[The scene picks up right where the end of the previous episode left off, with Stefan bound to a chair at Caroline's news station while Rayna and Damon (who is still weak and woozy from the werewolf venom he was shot up with and is slumped over the news anchor's desk) try to convince him to take Rayna's deal]

RAYNA: Sun's coming up, Stefan. Make your choice.
DAMON: It's a pretty big deal, you know? Me offering to take this scar from you? But, hey, I've been on the bench for quite a while, and you look pretty tired. So, let me tap in and give you a breather! Hashtag "you're welcome." Are hashtags still a thing? I don't know, it's been three years...
RAYNA: Say yes, Stefan. You can stop running. You'll get your life back.
DAMON: [panting] All it's gonna take is one itty-bitty transfer spell. Any more suspense, I might pass out, little brother. Of course, I might pass out anyway.
STEFAN: [sighs] Phone's in my pocket. Valerie can do the spell.
DAMON: Hallelujah, he's seen the light. Now, I'm just gonna loosen these love-knots a little bit, just to get his phone.

[Rayna aims her gun at him as he does as he said]

RAYNA: Make sure he behaves.

[Damon's hands sizzle as he loosens Stefan's restraints]

STEFAN: You okay?
DAMON: Brother, I'm so full of werewolf toxin, I can't even feel my face. A little vervain's not gonna hurt me now.

[Damon and Stefan share a significant look before they each nod at the other. Just then, Stefan breaks through his ropes before shoving Damon across the room, where he hits Rayna and causes them both to fall in a heap on the floor. Rayna accidentally shoots her gun, which hits one of the windows and shatters. Stefan then takes Rayna's sword and vamp-speeds away with it while Damon takes a piece of broken glass and cuts Rayna on the back with it before grabbing a nearby power cord and wrapping it around her neck, squeezing it tightly]

RAYNA: [gasps] If you kill me, you kill anyone I've marked with my sword. That includes your brother.
DAMON: Don't worry about Stefan. I'm just giving him a head-start.

[Damon tries to use the cord to put her in a sleeper-hold to knock her out, but Rayna manages to pick up her gun and shoot him with another werewolf-venom-laced bullet, causing causing them both to pass out on the floor]



[Valerie is sitting on the couch in the parlor, looking at something on her phone, when she sees Stefan coming into the room with a packed duffle bag]

VALERIE: See? Now I'm in St. Petersburg! Red pin, I'm in Malaysia. Red pin... Oh, dear. I've landed in the ocean.

[Stefan chuckles as he grabs a bottle of bourbon from the liquor cabinet]

VALERIE: They do sell liquor elsewhere, you know. It's best to travel light.
STEFAN: Yeah, but... it's my favorite kind. I'm wondering how many more of these I can have, now that I'm on a time limit...
VALERIE: No time limits here. The night is young, my friend.
STEFAN: I'm not talking about tonight. I did the math. Rayna Cruz won't live forever, therefore neither will I. So, tick-tock.
VALERIE: And you've found mortality doesn't trouble you?
STEFAN: No, actually. Funny thing is, it makes me feel human again, like every minute counts.
VALERIE: Then... let's think of it as an adventure!
STEFAN: Right now?
VALERIE: Damon's gone. You have no one waiting at home anymore. I have no one, either. Why not just follow where the red pins lead?
STEFAN: [chuckles] So, you want to go, uh, pin-hopping all over the world?
VALERIE: While we search for a way to get rid of your scar. We could trace Rayna's bloodline back to wherever her ancestors come from. Start searching for answers there. But best-case scenario, we save your life. Worst case? We have a long vacation. Everyone you know has made the choice that serves them best. Why not make a choice that serves you?
STEFAN: [sighs] Well, I guess there's nothing left to hold me back here. Sure.


[Nora, looking pale and sickly, is strapped to a bed in one of their cells. When she hears the door lock beep and the door open, she starts trying to break through her restraints just as Alex walks into the room]

ALEX: Three years with us, and you still haven't learned to sit quietly. Do you like the change in scenery?
NORA: [angrily] Where is she? What did you people do to her? Where is Mary Lou??
ALEX: We need your help.
NORA: [scoffs] The only help I'd ever give you is off a cliff!
ALEX: Oh, I don't think that's true, because we have something you want-- answers about the research we've been doing with your girlfriend.

[Nora, realizing she has no choice if she wants Mary Louise safe, looks defeated]

NORA: I'll do anything. Just... name your price.
ALEX: The price is a name, actually. Lorenzo St. John.
NORA: [confused] Enzo? Why do you want him?
ALEX: So I can kill him myself.

[The scene cuts to a hallway, where Nora, looking slightly less pale and wearing a sweatshirt over the clothes she was wearing earlier, is walking with Alex]

NORA: Not that I'm not grateful for the chance to get some air, but what exactly am I doing?
ALEX: I believe Enzo released Rayna Cruz. Why? I have no idea. Why does Enzo do anything lately? But I have learned over time that if I can't trust my family, I certainly can't trust my usual team. And that's where you come in.

[Alex stops in front of a door and turns to Nora]

ALEX: You can be the one to hunt him down.
NORA: [incredulously] You trust the girl you've held captive for three bloody years?
ALEX: [chuckles] "Trust" may be too strong a word. But after you see the results of our experiments, you'll be highly incentivized to do what I want.

[She holds her hand in front of the digital door lock, and as the lock glows green, the door opens to reveal Mary Louise sitting on a bed, looking even more pale and sick than Nora. Nora wastes no time rushing into the room to reunite with her]

NORA: Are you all right?

[Mary Louise nods weakly, keeping her arms under the white comforter over her]

MARY LOUISE: Just... just feeling cold.
NORA: Who could blame you in this horrid, damp basement? Every day, I dream I'll carry you away from this place, leaving a trail of gutted corpses in our wake.

[Despite Mary Louise's obviously dire condition, she manages to laugh weakly]

MARY LOUISE: You seem quite yourself.

[Nora affectionately squeezes Mary Louise's arm, and she winces before reflexively pulling her arm out from under the covers, though it's clear she was trying to hide them from Nora, who gasps in shock at the sight of them. Her forearms and hands are covered in painful-looking, blood-red lesions, and Nora looks horrified and concerned for Mary Louise while also being appalled by what the Armory has been doing to her]

NORA: What happened?
MARY LOUISE: [weakly] They gave me pills...

