Kol: Are you ready to go?
Davina: Anywhere.
Kol: Anywhere? Everywhere.

The romantic relationship between the Original VampireKol Mikaelson and the witch, Davina Claire.

Kol (possessing Kaleb Westphall) and Davina first met in the season two premiere. Originally, Davina was completely ignorant of Kaleb's real identity, but she eventually discovers the truth. She is rightfully furious, startled and at first untrusting of him. Due to Kol's tendency to flirt, their chemistry and mutual love of magic, their relationship blossomed. Unexpectedly, Kol was hexed by his brother leading to his death, and leaving Davina devastated.

Eventually, Davina becomes Regent of the Nine New Orleans Covens and with the power granted to her, attempts to bring him back in the season finale but Kol's siblings were forced to hijacked her spell and unbeknown to her, switch Kol's ashes with Esther's in order to help defeat Dahlia.

In Season Three, Davina was still adamant on bringing Kol back. She finally reunites with him after consuming poison and venturing into the Ancestral Plane where he is trapped. At first startled by his original body, she has trouble adjusting until Kol reassures her he is still the same after reminding her of their dance before his death. Spurred on by their meeting, Davina eventually is able resurrect Kol in his true body, as an Original Vampire after channeling power from the Nexus Vorti created after she unsired Klaus' sireline.

After his resurrection, Kol, wanting to be a better man for Davina, promises her that he would control his bloodlust, declaring that she was worth being good for. Kol's vampire nature however, continues to be a troubling complication in their relationship, particularly as The Ancestors corrupted the spell used to resurrect him, in order to influence him to murder Davina, and are responsible for his angry, uncontrollable outbursts.

In Season Four, Kol and Davina are later reunited after the Hollow resurrects Davina. However, she links herself to Davina in order to manipulate Kol to do her bidding. Kol manages to get Hope to cast a spell to unlink them, and the latter is successful. Kol and Davina then leave New Orleans to see the world together.

In Season Five, it is revealed the two married each other. Later during the season, both try to help their niece, Hope Mikaelson, be cured of the Hollow's dark magic. However, Davina revealed to Klaus, Kol's older half-brother, that Hope is beyond a cure. Knowing this, Davina and Kol continue to be with Hope and the rest of the Mikaelson family by enjoying their time at Freya and Keelin's wedding.

They are known as "Kolvina" by the fans.

Throughout The Originals Series


Kol and Davina meet.

In Rebirth, Davina was seen shopping for music for Mikael to listen to at Second Life record store. After she purchased some records, she turned around and locked eyes with Kol (who is possessing the witch, Kaleb). They exchanged a flirty look, and the pair subtly smiled at one another before he turned to leave.

Davina sees Kaleb (Kol) for the first time

Davina sees Kol (in Kaleb's body) for the first time.

Later on, she returned to the music store to find that it was permanently closed following the death of the owner, Joe. Kol, standing nearby, struck up a conversation with her. He stated that it sucked that the store was closed, and took the opportunity to playfully tease her about her music taste, cheekily declaring that she obviously needs his help in that area. Davina blushed and appeared to already be quite taken with him.

In Alive and Kicking, Kol was first seen texting Davina and asking her out for coffee, which she happily agreed to. Unfortunately for her, his invitation turned out to be a guise (on his mother's orders) to get Davina out of the attic at St. Anne's so he could investigate what she was doing. Later, at Esther's urging, Kol texted her again and invited her to dinner to make up for standing her up before. At dinner, they exchanged tidbits about their respective families, learning that they both have controlling mothers. Kol then revealed to her that he's a witch, surprising Davina. He then complimented her on her beauty and the fact that she told her coven to "shove it", opining that her courage should be celebrated. He also remarked that they're a lot alike; they both have a dislike for rules and authority. Davina, smiling ear to ear at his words, apologized when she suddenly had to leave for a moment to take a call from Marcel, who had been ringing her repeatedly. While she was gone, Finn (possessing Vincent) appeared and chastised his brother, complaining that he was stalling by repeatedly complimenting Davina instead of extracting the information they require from her. Kol retorted that he's wooing her in order to get information, a feat that requires charm and personality, something Finn does not possess.

Kol and Davina on their date

Kol and Davina on their first date.

When Davina returned, Finn had left, and the customers in the restaurant had begun to leave. Davina, realizing that something wasn't right and knowing that Marcel would be coming for her quickly, suggested they too depart, but their path was blocked by an aggressive werewolf. Davina used her magic on him, forcing him down to the floor in pain so that they could escape, but suddenly, several other werewolves emerge. Kol, clearly worried, asked her if she could use a pain infliction spell on the rest of them, but Davina replied that she couldn't do it on all of them at once. The man she used her magic on rose back to his feet, furious, and violently pushed her to the ground. Kol then instantly lunged at him to defend her, but he was easily thrown across the bar into the glass shelving due to his newly-mortal body. The wolves then began to hone in on Davina, but she quickly summoned Mikael, who tore through the restaurant and slaughtered the majority of the wolves. When her hold on him momentarily broke after she lost her bracelet in a scuffle with a werewolf, Mikael tried to attack her, but Elijah intervened at the last second and pulled him off her, not knowing right away that it was his father. Thankfully, Marcel helped her obtain her bracelet, allowing her to regain control over him so she could stop him from killing Elijah and herself. Kol watched in shock from behind the bar as he realized that his father was alive and under Davina's control.

In Every Mother's Son, neither Kol nor Davina appeared, but it was mentioned by Finn that Kol was still tracking down Davina, which caused him to miss the family dinner that Esther had set up for her children at the Mikaelson compound.


Kol treats Davina's ankle

In Live and Let Die, Davina injured her ankle while being taught how to fight by Mikael. It was clearly badly sprained, and, at a lack of options, she called Kol and asked him to bring her a few essentials so she can treat her ankle. Later on, he applied an herbal poultice to her injured ankle, a recipe he picked up from a shaman in Uganda. He joked that she had clearly been knocked head over heels, and added that he hoped that he was going to be the one to do that, which made Davina grin. She then commented on the cream's putrid smell, causing Kol to chuckle, and after he finished applying it, she remarked in surprise that the pain has completely vanished. However, when she attempted to stand up and walk, her ankle collapsed in on itself. Kol steadied her and reminded her that "it's magic, not a miracle." He helped her sit back down and noticed the unlinking spell she was working on laying on the table, so he questioned her as to what she was doing. Davina hesitated for a moment, and Kol remarked that she still wasn't the person. After a moment's silence, Davina in turn asked if he trusts her. Kol, with a serious face, joked that he knows 'what' she's after, and that her sad eyes don't fool him, thus evoking a sexual implication. He then declared that she has a lecherous heart and that he will not be used, for neither his body or his medicinal treatments. He finished by saying that they can simply hold hands and nothing more, which made Davina laugh. He then, will all sincerity, informed her that she can tell him whatever she's keeping a secret only when she's ready, before proceeding to tenderly push a lock of her hair behind her ear while they both gaze at each other intensely.

