[Inside the Lycée, Vincent is in the middle of casting a spell on a stone table that has various bones and a circle made of white sand, which he pours while he murmurs the incantation under his breath. A few feet away, Cami is pacing around anxiously]

VINCENT: [chants] Kou le vous a te vas se tu...

[After a moment, Cami walks over to him and interrupts him]

CAMI: How's it going in here?
VINCENT: [sighs] We're cloaked... For now. But, I can sense somebody searching for you, and my guess is its Freya Mikaelson.

[Vincent, who is clearly anxious about this entire situation, starts to sound slightly stressed out]

VINCENT: I guess that's what happens when you steal the one thing that can kill her entire family.

[Cami looks down at the small wooden knight made out of white oak in her hands]

CAMI: I wouldn't have taken it if Klaus hadn't confiscated my dark objects. So technically, this is his fault.

[Vincent stands to his feet and walks over so they're face to face]

VINCENT: You try explaining that to them.
CAMI: [sighs] I have it all worked out. You put up a boundary spell Klaus can't enter. If he wants what's his, then he'll give me back what's mine.
VINCENT: Those dark objects were made by New Orleans witches. I want 'em back just as much as you do!
CAMI: Good! Then I chose the right partner.

[Vincent doesn't seem amused by Cami's behavior]

VINCENT: Cami, you gotta see the mess you're in. You jacked the one weapon that can kill the most powerful vampires in the world.

[Vincent gestures at her dramatically for emphasis]

VINCENT: You've got a target on your back.
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] Klaus wouldn't hurt me.
VINCENT: [exasperated] Klaus ain't the only one that's gonna come looking for the white oak.

[Cami does seem to be concerned by what Vincent is telling her, but does her best to cover it up]

CAMI: Then let's get this over with.

[Vincent opens his mouth to argue, but Cami cuts him off sharply]

CAMI: Vincent!

[Vincent gives her a look, and Cami closes her eyes with a sigh and takes a moment to relax before she speaks again]

CAMI: I'm sick of playing at a disadvantage. It's what got me killed.

[Vincent, who seems to understand where she's coming from but is still nervous, sighs deeply, and Cami holds up her phone]

CAMI: I'm going to take your silence as a resounding agreement with my very reasonable plan.

[Cami starts typing a message into her phone]

CAMI: Now all I have to do is invite Klaus.

[Vincent walks toward her with a serious expression]

VINCENT: Cami... are you sure you want to do this?

[Cami finishes her text message and dramatically hits the send button with her thumb]



[Aya is standing in the doorway to the pool room when Davina arrives to join her. She stops dead in her tracks and gapes in horror when she realizes what Aya is staring at-- Ariane's dead body laying on the floor outside of the pool, her blonde hair soaked with blood from Elijah feeding on her in the previous episode. Davina rushes over to check on her, looking upset]

DAVINA: What happened to her?
AYA: [grimly] This is what befalls anyone who bargains with Elijah Mikaelson. Ariane discovered the weapon that can kill an Original. And since Elijah would never allow anyone to possess so deadly a secret...

[Davina's eyes fill with tears at the sight of her fallen friend]

AYA: He killed her.

[Davina sadly brushes a lock of hair off of Ariane's face]

DAVINA: [quietly] She was nice to me.
AYA: Then perhaps you won't mind spending a little more time together.

[Just then, the rest of the Sisters file into the room two and a time, each of them wearing the same dark black cloak with the hood over their hair. Davina stands and watches as the rest of her new coven surrounds them. One of them in particular, a young, round-faced woman with long black hair, gives Davina a curious look]

AYA: You and the others will channel her, search her mind, and find the weapon.

[The black haired witch nods at these words, and the Sisters all kneel around Ariane's body, though Davina looks slightly appalled by this request]

DAVINA: That's a little disrespectful to the dead, don't you think? Not to mention dangerous.

[Davina, looking worried, lowers her voice slightly]

DAVINA: If Elijah finds out...
AYA: [annoyed] I know better than you how dangerous Elijah can be. And yet, as he is my sire, my life and the lives of the Strix are tied to his.

[Aya gives her a menacing glare as she steps forward so they're almost nose to nose and brushes Davina's hair behind her ears in a threatening gesture. Davina instinctively flinches away from her touch as Aya speaks in a mockingly friendly voice]

AYA: So, I will not rest until that weapon is found.

[Davina does not look happy as she watches Aya leave the room. Aya walks out the front door to the building and is about to leave when Marcel, who was waiting for her outside the door, calls out to her]

MARCEL: So, that's how it is.

[Aya looks both annoyed and slightly impressed that Marcel found her, and she nods at him]

AYA: Mmm.
MARCEL: You recruit a witch from my city, and you don't even tell me?

[Aya rolls her eyes, no longer amused]

AYA: I'm not in the habit of explaining my decisions to subordinates.

[She's about to leave, but Marcel isn't yet finished speaking]

MARCEL: She's just a kid.
AYA: [sighs] Davina Claire is the former Regent. A shame she aligned with us only after her shunning.

[This time, it's Marcel who rolls his eyes]

AYA: But then, some things are beyond even my control.

[Once again, Aya attempts to leave, but Marcel grabs her by the arm and pulls her back. Aya looks at him, visibly appalled by his insubordination]

MARCEL: I'm not gonna let her be your puppet.

[Aya sneers at him and yanks her arm out of his grasp]

AYA: You are in no position to make demands. If the prophecy is true, the Mikaelsons will fall within the year, and us along with them. I have a plan that will keep us alive.

[Marcel seems intrigued by this plan]

AYA: Perhaps you should focus on proving yourself essential to my plan.