[Mary Louise opens her hand, revealing one of the pills in question inside]

MARY LOUISE: Made from Rayna's blood. It's poisonous to witches.

[Nora turns and glares at Alex, who is standing in the doorway]

ALEX: Bring Enzo back to me, alive, and I'll give you everything I have to heal her.

[Nora instantly stands up, but Mary Louise grabs her by the wrist to stop her]

MARY LOUISE: [fearfully] No, please don't go!
NORA: [pained] I have to. I'm going to save you.

[Mary Louise squeezes her hand tightly as Nora leans forward and kisses her on the forehead before she turns and leaves]


[Matt has just pulled up in a black pickup truck to meet a man standing by his car and waiting for him]

MATT: Hey, Martel. What's up? I got your text. I owe you for calling off the alert on the whole hostage hoax, so whatever you want, man.

[Martel, who has remained speechless this entire time, opens the door to the backseat of his car, and Enzo vamp-speeds out and grabs Matt in a choke-hold]

ENZO: All he wants is to cooperate with me. I compelled him to summon you here while remaining silent and calm.

[Still holding onto Matt's throat, Enzo turns to Martel]

ENZO: Detective, cuff yourself to the car.

[Enzo sighs as he turns back to address Matt, staring at him intensely]

ENZO: So, by now, I'm sure Alex has decided that I'm the one who let Rayna escape, which, of course, is untrue.

[Enzo starts to squeeze Matt's throat even harder]

ENZO: But what I've yet to understand is... why did you release Rayna Cruz?

[Matt simply glares at him, though he doesn't try to struggle or move]


[Stefan is driving down a back road in Texas as he talks to Valerie on his phone while she packs up her belongings at their apartment]

STEFAN: So, Damon said he could take my scar through a transfer spell. Does that make any sense to you?

[Valerie looks uncomfortable, but is able to cover it up well since Stefan can't see her]

VALERIE: He must have been desperate to come up with that idea.
STEFAN: [scoffs] Ironic that he's the one that finally figured it out, considering how far you and I went looking for a solution.

[Valerie picks up two white pillar candles and packs them into her bag]

VALERIE: I suppose fate has a sense of humor...

[Just then, her phone beeps, and she checks it for a moment before returning to the call]

VALERIE: Taxi's here. I better go.
STEFAN: Hey, be careful, okay?
VALERIE: [smiles] Always, love. I'll get to Dallas as quickly as I can.

[Stefan hangs up and sighs as he continues to drive]


[Damon starts to stir, and when his eyes open, his vision is extremely blurry due to the werewolf venom. Despite this, he still manages to see Rayna stitching up the wound Damon made on her shoulder blade]

DAMON: Oh, you stayed to keep me company. How sweet.
RAYNA: Nice try. Once I'm done patching myself up, I'm out of here... Because as much as I'd like to kill you first, my sword is on the move, and so is my target. I have to chase them both. My mystical nature calls.

[She winces as she puts in the stitches to close her wound, and Damon groans as he flops onto his back on the floor]

RAYNA: So weird, how Stefan ran away from your offer...
DAMON: [rolls his eyes] He's just being a martyr. He probably thinks I can't handle the scar.

[He pulls his phone out of his pocket and holds it up]

DAMON: As soon as I charge this, I'll call him. Tell him to get his ass back here. We'll do the transfer spell.
RAYNA: [surprised] That is downright noble. More than I expected from you. Especially considering everything you have to give up.
DAMON: [scoffs] What am I gonna give up? I've been in a coffin for the last three years. It's not like I was keeping up with my hobbies.

[Rayna gives him a look and gestures to her injured shoulder]

RAYNA: Look at my arm. What do you see?
DAMON: [shrugs] Someone who should have brought bandaids?
RAYNA: I'm made up of regular flesh and bone. My body's 100% human. Even if I stay in good health, in sixty to seventy years, I'll toddle off to the big news station in the sky... Which means right around the time Elena wakes up, I'll be dead. So will you.

[Damon's eyes widen in horror when he realizes what she's saying]

RAYNA: Because if I die, you'll die. But I'm sure you already figured out that when you take the scar, you'll be giving up your future with Elena. You'll never see her again. A hero move. Nice.

[She cuts the fishline she's using to stitch herself up while Damon gapes at her in shock. Now finished, she stands her to feet and sighs]

RAYNA: Okay. Gotta go.

[She grabs her coat and rushes away, leaving Damon to consider what he's just learned on the floor of the news station]


[It is nighttime, and Stefan and Valerie are sitting across from a Filipina woman at a table in a tropical themed bar. It's clear that at least Valerie is pretty drunk, and Stefan is heading that way himself as they drink and babble]

VALERIE: We are looking for ways to get rid of a mystical scar.
STEFAN: That's right. It links me to a crazy woman.
VALERIE: No me. No, we're not linked.
STEFAN: Oh, no, no, no. We're just friends. And she's not crazy. Well... not in a bad way.
VALERIE: Yeah, you've gone off topic...

[The woman rolls her eyes, grabs her beer, and walks away, leaving Stefan and Valerie to drunkenly bicker amongst themselves]

VALERIE: Now you've made her uncomfortable.
STEFAN: I haven't made her uncomfortable! She doesn't understand what we're saying. Nobody here has any idea what we're saying.

[Valerie raises her glass]

VALERIE: Well, here's to our one-year anniversary of chasing red pins around the world.
STEFAN: Yeah. One year of complete and total failure.
VALERIE: Hey! It's not complete failure. While we have no solved your scar situation yet, we have discovered an astonishing variety of tropical alcohols.

[Stefan flicks through the contacts in his phone, which include Damon, Dealership--Savannah, Elena, and Enzo, and his thumb hovers over Damon's name as though he's considering calling him. When Valerie notices what he's doing, she sips her drink and frowns]

VALERIE: I'm afraid he can't come to the phone right now.
STEFAN: [sadly] Nope. Nope, he never will.

[Valerie gives him a guilty and apologetic look]

VALERIE: I brought up how long it's been. Sorry.
STEFAN: No, it's okay. I know what day it is. I've actually been thinking about it quite a bit.
VALERIE: And...?
STEFAN: And I realized that by the time he wakes up, I will probably be dead. So, uh, no... Never gonna call him again.
VALERIE: ...And, likewise, he will never call you.

[Stefan clicks his tongue and holds up his phone]

STEFAN: So, guess that makes this... obsolete.