Later in the episode, Davina was seen sleeping in her room. Kol took the opportunity to snoop around the cabin while she was unconscious, eventually stumbling across the indestructible white oak stake. But, before he can take it, Mikael violently stopped him and branded him a liar and a thief. Kol quickly made a deal with him that he would unlink Mikael from Davina's bracelet if Mikael promised not to harm him. Mikael agreed and left him be for the time being.

Kol then attempted to unspell Davina's bracelet while she was sleeping, but when he leaned over her, she suddenly woke up, forcing Kol to pretend that he was just checking her phone to cover for himself. He remarked that had received an abundance of messages from Cami. Davina checked her phone and panicked when she realized that Klaus was on his way to find them. Scared, she urged Kol to come with her, and they were next seen performing a cloaking spell which rendered the two of them and Mikael invisible to Klaus when he peered in through the window. Knowing that they were in there, Klaus found one of Mikael's wooden staffs and threw it through the window like a javelin; when Davina and Kol ducked to avoid being hit, Davina accidentally hit her head against the table and was knocked out. Mikael then ordered Kol to release him from Davina's control, so Kol magically drained the magic from the bracelet, setting him free. He then viciously attacked Klaus, but the latter managed to evade his death by plunging Papa Tunde's blade into his father's chest.


Davina and Kol form an alliance

In Red Door, After Davina regained consciousness. Kol filled her in on what she missed. When Davina decided to directly channel his magic, she touched him and got a glimpse at his recent memories, including how he freed Mikael from her, ruined the Kandahar root she planned to use as a binder, and that he was really Kol Mikaelson. She was furious and violently attacked him with her telekinesis, calling him a liar now that she knew he was one of the Originals. Kol fought back with his own magic, but Davina was too strong and cast a pain infliction spell on him. He got her to calm down long enough to explain that though he is a Mikaelson, he has just as much reason to hate all of his family as she does. He also told her that his options were either to kill her spell or kill her, and he spared her because he had grown to like her. He then told her he could teach her how to unbind dark objects like had done with her bracelet. This piqued her interest and gave her the idea to disable the white oak stake. Kol told her that it was an insane idea, but he relented when she told him that people shouldn't underestimate her. They tracked down Mikael at an abandoned warehouse, and she channeled his magic to block the stake's power while Klaus was stabbed, keeping it from having the ability to kill him. Mikael, furious at the weapon's malfunction, found them outside and attacked them, throwing Kol aside, but thankfully, Hayley and Marcel came to their aid. After Mikael had fled to heal from his wounds, Davina then showed Kol that she had regained possession of the white oak stake, and proposed that he help her bring down Klaus. Curious, he allied up with her and drove her away from the warehouse.

In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Davina was first shown attempting to undo the damage Kol did to her unlinking spell in a motel in which they were staying. While she uttered incantations, Kol quietly approached her, leaned near her face and suddenly cooed "Still at it?", thereby breaking Davina's concentration and annoying her. She reminds him that she's only trying to repair the damage that he did in the first place but in turns Kol points out that she clearly needs to sleep, as she's been awake for days, however, Davina shoots back that it's difficult for her to rest when there's a "thousand year old psycho in the next bed." Kol replies that she was making him sound like a bit of a creeper, and Davina, exasperated, snapped at him to stop calling her darling, constantly trying to be funny, and trying to rile her up by walking around their room shirtless. Kol, wholeheartedly amused by how awkward, flustered, and exasperated she is toward him, began to button up his shirt and opines that most girl's like his act, but then goes onto admit that Davina is unlike most girls. Davina retorts that she just wishes Kol would stop messing around and Kol concedes to her sincerely that he has been trying to charm her and has been finding her resistance both impressive and baffling. He then contends that if they want to make progress in their mutual goals, and if he is going to reveal his secrets to her, then they both need to learn to trust each other. Davina scoffs at this and exclaims that she doesn't even know if she should call him Kol or Kaleb. Kol tells her to call him the former, but before they can continue their discussion, he groans in pain as Esther's spell magically carved a triskelion and his name in Runic script into the skin of his forearm.

While they drove back to New Orleans, Kol quips to Davina about whether she ever has fun with her magic, or if it's just all "angst and child sacrifice" with her. He then opens up about his history with magic when he was human, explaining that none of his siblings had tapped into their power when they were children except for him, and as such he was a bit of a child prodigy in their family. He describes his love for the craft and how it gave him a rush and a thrill, but when he was turned into a vampire, he lost this connection to his magic and consequently he went through a dark period. As a self-described thrill-seeker, he explained that because he could not get the "rush" magic gave him anymore, he sought it somewhere else, causing Davina to suggest that it was through "murder and mayhem," or, as Kol described it instead, "youthful misadventures." He then told her stories about how he used to run with many witches, and how he would both teach and learn from them in order to get back what Esther stole from him. Davina asks if that was why she brought him back as a witch, but Kol explains that it was mostly because Esther thought that the body he is inhabiting was the best one for the task at hand, which he refers to as "spying on the prettiest witch in town." Davina laughs and states that she can't believe that his mother sent Kol to flirt with her, but Kol corrects her and explains that Esther merely sent him to follow her -- the flirting was all him.

After his meeting with Esther, Kol took Davina to his former hangout in the early 1900's; a tomb in the cemetery which he aptly describes as his "playhouse." However, he no longer had access to the crypt any longer, as his former partner, Mary Alice Claire has magically denied him access, and the key to the tomb is a Claire witches blood, and thus he asks Davina for hers. Though she was at first reluctant, Davina eventually complies. Once inside, Kol introduces her to a different form of magic he learned in Arabia called Kemiya, a practice that combines magic and chemistry. He explains that he and his two witch partners had created many dark objects, and then revealed the most important one; one of the white oak ash daggers he managed to steal from Klaus. Davina reminds Kol that those particular daggers don't work on Klaus, but Kol explains that with some practice and trust, this dagger would. As they began to prepare, Kol explains the issues with the magical daggers-- the witch who created the daggers was unaware that Klaus was part-werewolf and thus was not vulnerable to the silver in the dagger. Additionally, the magic in the daggers couldn't be replicated, but if the dagger could be changed from silver to another metal such as gold, the issue with the dagger would be rectified. Davina then suggests that Kol had been only hanging out with her because he didn't have enough power on his own to do the spell, but Kol dismisses this prospect, explaining that Kemiya is more about chemistry and connection, and that after their joint spell with the white oak stake, she cannot deny that they have it. He then offers her his hand to commence the spell, but Davina is reluctant and asks if the hand-holding is really necessary. Kol suggests slyly that they could just make out instead, causing Davina to sigh in exasperation before she took his hand in one of hers, and used the other to grab the end of the piece of rope Kol was holding in his other hand.