[Aya gives him one last scathing look before she turns and walks away, and Marcel watches her with an unreadable expression]


[Klaus has just arrived at the cemetery with a briefcase in his hands, and is walking toward the Lycée when he finds Vincent leaning against the outside wall of one of the tombs]

KLAUS: Ah, Vincent.

[Klaus turns down the aisle to approach him]

KLAUS: I should have known Camille would seek powerful fools to aid in this rather futile gambit. As I send you off to join your Ancestors, just know this is her fault.

[Klaus lunges for Vincent, but is promptly blocked by his boundary spell. Vincent looks slightly smug and doesn't even flinch as Klaus glares at him]

VINCENT: I was hoping for a simple trade, but seeing as how everything you took can't possibly fit in that briefcase, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that "simple" ain't exactly your style.
KLAUS: [coldly] Why don't you take down this barrier? I'll show you precisely what my style entails.

[Just then, Cami finally walks out of the tomb and joins them]

CAMI: Seriously? I have an ancient, mystical weapon of doom, and instead of agreeing to my very fair trade, you're making threats.
KLAUS: There she is! Traitor to my family, thief of that which is mine.
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] Don't be dramatic. Like I said, I wanted your attention. And, seeing as you're here, I'd say I got it.
KLAUS: [irritably] Yes, a rather effective tactic-- one I usually reserve for enemies. And here, I thought we were intimates.
CAMI: [smiles] We are. But relationships are built on trust and equality, and we don't have either if you're confiscating my stuff.
KLAUS: [scoffs] And so your response is to steal what's mine in an attempt to bend my will to yours.
CAMI: I just want back what you took.

[Cami looks at the briefcase in his hands]

CAMI: What, that's like, a third of them? So, would you like a third of the white oak?

[Klaus looks absolutely stunned and exasperated by Cami's behavior]

KLAUS: Are you really gonna do this?

[Vincent, who has had enough of their squabbling, stands up to walk away]

VINCENT: Okay, listen-- I'm gonna leave you two lovebirds alone. But, uh, y'all want my advice? Y'all best to finish this up before someone finds out what she took.

[Vincent takes his leave, and Cami and Klaus stare at each other intensely, each trying to make the other back down]


[Elijah is looking around his study while Hayley, still looking sad and exhausted, stands in front of him and talks to him]

HAYLEY: Okay, so what's the plan? Cami's out there with the white oak, and I'm not gonna lose one more person that I care about.
ELIJAH: Niklaus can handle Camille. 'Til then, I'll keep Aya distracted.

[Elijah pulls out what looks like an ornately carved wooden scroll cover out of a desk drawer, and Hayley hesitates for a moment before she replies]

HAYLEY: Why don't you just kill her?

[Elijah, clearly embarrassed by what he's about to tell her, pauses, unable to look her in the eye]

ELIJAH: She and I have history.

[Hayley doesn't seem thrilled by this answer]

HAYLEY: You two had a thing?
ELIJAH: [sighs] Aya was a towering intellect with an insatiable curiosity. Passionate, fearless, and something of an outcast.

[The scene cuts back and forth between the PRESENT DAY at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND and FLASHBACKS to the 15th century, when Elijah and Aya first met in Europe]

[In FLASHBACK, Elijah is playing the spinet in what looks like a church with stained glass windows when Aya, wearing a shawl that covers her hair and face, walks into the room and watches him, removing the shawl from her face]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Elijah looks at Hayley with a serious expression]

ELIJAH: Long ago, I invited her... to join a rather elite company. I determined she was perfectly tailored to bear the responsibility of an immortal life. I made her like me.

[Hayley nods in understanding]

HAYLEY: She was one of the first Strix.
ELIJAH: We cared for one another deeply.

[In FLASHBACK, Elijah is passionately making out with Aya, whose hair is waist-length and braided, in the church]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Elijah looks ashamed by what happened, and explains his reasoning for what came after]

ELIJAH: Together, we created a fellowship unburdened by the limitations of man. It was the pursuit of a glorious new world.

[Elijah sighs deeply]

ELIJAH: And then Father...

[Elijah pauses and sits down on the edge of his desk]

ELIJAH: Led by that unquenchable desire to slay his children, Mikael descended, accompanied by a small army. He laid to waste everything that I built. So... We had no choice but to run.

[In FLASHBACK, Elijah rushes into a room as the sound of approaching men on horseback are heard nearby. Elijah heads straight for Aya and caresses her face]

ELIJAH: Come with me.

[Aya looks conflicted by his offer]

[In the PRESENT DAY, Elijah smiles weakly]

ELIJAH: Aya did not. So, when Tristan found her, he rescued her. She, of course, came to see him as something of a savior. And, in time, beneath his corrupted guidance, they made the Strix what they are today-- a hive of depraved and ignorant savages.

[Elijah hesitates for a moment before continuing in a quiet voice]

ELIJAH: And she's never forgiven me.

[In a LATER FLASHBACK, Elijah is in the woods with the rest of the Strix and has just given Aya, whose hair is now in the same style it is today and who is wearing clothes from a slightly later era, a saddened look before he walks away. Aya turns and watches him as he leaves. Tristan, too, looks upset by what has just happened, but not as much as Aya, whose eyes are filled with tears]


[In the PRESENT DAY, Elijah looks down at the scroll in his hands with a sad expression]

ELIJAH: I'm not entirely certain I've ever forgiven myself.
HAYLEY: [sighs] Well, given all that... How exactly do you plan on keeping her distracted?

[Elijah holds up his scroll before he turns to leave]

ELIJAH: With a little salt... in an old wound.

[Elijah walks out of the room and goes to find Aya]


[Davina and the rest of the Sisters are gathered around Ariane's body, all of them holding each others hands, while they attempt to channel her to find out what she learned before her death]

THE SISTERS: [chants] Ak ti ves de kono. Ak ti ves de kono. Ak ti ves de kono.

