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Okay. I'll say it. I miss Klaus. I mean...the way this guy used to torture you.

The relationship between the vampire, Damon Salvatore and the Original Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson. Damon and Klaus first met at the end of Season Two, when Klaus came to Mystic Falls to break his curse - a process that required Elena Gilbert's death, which made the two enemies. Throughout all Season Three, they were sworn enemies and tried to assassinate each other (and many others) in all sorts of kinds of circumstances - mainly involving defending Elena, stopping Stefan, and mostly; each other. But at the beginning of Season Four, they finally call it a truce in The Rager, as the two had to team up for the first time against a common enemy - the supernatural vampire hunter - Connor Jordan. From there on out, as the season progressed, the relationship between the two developed, until they became somewhat like frenemies - as they searched for the Cure together, trying to grow Jeremy's Hunter's Mark. So much so, that by the end of the season, Klaus healed Damon from a Werewolf Bite, without asking for anything in return. It seems that the two of them finally became truly allies at Season Five - when Klaus briefly came back to Mystic Falls, and told Caroline that it was actually Damon who called him, and informed him of Katherine's impending death. Damon even reveals to Katherine as he was psychologically torturing her in her dreams that he missed Klaus and how Klaus made Katherine's life hell after he murdered her family.

They are referred to "Klamon" by fans.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Damon and Klaus meet for the first time.

Klaus and Damon first met in The Last Day at The Grill there he says that he wanted to remind Damon not to do anything he will regret. Damon asked if he can postpone the ritual, but Klaus said he had everything and the ritual will happen that night. He warned him not to screw it up if he wanted to live. Damon ignored Klaus's warnings and saved Tyler and Caroline, and killed Klaus' witch Maddox. Later at Alaric's apartment, Damon told Klaus to postpone the ritual, explaining that he rescued the werewolf and the vampire and killed Maddox.

Damon and Klaus

Klaus told him that he knew either Damon or Stefan would try to stop him and revealed that he always had a back-up plan. He showed Damon on a webcam that he had captured Jules. Damon then figured out that he also needed a back-up vampire and Klaus said he had it covered. He then knocked out Damon and left after finding a werewolf bite on Damon's arm.

In The Sun Also Rises, Damon and Klaus met again just when the ritual was over, and Klaus finally broke his curse. When Bonnie came and tried to kill Klaus, Damon took Elena's dead body with him and left Stefan to watch Klaus die.

In As I Lay Dying, Damon was dying from his werewolf bite and Stefan goes to Klaus for a cure. Klaus told Stefan that he will give Damon the cure if Stefan becomes a Ripper again and will be Klaus' right hand man. Stefan does this, and Klaus makes Katherine give Damon the Werewolf Bite cure.

Klaus and Damon meet again.

For two months Damon had tracked Stefan and Klaus, but they didn't actually meet until the episode The End of the Affair, when Damon walked in on a bar trying to distract Klaus so Elena could convince Stefan to come home, and it ended up with Klaus almost killing Damon, but a witch named Gloria saved him seconds before Klaus could stake him. Klaus then warns Damon to back off him and Stefan.

In The Reckoning, Klaus was about to kill Damon again after he tried to save Elena, but before he had the chance to do it, Damon told Klaus that he and Katherine have released Mikael and he knew where Klaus was. This made Klaus throw Damon into a car and then run away.

Damon, almost killing Klaus

In Homecoming, having spend the last few episodes conspiring of clever ways to kill Klaus, Damon finally come up with a plan: having Stefan and Rebekah lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls, use Mikael and Katherine (disguise as Elena) as a distraction, while Damon stake him from behind with the White Oak Stake. The two of them show up at the Homecoming Dance as planned, but the plan failed because of Stefan and Katherine - who Klaus informed earlier that night that if he died, his hybrids will kill Damon - as Damon was about to stake Klaus, Stefan saved him, and Klaus staked Mikael instead, much to Damon's dismay.

