking the fact that you nearly killed me the last time we hung out, so thanks for that. You're out of bourbon? How is that possible? Someone celebrating Julian's very timely demise? Stefan didn't tell you? He put a chair back through his heart."
Damon: "That's an oldie but a goody. Hope he has enough chairs to take out the rest of Julian's backup dancers."
Bonnie: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're too debauched to even notice he's missing. Anyway, on the subject of people who have gone missing, when was the last time you spoke to Enzo?"
Damon: "Um..."
Bonnie: "Because yesterday, I got dragged into a very bad hell-ward rerun starring Nora and Mary Louise. You know, so we could track down Rayna Cruz, the big, scary Huntress, who, by the way, turned out to be 80 and senile. When, all of a sudden, Enzo shows up out of nowhere and steals her corpse. (finds a jean mini skirt under her chair cushion) What is this?"
Damon: "Um..."
Bonnie: "And don't tell me it belonged to Carol Lockwood."
Damon: "Great. Now that we have the world's ugliest letter opener, let's give it to Enzo."
Bonnie: "Whoa. Now that we've got this thing, I wanna know what Enzo has over you."
Damon: "I'm just doing a solid for a bud, Bon."
Bonnie: "Actually, I'm the one doing the solid. You're the one making me do the solid and now you're gonna tell me why."
Damon: "Just leave it alone, Bonnie."
Bonnie: "What'd you do? Couldn't be worse than whatever was wearing that jean skirt. Fine. Just don't be surprised if I leave behind a really detailed journal entry for Elena that's all about Krystal with a K."
Damon: "Be my guest."
Bonnie: "Damon, it's me. I'm your best friend. And when Alaric heads to Dallas, I might be your only friend."
Damon: "You're right, Bonnie. You are my best friend, which is why I can't tell you. So I'm asking you, leave it alone!"
(Damon is feeding Bonnie his blood to heal the wound inflicted by Rayna earlier)
Bonnie: "Hey, You didn't hesitate for one second... let alone three. Thank you."
Damon: (smiles) "Of course."
-- This Woman's Work

Bonnie: "Valerie just said she lost cell reception with Stefan."
Damon: "As if ruining his life wasn't enough for me to worry about, now I get to wonder when you and Valerie exchanged numbers."
Bonnie: "You told Stefan you would find a way to get him off the hook with Rayna and I told Caroline I'd make sure you didn't screw it up. So we both have a lot riding on this."
Damon: "Fine. Be that way. Ignore me. By the way, once whatever crap Enzo gave you is out of your system and magic works on you again, I'm going to give you my blood and heal you, okay? But, in the meantime, there's something I want you to know. You are a terrible friend. You know that? Do you have any idea what I'd have to go through if you'd have died today? Huh? Years of guilt. Crippling, self-loathing guilt. Not to mention the resentment I'd feel if I was forced to break in a new drinking buddy..."
Damon: "You're not supposed to die for me, Bon. Neither is my brother. But, no matter what I say, or how hard I try and drill it into your skulls, you're not going to stop trying. Which is why I have to take myself out of the equation. It all ends tomorrow. You'll never have to worry about me again."
-- Moonlight on the Bayou

Bonnie: "You weren't even gonna say goodbye?"
Bonnie: "Enzo told me you asked him for Elena's coffin. He told me what you were planning. I didn't believe him. I thought... 'If Damon desiccates until Elena wakes up, I'll never see him again.'"
Bonnie: "'He'd never do that.'"
Damon (sadly): "Look, I wrote you a letter and gave it to Stefan--"
Bonnie: "Are we friends?"
Damon (scoffs): "Of course, Bonnie. We don't actively try and kill each other anymore."
Bonnie (angrily): "No. I'm not doing that. No insults. No jokes."
Bonnie: "Are we friends?"
Damon (struggles to find the words)
Bonnie: "I know why you wanted to do this in a letter-- so you could desiccate in peace, imagining whatever reaction you wanted. Me reading it and thinking, 'Huh. I'm really gonna miss him.' Well, too bad, because that's not my reaction-- this is. I am not okay with this decision. I'm not okay with you choosing yourself. And I'm not okay with never seeing you-- my best friend-- ever again."
Bonnie: "This hurts me. This hurts... this hurts me..."
Bonnie: "Hmm. And as you desiccate, and as you feel the pangs of hunger as the blood drains from your body, that's what I want you to remember. That you hurt me."
Damon: "Bon... listen to me..."
Bonnie: "No. No. You don't get to say goodbye."
I Would for You

Bonnie: "Giving up already?"
Damon: "On the contrary. You're actually walking into my carefully laid trap."
Bonnie: "Oh, no. A stump."
Damon: "It's not just any stump, honey."
Bonnie: "My grave."
Damon: "From Remembrance Day. A memorial to one of the many lives of Bonnie Bennett."
Bonnie: "What's that supposed to prove?"
Damon: "That you're a survivor. That you will get through this."
Bonnie: "I'm not the one that needs to be worried about that. I'm gonna kill you."
Damon: "No, you're not. You know why I brought you to this stupid stump?"
Bonnie: "Huh?"
Damon: "Because if I have to die, I wanted it to be here, Bonnie. In honor of you."
Bonnie: "Stop doing this. I hate you."
Damon: "I get it. The Bonnie that I knew yesterday is gone, and she may never come back. But I'm talking to you, crazy bitch Bonnie in all her glory. I still care about you."
Bonnie: "Stop."
Damon: "Look, Bonnie. Look at the stump, Bonnie. You remember it? Huh? You died. We mourned you. And you came back. You've been so many things, Bonnie. A witch, a human, a ghost, a corpse. An anchor to the afterlife, and now, the woman who's gonna kill me. And every time, you come back stronger. Do you know how incredible that is, Bonnie? Do you know how much I envy you? Hell, some days I can't even handle just being myself."
Bonnie: "Stop... talking."
Damon: "I can't. Because if this is my last moment with you, Bonnie Bennett, I need you to hear me. I admire you. I believe in you. And I love you the same way Elena loved you. If you kill me right now, it's not your fault. I did this to us. But please... forgive me before you do what you have to do. Okay?"
-- Requiem for a Dream


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In the novels, Damon and Bonnie are a couple and involved in a romantic relationship, possibly soulmates. As in the TV series, Damon turns to Bonnie with many sarcastic or affectionate nicknames.