Kol and Davina have a moment.

The pair begin to chant the spell and Kol also begins to subtly trace his hand down her forearm. Suddenly, the rope ignites and Davina is startled and as she smiles down the flame, Kol continues to trace his hand down her forearm, approaching her waist. Davina, noticing this, looks up at him and the pair gaze at each other for several heavy moments. The intimate moment is interrupted when they are forced to drop the burning rope, whose flame was approaching their hands. They crouch down and Kol picks up a silver chain and Davina is amazed at the rope's transformation. Kol then wraps it around her wrist pointing out that he owed her a new bracelet to make up for the one he broke. Davina, smiles bashfully and in awe, softly whispers that they had changed it. Kol, equally excited, assures her that they were going to change everything.

Later on, Davina admits that she should get going and flops down on a nearby couch in exhaustion. Kol then asks if she was going to return to Marcel's, but Davina explains that she lied to Marcel about him, and, as such, she would most likely go back to the attic. Kol then surmises that she must have been lonely in that "jail cell", and states that a witch needs a coven, even if it only consists of two people. Davina then asks when they can start to work on the dagger, and Kol promises her that they would begin soon enough, but they have some work that they have to do with each other first. He drapes her denim jacket over her and opines sincerely that she was going to like him, and that he planned to let her continue to pretend for a while that she doesn't already.


Kol carries Davina to her bed.

Later on, Kol was shown to be carrying Davina back to her room at the church. He gently placed her on her bed, and her bag, which she was cradling, fell by her side, exposing the white oak stake inside. Kol eyes it, clearly considering whether or not he should take it, but before anything can occur, Marcel appears and he takes him to Klaus off-screen. Davina is then shown waking up alone in the attic, smiling giddily at the bracelet Kol gave her earlier, but her happiness sours and shifts to horror and fury when she notices the stake's absence, clearly deeming Kol to be the culprit.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Davina learns from Marcel that Kol never betrayed her and that he was the one to turn him into his brothers. With this information, Davina used the dark object's in Kol's playhouse to render her blood poisonous as she was intent intent on taking Klaus on and rescuing Kol. When she arrived at The Abattoir, she provoked Klaus into biting her, and thus when he swallowed her blood, he collapsed due to the poison. Kol then arrived, free of his capture and is clearly impressed by her victory. Davina then declared that she plans to bleed Klaus dry and then dump him in the river, but Kol opines that her approach is harsh, confusing her by his sudden bout of empathy. This confusion was then rectified when Marcel, having recovered from his broken neck, revealed that Kol had joined Klaus' side, shocking Davina. Kol explains that Esther is the bigger threat and that she should be dealt with, but Davina shrugs this off, stating that she doesn't care about Esther. Before the discussion can continue, Cami arrived explaining her concern over strange puncture wounds she had dotted up and down her spin having deduced that Esther clearly was the cause. Kol examines the punctures and confirms her suspicion, surmising that Esther was clearly preparing Cami's body to be jumped into, most likely by herself. After Finn revealed that Cami was to be Rebekah's new body, Kol told her that it wouldn't be long before Esther set the plan in motion. They all agreed, including Davina who relented her previous stance as she cares for Cami's well being, that they'd need Klaus if they were going to stop Esther from putting Rebekah into Cami's body. Later, Davina told Kol how she originally believed that it was he who took the stake and teases that she would've been the one torturing him and not Klaus. Kol then asks if that means she trusts him now, and Davina smiles in response, seemingly confirming that she indeed does.


Kol and Davina kiss at the end of the episode

In The Map of Moments, the pair are working on a spell to stop Esther's magic, but Davina is concerned that it wouldn't suffice causing Kol to suggestively offer to put her mind at ease. Marcel chastises Kol, telling him to take the situation seriously. After Marcel departs with Cami, Davina inquires as to why Kol is so hostile with him. Kol explains his history as the 'black sheep' of the family and tells her that back in 1914, he had finally located and procured a large paragon diamond until Marcel took it from him. He then opines that he probably still has it, causing Davina to smirk and suggest they steal it back. Kol, chuffed at Davina's suggestion, states that she seems to always know what he's thinking. While snooping in Marcel's room, Davina comes across an old photograph of the Mikaelson family and Marcel at a party in 1914, shortly before Kol was daggered. Davina smiles and asks Kol if this is him in the picture. Kol confirms that it is and opines that he used to be a lot better looking back then, causing Davina to joke in reply "You wish". She then goes onto ask how come he never speaks of his sister, Rebekah. Kol bitterly explains that she was always "their" girl, with 'their' being Klaus and Elijah and how they were always a party of three. By the end of the episode, Kol reveals to Davina, after their victory of ensuring Cami's safety, that he scored his vengeance on Rebekah for stabbing him in the back in 1914 to Klaus which resulted in his daggering. Davina looks at him in concern but Kol dismisses this, telling her that he'd never hurt his own sister but he has placed her in a body that is trapped in the Dowager Fauline Cottage, an asylum of sorts for insane witches. Davina is shocked at this retribution but Kol explains that with Rebekah missing, Klaus will then be occupied and distracted, allowing them both to return to their original goal of creating a dagger to use on him. Davina's concern is placated by this but she still tells him to swear that Rebekah is safe. Kol does so and then declares that seeing as this has been the best day for him in the last two centuries, he's made a wish for Davina (a throwback to an old Mikaelson family tradition mentioned in the episode). He cups her cheek and instructs her to close her eyes and then kisses her. He then ceases the kiss and Davina bursts into a soft smile. She then wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him into a second kiss.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, when Davina arrives at The Abattoir and tries to touch the barrier Kol quickly comes and stops her, claiming that it's nasty. Kol flatters Davina by saying that she's the pretty girl to the rescue. Davina smiles in return. They hold out hands and chant a spell. After a moment, they are both rebounded backwards. Davina is confused about what happened, but Kol tells her that the spell is locking them out. Davina thinks that Vincent might be channeling something, possibly a dark object. Later, they set up herbs and candles for their new spell. They raise hands parallel to each other and start an incantation to interrupt Finn's spell. Suddenly, a gust of winds blows out all the candles, making Davina gasp. She holds out her hand to touch the boundary. Kol shouts her name, worried about the fact that she might get hurt. But she touches Kol's hand without being burned and laces her fingers through his. Which means that they completed the spell, so, they make for everyone else to get out. Suddenly, Klaus comes in and throws Kol inside the boundary. Davina, worried, tells him that they will kill Kol. She asks Marcel to keep him alive, while Kol goes to hide from the hungry vampires.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Davina teams up with Klaus to help him find Finn, so her friends and Kol can get out of the house alive. After they split up to find Marcel, Davina is seen wandering around the French quarter. When she sees Kol on the street, they smile happily. She quickly runs up to him and they share their second kiss.