Klaus and Damon, drinking and threatening

In The New Deal, Damon, who has been drunk ever since Klaus's life was saved by his little brother, is seen in the Mystic Grill together with Alaric, drinking himself to death, stating that he drinks, as this is: "the eve of Klaus-ageddon". Later, as he somewhat flirted with Elena, Klaus showed up, cutting them off. Damon immediately thinked that the original came to murder both of them, and remarked to Klaus that it's really beneath him to do that in front of everyone. Klaus denied this, and told him that he is looking for his sister. Damon sarcasticly replied that she shouldn't be too hard to find. Klaus told him and Elena that he was moving in to Mystic Falls, and that would not affect them. When Elena asks him what does he want, Klaus came near her and told her he needed to find Stefan, only to be blocked by Damon, telling him Stefan has been M.I.A ever since he saved him. Klaus replied that this is a shame, as Stefan stole from him, and he wanted to find him. Later that day, Klaus showed up at the Salvatore Boarding House to have a drink with Damon. Then the two exchange insults about Damon's failure, and their younger siblings. Klaus then told the vampire that they have a lot in common, and damon asked him why was he mad at Stefan. Klaus told Damon that Stefan stole the originals, and threatened Damon, by having Jeremy hurt, to find his brother for him. Later Damon informed Elena and Jeremy on the new situation, and then he and Elena went to confronted Stefan. There, an angry Damon beat Stefan, for saving Klaus's life.

Damon and Klaus, talking

In Our Town, Damon killed another one of Klaus's Hybrids, while he, Stefan, and Bonnie conspired to use the locked coffin to kill Klaus. Later, at night, Damon and Alaric attended the Wickery Bridge restoration project, while in there, Damon encountered Klaus, who flirted with the mayor. He interrupted them, and flattered Klaus on his vest. Klaus and Carol started to speak with him about benefactoring the old bridge, but Damon reproved Carol about her afiliation to Klaus. The three then argued about Klaus's hybrids, and Stefan. The argument ended with Carol warning a frustrated Damon to get his brother under control or the Council will take action against him. Later the night, after Damon learned that Stefan grabbed Elena, he pulled Klaus into an empty room, and told him about it. Klaus brashed it off, and said that Stefan was getting desperate. Damon tried to convince him to get rid of his hybrids, and the two bantered for a little while, but Klaus remained unconvinced.

Threatening ghosts

In The Ties That Bind, Klaus, who was forced by Stefan to remove his hybrids from Mystic Falls, formed a new plan to get his coffins: he sent one of his hybrids to Bonnie's mom, so she could get the location of the coffins from Bonnie. But Bonnie managed to tip off Damon about it, so he went to the old witch house - where the coffins were - and got the locked coffin into the cellar , pulled the dagger out of Elijah just before Klaus got there, and surprised Damon. He then mocked Damon for hiding behind the dead witches in a filthy house. The witches then inflicted pain on Klaus, who fell to his knees, screaming with pain, all the while Damon mocked him back about the mistake he just made: insulting a bunch of dead witches. Klaus managed to speak, and told Damon that a hundred dead witches have a thousand living descendants, and that he had no problem killing all of them, if he doesn't get his coffins back. He then threatened the Ghosts, who dociled, and revealed to him the coffins, only for him to find out that the fourth was gone. Damon then told him that the locked coffin was gone, as he moved it. Klaus then threatened him in a very creative way, that seemed to disturb even Damon, but he just sarcastically apologised , and told Klaus that the locked coffin was his leverage, as he knew that Klaus really wanted it.

Damon, Klaus, Elijah and Stefan having dinner

In Bringing Out The Dead, after Elijah was released from his coffin, he and Damon met in secret, and formed a plan to stall Klaus, so they scheduled some kind of a dinner party with Klaus and Stefan. The Salvatores arrived at Klaus's house in the evening, and were greeted by the two Mikaelsons. The two pair of brothers sat at one table, and Klaus and Damon persuaded Stefan to eat, then exchanged sarcastic comments about Elijah's old vendetta against Klaus. Stefan and Klaus then threw harsh comments at each other about Patricide and Matricide, until Damon stopped them. The conversation then turned to Elena, and got sour, so Damon told Klaus it will be better if they don't talk about her. Klaus agreed with him, but continued anyway. The four of them discussed the Salvatores proposal for Elena, but Klaus rejected their terms. Later, Damon and Klaus talked about Elena's future happiness, but the negotiations went wrong again as Stefan refused Klaus's deal, and in return Klaus pushed Stefan's hand into the fireplace, and threatened Damon to get him his coffin, or he will burn him alive. Damon left, but returned later with Elijah and the rest of the undaggered originals.