[After a moment, the black-haired Sister, whose name is Madison and who seems to be their leader, stops chanting and sighs in annoyance before she lowers her hood]

MADISON: We're getting nowhere. Take some time. Gather your focus. We'll reconvene in an hour.

[The Madison gives them all, especially Davina, a significant look before she stands to her feet]

MADISON: And we won't stop until we get what we need.

[The Sisters all rise to their feet and scatter to go collect their thoughts, leaving Davina alone with Ariane's body. After a moment, Davina gets up and sits on the edge of the pool so she can have a moment alone with her short-lived friend]

DAVINA: I know you're not a New Orleans witch... But you did die here. When I was a little girl, I remember being told that a witch who wasn't consecrated would never know peace.

[Davina pulls out a small vial of water and pours a drop onto Ariane's forehead]

DAVINA: The Ancestors may hate me, but at the end of the day, witches take care of their own.

[Davina reaches forward to touch Ariane's forehead to finish anointing her, only to immediately be overcome by a vision of what Ariane saw before she died. It's as though the scene was rewound at a fast speed, starting from when Elijah came to kill her, and rapidly working its way backward to the FLASHBACK of Klaus talking to Hayley after he realized what the "pale horse" meant at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND in the previous episode]

KLAUS: [in flashback] A trinket I made when we were children! A toy.

[The FLASHBACK then cuts back to when Elijah arrived to see Ariane]

ARIANE: You found it, which means you've come to kill me.



[When the vision is over, Davina yanks her hand away from Ariane and looks horrified by what she's just seen]


[Klaus is clearly annoyed and frustrated by Cami's behavior and is pacing around outside the boundary spell while Cami watches him in amusement]

CAMI: I think you need to calm down. Count to ten. Focus on your breathing.

[This comment only serves to make Klaus more irritated]

KLAUS: Is this amusing to you, endangering my family?

[Cami's expression becomes serious as she turns to look Klaus in the eye]

CAMI: Am I laughing? I want to put this all behind us.
KLAUS: [sighs] You, of all people, know what I am capable of, and yet you seem determined to incur my wrath. I'm gonna ask you one last time...

[Cami cuts Klaus off and finishes his statement]

CAMI: "Give me the white oak stake?" Am I right? My answer is: "Happily! As soon as you stop screwing around and give me back what is mine."
KLAUS: [exasperatedly] If I give your trinkets back, I embolden all manner of foolishness. You will grow arrogant under the false belief you have power, and ultimately, you will end up dead.

[This reaction surprises Cami, who becomes frustrated herself]

CAMI: Klaus, you're afraid something will happen to me? Guess what-- Something already did. Your ex hates me so much she murdered me. She's gonna have to pay for that. And, since I can't fight her fair and square, I need those dark objects.

[Klaus, finally understanding where Cami is coming from and remembering how upset she must be since her death, sighs and kicks the briefcase through the barrier for her. However, it's clear that he's still quite frustrated by the whole ordeal]

KLAUS: Fine. I'll retrieve your toys. Keep this bloody barrier up 'til I return.

[Cami looks satisfied as she watches Klaus leave]


[Aya has gathered the Strix, including Marcel, in the estate's ballroom to discuss what she's learned with them]

AYA: My witches have made a discovery. Whatever it was, Elijah clearly wants it to remain hidden. We can only assume a weapon is in play, and that all of our lives are at risk.

[Aya looks around at the vampires under her command with a serious expression]

AYA: We will not rest until that weapon is under our control.

[Just then, a very smug-looking Elijah arrives with the scroll in his hand and smiles a dazzling smile at Aya before looking around the room]

ELIJAH: Hello, everyone. Wonderful to see you all.

[Aya looks extremely unhappy to see Elijah's arrival and glares at him, which doesn't escape Elijah's notice]

ELIJAH: Aya, don't we look so very comfortable indeed, leading Tristan's little circus. Sadly, one does not simply ascend to the position of leader. It kind of has to be by my consent.

[The Strix vampires start to look uneasily at each other, and both Aya and Marcel appear unimpressed with Elijah's posturing]

ELIJAH: You see, I am the maker. The creator. The Founding Father. I am the one who chooses the leader here, and, fortunately for every last one of you, I have an excellent candidate in mind.

[Elijah spins on his heel so he can face Aya, who is becoming increasingly angry about what Elijah is doing, though she does her best to keep her feelings concealed from everyone around her]

ELIJAH: See, today is the day I take back what is mine.

[He pauses dramatically as he looks around the room]

ELIJAH: Do I hear any objections?

[When no one responds to his question, he smiles in satisfaction]

ELIJAH: So, ladies and gentlemen, the offer I extend to you is simple enough. You follow me, I shall return you all to greatness.

[Marcel scoffs loudly before he interjects]

MARCEL: You're really just gonna come in here and start making demands?

[Elijah rolls his eyes and holds up a hand to shush him in an extremely condescending manner]

ELIJAH: Ah, shh, shh, shh. Marcel, grown-ups are talking.

[Marcel looks at him, clearly offended, as Elijah holds up the scroll, which only serves to make Aya more annoyed]

ELIJAH: Aya, how long has it been-- eight, nine hundred years since you last saw this?

[Elijah takes note of all of the confused faces around him and starts to explain what is happening]

ELIJAH: For the uninitiated... The Charter of the Strix, written by... Oh, yes... Me.

[Elijah opens the scroll and starts to read its contents]

ELIJAH: And, it says here... "It shall be my duty to uphold the tenants of the charter..."

[Elijah hilariously fast-forwards through the unimportant parts]

ELIJAH: Dah-dah, dah-dah, dah... Oh, this is important-- "In the absence of a worthy leader, charter shall be invoked and complete dominion shall be restored to..."