In Sanctuary, Kol prepared for the dagger spell in his playhouse. Davina had been sleeping on the couch and awoke and assured Kol that she was past any second thoughts on if they should create the new dagger and Kol commenting "that's my girl." Her phone buzzed and Kol told her that her phone had been buzzing all morning. She had gotten text messages from Aiden that said that Marcel and Josh were still missing. Davina brought Aiden to the playhouse, much to Kol's chagrin of people coming to his secret lair. Davina asked Aiden for Josh's personal objects so they can perform a locator spell to find him and Marcel which he apparently left at Aiden's place, resulting in a snarky comment from Kol. Though Davina told Kol to "please shut up." Davina and Kol channeled each other to locate Josh, discovering he was at Lenore's old shop. Aiden prepared to leave but Davina wouldn't let him go alone, which Kol didn't initially agree with, not wanting to go on a suicide rescue mission but Davina was adamant.

Kol got to Finn first, much to Finn's surprise, asking Kol how he could dare come back after allying with Klaus and Elijah. Kol told him that he had Davina wrapped around his finger and with her help, nothing could stand against them. However, Kol was just distracting Finn from Davina and Aiden who were sneaking in. Finn angrily used his magic on Kol commenting "allow me to send a message to your little girlfriend" turning the captured vampires on Davina and Aiden, forcing them to flee with only Josh. Kol realizing that they had left him alone, said that Davina could be quite pushy when she wants to be and was the one who told him to distract Finn. Finn furiously used a curse to trap Kol in Kaleb's body, to die in a few days, believing that he feared death most of all.

InThe Devil is Damned, Klaus wants Kol to call Davina to perform a locator spell to locate Finn as she's stronger, but Kol doesn't want her to find out that he's sick.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Kol arrives in Davina's attic while she is in mid-conversation with Josh. She questions him about his disappearance the day before and why he couldn't call her. He flirts that it's a "right spat they're having" and laughs if they're "going steady" before offering to make it up to her by helping to finish the dagger.


While in the Claire tomb sometimes afterwards, Davina and Kol set up the ingredients and start the process to turn the dagger into gold. She is unsure if she's ready, and he cheekily comments he has never completed the spell before but has never had a partner as powerful as her. They hold the dagger over the Bunsen burner as they begin to chant the spell. As they chant louder and the dagger becomes too hot, they drop it and are amazed as they reveal the spell worked. They begin to kiss which turns into a full blown make-out before unknowingly to them, Freya has began her own spell of reviving Finn, as he wakes and her spell finishes, Kol suddenly jerks back and his nose begins bleeding. Worried, Davina asks if he's okay to which Kol continues to deceive her about the hex, smiling and telling her the powerful spell takes it toll. He requests she hides the dagger before announcing they should celebrate, and asks her as his date to Hayley and Jackson's wedding. Davina accepts, on the condition they dance if there is music.


Afterwards, Kol is nowhere to be seen at the wedding as Davina arrives, although afterwards following the wedding party, Davina walks with Josh who discusses his boyfriend's new found hybrid abilities, she sadly responds "at least your boyfriend showed up". As Josh twirls her around, she notices Kol leaning against a wall and quickly begins to approach. He compliments her as "a sight" although Davina immediately notices something is wrong after she touches his ice cold hand. He then finally reveals to Davina's horror that Finn hexed him after they rescued Josh, and that he thought he would've been okay, although now realizes he's running out of time as Davina holds back her tears.

Back inside the Claire tomb, Rebekah and Davina deliberate on ways in which they can break Finn's spell or jump Kol into another body. Kol interrupts them, asking quietly if Rebekah can give him and Davina a minute alone. After his sister leaves, Kol stands and offers his hand to Davina, telling her "he owes her a dance".

Their slow dance continues out into the cemetery outside, and Davina begins to cry against his shoulder. As Kol pulls her closer and caresses her cheek, as he begins his goodbye and tells her; "I know we're in a cemetery, and I'm terminal, but you gotta admit the stars are lovely. Under the same stars, there's some guy, and he's with this girl. And he has all the time in the world, and he's right. And I hate him." before they laugh sadly although short lived as Kol begins to cough up blood.


Kol dies

She kisses his hands when he stands back up, and after one last look he turns and tells her he should be alone for "what happens next". While Kol rapidly deteriorates with Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus beside him, Davina desperately attempts another spell to save him. After Rebekah lets him know that they will consecrate his body in order to somehow bring him back, Davina's spell failed once more and she rushes towards him. He takes her hand and caresses it says "it's okay" and he isn't scared to try and bring comfort to her. He then smiles at her before laughing, although dies shortly after and Davina is left devastated as she cries over his body.

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Davina is seen mourning Kol at a grave bearing Kaleb's name, in the crypts of the cemetery. Klaus approaches her to ask for a favor in regards to Mikael and Davina tells him that she is too busy mourning another dead boyfriend to help. Hearing this, Klaus reminds her that she is not the only one to be grieving Kol before making her an offer. He explains that he is in possession of the ashes of Kol's original body from the first time he died, and that if she helps him with Mikael, he will give her the ashes as they are a necessary part of the spell to bring him back to life. Davina agrees to this and helps him locate Mikael, as well as create a weapon to kill Dahlia, in exchange for his remains.

In When the Levee Breaks, Kol is mentioned by Davina when Aiden and Josh approach her to create an object that will prevent Hope from using magic so that Hayley and Jackson can run from Dahlia with her. Davina grows sad and says to them that if Kol had asked her to run away with him before he was hexed by Finn, he wouldn't have had to ask her twice. Marcel later approaches Davina to convince her to help them dagger Klaus, where she tells Marcel that while he helped save her from Eva, he wasn't there for her when Kol died, and that's when she needed him the most, even if he didn't care for their relationship. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for her for protection after he was gone, but despite this, she hands over their dagger at the end of then episode, allowing Elijah to dagger Klaus, meaning that after centuries of trying, Kol actually succeeded in creating what could put Klaus down even if he was unable to see it happen.