In Dangerous Liaisons, Elena met with Elijah, who told her that it was his mother who was inside the coffin, and about her desire to unite their family. The day after that, Elena delivered the news to the Salvatores. She told them that Esther wanted to live in peace with Klaus. After she got the invitation to the ball, Damon forbade her from "walking into the lions den". That night they all attend The Mikaelson's Ball anyway. Klaus and Damon didn't really interact with each other, other than when Damon snapped Kol's neck, while Klaus and his siblings watched him walked away.

Klaus and Damon, fighting

In All My Children, after Esther's plan to kill her children was revealed by Elijah, he had taken Elena, and used her to threatened the Salvatores to stop his mother. Damon suggested that they need to dagger the originals, as they were all linked. Allthought they did not know how it will affect Klaus, and to that Damon commented that ironically, Klaus wasn't their current problem. He called Alaric, who made sure that Klaus and Kol were at the Grill, drunk. Damon then formulated a plan to distract Klaus with Caroline, while Alaric daggered Kol. However, Klaus felt that his siblings were daggered, and rushed to Kol's aid. While the Salvatores and Alaric tried to take Kol's body away, Klaus showed up. He undaggered Kol and knocked Alaric against the wall. Stefan then tried to attack Klaus, but Klaus knocked him out too. Klaus then told Damon that he should have killed him months ago. Damon told him to do it, but it will not stop Esther from killing him. When Klaus asked him what did he say about his mother, Damon then teased Klaus about Esther hating him as much as Damon do. To that remark, Klaus was about to kill Damon (again) when Elijah appeared, and stopped his younger brother. Later, the Salvatores sat in Damon's car, and Damon suggested that they can just let Esther do it and Klaus will die, but then they realized that the only collateral damage was Elena, and so they don't.

Klaus compels Damon

In The Murder of One, the Salvatores made 12 White Oak Stakes from the Wickery Bridge sign, and planneed to kill one of the originals, as they were all linked. But Klaus was one step ahead of them, and threatened Bonnie -using Jeremy- to unlinked them all. And so, when the gang killed Finn, Klaus and his other siblings did not die along with him. Damon however, was taken captive by rebekah, as retribution for sleeping and discarding her. She shackled and tortured him, as Klaus walked in, and suggested to his sister that if she was trying to bleed him of vervain, she should know that it would be easier to hang him upside down. Rebekah brashed him off with a witty comment, and Klaus left Damon with her. Klaus later returned to the room with Bonnie, escorting her out of his house, after she did the spell that unlinked all the originals. Both of them saw Damon hanged in shackls. Klaus dare Bonnie to free the man who turned her mother into a vampire. She just left, telling him the get her out. After the gang found out about the bloodline rule, Stefan went to free Damon. Klaus and Rebekah entered the room, and the three started to negotiate about the White Oak Stakes, but Klaus wanted to be certain there aren't any more weapons that can kill him, so he compelled Damon to go home, checking if there was anymore vervain in his system. Damon started to pull a wrist out from the snares, peeling the flesh off of it in the process. Klaus stopped him after a while, seeing that he can finally be compelled, and compelled him again for information about the stakes. When he found out that Stefan lied, he suggested compelling Damon to chew out his own tongue. Rebekah then released Damon to Stefan as "a sign of good faith".

In Heart of Darkness, Damon and Elena traveled to Denver to find out which original sired their bloodline, and to get Jeremy back to Mystic Falls. Kol was there, keeping an eye on Jeremy Per Klaus's orders. Althought Klaus and Damon did not interacted at all during this episode, the original did mentioned to Stefan that Damon failed on his mission to Denver.

