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Sage showed me how to have a good time.
Damon about Sage in 1912

The relationship between the vampiresDamon Salvatore and Sage.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series


Damon Salvatore watches a boxing match where a woman was beating up her opponent badly. After Sage knocks out her opponent, she walks over to Damon and asks for his name; however, Damon claims that he is not interested. She gives him some money, putting it in his pants and walks off.

Later, Sage sees Damon drinking from a girl. Sage says that he is doing it all wrong and tells him a woman isn't just for food, she's for pleasure. Sage tells Damon to follow her, where she tells Damon to drink from the upper-class people because deep down they want seduction. Sage tells Damon to drink Samantha's blood and he does, creating the Damon we know today. But what they didn't know is that Samantha had one of the Gilbert Rings, which kept her from dying.

Season 3

In the episode 1912, Stefan tells Damon that Sage could be the killer, but it turns out that it is Samantha. Damon remembers how great sex with Sage was.

In Break On Through, Sage comes to Mystic Falls (in the present day) and helps Damon discover the secret of Rebekah by tricking her and having sex with her. This was so Rebekah would feel comfortable and Sage would read her thoughts more easily. Sage discovers the intentions of Damon and she betrays him to save Finn. Sage tells Rebekah that the Wickery Bridge was built with the White Oak and Rebekah burned down the bridge in an attempt to prevent the wood from her being used as stakes against her family. When Damon Salvatore leaves, he grabs the Wickery Bridge sign and tells Stefan that it is made of wood from the White Oak Tree, giving them the chance to kill The Originals once and for all. But they fail, as Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah are still alive.


Damon: "Sage showed me how to have a good time"
Sage: (To Damon) "A woman isn't just for food, she's for pleasure"
-- 1912

Sage : "Damon Salvatore, my favorite student."
Damon : "Sage, my hottest teacher."
-- Break on Through


  • In the books, Sage is a male vampire and Damon's friend. His pets were a dog and a falcon. Apparently, Sage has feelings for Damon, but has not been established what types of feelings are (friendship, romance, sexual, etc.).
  • Sage is the maker of Damon's personality, as Lexi was Stefan's.
  • In the books, Damon belongs to Sage' bloodline; but in the series, Damon belongs to Niklaus' bloodline.


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