In Wild at Heart, Davina uses magic to cross over into the Ancestral Plane where she runs into Kol who is hiding from The Ancestors.

Kol and Davina reunite

Kol and Davina reunite

He takes her to Rousseau's where Davina shows Kol the spell which can bring him back to life. Recognizing that it's The Strix's work, Kol lies to her, saying it's a fake, however Davina calls him out on the lie. Kol tells her she needs to find other way one that doesn't involve The Strix however the lights start flickering and thats their cue to hide from The Ancestors who are coming in the bar.

3x11 Kol and Davina reunion kiss

Kol kisses Davina

Knowing Davina needs to get back to her physical body back at in her old room Kol takes her throughout the back alleys to get there, but Kara shows up and attacks them. Ariane comes to their rescue and sends Kara away. However at this point more ancestors know their location and Kol distracts them so they wouldn't get Davina who makes it back to the psychical plane with Ariane.

In Heart Shaped Box, Davina summoned Kol's spirit and he was happy to see her but disappointed to see she had joined the Sisters. She assured him it was a means to an end but their reunion was interrupted by Aya. Kol was familiar with Aya, surprised that she hadn't been killed yet. Aya told him he would remain a ghost unless he helped them with the final ingredient to the de-linking spell. Kol said he'd talk, but only to Davina. She secluded that the missing ingredient was Hayley's heart. With lead the remaining sisters to go kill Hayley. Kol told her to use the candle and Kol's spirit to knock herself out and her connection with the Sisters would bring them down too. Davina took his advice and was knocked out. Kol crouched beside her, lamenting that it was definitely their worst date ever. When Davina awoke, Kol sat beside her and said watching her sleep was the best experience he had had in months. He told her he appreciated her efforts to bring him back but that Aya never kept her promises. When Davina confessed her love for Kol, she kissed him just as the candle went out and he vanished.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, after Davina Claire successfully unlinked Klaus from his sire line, the spell and amount of magic drained from Klaus created a Nexus Vorti. Davina, having saved the blood of both Elijah and Klaus from the de-linking spell, used the blood of the two brothers, along with Kol's ashes, as the ingredients for the spell to bring Kol back. This was the same spell Rebekah wanted to use before Aya had her witch destroy it to spite Rebekah. Once combined, Davina channeled the new Nexus Vorti energies for the power to cast the spell, and successfully resurrected Kol Mikaelson as an Original Vampire. Kol smiles at Davina, and tells her he always had faith in her.


In An Old Friend Calls, Kol awoke after being asleep for three days following his revival, saying that his body being reconstructed from ash had taken a lot out of him. Davina was overjoyed to see him standing but he revealed by putting his hand in sunlight that he had returned as an Original Vampire, his original body brought back to the state it was prior to his first death. Davina was concerned, having only ever really known Kol as a witch. Kol knew that Davina had heard the stories about how he was a violent lunatic as a vampire but assured her that he'd be able to control himself now that he had a reason to be better. He asked her to make him a new daylight ring so they could pay his family a visit, despite her concern that Klaus would kill her for breaking his sireline. When they arrived at the compound, Klaus immediately attacked Davina but was thrown off by Kol, who greeted his brother with a cheeky smile. Klaus was shocked by his brother's return and Elijah and Freya soon joined him, all in disbelief. Davina explained that she had revived him thanks to the power left over from Klaus' sireline breaking. Klaus embraced his younger brother happily, while Kol and Elijah awkwardly greeted each other. Kol also met Freya, having heard the story of his long-lost sister. Kol was updated on Klaus's worry that his sireline would come for him now that the line was broken, however, Davina wasn't allowed in the family discussion, much to Kol's annoyance. However, he promised he would make it up to her later. Kol later went to Davina to have their date that he had promised her. After telling her that it wasn't his time as a witch with magic that had changed him, it was meeting Davina. The two of them shared a romantic night, having sex for the first time.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Davina assist The Originals in finding Freya locating her somewhere in Mystic Falls which she learns was the birthplace of The Originals. After being more concern about Kol's erratic behavior Davina uses a spell which confirms her worse fear: The Ancestors cursed Kol when she resurrected him.

In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, Davina assists Vincent's help into undoing the curse on Kol however The Ancestors have turned the tables on them by attempting to make St. James Infirmary where Kol is unsafe. She encourages Vincent to channel dark magic after he was stripped of his Regency with her outside of lycée at Lafayette Cemetery. After being successful Davina along with Vincent vow to bring down The Ancestors themselves.

In No More Heartbreaks, Davina is determined to help undo the damage The Ancestors have caused. She confronts Lucien at Rousseau's with the figure of veritas. However, the doll does not work and Lucien is able to destroy it. However, instead of killing her, Lucien lets Davina live telling her that the Ancestors have a plan for her. Davina visits and starts to talk to a neutralized Kol, however, the whole of New Orleans begins to shake as the Ancestors try to remove Kol's dagger. After the Ancestors free Kol from his neutralized state he loses control of himself and kills Davina which makes Kol overwhelm with grief once he's back to normal.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Davina finds herself in the Ancestral Plane after her consecration. There she is found and trapped by Kara who wants to shred her soul to pieces. Freya, channeling Elijah and the hand of glory, manages to pull Davina's soul into a protective circle. After realizing that she could use Davina to steal power from the Ancestors and protect her family, Freya sends her back to the Ancestors, condemning her to a fate worse than death. Even the current witch Regent cannot bring her back, implying that Kara succeeded in her efforts which angers Kol to the point of murdering Van seeing no good in himself since he killed Davina.

In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Davina and Kol see each other one last time to say goodbye to each other before she serves the link between the ancestors and their descendants.

In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Davina is staying at the church in her old room, and Kol brings her coffee. Originally, he doesn't see her and gets scared that something may have happened to her. Before he can do anything, Davina comes around a corner, and he gives her a relieved hug. She tells him that she doesn't know how much time she has alive, especially since she is still linked to the Hollow. Kol tells her that he'd handle it, presumably by doing what the Hollow says. Davina tells him that he can't betray his family, to which he tells her jokingly that it's his specialty. He also informs her about a car he has, and that if he doesn't make it back by midnight, that she should leave without him. He makes her promise to go, even though she doesn't want to leave him. Kol then agrees to help the Hollow in order to keep Davina alive.


Kol and Davina leaving New Orleans.

Later, Davina tells him that she remembered casting one of Esther's unlinking spells, which could work to unlink her from the Hollow if they could find a coven strong enough to counter the Hollow's spell. He states that they don't need a coven, only one strong witch. He then goes to his young niece, Hope, to ask her to cast the spell. Hope asks him if he loves Davina, to which he states that does - very much so. She then casts the spell and is successful in doing so. Klaus finds out about Kol's deception, and is furious at him. He almost daggers Kol, however, at the last moment grants him mercy allowing him to have another chance with Davina. Kol then meets up with Davina, where the two kiss before deciding to go everywhere they can. The couple then drives away in Kol's car in the moonlight, ready to start a new adventure together.