[He sighs and sets the phone on the table, and Valerie gives him an awkward smile as she lifts her glass]

VALERIE: So... cheers, then?

[Stefan chuckles and raises his glass as well]

STEFAN: Cheers.

[They clink their glasses together before they each down the rest of their drink, and Valerie makes a face as the alcohol burns her throat]

VALERIE: Mmm. My turn to order.

[She grabs the bottle of clear liquor from the table and walks over to the bar with a smile and holds up one finger to the bartender]

VALERIE: Um, one more?

[The bartender nods at her, grabbing her another bottle, before he speaks up in perfect English]

BARTENDER: I understand. I also understood what you were saying over there. I think I know how to help.

[Valerie's eyes widen in shock, and she looks back at Stefan, who is distracted by looking at his phone again and isn't paying attention]


[Stefan is still driving through Texas when his phone buzzes. When he sees "Caroline" come up on the Caller ID, he looks shocked for a moment before he answers it]

STEFAN: Caroline?

[Stefan is even more surprised when it's Rayna who replies. She's calling from her own car, which she is presumably using to follow Stefan's route]

RAYNA: No such luck. Just me. I took Caroline's work cell, which you kept calling the other day. Wanted to check in on you.
STEFAN: [incredulously] Did you really call me just to chat?
RAYNA: Don't hang up. There's still time for me to help you.
STEFAN: [scoffs] Well, here's an idea-- why don't you stop chasing me?
RAYNA: You took my sword, genius. I need to get it back. If you didn't want to get chased, you should've stayed put at the news station.
STEFAN: And let you kill my brother? Not likely.
RAYNA: So you'd rather be first in line to go?
STEFAN: See, now I'm confused. I thought you were trying to give me a pass?
RAYNA: I was... In my own way. This is going to sound strange, but... you grew on me while I was trapped in the Armory.

[In FLASHBACKS to the last three years, Alex is seen drawing blood samples from Rayna's arm in her room. Rayna looks pale and weak, and her face is emotionless as Alex takes what she needs and leaves to go across the hall, where an equally pale and weak Mary Louise is sitting in her own bed, dreading the moment when Alex forces her to take the pills made from the blood]

RAYNA: You were the only distraction from my routine. Every day, while they were taking my blood and using it for their "research," I'd close my eyes and watch you. I could see where you were, what you were doing...

[In FLASHBACK, Rayna closes her eyes, allowing her to see Stefan, who is still in the Philippines at this time and is sitting on a blanket on the beach with Valerie while they look at the stars together and laugh at each others' jokes]

RAYNA: I saw you travel the world with Valerie.
STEFAN: [frowns] How would you know that?
RAYNA: I always know what my targets are up to. That mark on your chest? It's not just a scar, it's a... mystical connection. To me.
STEFAN: [scoffs] That's gotta be the worst pickup line I've ever heard in my life.
RAYNA: [laughs] Don't flatter yourself!
STEFAN: You did just say you spent the last three years spying on me...
RAYNA: The Armory doesn't have TV. What else was I gonna do?
STEFAN: Well, this isn't creepy at all.
RAYNA: The point is, I know exactly where you are and what you're doing now. You're leading me to the Armory. You're hoping they'll provide an assist. But Virginia's a long drive from here-- unless your car runs on something other than gas, you're not gonna make it there before I catch you.

[Stefan looks alarmed as he checks the gas gauge on his car, which is currently at 1/8th of a tank. Rayna seems pleased by his fear, which she appears to be able to sense through their connection]

RAYNA: I'm gaining on you. I can tell.

[Stefan grimaces and hangs up the phone. He then looks around in alarm for a moment before he notices a large florist's delivery van driving in the lane to his right. While this is going on, Rayna closes her eyes and watches as Stefan picks up her sword and throws it out his open passenger window, causing the blade of the sword to embed itself in the metal of the side of the van. The van turns right as Stefan screeches to a halt and does a U-turn so he can drive in the opposite direction while Rayna, watching this happen in real time, groans in annoyance]

RAYNA: Really???

[Rayna, now having to choose between getting her sword and catching Stefan, reluctantly turns to follow the van to get her sword back, giving Stefan the head start he needed to put some distance between them]


[Damon, who has apparently been in and out of consciousness due to the werewolf venom in his system, awakens on the floor of the news station to the sound of a nearby landline phone ringing loudly. He's disoriented and dizzy as he manages to stumble his way to the phone to answer it, since his own cell phone has a dead battery]

DAMON: Oh... I'm coming...

[Damon finally makes it to the phone and picks it up]

DAMON: Hello, KQ... something, something... My vision's gone blurry. Oh...

[Stefan is on the other line and greets Damon as he fills up his car's tank with gas]

DAMON: [brightly] How goes it, Mad Max?
STEFAN: Had to stop for gas.
DAMON: I was expecting a much cooler answer, but...
STEFAN: Yeah, well, I didn't really have much of a choice. Ditched the sword to buy myself a little bit of time. I could really use a great idea for what to do next.
DAMON: Sorry, little fuzzy. You know, toxin fever and all.
STEFAN: Valerie's coming to fix that.
DAMON: [surprised] So, you guys are hanging now, huh?
STEFAN: ...Our friendship evolved.
DAMON: [chuckles weakly] Oh, I bet it did.
STEFAN: [impatiently] Listen, as much as I love catching up with you, I do have to resume escaping from a serial killer, so if you could...

[Damon, torn between wanting to save his brother and his concern about what Rayna told him about his future with Elena if he took the scar, hesitates for a moment before he finally speaks]

DAMON: H-head back to the station. I'll find you a place to lead Rayna.
STEFAN: [skeptically] That's your great idea?
DAMON: [stammers] Uhh... I'll have the Armory come out and meet you. They still want Rayna. Just keep driving, Stefan. I'll be in touch, okay?

[Damon, getting weaker by the second, hangs up the phone without another word]


[Matt is locked in the backseat of Martel's cruiser as Enzo sits in the driver seat. Meanwhile, Martel stands silently outside his car, still handcuffed to the door as Enzo compelled him to do. It's obvious that Matt is very unhappy about his current predicament as they tersely discuss what's going on]

MATT: Why are you even in Dallas?
ENZO: I'm here for work. Everyone's looking for Rayna, of course. The Armory sent an alert when she escaped. I knew she'd used Caroline to set a trap for Stefan, so I wasn't surprised by the hostage broadcast. But I did grow curious when the police failed to respond. I discovered that you convinced them the whole thing was a hoax. Now, why would you do that?