  • In the books, Damon and Bonnie have a deep and intimate relationship.
  • In the past, Damon was sarcastic, indirect, and cheeky with Bonnie while she was very direct, cold, and combative with him.
  • At first, Bonnie didn't trust Damon and then once she found out he was a vampire, she hated him. Refusing to help him at first, they eventually warmed up to each other, interacting on more than one occasion, though not always in the friendliest of tones because of more than a few complicated circumstances.
  • Damon saved Bonnie during the 20s dance when she was attacked.
  • Though Damon and Bonnie have clashed frequently throughout the series, they have worked well together as well in more than a few situations such as capturing Mason Lockwood, fooling Klaus into thinking Bonnie was dead, petrifying Silas, and (recently) taking down Kai.
  • Damon was concerned for Bonnie's well-being during their quest to find Silas's tomb as he monitored Atticus Shane's machinations to ensure that he didn't hurt her.
  • They shared their first hug when Damon stayed on Nova Scotia to look for Bonnie and welcomed Bonnie back with a hug.
  • Damon was (surprisingly) devastated when he found out that Bonnie died to bring Jeremy back to life, comforting the younger Gilbert with a hug with a sorrowful expression.
  • Damon actually admitted that he likes Bonnie, despite their differences, though he said this when she wasn't around.
  • Kai, who has been observing Bonnie and Damon for four months in the prison world, understands that no matter how many times Damon angers Bonnie, she always comes back for him.
  • Damon isn't above apologizing to Bonnie whenever he wrongs her.
  • Bonnie is the only person within the entire series (books) to develop a deep, strong, tender, and genuine relationship with Damon Salvatore.
  • The actors Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham, who play the characters Damon and Bonnie respectively, have a very close relationship in real life.
  • Damon and Bonnie have both kept contact with Klaus Mikaelson after his departure from Mystic Falls.
  • Damon and Bonnie spent their last moments together as the Other Side collapsed.
    • It is later revealed in Season Six that they both are not dead but stuck in the past, in 1994.
  • The four months they've spent in the Otherworldly Time Dimension is the longest amount time they've spent with each other (in the entire series).
  • Bonnie sacrificed her chance of leaving for home so that Damon could go instead.
  • Damon is the reason she got her magic back, because she wanted to save him and she did.
  • Damon is grateful to Bonnie for getting him back to the physical plane and feels sorry for having gotten that chance while she didn't. He even admits to missing her.
  • Damon was saddened thinking that Bonnie died when she brought him back to the physical plane. However, when he found Bonnie's teddy bear in the Salvatore crypt, his hope was renewed and he began actively working to bring her back.
  • Damon was so determined to bring Bonnie back that he compelled his best friend Alaric to get the Ascendant from Jo despite his protests.
  • Damon always leads the charge whenever he and the Mystic Falls Gang work to bring Bonnie back. It is also apparent that he is the most determined to bring Bonnie back in these situations, not only because of his devotion to Elena but also because he genuinely cares about Bonnie.
  • Ian Somerhalder looks forward to their relationship bonding.
  • Bonnie set her magic to the real world trusting someone, possibly Damon, will find it. 
  • Damon hated himself because he got to come back and Bonnie didn't.
  • Damon and Bonnie had a pact that if neither one could take being trapped in 1994 any longer, they would both consume the oldest bottle of bourbon that Damon owned and then kill themselves.
  • Damon leaves Bonnie a message on the world map indicating Nova Scotia, where Silas' magic headstone is located. Bonnie , newly motivated rhetorically thanks Damon and sets off in his car.
  • Ian Somerhalder thinks Bonnie is a healthy relationship for Damon.[1]
  • Damon is the first person Bonnie appeared to when she came back from the Prison World and he was overjoyed when he reunited with her.
  • Since both being stuck in the prison world, their signature mark seems to be pancakes.
2015 MTV Fandom Awards Ship of the Year
  • In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Bonnie's life is linked to Elena's; as long as Bonnie is alive Elena is in a coma. If Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up. Damon had the chance to let her die of a collapsed lung and have Elena awakened, but instead he killed Kai and made the selfless choice to save her life, sacrificing his happiness with Elena till the time Bonnie lives.
  • Elena referred to Bonnie as Damon's best friend.
  • Damon and Bonnie nominated in Ship of the Year of the MTV's Fandom Awards 2015.
  • Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham nominated in #Chemistry of the Teen Choice Awards 2015.
  • Ian Somerhalder is a huge Bamon shipper, he believes they have a healthy relationship and that Bamon has a ton of chemistry which led the network and producers to cut Bonnie and Damon scenes out to focus on the love triangle more.
  • Damon and Bonnie won Popsugar's poll of the Hottest Sexual Tension of 2015.[2]
  • Damon and Bonnie are runners-up of Zimbio's 2016 TV Couples March Madness.[3]




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