[Elijah dramatically lifts the scroll and blows on it as though removing dust before squinting to make sure he's reading it properly]

ELIJAH: "...Elijah Mikaelson."

[Aya, clearly unimpressed by Elijah's show of force, rolls her eyes before she responds]

AYA: Ah. If you are determined to stake this absurd claim as founder, then I invoke the rite of Ludum Regale.

[Marcel rolls his eyes and plays dumb]

MARCEL: I'm sorry, does someone want to please explain what the hell that is?

[Elijah looks slightly shocked by this turn of events]

ELIJAH: Ludum Regale... Game of Kings.

[Elijah turns back to Aya with an uneasy expression]

ELIJAH: Let's not do this, shall we?

[Aya gives him a look]

AYA: You cannot invoke one element of the charter and disregard the rest. As it happens, I know the rules. After all... I helped you write them.

[Aya looks momentarily upset, but she quickly blinks away the moisture in her eyes and raises her voice, looking around the room so the others can hear her]

AYA: If our leadership is in doubt and politics proves divisive, a contest of strength and cunning shall determine the line of succession. So, I challenge you to a duel. Whomever holds the charter at the stroke of midnight shall be the new leader of the Strix.
ELIJAH: [scoffs] You would choose strength over cunning?

[Aya gives him a significant look as she walks toward him]

AYA: Do you accept?

[Elijah pauses for a moment before he smirks weakly at her]


[The rest of the Sisters are still elsewhere, allowing Davina to set up for a spell at a nearby table in the pool room. She has lit several candles and a stick of incense before she starts mixing ingredients in a large wooden bowl, including the contents of a bottle full of black sand. She then starts to rhythmically move her hands in two different circles over the bowl as she begins to recite the incantation]

DAVINA: [chants] Me tu me le. Me tu me le. Me tu me le.

[Davina flips her hands over so they're palm up and raises them into the air, which causes the lit candle's flame to flare brightly. Finally, Davina closes her eyes, allowing her astral self to travel to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND. When she opens her eyes, she's on the balcony outside Klaus' study, and she walks into the room to find him packing up all of Cami's dark objects into a large bag. After a moment, Klaus seems to sense something and turns toward the balcony, which causes Davina to reflexively gasp and freezes in place out of fear that he's just spotted her. However, her astral self is invisible to him with this spell, though it's clear he's unnerved the weird feeling he has that he's being watched. Before he can think of it further, Hayley rushes in with an unhappy expression]

HAYLEY: Hey! Hey! Are you serious with all that noise?!
KLAUS: Oh, I'm sorry. Has my therapist's betrayal inconvenienced your otherwise tranquil day?

[Hayley sighs in exasperation]

HAYLEY: Our daughter has been upset. She's... still dealing with the fact that Jack is gone, and the only thing that calms her is her favorite toy, which Cami stole to get back at you.

[As Hayley speaks, her tone becomes even more frustrated]

HAYLEY: So, if you wake her up with all this slamming around, so help me, Cami will be the least of your problems.

[Klaus sighs dramatically and lowers his voice]

KLAUS: It pains me that Hope is upset.

[Klaus' tone becomes sarcastic as Davina watches this encounter with a curious expression]

KLAUS: So, I'll add it to the long list of grievances I'm already tallying, hmm?

[When Hayley realizes just how stressed out Klaus is, she becomes gentler and more sympathetic]

HAYLEY: I know that you're angry at Cami, Klaus, but you know as well as I do that she's not in her right mind.
KLAUS: [frustratedly] I beg to differ. Camille seems quite lucid, tucked away behind the barrier spell in the City of the Dead as she taunts me with the very means of my demise!

[Davina, having gotten what she needed, closes her eyes and returns to her physical body. Unfortunately for her, when she opens her eyes, she finds Madison looking at her with a suspicious expression]

MADISON: Anything you care to share with the group?

[Davina gulps nervously]


[Elijah (who is still carrying the Strix charter in his hands), Aya, Marcel, and the rest of the Strix have just arrived at Marcel's new fight gym at St. Anne's Church, where they're preparing for Aya and Elijah's duel. Marcel looks at Elijah and Aya incredulously and laughs]

MARCEL: Oh, we're really gonna do this? Oldest, most sophisticated society of vampires in the world, and we settle our disputes like kids on the playground at recess!

[Elijah opens the door to the fighting cage before entering it]

ELIJAH: My sentiments precisely. Aya seems to disagree.

[Elijah politely holds out his hand to help Aya up, but she simply glares at him before walking around him without touching him. She begins to strip off her leather jacket, and Elijah briefly sets the charter down so he can do the same]

AYA: I could order my brethren to fight on my behalf, such is their loyalty.

[Aya throws her coat at Elijah, who catches it at vampire speed and lays it down on the chair next to the charter]

AYA: But we both know this is between you and me. Leadership must be earned, and one way or another, I will have that charter.

[Elijah drops his jacket on the back of the chair before making a beckoning gesture toward her]

ELIJAH: Come get it.

[Aya stares at him and gets into a defensive position]


[Vincent is sitting next to the table with the cloaking spell ingredients still set up on it, and he watches as Cami anxiously paces back and forth from wall to wall]

CAMI: Klaus should be back by now.
VINCENT: He's got a lot of witch weapons to pack up...

[Vincent can't help but crack a small smile]

VINCENT: Not to mention all the pride he's gonna have to swallow.
CAMI: [scoffs] You don't actually feel sorry for him, do you?
VINCENT: Hell, no! But you got to admit, you poked a real irritable bear. Things are gonna be different between you two.
CAMI: I know Klaus better than anyone outside of his family. If using that knowledge is a risk to get what I want, then I'll take that risk.
VINCENT: Okay, well, here's the thing. Klaus let you into his life because he trusted you. That girl never would have stolen the one thing under the sun that can kill him.

