Davina Claire
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5' 3"

Hair color

Dark Brown/Light brown (dye)

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I didn't just ask you out here cause you're gorgeous.

Davina is a very beautiful young woman in her late teens. She has blue eyes, full lips, rosy cheeks, lightly tanned skin and long, dark brown hair worn in loose waves. She stands at 5'3" and her frame is slim and petite. In Season Two, she dyes her hair to a more lighter color.

In the first season, she is usually seen wearing white or pale colored dresses with some type of distinct patterns and stripes, although as the season progresses, has begun to wear darker shades such as grey and black. At the beginning of the first season, she rarely was seen wearing shoes considering she was always inside. She was also absent of jewelry and didn't wear make-up.

After she is resurrected she starts wearing trousers, jackets and shirts with different colors and patterns. For special occasions, she wears elegent dresses and uses light make-up.

In season two, she is often seen wearing jeans. Red and blue are the colors she wears often. She also starts wearing jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces. Her standard outfit consists of a blouse, dark-colored jeans trousers and a jacket made of jeans or denim.

In season three, her style became more serious as she accepted the role of Regent. She usually wore dark clothes.

Characters have remarked on Davina's beauty. Kol considers her to be "pretty" and "gorgeous". While Rebekah describes her as "cute as a button", which makes Sophie recognize her instantly. Davina is one of the most beautiful women in The Originals and Vampire Diaries universe.


In early Season one, Davina mostly wears dresses. However, it was Marcel who picked the dresses for her, considering the fact that it was dangerous for her to go outside. Her personal style is showcased after she is resurrected - she opts for more darker and varied clothing.

In Season two, her style changes and becomes more mature.. Because of Kol's death and the constant betrayal from the original family her style drastically change in S3



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