[Enzo chuckles when Matt doesn't respond]

ENZO: I reckoned you wouldn't talk, even if I tortured you. So, I'm going to torture him instead.
MATT: [appalled] You wonder why I released Rayna? Look at what you're doing right now!
ENZO: [frowns] I know you have a strong dislike for my ilk, but if you wanted to unleash Rayna on us, why wait until now to free her?
MATT: [angrily] Ask Stefan Salvatore.
ENZO: [intrigued] Curiouser and curiouser.

[Enzo suddenly freezes when he hears something approaching, and he ducks just as an invisible force pulls him out of his car. He scrambles to his feet and headbutts what looks like the air, but when he throws another punch, Nora's cloaking spell breaks as she falls to the ground. Martel looks incredibly confused as Nora jumps to her feet and thrusts her arm toward Enzo]

NORA: [chants] Motus!

[Enzo flies backward, and the force of the spell also throws Martel's head through the window right next to Matt, apparently killing him in the process and horrifying Matt. Nora maintains her spell, forcing Enzo backward as he struggles against it, but he eventually breaks free, pulling a pill out of his pocket and grabbing Nora in a choke-hold. Matt attempts to crawl through the open window while Enzo tries his best to shove the pill down Nora's throat, which she immediately recognizes as what Alex has been using on Mary Louise. Matt manages to get free just as Enzo forces the pill in her mouth, though she spits it out]

NORA: Get off me!

[Matt scrambles to his truck and starts the engine as Nora tries to cast a spell on him]

NORA: [chants] Ossox--

[When the spell doesn't work, Nora's eyes widen in horror, and Enzo smirks at her]

ENZO: Fast-acting stuff, isn't it? That does will keep you quiet for an hour or so.

[Matt drives away in his truck, and Enzo looks angry as he and Nora watch him flee]

[After the break, Nora manages to push Enzo away, though she has a small smirk on her face in response to Enzo's annoyance]

NORA: Your toy got away.
ENZO: [shrugs] That's all right. I'm trading up. I like you better without your magic.
NORA: Well, lucky for you, I'm weak with hunger. Haven't had a proper meal in three bloody years.

[Nora vamp-speeds toward him, but Enzo grabs her in a headlock and once again tries to force a pill down her throat as Nora desperately struggles to break free]

ENZO: [groans] Are you that attached to witchy powers?
NORA: I'm attached to being alive! Those pills are what poisoned Mary Lou!

[Enzo's eyes widen in shock as he lets go of her and spins her around to face her]

ENZO: [frowns] What do you mean, poisoned?
NORA: I was promised an antidote in return for your capture.
ENZO: Who promised you?
NORA: Alex. She said you released Rayna.
ENZO: Incorrect. I'm guessing she only told you that to motivate you.
NORA: My only motivation is Mary Louise! She's all I have in this world, and I will not let her die!

[Nora shoves him in the chest, and Enzo's eyes widen in horror when he realizes what she's saying. She continues to shove him in the chest as he considers this new information]

NORA: [aggressively] What's the matter? Huh? Afraid to hit me back?

[Enzo raises his hands in a non-threatening gesture]

ENZO: [sighs] I'm calling a truce.
NORA: I don't want one!

[Enzo, now overwhelmed with fear and shock, grabs Nora by the shoulders and stares her in the eyes, his voice aggressive and serious]

ENZO: Listen to me! If those pills are fatal to witches, then you and I need to work together.
NORA: Why should I trust you?

[Enzo lets go of her, and Nora backs away from him]

ENZO: Because I care about this as much as you do. I swear it on my life.

[Enzo and Nora, both still gasping for breath from exertion, stare at each other warily]


[The florist's truck at which Stefan threw Rayna's sword to buy him more time has crashed in the woods off of the road and is smoking from the damage. Rayna, who is parked nearby, has just called Stefan, who is still driving away, to update him]

RAYNA: You owe some guy a cube truck.
STEFAN: [exasperatedly] Do you talk this much to all your targets?

[Rayna gets out of her car and walks toward the truck while she continues to talk to Stefan]

RAYNA: [shrugs] Just the ones I'm trying to help. You need all the help you can get, since your brother's not exactly reliable. I know that's what you've been thinking.
STEFAN: You don't know anything about me.
RAYNA: Mystical connection, remember? Anyway, I don't blame you for doubting Damon. You always knew having him in your orbit might get you killed someday.
STEFAN: [petulantly] I thought getting me killed was your department.
RAYNA: [sighs] I'm plagued with a responsibility.

[Rayna uses her enhanced strength to pull her sword out of the truck]

RAYNA: That doesn't mean I like it. I actually think you're an okay person, despite what Matt thinks. That guy really hates you.
STEFAN: [exhaustedly] Yeah, I'm starting to figure that out.
RAYNA: He wouldn't let me out of my cell until I promised to put you back in the hell stone. Ouch. Want to talk about it?
STEFAN: [shakes his head] Nope. Gotta save my battery.

[He hangs up on her with a sigh]


[Damon, who is pale, clammy, and generally worse for wear at the NEWS STATION, slowly scrolls through the contacts in his cell phone as it charges, struggling to figure out who he's calling through his blurry vision caused by the werewolf venom. He finally finds the contact he wants and presses the button to call Enzo, who is still at the PARKING GARAGE in Dallas]

ENZO: Damon Salvatore. A voice from the great beyond!
DAMON: Well, if "the great beyond" is in Dallas, then... yep.
ENZO: You sound a bit worse for wear, mate.
DAMON: Me? Never better. Listen, are you still friends with those nutjobs at the Armory?
ENZO: [amused] Ever to the point.

[The sound of slurping is heard nearby as Nora feeds on Martel, whose body is still hanging by the wrist where he was left handcuffed to his car]

ENZO: Why? What do you need?
DAMON: I need to set up a meet. Stefan's got Rayna Cruz on his tail, and he needs to come in for a landing.
ENZO: Oh, I know just the spot! Literally.

[While he talks, Damon sees a dart full of either vervain or werewolf venom laying on the ground next to him and stares at it curiously]

ENZO: The Armory uses an airfield near Dallas. I'll text you and Stefan the coordinates for the hostage exchange.
DAMON: I'm loving your James Bond vibe.
ENZO: [rolls his eyes] Somehow, I didn't miss you at all.