[This remark seems to both hurt and anger Cami, and she gives him a cold look]

CAMI: That girl is dead.


[Davina is trying her best to maintain an aloof and calm demeanor while Madison studies her suspiciously]

MADISON: Come on. You know something. I can tell by the look in your face.

[Davina smiles fakely at her]

DAVINA: If I knew something, I'd tell you. We're supposed to be Sisters now, right?

[Madison gives Davina a look]

MADISON: I don't know about that. After all, the weapon that we're looking for will probably be used to wipe out a whole sireline, including some of your vampire friends.

[Davina stands to her feet and starts to walk toward her]

DAVINA: Is that what this is? Pick on the new girl 'cause she knows a few vampires? Big deal. I agreed to work with the Strix, same as you.
MADISON: [scoffs] You're nothing like me. You actually believe Aya's going to make good on her promises.
DAVINA: She already has. She gave me the spell to help the person that I care about more than anything. All I need now is power, and I'll do whatever I have to to get it.

[Madison seems both angry by this remark and also kind of disappointed by her naivete]

MADISON: I was just a kid when I became a Sister. My family was poor, my mother was sick. All I wanted was to help them. And there was Aya... With all of her promises. By the time I finished doing everything she asked me... My own mother couldn't even stand the sight of me. See, Davina, real magic, like we use here... it will change you. My guess is it'll be right after you've saved that person you care about. That's when you'll lose everything.

[It's clear that this information worries Davina, but she refuses to back down]

DAVINA: You're wrong. Because that person that I care about... He means way too much to me.
MADISON: All I care about is leaving this damn coven. But, first you're gonna tell me what you know.

[Madison rushes toward Davina and grabs her by the head so that her palms are right over Davina's temples. She uses her witch abilities to search through Davina's mind, first seeing flashbacks of Hope playing with the small wooden horse. In the present, Madison looks stunned]

MADISON: Good God...

[Davina looks at her pleadingly, but Madison dives back in again, this time seeing the scene of Hayley and Klaus arguing about the wooden knight just a few scenes ago. Davina whimpers in fear, but once Madison gets what she needs, she uses her magic to knock her out and allows her body to drop onto the floor. Madison gasps as she processes what she's just learned]


[Elijah and Aya are still fighting in the cage, and Elijah has just thrown Aya so hard she flies face-first into the chain-link fence wall. Embarrassed by being out-fought, Aya vamp-speeds toward Elijah, landing one right hook to his before he blocks all the rest of her hits and kicks. Their fighting is so fast-paced that it's difficult to keep up with it, but what Aya lacks in raw strength and speed, she makes up for in flexibility and combat training, using gymnastic techniques to add force to her blows and to avoid being hit. Marcel looks worried as he watches them fight, and after Elijah pushes Aya away once again, the two start to circle around each other while Elijah smirks smugly]

ELIJAH: Are you quite done?
AYA: [scoffs] You'd have me submit? Once again, I prove I have a mind of my own.

[Aya lunges for him and tries to get the upper-hand by overwhelming him with punches, kicks, and karate chops in quick succession, but Elijah is able to block them all before he grabs Aya in a choke-hold and lifts her in the air]

ELIJAH: Let's not make this more unpleasant than it needs to be.

[Despite Elijah's tight grip on her trachea, she still manages to gasp out a retort]

AYA: After all this time... How could you think that we would follow you?

[Aya manages to break out of his grip and starts to kick him, but Elijah blocks the blows once again, eventually grabbing her by the leg and flipping her onto the floor. He then turns to the rest of the Strix, who are gathered around the cage to watch the fight, and addresses them in an angry voice]

ELIJAH: All of you swore loyalty to a serpent who seized control of this fellowship, all in the name of furthering his tyranny.

[Aya seems appalled by Elijah's reaction and reacts in a furious tone]

AYA: Seize control?! Is that how you rewrite history?

[She pulls herself to her feet and glares at him]

AYA: You ran like a coward, leaving Strix to be slaughtered by your mad father.

[Elijah looks ashamed, but refuses to back down]

ELIJAH: I had no choice.
AYA: We all have a choice! And that day, I watched as my fellow Strix were slaughtered by the dozens.

[Elijah loses his temper and lunges toward her as he raises his voice]

ELIJAH: I returned. The moment I knew that my family was safe, I returned! To the horror... the wreckage, the corpses, the ruin. The devastation that I felt when I thought of your death.
AYA: [sneers] But I did not die! Thanks to the efforts of a true nobleman. Tristan saved us! He earned our loyalty.
ELIJAH: [shouts] Tristan is a vulture, a usurper who stole our very dream! Violating everything that we once fought for, all in the name of the twisted crusade.
AYA: Say what you will. You choose your own family always, above all. You're as cursed as them.

[Aya takes advantage of Elijah's distraction and attacks him, eventually overpowering him long enough to grab him by the back of the neck and shove his face into the chain-link fence wall. She then addresses the rest of the Strix]

AYA: This is Elijah Mikaelson, traitor to our cause!

[The Strix look intrigued by this drama, aside from Marcel, who becomes more anxious by the second. Aya leans forward so she can speak into Elijah's ear]

AYA: You know I would rather die than accept you as leader.

[Elijah elbows Aya in the face at vampire speed before spinning them around so that he's now pinning Aya in a choke-hold against the fence. He lifts her up so high that her feet struggle to make purchase, and Marcel licks his lips nervously as he considers his options]'

ELIJAH: If that's your ultimatum... then I accept.

[Before Elijah can finish her off, someone vamp-speeds into the cage and throws Elijah away from her. They're then both thrown out of the cage entirely, landing on the floor in a heap. Confused, the two scramble to their feet, only to find Marcel standing on the balcony with the Strix Charter in his hands]

MARCEL: I thought you two were gonna talk each other to death. But, since this is my city, I say we play by my rules. So, catch me if you can. If not, come midnight, I'm in charge.

