Danielle Campbell (born January 30, 1995) is an American actress who portrays Davina Claire on The Originals.


Danielle Campbell is from Hinsdale, Illinois. Her parents are Georganne and John Campbell, and she has a younger brother, Johnny. She was discovered in a hair salon in Chicago. Her first big break was as a role of Gracey Hollander on "Prison Break," appearing in five episodes. Later in 2013, she received a starring role in the television series "The Originals," where she portrays the role of a powerful, eighteen-year-old witch named Davina. 

She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, while filming The Originals and spends the rest of her time in Chicago, Illinois. 


Some of her other work includes playing the lead role of Jessica Olsen in the Disney Channel Original movie, "Starstruck," and the feature film, "Prom." She also appeared in a commercial for Build-A-Bear Workshop and played the character of Darla in the 2008 movie, "The Poker House." In 2010, she appeared in the Disney television movie, "Starstruck," and has signed a development deal with the company. She starred in the movie, "Prom," released on April 29, 2011, costarring with Nicholas Braun (Lloyd), Nolan Sotillo (Lucas), and Aimee Teegarden (Nova).

According to her, she was babysitting when she found out that she had been cast as Davina in, "The Originals." She also stated that she was a big fan of, "The Vampire Diaries," herself.

In late-2016, Danielle started modeling. In 2017, she gets the cover of numerous magazines and models for numerous clothing lines, as well as starring in a fashion story. She also attends 2017 New York Fashion Week.



  • Prison Break (2006-2007)
  • Zeke and Luthor (2010)
  • Drop Dead Diva (2012)
  • The Originals (2013-2018)
  • All American
  • Tell Me A Story


  • The Poker House (2008)
  • Starstruck (2010; TV Movie)
  • Prom (2011)
  • Madea's Witness Protection (2012)
  • Race to Redemption (2016)
  • F*&% the Prom (2017)


  • Both Danielle Campbell and her character Davina Claire share the same initials "DC".
  • Like her co-stars, Danielle Pineda and Charles Michael Davis, Danielle has admitted that she is Team Stefan and Team Stelena.[3]
  • She was in Prom with Riley Voelkel even though their characters didn't have any interactions together.
  • She's co-starring with Aiden Flowers as his big sister in Race To Redemption.
  • She's best friends with Aubrey DeVaney (the first Abigail).
  • While she's not filming The Originals, she resides back home in Chicago.
  • Danielle was dating One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson after spotted holding hands, kissing, and going out with him.
    • Their relationship was confirmed on April 25, 2016. Louis posted a photo of him kissing her cheek on Instagram with the caption "lucky".
    • They allegedly broke up in early 2017, and their breakup was confirmed in late-January.
  • Her final episode as a series regular is Season Three's Give 'Em Hell Kid, which is dedicated to her character.
  • She is dating her former co-star, Colin Woodell, who plays Aiden.[4]



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