Klaus and Damon, with Bonnie, look over a map

In Do Not Go Gentle, Damon and Klaus both attended the 20s Decade Dance, Klaus came to the dance for Caroline, while Damon came to the dance to warn Elena and Stefan about Alaric. But Esther had other plans, and she used a salt line around the school as a boundary spell to trap all the vampires in the building. Damon and Stefan found out about it when they tried to leave and rescue Elena. When Klaus tried to leave and couldn't, Stefan informed him that his mother was back. Later, most of the vampires in the building gathered around in one of the classrooms, and watched Bonnie trying to lift the spell. Klaus got impatient, and threatened Bonnie, using Jamie. Stefan, however, wisely talked him out of it. A bit later, while Bonnie was alone and prepared to do the locator spell for Elena's whereabouts, Damon and Klaus entered the classroom, and gave her some of Jeremy's blood for the spell. Bonnie was not happy to do the spell with the two of them "lurking over her", as she puted that, and she and Damon started to argue, until Klaus stopped them. Bonnie did the spell, but told Klaus and Damon that Esther was fighting her. Klaus said that Esther couldn't have this much power, unless she's channeling something. The original told Damon to get the humans ready, as he knew where Elena and Esther were. After Matt and Jeremy left, Klaus and Stefan talked, with Klaus reminiscing about their time together in the 20s. He told Stefan that there were moments of real brotherhood between them. Damon then arrived, cut him off, and said that Stefan already has a brother. Klaus then mocked their "unshakeable bond".

Klaus, Damon, and Stefan

In Before Sunset, after Klaus and Damon found out about Alaric's transition from Rebekah and Bonnie, Klaus came by the Gilbert House to pick up Elena. After Klaus scolded the Salvatores about the way they are treating Jeremy, he told them that he came for Elena, as Alaric was invulnerable, and he needed to leave town. Damon, however, slamed the door in his face. When Bonnie asked him what's going on, Damon told her that Klaus wants in, and then he saw Klaus pull back his arm and throw a newspaper at the window with vampire strength, so he ducked with Bonnie. Klaus and Damon then started to fight, with Klaus walked up the porch with two fence pickets in his hands. He hurled one of the pickets into the house and it narrowly misses Damon's head and got stucked in the wall behind him. Damon told him that he missed him, twice. Stefan then told Klaus that Alaric took Elena and Caroline and he's gonna kill them both unless Klaus turn himself over to him. Damon then walked out of the house, saying he's good with any odds, as long as Klaus dies. The three of them then tried to think of ways to put Alaric down. Klaus then suggested that Damon sneaks in and distracts Alaric, Damon asked him what's to stop him from getting killed instantly, and Klaus simply replied: "nothing". Bonnie then walked out of the house, and said that she can use the desiccation spell on Alaric. After that, at the school yard, Klaus and Damon, along with Stefan, Bonnie, and Jeremy, go over their plan to stop Alaric, with Klaus revealing that he was the one who created their vampire bloodline, but Damon doubted that. The Salvatores and Klaus fighted Alaric, and Klaus was almost killed, but Elena distracted Alaric, and Klaus took her. Alaric then told Stefan and Damon this, and the two of them went to save her, and with Tyler Lockwood help, they desiccated Klaus. The Salvatores then left to dump Klaus' body in the Atlantic. On the road there, Damon was happy that they finally succeeded in defeating Klaus.

In The Departed, The Salvatores were on the road to the Atlantic with Klaus's body. Both of them tried to stop Alaric from finding Klaus. They spilted up, so that Stefan could go be with Elena. Elijah returned to Mystic Falls to negotiate with them over Klaus's body. Damon objected, but had no choise but to put Klaus in a storage unit, and hand him over. He opened to coffin so that Bonnie could make Klaus undetectable. Klaus's eyes opened, and he looked at them. Damon said it was creepy. Alaric then came, and asked Damon where Klaus was, but Damon wouldn't tell him. Later, Rebekah came by to pick her brother's body, and then Damon and her tried to smuggle the body, but Alaric found them, opened the coffin, ans staked Klaus - right before the two of them, with Damon telling a devestated Rebekah to run.

Damon and Klaus VS. Connor

In The Rager, Damon and Klaus started to get along with one another by teaming up to capture Connor. Damon called Tyler, and asked him if he wanted to come along with him to capture Connor, but Klaus answered the phone instead, and said he wanted to go. While working together, they seemed to get along pretty fine, with them even having a teasing banter about Klaus being "as evil as it gets". Klaus then said that Connor was one of the five. When Damon asked him what is it, Connor blew up the supply closet, with Damon and Klaus in it, and with other people near by but Damon and Klaus managed to escape.