[Enzo hangs up the phone, and Damon does the same as he continues to look at the dart]

DAMON: There you are.

[Back at the PARKING GARAGE, Nora has just finished feeding on Martel, and has just wiped the blood from her mouth as she turns to Enzo with an incredulous look]

NORA: "Hostage exchange?"
ENZO: [sighs] You want Mary Louise. Alex wants me. I daresay she'll get more than she gives.
NORA: Oh, don't be absurd! She wants me to bring you back to the Armory.
ENZO: [scoffs] And you trust her?

[The look on Nora's face indicates that she doesn't, which answers Enzo's question]

ENZO: Unless you're eager for captivity or death, I advise you to do this my way.
NORA: [confused] So, if the goal is to stay alive, then why draw the Huntress to our meeting place?
ENZO: Luring Rayna to the air strip makes it worth Alex's while to come out into the open. I'll tell her to bring Mary Louise, but leave her lackeys behind. Did Alex give you a phone to use?

[Nora reaches into her pocket and pulls out the phone before handing it to Enzo]

ENZO: Cheers.

[Nora looks at him in confusion and curiosity as he scrolls through the contacts on her phone]

NORA: Why are you helping me?
ENZO: Let's just say I prefer the direct approach.

[Enzo finds Alex's number in the phone and hits "call"]


[Mary Louise, who is still weak and pale, is sitting in her bed, staring at the ceiling and reciting Sir Walter Raleigh's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" by Christopher Marlowe when Alex comes into see her]

MARY LOUISE: "Come live with me and be my love / And we will all the pleasures prove / No valleys, groves, hills and fields / Woods or steepy mountain yields..."

[Alex closes the door behind her, and Mary Louise immediately falls silent]

ALEX: Don't let me stop the poetry.
MARY LOUISE: [irritably] It wasn't for your entertainment.
ALEX: Free-styling?
MARY LOUISE: It's one of Nora's favorite poems. She used to read it to me daily.
ALEX: [nods] She does care about you... As evidenced by the fact that she demanded you come with me. Nora found Enzo in Dallas.

[Mary Louise glares at her as she slowly removes the comforter from on top of her and sits on the edge of her bed with her legs dangling over the floor]

MARY LOUISE: [incredulously] All this trouble for him?
ALEX: [shrugs] Partly for Enzo. Partly for your friend, Rayna Cruz.

[Still scowling, Mary Louise stands to her feet and prepares to leave, and Alex smirks in satisfaction]


[Damon is sitting on the floor, shivering and gasping for breath as he leans against the broadcast news desk, his skin pale and clammy, indicating that the werewolf venom is getting closer and closer to killing him. His eyes are closed until he hears the sounds of footsteps approaching him, the mysterious person's boots crushing the broken glass from Damon's earlier fight with Rayna. He assumes the Huntress has returned to finish him off and doesn't even open his eyes as he greets her]

DAMON: Rayna.

[Damon chuckles weakly]

DAMON: You gonna kick me in the face again?

[The camera pans out, revealing that it is actually Valerie who has just found him]

VALERIE: [sighs] Frankly, I'd rather do that. But Stefan asked me to heal you.

[Valerie roughly grabs him by the hands, taking his left hand in her own while she puts her right hand on his bare chest and siphons the werewolf venom magic from his body. Damon laughs weakly again as the venom leaves him]

DAMON: Now I know why Stefan digs you. You're a take-charge kind of gal.
VALERIE: [annoyed] And you're a self-serving narcissist.
DAMON: Oh, slightly domineering-- also Stefan's type.

[Once Valerie has finished siphoning the venom, Damon groans in relief]

DAMON: Wow. Much better.
VALERIE: I had to get you healthy so we can do the transfer spell.

[Valerie starts pulling candles out of her bag to start the spell as Damon stealthily pulls out the dart from earlier]

DAMON: Yeah, about that...

[Damon stabs Valerie in the neck with the dart before she can react, and Valerie groans and glares at him before she falls unconscious in his lap]


[Stefan is sitting on a red blanket on the beach, staring out at the ocean, just like in the flashback of Rayna's vision of him from earlier. After a moment, Valerie comes and joins him]

VALERIE: There you are--
STEFAN: [interrupts her] Hey, check out the sky!
VALERIE: The bartender has a theory...
STEFAN: Of course he does. If there's one thing we've learned from our travels all over the world, it's that every bartender has a theory, and every one of them is wrong. Now... look up.
VALERIE: [confused] At what?
STEFAN: At the sky.

[Valerie gives him a skeptical look, and Stefan sighs]

STEFAN: Come on! Just humor me. Live in the moment. That's what we're here for, right?
VALERIE: [sighs] Right.

[She sits down next to him and looks up at the sky]

VALERIE: Ooh, yeah. Lovely stars.
STEFAN: They're bigger this close to the equator.
VALERIE: They're the same as I've seen from every place else. There's Orion, Cassiopeia...
STEFAN: Cassiopeia is my favorite. Voice of doom. Saw the truth when no one else did.
VALERIE: You're thinking of Cassandra. She doesn't have a constellation.
STEFAN: No, no, no, no. The constellation's Cassiopeia, that's what I'm saying!
VALERIE: No, it's not.
STEFAN: Yeah, it is! You know why? Because I said so.
VALERIE: [rolls her eyes] You're an idiot.
STEFAN: You're right. I am.

[Valerie smiles at him, and after they stare at each other in the eyes for a long moment, Stefan leans in and kisses her. When they pull away, Valerie looks shocked, and Stefan smiles before leaning in and kissing her again, and they passionately make out on the beach].


[Alex is waiting at the airfield where the hostage swap is set to take place when Stefan pulls into the field in his SUV. He frowns as he gets out of the car and walks toward her]

STEFAN: [hesitantly] Who are you?
ALEX: Who are you?

[Suddenly, Nora appears between them as she lowers her cloaking spell. She glares at Stefan]

NORA: Nobody important.

[She turns and grabs Alex is a choke-hold, and Alex gasps for breath and grabs her neck as Nora casts another cloaking spell]

NORA: [chants] Invisique.

[Nora and Alex vanish, and Stefan looks around in confusion]

[Nora and Alex reappear elsewhere in the air field, where Nora shoves Alex toward Enzo]

NORA: As requested.
ENZO: And as promised, here I am.
NORA: Where's Mary Louise?
ALEX: Resting in the office.