[Marcel vamp-speeds away without another word, and Elijah and Aya look at each other in shock at this unexpected turn of events]


[A sullen Klaus has just arrived with a large duffle bag full of all of Cami's dark objects and is walking toward the tomb where Cami and Vincent are still hanging out. However, unbeknownst to him, Madison is hiding behind the far wall with a lit sage smudge-stick, which she's using to create a privacy spell so that Cami and Vincent can't hear him. Klaus senses that something is wrong, which only worries him more when he doesn't see Cami or Vincent waiting for him]

KLAUS: If someone's playing games, just know the contest ends when I...

[Madison waves her hands over the smoking smudge-stick, and all of Klaus' words are drowned out, as though he was speaking under water. He throws the bag onto the ground and pulls his phone out of his pocket to call her, but he frowns when he sees that there's no cell service. Klaus sighs and puts his phone back into his blazer pocket before he shouts for Cami again]

KLAUS: Camille!

[Madison continues to wave her hand over the smoking sage to drown out Klaus' words, and though we can see him throw his arms open wide and gesture dramatically, none of his words can be heard. She smiles in satisfaction]


[A man is playing a jazz number on the piano inside while Elijah has a scotch at the bar. He has a string of gold Mardi Gras beads in his hands, and he runs his fingers over them mindlessly while he waits. After a moment, a very unhappy Aya enters and sits down next to him]

AYA: A young upstart steals our charter, yet you don't seem all that concerned.
ELIJAH: Well, I have my sources searching for Marcel. They won't be long. Still, I can't imagine that this turn of events will improve your odds.
AYA: The game's not over. When the Strix find Marcel, they'll take back the charter and hand-deliver it to me.

[Elijah nods at her patronizingly]

ELIJAH: Interesting. Of course, Marcel is very popular with the locals. You understand that if he seeks refuge in any one of the many residences around here, neither you nor I may enter.

[Aya hesitates for a moment before she brings up something that has clearly been bothering her]

AYA: At the gym... you had the chance to end me. You hesitated. Why?
ELIJAH: I wouldn't be too concerned.

[Elijah sighs as he rises to his feet and grabs his coat]

ELIJAH: Should the opportunity present itself again, I'll be certain to finish the task.

[This is not the answer Aya seemed to be hoping for, and she scowls as Elijah walks behind her and leaves the building]


[Night has now fallen, and Vincent and Cami, still completely oblivious to Klaus' arrival due to the privacy spell that Madison cast, continue to sit around anxiously until a powerful wind blows through the tomb, rattling a wind chime made of animal bones. Vincent immediately looks concerned by this omen and stands to his feet to investigate]

VINCENT: Something's not right. Hey, stay here.

[Cami, looking worried, does as she's told and watches as Vincent walks out of the tomb. Meanwhile, outside, Klaus is looking even more anxious now as he shouts for Cami]

KLAUS: Camille!

[Finally, Madison appears behind Klaus]

MADISON: She can't hear you.

[Klaus spins on his heel to face Madison, who does not appear to be at all afraid of him]

MADISON: As a matter of fact... pretty soon now, she'll be dead. I hope you two parted on good terms.

[Klaus growls under his breath and lunges for Madison, but she vanishes before he can come close to making contact with her, as though she was simply an illusion or teleported elsewhere. Klaus looks frustrated by her antics]

KLAUS: Show yourself!

[Klaus senses her behind him, and he turns to face Madison once again, his eyes widening as he realizes who she is]

KLAUS: You're one of the coven affiliated with the Strix.
MADISON: My Sisters and I have come for the one thing that can kill you.
KLAUS: Well, perhaps I'll find your sisters and feed them what remains of your insides.

[Klaus roars as he lunges for her for the second time, but he's blocked by another boundary spell. Madison sneers at him smugly]

MADISON: I have a better idea.

[Madison thrusts out her hand and lifts it upward, causing Klaus to be pulled several meters up into the air. She casts a momentary pain infliction spell on him, which causes him to scream until she flicks her wrist, snapping his neck and allowing him to fall all the way to the ground below]

KLAUS: Ahhhhhh!

[Meanwhile, Cami has just rushed outside the tomb to find the cemetery full of fog and lit candles. Vincent walks toward her from the opposite direction, and she looks relieved to see him]

CAMI: Where have you been?

[Vincent raises one finger to his lips in a shushing gesture before he replies in a low voice]

VINCENT: We're not alone.
CAMI: How is that even possible? What happened to the boundary spell?
VINCENT: That's all good when you're trying to keep out a vampire. This feels like something different.

[Cami suddenly hears someone approaching and looks behind Vincent as the rest of the Sisters (excluding Davina), all in their black cloaks, approach them. Vincent turns so that he can address them with as much authority as he can muster, raising a hand both to stop them from coming closer and to block Cami from getting any closer to them as well]

VINCENT: This here is hallowed ground, home to the nine covens of New Orleans. Y'all need to be on y'all's way.

[For a moment, it appears as though the Ancestors lent Vincent their power, but the Sisters quickly throw both Vincent and Cami against the wall of the nearby tomb, nearly dislocating Vincent's shoulder in the process. Vincent looks at Cami anxiously]

VINCENT: Okay, I'm gonna give you one guess what they're here for, Cami.

[Cami looks down at the wooden knight in her hand and grips it tightly]

VINCENT: Either they're gonna kill you, or Klaus will for losing that thing. You need to go.
CAMI: No. What about you?

[Vincent looks at her exasperatedly]

VINCENT: Go. Run. Now!