In The Five, Damon and Klaus did not interact, but Damon said that Klaus knew somthing about Connor, so he sent Stefan to pry the details out of Klaus.

In The Killer, Damon and Klaus did not interact, but Damon was suspicious of his younger brother due to his new affiliation to Klaus. Stefan, after Damon nearly ripped out his heart, eventually told his brother about The Cure. Later, in Stefan's room, Damon, still sceptical about the cure, asked his brother if he figured out how to tell Klaus he lost a hunter and a hybrid, and then told Stefan that he got his back, when Klaus comes to murder him.

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Klaus called Stefan, and Damon told his brother to quit avoiding him, and as he watched them talked, Stefan looked at his brother for approval. Stefan walked out the house to talk with Klaus, but then Elena came out, Damon was right behind her, and then Klaus took her. Later, when Bonnie asked Damon how Klaus even knew about this, Damon just said that: "guy's like a billion years old".

In My Brother's Keeper, both Damon and Klaus attend the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, but they didn't seemly interacrted with each other on screen.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Damon sent his brother to steal The Hunter Sword from Klaus's house. When Stefan didn't find the sword, Damon told him to try Klaus's sock drawer, and then told his brother to tell Klaus about the unsired hybrids so he can kill Tyler, but Stefan refused.

Klaus and Damon talking.

In After School Special, Damon was at the lake house with Matt, to help Jeremy train to be a hunter and complete the map to the cure. To their surprise, Klaus turned up, and demanded to know how many vampires Jeremy had actually killed since he had been there, to which Damon said none. He said he wishes to help them. Damon then shoots him for Carol Lockwood’s death, and although there was some animosity between them, Damon did not completely hate the idea of Klaus helping them. Eventually, the two begun to get along as they agreed to work as a team to find the cure by helping Jeremy complete the mark. Beside the campfire that night, the two had a talk: Klaus attempted to help Damon, and after some friendly banter, figured out the reason why Damon had not made Jeremy kill any vampires is because he was afraid of what Elena would think about him killing innocent people. Damon then heard that Klaus had already decided to turn a huge number of people into vampires for Jeremy to kill, so Damon did not have to, and although he was not impressed with having to go along with a plan he didn't wish to happen, he knew there was no other way, and acknowledged Klaus's plan was better than his own. Damon took Jeremy and Matt to a bar, where all the people were dead, but in transition to be vampires, and confessed he realized that Klaus's plan was better.

Damon, Klaus, Jeremy, and Matt at the bar

In Catch Me If You Can, Damon and Klaus tried to convince Jeremy to kill the new-born vampires at the bar, but when Jeremy refused, Klaus told him he was going to compel the new vampires to come after Matt. When Damon objected to the idea, and said that their deal was that Klaus turned them, and Jeremy kills them, Klaus said that he was: "taking artistic license". Damon insisted that Klaus knew full well that Jeremy can't take them all on at the same time, but the original replied that if Damon was his coach, he'll be fine. Damon does some quick thinking and decided to go along with this. He told Jeremy and Matt to go and get the weapons out of the car, they do it, while Klaus shouted after them that if he hear an engine start, he'll kill Matt himself. All this in front of Damon, who tried to absorbed the new situation. Later, in the woods, Damon scolded Jeremy, and told to him that he was the one that pissed off Klaus, and now he had to fight his way out of it. The day after that, Damon and Jeremy encountered Kol in the bar, who told them that his brother bragged about his plan to complete Jeremy's hunter's mark. Damon then stalled Kol, so that Jeremy could run. Elena later pleaded with Klaus to call Kol's off. Klaus told her that Kol never did like Damon, and called his little brother. As the originals spoke on the phone, Damon listened as Klaus told his younger brother to let Damon go.