[Alex reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a set of keys before holding them up for Nora to see]

NORA: I hope you remember how to drive.
ENZO: What about the antidote?
ALEX: [frowns] Who said I had an antidote?
NORA: [confused] You said you'd help Mary Louise!
ALEX: I said I'd give you everything I know about the pills. Here's what I know-- we tried to create the antidote, and we failed.
ENZO: [horrified] What???
ALEX: Meanwhile, Mary Louise will be dead within the week.

[Nora becomes so enraged that she snarls at Alex]

NORA: I'll tear your throat out!

[Enzo steps in and stops her before she can lunge for Alex]

ENZO: NO! I need her first.
ALEX: You can stay here and yell at me if you want, but then I might not give you a car. I suggest you go make the most of the time your girlfriend has left.

[Alex tosses her the car keys, and Nora, torn between wanting to find Mary Louise and her desire to make Alex pay for her lies, eventually takes the keys and leaves to find her girlfriend without another word. This leaves Alex with a very unhappy Enzo]

ENZO: For your sake, I hope you're lying.
ALEX: Why so interested in the pills? They're only really useful if you want to fight a witch... or hide from a locator spell.
ENZO: [aggravatedly] Speak plainly, Alexandria. I'm not in the mood for delay.
ALEX: I know you've been raiding the Armory's supplies. Figured it out after Rayna's escape. But why did you steal so many pills? Who could you have been giving them to?

[Enzo, looking nervous, does his best to cover up his concern]

ENZO: I haven't stolen anything, all right? Seems to me you've just lost track of your possessions.
ALEX: [laughs] Or perhaps you're lying to me?

[Enzo's worry becomes more apparent, which seems to answer Alex's question]

ALEX: We're family, so you know I'm not an idiot. Give Bonnie Bennett my regards.

[Alex walks away without another word, and Enzo clenches his jaw anxiously]


[Damon is driving to the airfield when Valerie, who he placed in the passenger seat, finally wakes up from her vervain nap to find that she's been bound]

DAMON: [mockingly] Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking. We have leveled off at our cruising altitude. Please feel free to move about the cabin, unless you are tied up with vervain rope...
VALERIE: [annoyed] Why did you stop me from doing the spell?
DAMON: I put a little spin on your plan.
VALERIE: [groans] God, you're an ass.
DAMON: [scoffs] You're one to talk! How long did you know you could fix Stefan's problem?

[Valerie looks uncomfortable]

VALERIE: Your suggestion was news to me.
DAMON: Not what I asked. How long have you known the answer? For example-- my thinking was, "Hey, the transfer spell worked on Ric's babies. Maybe it'll work on the scar." Three years go by, and that little concept never crossed your mind? If I was a betting man-- which I am-- I would bet that you knew about the spell all along. And rather than sharing it with my brother, you lied to him.
VALERIE: I never lied to him.
DAMON: But you didn't tell him the truth either, did you? Because you didn't want to get rid of that scar. Because without his scar to keep him running, he could've gone back to Caroline. How insecure could you possibly be?
VALERIE: All right, I lied. But I wasn't protecting myself, I was protecting him.
DAMON: By risking his life??
VALERIE: By keeping you out of it! The Phoenix Scar requires a special kind of transfer. It can only go to a blood relative, and that would've meant waking you and bringing you and all the drama that you come with back into his life-- a life which he was finally thriving in without you.
DAMON: I get it. You think I'm a piece of crap. And by the way, I was. Before. And then I met a girl, and she made me good. And that's why I need Elena in my life. And when I get her back in my life, I will be there for Stefan.
VALERIE: The only person you ever needed was by your side all along, and you abandoned him. So, I took your place. I took Caroline's place. I've been everything to him.

[Suddenly, Valerie's phone starts to ring]

DAMON: Sounds more like he was everything to you. I'll take that.

[Damon sees that Stefan is calling and answers the phone]

DAMON: Hold tight, brother. This vintage beast only goes so fast.
VALERIE: [shouts] He's refusing to participate!
STEFAN: [concerned] Val, you okay?
DAMON: [quickly] She's wonderful. She's great. She's a rock. And yes, I am fully participating.
VALERIE: Yeah, by kidnapping me instead of doing the spell.
DAMON: I needed you for backup. I didn't have time to argue. Shut up.
STEFAN: [shocked] You're not doing the spell?
VALERIE: Stefan?
DAMON: We are still gonna save you. The calvary's coming to you, brother. We're gonna take down Rayna. You're gonna get your freedom, and I'm still gonna get my future.
STEFAN: [appalled] So you're not taking the scar?
DAMON: Relax! I have a good plan.
STEFAN: [angrily] Answer the question, Damon.
DAMON: Stefan, listen--
STEFAN: Say it! I want to hear you say it. You're not taking the scar.
DAMON: I have a plan!
STEFAN: You always do.
VALERIE: He should've never trusted you.
DAMON: [scoffs] Oh, don't get me started on "trust."
STEFAN: All right, can we just stay focused here? How far--

[Suddenly, a gunshot is heard as it hits Stefan in the back, and he gasps in pain and falls to his knees as Valerie and Damon look horrified. Rayna is standing behind him with her sawed-off stake-shooting shotgun in her hands as she walks toward him]

DAMON: [anxiously] Stefan? Stef?

[Stefan grunts as he tries to pull the mini-stake out of his back, and Rayna throws her gun aside in favor of pulling out her sword. She grabs Stefan's phone off the ground and gives Damon one last goodbye before she hangs up]

RAYNA: I'll catch you later.

[Valerie glares at Damon furiously]

VALERIE: We're too late! We're too late because of you!
DAMON: No. No, we'll be there in ten minutes.
VALERIE: You're clinging to the coward's way out. This is exactly why Stefan ran.
DAMON: I thought Stefan ran to save me from Rayna?
VALERIE: He ran because he knew that when the moment came, you'd let him down and choose yourself. In his heart of hearts, that's what he thinks of you, and he's right. Now is when you prove who you really are.
DAMON: [groans] Ugh, okay. Screw it, I'm in. I am Damon Salvatore. I'll figure this out. We need to draw Rayna away from Stefan. Do the spell now.
VALERIE: We have to pull over--
DAMON: [overwhelmed] We don't have time to pull over! Just give me the scar now!