[Cami reluctantly leaves him behind and does as she's told, while Vincent prepares to fight against the Sisters. However, when Cami rushes into a tomb to hide, she's caught by Madison. Cami takes one look at her and frowns]

CAMI: Who the hell are you?
MADISON: Does it really matter? You know what I've come for. Hand it over.

[Cami clutches onto the wooden knight even tighter behind her back, but otherwise doesn't move, and Madison gives her a hard look]

MADISON: I'm not going to ask twice.

[When Cami still doesn't give her the knight, Madison snaps her fingers, which breaks her left ankle. Cami screams in pain and falls to the floor, but continues to take the torture rather than giving her the knight]


[Madison breaks her other leg, and Cami rolls onto her side while she tries to come up with another plan. Madison smiles gleefully, mildly impressed by Cami's fortitude]

MADISON: You have a high tolerance for pain. Let's see how high.

[Madison flicks her wrist again, breaking Cami's arms and wrists until the knight falls out of her hand, allowing Madison to summon it toward her. When Cami sees her pick it up off the ground, she cries out in horror]

CAMI: No, no!

[While Madison is distracted by looking at the wooden knight, Cami rolls over, grabs a light bulb from the briefcase of dark objects, and smashes it onto the ground. Whatever the dark object is meant to do, it seems to be causing an earsplitting noise that causes Madison to shriek in pain. Cami desperately crawls toward her to take the knight back, but Madison manages to push through the pain in order to cast a spell to get out of there]

MADISON: [chants] De tu me ne zhan fen!

[A huge burst of wind blows through the tomb, and Cami ducks her head to avoid being hit with any projectiles. After a moment, she finally lifts her head to find that Madison and the white oak are both gone, and she starts to cry when she realizes just how badly she has screwed up]


[Elijah is on the phone with Marcel as he stands on a street corner, and his tone is incredibly sarcastic]

ELIJAH: Well, this little escapade has been very cute indeed, Marcel. Why don't you come outside and give me the charter?

[Marcel, who is sitting inside a French Quarter citizen's house, responds just as sarcastically]

MARCEL: Mmm, no. No, I'm fine right where I am. I got about three minutes until I'm the new Grand Poobah. Until then, good luck trying to find me.
ELIJAH: [rolls his eyes] Look outside.

[Marcel's satisfied smirk wipes off of his face, and he turns his head toward the window before standing up and walking toward it]

ELIJAH: It's not difficult to track your enemies when your sister's a witch.

[Marcel pulls back the curtain from the window and laughs exasperatedly when he sees Elijah standing right in front of it on the street below]

MARCEL: Well, in that case, good luck getting in without an invitation.
ELIJAH: If you think I'm above burning this place to the ground, you are gravely mistaken.
MARCEL: Well, that's not very civilized, is it?

[Marcel shifts to look at the street from a different angle, and looks slightly concerned when he sees a large crowd of Strix vampires heading his way as well]

ELIJAH: Outside. Now.

[Elijah hangs up his phone, and Marcel grabs the charter and taps it nervously against his hands in front of the window. Just then, a friendly looking middle-aged woman opens the door to the house and looks at him]

WOMAN: Elijah? Please come in.

[Elijah, looking confused, hesitates for a moment. He turns back to see Aya standing across the street on the corner and staring at him before he enters the house. However, when he makes it into the room where Marcel was just standing with the charter, Marcel is nowhere to be found]


[Klaus has just awakened from his broken-neck-nap and has caught up with Cami and Vincent, who he is currently yelling at furiously]

KLAUS: You realize this is your doing? Your attempt to manipulate me played right into our enemies' hands!
CAMI: [sighs] And I said I'm sorry.
KLAUS: [exasperatedly] Your apologies won't bring back what's been lost!
CAMI: Then shut up and let Vincent track down that witch!

[Vincent, who has had about enough of Cami and Klaus' bickering for the day, stands and gets ready to leave, causing Klaus to call after him threateningly]

KLAUS: Where do you think you're going?
VINCENT: I want to find her just as much as you do, but I cannot concentrate, not with this pointless bickering.
KLAUS: Well, then, by all means, please, go, attend to your task.

[Vincent goes to leave, but when Cami is about to follow him, Klaus stops her]

KLAUS: You, however, are not going to leave my sight!


[Elijah, looking extremely displeased, rushes out of the apartment to find Aya still waiting on him on the corner. She looks just as unhappy as he does, if not more]

AYA: It's midnight, Elijah. Time's run out. According to our own laws, the contest is complete.

[Just then, Marcel appears behind them with the charter in his hands and a smug smile on his face]

MARCEL: Guess that makes me the winner.
ELIJAH: Ridiculous. This wasn't a contest. This was evasion.
MARCEL: I had a little time to read your charter. The Ludum Regale was never meant to be just a fistfight. Aspiring leaders face off in a contest that requires cunning. Why? Because you want a leader with more brains than brawn. Reason I beat you all is because I know every nook and cranny in the Quarter. Underground tunnels, secret passageways between properties... And, since I'm so charming, I get invited everywhere.

[Elijah, becoming more furious by the moment, plunges his fist into Marcel's chest and grabs onto his heart, causing Marcel to gasp in pain, though he still manages to continue his speech]

MARCEL: Hey-- you kill me, you are in violation of your own damn charter. Nobody's gonna follow your rules if you can't follow them yourself.

[Elijah simply sneers at Marcel, but before he can rip out his heart, Aya stops him]

AYA: He's right, Elijah. Let him go.

[Elijah hesitates for a long moment before relenting and allowing Marcel to live. Marcel coughs and gasps for a moment while he heals from his injuries before he starts to address the crowd]

MARCEL: I'm not the strongest one here, but I won the game. I've been watching the Mikaelsons my whole life. Studied them since I was a kid. That's how I drove them out of New Orleans in the first place. Rebuilt this city in my image under my rules. Offered alliances to all of my friends, and got rid of everybody else. This is my city because I took it! That is what a leader does! If this prophecy that you're all afraid of is gonna happen, it's gonna happen here, on my streets. And if we're gonna stop it from killing us all, who's a better leader than me?