Klaus compels Damon

In A View to a Kill, Klaus was keeping an eye on Damon, who was locked in the Salvatore basement to prevent him from acting upon Kol's compulsion. After they discussed Damon's failure to train Jeremy, their conversation turned to Elena. Klaus wondered how Elena was able to look over every horrible thing Damon has done in the past. He questioned the vampire whether there was something pathologically wrong with Elena and if Damon had compelled or manipulated her in any way outside of the sire bond. Without any response to his probing from Damon, Klaus faltered and plainly asked Damon what it was that he said to her. Klaus's change in tone and the question, sparked Damon's interest. Damon suspected that Klaus's questions had more to do with Klaus' relationship with Caroline than his relationship with Elena. Damon believed that Klaus was worried that Caroline will never forgive him for killing Carol Lockwood. Klaus does not deny this; instead, he accused Damon of doing worse. Damon disagreed, claiming he has legitimate reasons for his bad actions while Klaus' did not. Klaus refuted this. In addition to that, Klaus offered Damon his prediction for the future: In the end he sees Stefan together with Elena. Damon finished their conversation by advising the original to be bad with a purpose; that he was not worthy of forgiveness otherwise. After a phone call from Kol, Klaus compelled Damon to stay in the cellar until he returned, but he was able to leave as he remembered that the Mayor had put vervain in the water supply.

Damon visits Klaus's house

In Bring It On, Damon visited Klaus at his house, and told him he made a list that was called: "Things You Suck At", telling him that finding Katherine was one of those things, and the other was covering up his secret phone conversations with Hayley. He then asked the original what did he knew about Katherine. Klaus told him that he really won't help him, as they killed his brother and imprisoned him in the Gilbert living room. Damon then told him that he might want to prioritize, as he had much bigger problems. The vampire then told Klaus that Katherine had the cure. Damon then guessed that she's gonna want to cram it down Klaus's throat. He then asked him to help find Katherine, and told Klaus that he will get the cure, and give it to Elena, and that all he wanted was to question Hayley about Katherine. Klaus declined that offer, and said that Hayley’s off limits, but Klaus also told him about his run in with a vampire who may know where Katherine is. But then the original dropped on him that he bit halfway through his neck, and that he probably won't have much time to talk with Damon.

In Because the Night, Damon and Klaus did not interact, but Klaus teased Stefan that Damon was probably: "relishing in Elena's emotionless company in New York", as he said it. When Stefan told Klaus that Damon knew what he's doing, Klaus doubted that, and said that he shouldn't underestimate the allure of darkness, as even the purest of hearts were drawn to it.

In Graduation, Klaus saved Damon's life from a werewolf venom-laced bullet by giving him his blood. This scene was not shown, so it was unknown whether they were friendly with each other, or if they had animosity towards each other.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Klaus returned to Mystic Falls, and he told Caroline that Damon was the one who informed him of Katherine's impending death. In While You Were Sleeping, Damon told Elena the latest gossip; about Klaus sleeping with Caroline.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Damon referenced Klaus in a conversation with Malachai Parker, as the latter was asking him about a cure to a Werewolf Bite.

In Moonlight on the Bayou, Damon was informed by Valerie that Stefan was in New Orleans trying to hide from Rayna Cruz. He then told her that he only went there for booze, and Klaus's blood. Later, as Damon talked to Stefan, he asked his little brother to bring him a dose of Klaus's blood, as he worried that he would be bit by Tyler. Damon was also referenced in a conversation between Klaus and Stefan - Stefan told Klaus that Damon is a pain in the ass, and the hybrid laughed.


Season Two

Damon: "You want a partner in crime? Forget Stefan. I'm so much more fun."
Damon: "Nice vest."
Klaus: "Oh, thank you very much. Good to see you, Damon."
Klaus: "What did you say about my mother?"
Damon: "You didn't know I was friends with your mummy?"
Klaus: "And here was I thinking you were the fun brother!"
Klaus: "You know, we've actually got a lot in common, you and I."
Damon: "Really?"
Klaus: "I've heard about you. The crazy, impulsive vampire, in love with his brother's girl."
-- The Last Day

Season Three

(Klaus throwing pickets through the Gilbert house as Damon throws a picket back at him)
Damon: "Missed me. Missed me again."
-- Before Sunset