[Nora has just walked into the office Alex told her about at the DALLAS AIRFIELD, where she finds Mary Louise, looking more pale and weak by the moment, sitting on the floor with her back leaning against the wall, her eyes closed as she dozes. Nora rushes toward her and kneels by her side to gently rouse her]

NORA: Mary Lou? Mary Lou, it's me.
MARY LOUISE: [weakly] Just having a little nap.
NORA: How are you feeling?
MARY LOUISE: Awful. I've been poisoned.
NORA: [pained] Alex said you're going to be just fine...
MARY LOUISE: You are... a terrible liar.

[Mary Louise weakly chuckles despite Nora's horrified look]

MARY LOUISE: Nora, I'm dying. There is no antidote. Alex told me.
NORA: Well, I don't care what she says. We'll find a way-- together.

[Nora sees the car keys dangling from Nora's fingers and makes a face]

MARY LOUISE: You're driving? I've got even less time on earth than I thought...
NORA: [rolls her eyes] Oh, shut up!

[Nora helps Mary Louise to her feet and puts her arm around her shoulders to help her walk to the car]

[Meanwhile, ON THE ROAD, Damon and Valerie are still rushing as fast as they can to the airfield in Damon's car while Valerie attempts to do the spell. She has unbuttoned Damon's shirt and has placed her hand over his chest]

DAMON: Come on.
VALERIE: You never should have sent him there to meet her.
DAMON: [aggravatedly] Less blame, more magic. Go!

[Valerie sighs and starts to murmur the spell under her breath]

VALERIE: [chants] Sanguinem sexatris ex cor pario. sanguinem sexatris cambitas.

[Back at the AIRFIELD, Rayna scowls as she looks up at the sky while Stefan is hunched on all fours on the ground as he continues to try to pull the stake out of his back with no success]

RAYNA: I want to finish our conversation.
STEFAN: [gasping] I prefer our phone calls.
RAYNA: It hurts me to see you like this, Stefan. I mean, it really hurts me. Because of our connection, I can feel what my targets feel. Like when Matt set me free at the Armory. As soon as I touched my sword, I felt what it did to you.


[Stefan is at his apartment in Chicago, washing his face at the sink in the bathroom when he suddenly starts to groan. The sound of the scar tissue on his chest tearing open can be heard as blood starts to pour from the wound and stain the gray tank top he's wearing. Rayna tells the story in voiceover as Stefan begins to panic in flashback]

RAYNA: [voiceover] I felt your scar reopen right then. The smart play would have been Valerie. Get your backup girl and go on the run with her again. But that's not what you wanted.



[Back in the present, Rayna continues her speech while Stefan grunts in pain]

RAYNA: Not Valerie, not even Caroline-- you wanted Damon.


[The scene cuts to the flashforward in Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, when Stefan awakened Damon from his three-year-long slumber by feeding him a blood bag. Rayna continues to narrate in voiceover]

RAYNA: [voiceover] There was only one way you could talk to him.
STEFAN: Damon, wake the hell up!

[In the flashback, Damon awakens with a gasp in his coffin]

RAYNA: [voiceover] You slowed yourself down getting your Albatross out of storage.

[In the flashback, Stefan explains to Damon what is going on]

STEFAN: My scar opened up this morning. I figured she was back. I didn't realize she was this close.


[Rayna continues her speech to Stefan while he gasps for breath on the ground]

RAYNA: You almost gave me time to catch you. You just had to have Damon along for the ride again. Those three years he was in the coffin? Guess that was all the enjoyment you could take.
STEFAN: I didn't enjoy being a fugitive.
RAYNA: [makes a face] Yes, you did. You were happy while your brother was gone. You were happy because he was gone. And now, here we are, thanks to him.

[While they talk, Damon and Valerie continue the spell in the car while Damon drives to the airfield]

VALERIE: [chants] Sanguinem sexatris ex cor pario. sanguinem sexatris cambitas.

[Suddenly, the scar starts to appear on Damon's chest, and he winces in pain]

[Back at the AIRFIELD, Rayna stands over Stefan with a serious expression]

RAYNA: You can see the cause and effect, right? You can see that you're in this bind because of the dumbass mistake you made waking Damon up?
STEFAN: Why do you care about my mistakes?
RAYNA: It's not me who cares. It's the Phoenix Stone. Its voice is in my head all the time. You have no idea how loud it is. It wants me to liberate you, Stefan. It is still trying to show you-- the only way for you to be free is to let Damon go.

[Rayna kicks Stefan in the chest, causing him to fall backward on his bottom]

RAYNA: You've ignored its wisdom before. Are you finally ready to leave Damon behind? Did today convince you?

[Stefan finally rises so he's kneeling on the ground with his back straight as he stares Rayna in the eyes]


[Rayna raises the sword, and Stefan closes his eyes in preparation for what is to come]

RAYNA: Now, remember that... and use it to survive in the hell stone this time.

[Rayna stabs Stefan in the heart with the Phoenix Sword]

[Valerie continues the spell in the car while Damon drives]

VALERIE: [chants] Sanguinem sexatris ex cor pario. sanguinem sexatris cambitas--

[The scar on Damon's chest starts to fade away, and

VALERIE: Uh, something's wrong.

[Damon notices that the scar has vanished and frowns in horror]

DAMON: Wait, why's it going away?
VALERIE: The spell's unraveling... There's no scar to transfer.
DAMON: [panicked] What do you mean there's no scar??

[Back at the AIRFIELD, Stefan gasps in pain as the Phoenix Stone glows at the end of the Phoenix Sword to indicate that Stefan's soul is being sucked inside of it once again. Once it's finished, Rayna yanks the sword out of Stefan's chest and watches as his body falls lifelessly to the ground. She does not look happy, however, and her eyes look teary as she sighs and walks away]


[Matt is walking through the cemetery in Mystic Falls as he listens to a voicemail from Caroline]

CAROLINE: [on voicemail] Matt, it's Caroline. I know there has to be a reason why you helped Rayna, but I need to hear it from you.

[Matt's phone beeps as the voicemail ends, and he puts his phone away as he approaches a grave. Tears stream down his cheeks, and he takes a deep breath before he speaks]

MATT: I did it.

[Matt sighs in both grief and relief]

MATT: I made Stefan pay for what he did.

[Matt drops down to his knees in front of the grave and continues to cry]

MATT: Just like I promised you.

[He leans forward and runs his hand down the face of the grave, which reads, "PENNY ARES. BELOVED PARTNER WHOSE MEMORY IS A BEACON [...]"]