In The Feast of All Sinners, Kol and Davina are shown to be living in San Francisco together. Kol is seen at a jeweler's with the paragon diamond, and requests that the jeweler turn it into a necklace, earrings, and one giant engagement ring. Davina than texts Kol asking him if he's on his way home, to which he replies that he'll be there soon, and he's bringing gifts.

In Where You Left Your Heart, Kol and Davina are seen to be living together. While in their home, Kol reveals on a phone call with one of his siblings that he is happily married to Davina. This happened across the span of seven years while being separated from the rest of his siblings.


  • More Than You Know - Billie Holiday (Davina and Kol dance in Lafayette Cemetery, I Love You, Goodbye)


Season Two
Kol (to Davina): "You obviously need me."
-- Rebirth

Kol (to Davina) : "I didn't just ask you out here 'cause you're gorgeous."
Kol (to Davina) : "I know your story, Davina. You're practically famous-- you're the Harvest Girl who told them all to shove it. I'm a lot like you; don't really believe in rules and authority. Your courage should be celebrated."
-- Alive and Kicking

Kol (to Davina): "It appears someone has knocked you head over heels, quite literally. I thought I'd have that honor."
Kol (to Davina): "I never really liked dull girls anyway."
Kol (to Davina): "Are you slicked ? Those sad eyes might fool some people, but not me. I know what you're after. You've got a lecherous heart, Davina Claire. I won't be used, not for my body nor my medicinal herbs. We can hold hands, that's it."
Kol (to Davina): "Whatever it is you're up to, you can tell me when you're good and ready."
-- Live and Let Die

Kol (to Davina): "My mother said, kill the spell or kill her, and I happen to like you."
Davina (to Kol): "Just show me the spell, Kaleb, Kol, or whatever your name is!"
Kol (to Davina): "We should get out of here."
Davina (to Kol): "I'm out to get even with Klaus, and you're going to help me."
-- Red Door

Davina (to Kol): "Kinda hard to rest when there's a thousand year old psycho in the next bed."
Kol (to Davina): "You say that, I sound like a bit of a creeper."
Davina (to Kol): "Can you just stop? Calling me darling, and trying to be funny and all of... that."
Kol (to Davina): "Most girls like this but then you're not like most girls, are you?"
Kol (to Davina): "I have been trying to charm you and your resistance is as impressive as it is baffling."
Kol (to Davina): "Do you have any fun with magic or is it all just angst and child sacrifice with you lot?"
Davina (to Kol): "I can't believe your mom sent you here to flirt with me."
Kol (to Davina): "No, love, she sent me to follow you. The flirting bit was me."
Kol (to Davina): "Kemiya's about... it's about chemistry. It's about connection, and after what happened with the white oak stake, I don't think you can deny what we have. So, here. Hold my hand."
Davina (to Kol): "Is the hand holding really necessary?"
Kol (to Davina): "We could make out, but that would be entirely distracting."
Kol (to Davina): "Davina Claire, we're gonna change everything."
Kol (to Davina): "A witch needs a coven even if it is just two."
Kol (to Davina): "You're going to like me, Davina Claire, and I'm going to let you pretend for a while that you don't already."
-- Chasing the Devil's Tail

Kol (to Davina): "Quite nice of you, coming to my rescue like that."
Davina (to Kol): "You know, it's a good thing you didn't steal the stake from me. Or I would have been the one torturing you."
-- The Brothers That Care Forgot

Kol (to Davina): "Since this is the best day I’ve had in the last two centuries, I made a wish for you. Close your eyes."
-- The Map of Moments

Kol (to Davina): "Pretty girl to the rescue, eh?"
-- Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire

Kol (to Davina): "Not having second thoughts are you? You were the one that wanted to get rid of the bastard without hurting your friends."
Davina (to Kol): "I'm past second thoughts."
Kol (to Davina): "That's my girl."
-- Sanctuary

Kol (to Davina): "I know that we're in a cemetery right now, and I happen to be terminal. But you've gotta admit the stars are lovely."
Davina (to Kol): "How can you joke right now?"
Kol (to Davina): "I'm not. Under the same stars there's some guy, and he's with his girl. He thinks he's got all the time in the world, and he's right... And I hate him."
-- I Love You, Goodbye

Season Three
Kol (to Davina): "Come on, you don't recognize this roguish grin?"
Davina (to Kol): "God, I missed you. And for the record, I like this face just fine."
-- Wild at Heart

Davina (to Kol): "We've wasted so much time."
Kol (to Davina): "Hardly. Watching you sleep has been the most fun I've had in months."
Davina (to Kol): "I'll bring you back soon, she promised."
Kol (to Davina): "I appreciate you trying, but Aya never keeps her promises. Seriously, darling, you need to let me go. The longer you stay in this coven, the more dangerous it becomes for you."
Davina (to Kol): "Then I'll bring you back and we'll take them on together. We can do anything, can't we? Please... I love you, Kol Mikaelson."
Kol (to Davina): "Well in that case, you best kiss me before I go."
-- Heart Shaped Box

Kol (to Davina): "I never doubted you for a second, Davina Claire."
-- A Streetcar Named Desire

Davina (to Kol): "Kol, I've heard the stories; when you were a vampire, you were-"
Kol (to Davina): "A psychotic maniac... But I didn't have you. You're worth being good for. I promise you, you can trust me."
Kol (to Davina): "At the risk of sounding too forward, I need you to put a ring on this finger."
Davina (to Kol): "As for the magic… If you ever get the urge, there are other ways. You don’t have to do magic to feel it."
-- An Old Friend Calls

Kol (to Davina): "Elijah is just going to go for it! Let Finn steal a body and start a new life!"
Davina (to Kol): "You need to calm down. You know, I've never been in a guy's actual bedroom before."
Kol (to Davina): "Are you even listening to me?"
Davina (to Kol): " I am. But you raging about Finn when you're stuck in here and can't do anything about it isn't going to help. What you need is something to take your mind off it."
Kol (to Davina): "It won't work."
Davina (to Kol): "Is that a challenge?"
Kol (to Davina): "I just want Finn to suffer for what he did to me. For what he did to us."
Davina (to Kol): "He will. I promise."
-- Alone with Everybody

