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Now, all I want to do is meet boys, feed on people's blood, get one of those daylight rings so I don't burn in the sunlight.
Josh, a newly turned vampire, about getting a daylight ring in Bloodletting

A Daylight Amulet, also referred to as a Daylight Ring, is a piece of jewelry with a lapis lazuli gemstone enchanted by witches, which help to protect vampires from the sunlight. This also allows vampires to walk freely in the day. Their werewolf counterparts are the Moonlight Amulets.

The witch who casts the enchantment can also temporarily or permanently undo the spell on the jewelry at their discretion.

Throughout the series, female vampires often wear bracelets, necklaces, or rings that possess a lapis lazuli gemstone, as opposed to male vampires, who usually just wear rings. The jewelry itself doesn't have to be worn as it was intended; as long as the vampire is touching or holding it in some way, they are protected from daylight. 

The charm placed by witches over the gemstone is not dependent on the caster, since the lapis lazuli jewelry has been known to protect their vampire wearers long after the witch who spelled it have died. It was implied by both Stefan and Katherine that the enchanted jewelry only protects the vampire for whom the witch, who enchanted it, intended it to protect.

Though vampires with daylight amulets are fairly common in the series, there are still many vampires who do not possess them, since most witches are not fond of vampires, and for that reason usually aren't willing to make them daylight amulets. Very few humans are aware of the existence of daylight amulets, either, which gives vampires the advantage of walking in the sun, avoiding suspicion from most humans who still believe vampires can only walk at night. When Stefan and Damon were interrogated about how they walk in the sunlight on separate occasions by Sheriff Forbes and Logan Fell, they both refused to tell their secret.


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The magical process to create a Daywalking amulet has been only seen once; when Bonnie spelled a ring for Caroline in Bad Moon Rising. The spell is unknown, as Bonnie muttered the spell, however the amulet (or ring) needs to contain a Lapis Lazuli stone and be place in the sun light as the spell is performed.

The written Spell was seen twice, when Klaus hid it at the Jardin Gris so Marcel could find it and another when Klaus give it to Davina so she could make one for Josh.

Bonnie further explains that the witch who created the ring can also dispel it. However, witches such as The Spirits and The Travelers can temporarily neutralize the protective magic while Kai was able to destroy Elena's ring, also destroying the spell, when he attempted to turn Elena's blood acidic.


  • The rings grants vampires the ability of Day Walking that would otherwise only be naturally available to hybrids.
  • Their werewolf counterparts are the Moonlight Rings.
  • Vampires who wear daylight amulets are usually referred to as 'daywalkers' by their fellow vampires and others.
  • In the books, it seems that the power of lapis lazuli is transferrable, as Elena wears Katherine's ring without any problems.
  • In the series, it seemed to be non-transferrable, as when Lexi asks to borrow Stefan's ring in 162 Candles, he states "you know it doesn't work that way".
    • In American Gothic, it was confirmed that daylight rings are not transferrable. Elena in an attempt to look more like Katherine, asks her to hand over her bracelet. She claimed that she couldn't because it was daytime and she needed, and added that it wouldn't work on her anyway. 
    • It appears that a Passenger (when inside a vampire) can still use their hosts daylight ring, as it is proven when Katherine was a passenger in Elena's body. 
  • As the first vampires, the Mikaelson family have the oldest known daylight rings spelled by Esther.
  • The 2,000 year old witch Qetsiyah is in possession of a spell capable of enchanting a whole location to protect a vampire from sunlight. This is shown in Original Sin where she spells her cabin for Stefan.
  • Vampires can be given a second or replacement daylight ring, as long as it's enchanted for them as it is shown that Katherine Pierce had two; an amulet during the 1800's and a bracelet during the present day.
  • It was shown in Promised Land that Daylight Amulets do not work under the Anti-Magic Barrier, which may suggest the rings use Spirit Magic.
  • Death does not stop a witch from dispelling the amulets. Before the collapse of the Other Side, the spirit of Emily Bennett was able to influence the effects of Damon's ring at the Witch Burial Ground.
  • The Travelers know a spell that can temporarily deactivate them and cause vampires to burn in the sun even with the jewellery on.
  • The stone bears some similarity to the Gem of Amara from the Buffy and Angel franchise. With the only difference being that the Gem protects Vampires from demise, while the lapis lazuli only keeps them from burning up in the Sun.
  • Caroline got Katherine's cameo from Katherine as a "something old" wedding gift in We're Planning a June Wedding.


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