[Nora is in the middle of helping Mary Louise into the car so they can leave]

NORA: Right. No more gloomy talk now. First thing we'll do is get you a decent meal. Something plump and juicy from the suburbs.

[Mary Louise is so weak she can barely keep her eyes open, though she manages to huff a laugh before she replies]

MARY LOUISE: Nothing too decadent.

[They both chuckle weakly as Nora smiles at Mary Louise]

MARY LOUISE: I'm trying to maintain my charms.
NORA: To my eyes, you are perfect.

[Mary Louise opens her eyes and smiles at Nora, who smiles back at her before they lean toward one another and begin to kiss. However, Nora cracks an eye open when she hears a noise approaching them, and she manages to break away just before Rayna's sword flies through the back window and embeds itself into the console of the car. Nora wastes no time starting the engine and driving away before Rayna can react further. forcing the Huntress to chase after them]

[Elsewhere, Damon and Valerie have just arrived to the meeting place, where they're both horrified to find Stefan laying on his back on the ground by a small propeller plane]

DAMON: No...
VALERIE: Stefan!

[Damon and Valerie waste no time rushing toward Stefan and kneeling beside him as they examine him to figure out what happened]

DAMON: Stefan, no! Hey. Stefan!

[Damon cups Stefan's face with his hands and tries to awaken him to no avail. Valerie looks devastated as Damon tries to reassure himself, Valerie, and Stefan that this isn't the end]

Valerie : We can bring him back. We've done it before.

[Damon starts to look around frantically before he finally begins to panic in earnest]

DAMON: Where's the damn sword? Where's the sword?

[Mary Louise and Nora are fleeing the scene of Rayna's attack, the Phoenix Sword still pinned to the console between them]

MARY LOUISE: That was an amazing escape! I take back all my insults about your driving.
NORA: [worriedly] She'll follow us...
MARY LOUISE: [chuckles] Of course she will. We have her sword.

[Mary Louise looks over at Nora, and her smile instantly falls when she sees that there is a deep gash on Nora's right bicep that has yet to heal or stop bleeding]

MARY LOUISE: [horrified] No...

[Behind them, Rayna is in her own car, following behind them and pushing down the gas pedal to go faster in order to catch up with them. Back in Nora and Mary Louise's car, Nora is clearly panicked but trying to compartmentalize]

NORA: No time for gloomy talk. I've been marked by Rayna Cruz, and I'll be running from her for as long as I live.
MARY LOUISE: [desperately] No! No, that bitch has taken enough from us!

[Mary Louise gets a determined look in her eyes before she reaches over and grabs the handle of the Phoenix Sword with her hands, gripping it tightly as her skin begins to glow red upon contact to indicate she's siphoning the magic from it. Nora gapes at her in horror]

NORA: No! What are you doing?
MARY LOUISE: One good thing with the strength I have left.

[Mary Louise begins to chant the spell quietly while Nora begins to panic]

MARY LOUISE: [chants] Calibus vis anulix peros corpeo meum.
NORA: [frantically] No. You can't! Stop it. It's too strong, you won't be able--
MARY LOUISE: I will not let her put you in this hell stone!
NORA: If you don't stop, you will die!

[Mary Louise looks at Nora with the saddest expression as tears fill her eyes]

MARY LOUISE: I'm already dead, my love.

[Valerie and Damon are still kneeling beside Stefan's body while they deal with this devastating revelation. Valerie starts to cry as Damon stares at Stefan's lifeless face and tries his best not to break down as well]

VALERIE: It's my fault.
DAMON: No, this is all on me. I tried to have it all. Next time, it'll be different.

[Back in the car, Nora has just turned a corner on a back country road as they speed away from Rayna, and after a moment, Nora wraps her right hand around Mary Louise's as she grips the Phoenix Sword. Mary Louise immediately begins to object]

MARY LOUISE: Nora, don't! You must live!
NORA: [tearfully] There is no life without you.

[Mary Louise and Nora both look terrified and despondent about what is about to happen, but Mary Louise reluctantly continues the spell to depower the Phoenix Sword/Stone while Nora begins to recite "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" by Christopher Marlowe]

NORA: "Come live with me..."
MARY LOUISE: [chants] Calibus vis anullix...
NORA: "...And be my love..."
MARY LOUISE: [chants] ...Peros corpeo meum...
NORA: "And we will all the pleasures prove, that Valleys, groves..."

[In the car behind them, Rayna winces before she groans in pain as though she's being directly affected by the spell the girls are casting]

[Back at the AIRFIELD, Damon is still kneeling by Stefan's body while Valerie watches as she stands behind them]

DAMON: Everything will be okay, Stefan. I'll get that stone, and we'll make this right.

[Mary Louise and Nora continue siphoning the power of the Phoenix Sword/Stone while Nora speeds down the road]

NORA: "...Hills and fields, Woods or steepy mountains yield..."
MARY LOUISE: [chants] Calibus vis anullix...
NORA: "...And we will sit upon the Rocks..."
MARY LOUISE: [chants] ...Peros corpeo meum...
NORA: "...Seeing the Shepherds feed their flocks..."

[Rayna continues to groan in pain as the spell gets stronger]

NORA: "And I will make the beds of Roses..."

[Nora sharply turns the wheel and drives them off the road and through a barbed wire fence surrounding a large, barren field. Their hands are glowing bright red as Nora and Mary Louise, who are bleeding profusely from the eyes now, turn to say their last goodbyes]

NORA: I love you.
MARY LOUISE: I love you.

[They both look terrified as their hands and arms begin to glow brightly like a star before they burst into a huge ball of light that causes the car to explode in a huge fireball]

[Rayna is still speeding down the road to catch up with them when she suddenly is hit with so much pain that she screams at the top of her lungs while the exact same visions of people being tortured that Bonnie experienced from touching the Phoenix Stone in Never Let Me Go flood through Rayna's mind]


[The scene briefly cuts to Stefan's blank face as Damon squeezes his shoulder affectionately before cutting back to Rayna, who has just driven off the road toward where Nora and Mary Louise's car now sits in ruins. She gets out of her car and screams at the top of her lungs in devastation when she sees the burning remains of the car]


[She furiously punches the door of her car and looks around frantically, at a loss for what to do now that the weapon that allowed her to complete her mystical destiny has now seemingly been destroyed]

[Back at the AIRFIELD, Damon is still kneeling next to Stefan's lifeless body while Valerie watches them from behind]

DAMON: I'm gonna save you, little brother. I promise. I promise you.


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