Season Four

Damon: "Let's start with the basics. Where are you from, what do you know, maybe you can cue me on this 'greater evil', because I fought this guy and there's nothing more evil than that."
Klaus: "Yeah, truth be told, I'm as evil as it gets."
-- The Rager

Damon: "If you're here for payback, go for it, 'cause you'll be stuck baby-sitting the little hunter that could."
Klaus: "You know, if you adjust your angle a little bit, you'll find a sharper edge."
Damon: "I know how to whittle, thanks. Now I know why those hybrids hated you. You are annoying."
Klaus: "Actually, I'm just perplexed as to why Jeremy hasn't killed any vampires."
Damon: "Darwinism, Klaus. He needs to be able to protect himself before we hunt down his first vampire nest."
Klaus: "And here was I, thinking you were the fun brother! Let's play a little game, shall we? Jeremy needs more victims, and there's a whole town of people down the road, just waiting to be turned into vampires for the slaughter."
Damon: "You don't think that occurred to me, Klaus?"
Klaus: "Tragedy is, Damon, it did occur to you, and yet you chose to ignore it. My guess is you did it to impress Elena. Somehow, to honor her, you will find a way to spare innocent lives and walk Jeremy down the moral high road. That's why I've already made the necessary corrections."
Damon: "What you'd do?"
-- After School Special

Klaus: "Hello, mate."
Damon: "The hell are you doing here?"
Klaus: "Babysitting."
Damon: "He's still pissed at me for sleeping with Elena."
Klaus: "You sure about that? 'Cause I saw him trying to sneak out of Rebekah's bed this morning, which would suggest to me that he's moved on."
Klaus: "What is it you say to her?"
Damon: "I think this has something to do with a certain blonde vampire. I think you murdered Carol Lockwood and I think you're worried Caroline's never gonna forgive you."
Klaus: "You've done worse."
Damon: "Debatable. You do bad things for no reason. See, I don't mind being the bad guy, Because someone has to fill that role and get things done. You do them to be a dick."
Klaus: "Debatable."
Damon: "If you're gonna be bad, be bad with a purpose. Otherwise, you're just not worth forgiving."
-- A View to a Kill



  • In The New Deal, Klaus stated that he and Damon have a lot in common.
  • They have both tried to kill each other numerous times.
  • Both of them has had an abusive father.
  • Damon was the second vampire Klaus cured (from a werewolf bite) with his blood, the first being Katherine.
  • They have both had pasts with Katherine.
    • Damon: Katherine faked her death, leaving him devastated, and upon arriving in Mystic Falls she broke Damon's heart, claiming to never have loved him.
    • Klaus: Katherine, with Rose's unwilling help, turned herself into a vampire to avoid being killed in Klaus' sacrifice to break his Hybrid curse. He in turn killed her entire family.
  • They have both had love interests in Petrova Doppelgängers. Klaus originally with Tatia, and Damon with Katherine, and now Elena.
  • They are both linked in some way, as Klaus originated Damon's bloodline.
  • They have killed the most number of characters on-screen.
  • Klaus has healed Damon from death by a werewolf bite/venom twice, once at the end of the season 2 finale As I Lay Dying, and once - although it was not show in the episode - Graduation.
  • They have both admitted once that they wanted, or thought about being human, but would both rather be a vampire.
  • Both of them hated their fathers.
    • They were both the "least favorite" child in their family.
  • Both of them have been hated by a member of their family to the point of being hunted down.
    • Stefan wanted to go after Damon and kill him in Lost Girls, and he would have done it if Elena hadn't shown up and distracted him.
    • Mikael chased Klaus over the centuries before his desiccation by Abby Bennett, and continued that feat when he was revived, but was killed by Klaus in Homecoming.
  • They have both killed someone close to the women of their affections and both of them have came back to life, both by snapping their neck and both with the intentions of turning them into a vampire, although Klaus was the only one that succeeded.
    • Damon snapped Jeremy's neck in The Return, but he was revived due to his Gilbert Ring.
    • Klaus snapped Tyler's neck in The Reckoning, but he came back to life because Klaus' blood turned him into a vampire.
  • In 500 Years of Solitude, Klaus mentions he knew of Katherine's impending death via Damon, meaning they have kept in contact since Klaus left for New Orleans.

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