Kol (to Davina): "Seems your friend stood us up."
Davina (to Kol): "Vincent's not exactly my friend..."
Kol (to Davina): "Well, since we bothered to be the only ones who turned up, it would be a shame to leave empty-handed. Why not head back, get up to no good?"
Davina (to Kol): "Something's not right. Vincent said we were up against a "common threat." Now he's missing. St. James is the one place in New Orleans where magic doesn't work. Why would a Regent want to meet somewhere where he can't do magic?"
Davina (to Kol): "They should keep heading northeast..."
Kol (to Davina): "What? Northeast? They've been driving northeast for an hour, love. We need to get a tad more specific before they hit the Atlantic Ocean."
Davina (to Kol): "The soul-blood connection is not as strong as a locator spell. The most I can narrow it down to is Virginia. Northern Virginia."
Kol (to Davina): "You're bloody joking! We were born in northern Virginia. There's a one-horse town there now called Mystic Falls. We were turned into vampires there. That's too much of a coincidence. Can you please be a little more precise?"
Davina (to Kol): "No. I need to boost the signal somehow. Maybe some black cohosh..."
Kol (to Davina): "Black cohosh won't do it! Sorry. Look, I have a better idea-- a Blood Rider. A Tibetan singing bowl I had cast into a dark object in the 1900s. It's like an echo chamber. With Finn's blood, we can amplify the connection he has with Vincent. But, like everything of mine, Klaus' ex-has it now. I guess I'll just have to pry it out of her hands..."
Davina (to Kol): "Hey! Cami is my friend. Now, if you can't play nice, you're gonna sit here, and I'll go get it."
Kol (to Davina): "Okay. I'll behave. Let's go."
Kol (to Davina): "With Finn's blood, we can amplify the connection he has with Vincent. All right, let go of everything. Feel the vibration. Now, harmonize with the cadence of the drone. And once they're both in harmony, it should continue by itself. And it's up to you to concentrate, to amplify it."
Davina (to Kol): "Well, at least your sister's safe."
Kol (to Davina): "And the man that pretended to be a family friend, but actually hated us for an eternity, has turned himself into some creature, here... Which, for all we know, could be the bloody beast the prophecy said would end us!"
Davina (to Kol): "Hey... All of this? I don't think it has anything to do with you being a vampire. Cami said it might be magic-related... and I think she's right. Kol, you're not yourself."
Kol (to Davina): "Not myself? And which self am I supposed to be? I have been a witch, a vampire, a ghost, a witch in somebody else's body... And now, I am a bloody vampire again. Now, you think that I'm cursed... but I think it's everyone else getting into my bloody business and not knowing when to back off!"
-- Behind the Black Horizon

Kol (to Davina): "Ohhh, I can't be here, Davina. This is a bad idea..."
Davina (to Kol): "Magic won't affect you in here, so step inside...And take your mind off of it. Feeling better?"
Kol (to Davina): "Seems I owe you again. You must be growing tired of saving my ass."
Davina (to Kol): "Mmm, actually, I kind of like it. And what if I told you I had a way to fix all of our problems?"
Kol (to Davina): "What do you have in mind, darling?"
Davina (to Kol): "We're gonna be okay. We've already been through so much. Once we deal with the Ancestors, we'll have that date you wanted."
Kol (to Davina): "You said that magic doesn't work in here."
Davina (to Kol): "The Ancestors are breaking through the spell. We don't have much time."
-- The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

Davina (to Kol): "You just leave, no goodbye, nothing!"
Kol (to Davina): "What are you doing here?"
Davina (to Kol): "I tried to use magic to track you, then I realized you were hiding somewhere magic couldn't reach."
Kol (to Davina): "Davina, you should go."
Davina (to Kol): "Why did you leave without telling me? Why would you come back if you weren't going to tell me? Why are you walking away?!"
Kol (to Davina): "I didn't want to go, nor was it my intention to come back. The Ancestors won't let me leave. The second I got to the city limits I started to dessicate. I'm cursed, love. Those witch spirits have their hooks deep inside of me, they allow me no peace. Just a hunger that I can't control."
Davina (to Kol): "There's got to be a fix, just promise you'll never leave me again."
Davina (to Kol): "I'm not arguing with you, if I'm going to save Cami I need to go right to the source of the problem."
Kol (to Davina): "Lucien is an unstoppable monster made by the Ancestors."
Davina (to Kol): "I have stood up to Klaus. I'm not afraid of some second-string copycat."
Kol (to Davina): "I cannot leave here, and I am not letting you walk into a fight by yourself!"
Davina (to Kol): "Let go! You can barely control yourself. Now if Lucien is working with the Ancestors, maybe he can tell me what they've done to you."
Kol (to Davina): "This is madness, you can't fight him!"
Davina (to Kol): "I don't need to fight him, I need him to tell me the truth. And I know a way to do that, so just stay here. Wish me luck."
Kol (to Davina): "DAVINA! DAVINA!"
Davina (to Kol): "You lied to me"
Kol (to Davina): "I warned you there would be consequences."
Davina (to Kol): "The Ancestors tampered with the spell I used to bring you back, we knew that. But you didn't tell me how."
Kol (to Davina): "It was a dark spell to begin with."
Davina (to Kol): "They want you to kill me, right? They want revenge. Why didn't you say something?"
Kol (to Davina): "What would you have me say? "Thank you for saving me from unending torment, I adore you with all my heart. Oh, and by the way, all I want to do is rip out your throat"? And the longer I hold out, the worse it gets."
Davina (to Kol): "I can protect myself."
Kol (to Davina): "No. Eventually I'll give in. But there is another way."
Davina (to Kol): "Where did you find that?"
Kol (to Davina): "The first thing I did when you brought me back was to hunt it down, to make sure that Nik wouldn't stick it in me the second I annoyed him. I've always hated these bloody things. But we've ran out of options."
Davina (to Kol): "No. I can fix you."
Kol (to Davina): "I know you can. But this is to make certain that you're safe until you do. All right, think of it as a short sleep. Easy to undo. Knowing that you'll be waiting when I wake."
Davina (to Kol): "This isn't fair. I've waited so long to have you back."
Kol (to Davina): "Wait a little longer, bring me back when my mind is right. As it is, you can't trust me, which means you can't love me. Not as I love you."
-- No More Heartbreaks

Kol: "Davina."
Davina: "Can you do me a favor? Can you tell Josh not to be sad? Tell him that one really good friend is more than enough and that most people don't get that. And tell Marcel thanks for being my family."
Kol: "I'll tell them both... All of it."
Davina: "Okay... I don't know how to say goodbye to you."
Kol: "Do you know the first time that I saw you?"
Davina: "In the record store."
Kol: "No, it was before that. I was dead for ages Davina. And when I woke up, it was a mess of manipulation and family drama in a body I didn't know. All this anger I couldn't shake. And that very night, I saw you leaving the church with this look on your face like the whole world was on your shoulders. You brushed up against some dead flowers and you stopped. You looked around and you bought those flowers back to life with your magic and you smiled and something inside of me cracked wide open. I was dead for ages Davina Claire and only then did I feel alive again. I love you."
Davina: "I love you too."
Kol (to Davina): "Give 'em hell, Davina Claire."
-- Give 'Em Hell Kid

Season Four
Kol: "Davina?"
Davina: "I'm right here."
Kol: "For a moment i thought..."
Davina: "It's okay, i am still me. Flesh and blood alive... for now."
Kol: "And linked to that monster. I promise I'm going to find a way out of this for you."
Davina: "She was powerful enough to bring me back from the dead. Kol, you have no idea what we're up against."
Kol: "Hasn't stopped me before. Stay here. I'll be back as soon as I can."
Davina: "What, you're leaving? Kol we might not have much time together."
Kol: "Losing you broke me, I will not stand around and let it happen again."
Davina: "The Hollow has to be killed and if she dies then I die. What's the alternative, you help her? You can't betray your family."
Kol: "It's kind of my specialty. Stay here."
Davina: "You should destroy this. Hayley could die."
Kol: "And why is her life more important than your's?"
Davina: "I can't take a little girl's mother away from her Kol."
Kol: "Then we just have to find another way to get you out of this, because there is no way I am letting you go."
Davina: "I have been thinking, Elijah once gave me a spell to break a magical link. I am too weak right now but if we can find a coven to counter Inadu's spell."
Kol: "No... I know the spell. We don't need a coven, we need one powerful little witch. I have a car in the lot out back, if I am not back by midnight, you take it and you go."
Davina: "Wait... Without you? Are you kidding, what are doing?"
Kol: "Davina, I am not asking. I need you to do this. Promise me."
Davina (to Josh): "I can't just leave him."
Kol: "Well that sounds like a broken promise."
Davina: "I thought you were daggered or worse"
Kol: "I caught Klaus in a rare charitable moment, but i won't last long. Are you ready to go?"
Davina: "Anywhere"
Kol: "Anywhere? Everywhere."
-- A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken

Dating Timeline

First relationship (platonic and/or romantic):




  • Despite Kol returning in Season 2, the Kol and Davina relationship was shipped from the first season by fans.
  • Kol himself later revealed to Davina the first time he saw her was when he was first brought back possessing Kaleb around the events of From a Cradle to a Grave.
  • Davina was at first unaware that Kaleb was really Kol Mikaelson, an Original Vampire.
  • Kol has a tendency to flirt with her and considers her to be "gorgeous" and the "prettiest" witch in town.
  • Davina and Kaleb/Kol met in Rebirth, and went on their first date in Alive and Kicking.
    • Kol/Kaleb stood her up for Coffee, but went to dinner with her on his mother's request. It is unknown if he wanted to go out with her or not.
    • To audiences, it seemed as though Kol was genuinely enjoying the date with Davina as he was not focusing on extracting information from her like Finn and Esther wanted him to do, but was opting to charm her.
  • It was noted that Kol could have left Davina to fend for herself in Alive and Kicking, but chose to stay and even tried to defend her honor.
  • There are a number of parallels between Kol and Davina.
    • They don't like being told what to do and have authority issues, showing a tendency to be rude and arrogant to those who are more powerful than they are.
    • Their mothers were controlling.
    • Their deaths involved them being sacrificed for the cause of another. Davina was killed for the sake of the witches regaining power, and Kol was killed to complete the map to the cure.
    • Before their deaths, both of them gained an advantage, though that advantage was what ultimately resulted in them dying. Davina had the power of the Harvest, but it became too much for her. Kol stole both the White Oak Stake and most of Klaus' daggers, but his possession of the stake was what got him killed.
    • Both were petrified of death, but finally accepted their fate.
    • After coming back to life, they're both oppressed in some way. Davina was under the control of her coven while Kol is being controlled by his mother.
    • They have both played the role of a secret weapon. Davina was Marcel's, being 'trapped' in her attic during that time, while Kol is a secret weapon for Esther, trapped in Kaleb's body.
    • They have both been underestimated.
    • They both been  tortured by The Ancestors; Davina because of her association with Marcel and not doing The Harvest for a year, and Kol for his Original status.
  • In Red Door, Kol admitted to Davina that he liked her.
  • As of Red Door, Davina knows who he is.
    • She found this out when she tried to borrow his magic to unlink.
    • She still seems to like him, even though she knows who he really is.
  • He had the choice to either kill the spell or kill her, he chose to kill the spell instead, claiming that he liked her.
  • Kol knew her ancestor Mary-Alice Claire at turn of the 20th century as he had a relationship with her. However turns out that they both were just using each other.
  • Due to Kol's vast knowledge of magic, Davina told him he had a "freaky witch encyclopedia brain".
  • Kol and Davina share their first kiss in The Map of Moments, their second kiss in Brotherhood of the Damned and their third kiss in I Love You, Goodbye.
  • In When the Levee Breaks, the dagger is finally used on Klaus by Elijah after Davina gives it to Marcel.
  • Davina used her one shot as Regent in an attempt to bring Kol back.
  • The actors who portray them, Danielle Campbell (Davina) and Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol) are friends in real life.
  • Michael Narducci stated that Davina and Kol are "True Love" [1]
  • Davina reunited with Kol in Wild at Heart and although was at first startled by his original body, quickly recovered and was then overjoyed to see him again.
  • In A Streetcar Named Desire, Davina successfully resurrected Kol as an Original Vampire (much to her surprise).
    • Both of them died and have been resurrected at least once.
  • In An Old Friend Calls, the pair consummated their relationship.
    • It is more than likely Davina lost her virginity to him being she hasn't had any romantic relationships mentioned prior to Tim or any other romantic interests mentioned before Kol.
  • In No More Heartbreaks, Davina and Kol (along with Vincent) figure out that the Ancestors hardwired Kol to kill Davina within the resurrection spell Davina used to bring Kol back to life (as an Original Vampire).
    • Kol completes his mission when he awakens from being neutralized by Davina and unthinkably kills her. Kol was shocked to find her dead body in his arms after his spelled-mission was completed.
  • In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Kol called Davina "the love of his life".
  • The relationship between the two is similar to the relationship between Elijah and Tatia, both killed the women they loved.
  • These two reunite once again on the living plane in, Phantomesque. This time, Davina was resurrected thanks to the magic provided from the Hollow.
  • They left New Orleans and seem to be happily living in San Francisco together.


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