[Elijah scoffs and rolls his eyes]

ELIJAH: This is absurd.

[Surprisingly, Aya doesn't seem to be too unhappy about this]

AYA: Marcel has won. Better to stand with him and fight to live than stand with you. You'll be little more than an afterthought.

[Aya turns to address the rest of the Strix and sighs]

AYA: To the new leader of the Strix... Marcel Gerard.


[Klaus and Cami are still in the tomb in the cemetery, where they are continuing to bicker as they have done all day]

KLAUS: What were you thinking? Did it occur to you the immense danger you placed yourself in? You were almost killed!
CAMI: I would have been. Thank God I had my dark objects.

[Klaus, clearly upset by everything that has happened today, paces back and forth across the room, and Cami sighs]

CAMI: The amount of vulnerability you're feeling right now, Klaus... that's what I deal with all the time. Why do you think I'm so desperate to protect myself? If you had just given me what I asked for...

[Klaus looks appalled by this response]

KLAUS: Do not blame me.
CAMI: I took a calculated risk, yes. Did it blow up in my face? Yes. And I am sorry. I am. But if you had just listened to me, we wouldn't be here right now.

[Suddenly, Cami's phone starts to ring in her pocket, but she ignores it in favor of finishing her speech. The more it rings, the more annoyed Klaus becomes]

CAMI: It's the same story with you, Klaus. For a thousand years you-you control, you manipulate, you do whatever you need to do to get your way. And I'm not gonna be a part of it anymore. I don't care how high the risk is.
KLAUS: [irritably] Answer your bloody phone, would you?

[Cami sighs and answers her phone by snapping at the caller on the other end of the line]

CAMI: What?

[Cami immediately shuts up and listens when she realizes Davina is calling her]

DAVINA: Cami, you have to listen to me. One of the Strix witches knows where you are and she knows that you have the white oak.
CAMI: You're a little late, kiddo. She already took it, which means... I guess the Strix have it now.
DAVINA: No, you don't understand. When she got inside my head, I got inside hers. She's not working for the Strix.

[Only Cami and Klaus hear what come next, but when Cami's eyes widen, it becomes clear who has been pulling the strings this whole time]


[Madison has just met Aurora in the alley of one of the French Quarter streets]

AURORA: So? I trust it went well?

[Madison smiles weakly and hands over the wooden knight, the sight of which makes Aurora coo happily]

AURORA: Oh! So much fuss over such a little trinket. You know, I'm so glad that I can rely on you. You've more than earned your reward.

[Madison seems relieved to hear this and smiles]

MADISON: And now you will help me. Free me from my perpetual servitude to the Strix.

[Aurora smiles charmingly at her in response]

AURORA: Yes. I'll end it right now.

[Aurora transforms into her vampire face and sinks her fangs into Madison's neck before feeding deeply until she dies]


[Marcel is at the bar, making a pair of drinks, when he suddenly calls out to an unseen man across the room]

MARCEL: You had to punch your hand through my chest...

[Elijah, who is sitting in the armchair behind him, sighs dramatically as he hops to his feet]

ELIJAH: Oh, for the love... Marcel, I was in character! The moment took me. Besides, between that absurd contest and your master class performance...

[Marcel smiles smugly]

MARCEL: Thank you.

[Marcel picks up the two drinks he's just poured and hands one to Elijah]

ELIJAH: They were beautifully distracted from this whole white oak business.

[Elijah raises his glass]

ELIJAH: So... To the new Grand Poobah.

[The two both sip their drinks before Marcel replies]

MARCEL: Right. Uh, which, actually brings me to my next point. Even if I can control your friends, what about your enemies? If a sireline war heats up, the Quarter is gonna become a war zone.
ELIJAH: And now we have an army. So, perhaps we can keep this wretched prophecy at bay.
MARCEL: Oh, that's right. We fight so you live, because If Klaus falls, so do I. And if you fall, well, there go the Strix.
ELIJAH: Indeed. Try to keep those clowns in line.

[Marcel sits down in his armchair as Elijah picks up his coat and leaves the apartment]


[Davina is sadly covering up Ariane's body in the pool room when suddenly, Ariane's spirit appears behind her]

ARIANE: Thank you, Davina, For your kindness.

[Davina, startled by this statement, turns around and gapes at Ariane in shock]

DAVINA: How are you here?
ARIANE: [smiles] You consecrated me.
DAVINA: You're with the Ancestors. With... ?

[Ariane's smile becomes sad, and Davina instantly begins to worry when she sees it]

ARIANE: Yes. With Kol. And things are not going well for him.
DAVINA: [anxiously] Can you help him?
ARIANE: You have to help him. You're the only one who can. Our coven's magic is dark, and it comes at a very high price. But together, as Sisters, we are powerful. You can use that power to save your friend Kol. If not, you will lose him to a fate Far worse than death.

[Davina gulps worriedly as she begins to think of what she needs to do next]


[Klaus and Cami have just returned home to Cami's apartment, where Klaus once again confronts her about the stunt she just pulled]

KLAUS: I have killed many, many people for far less than what you've done.
CAMI: [exasperatedly] What do you want me to say, Klaus? "Thank you for not killing me?"
KLAUS: [sighs] You're in the throes of a metamorphosis you cannot possibly comprehend. One that has clearly impaired your judgment.

[Cami gives him a hard look, clearly not happy with how Klaus is treating her either]

CAMI: I may not yet know who I am, or what I am, but I do know I will never live in fear of anyone again. Ever.

[Cami turns away from him, and Klaus looks both sad and disappointed by what has happened since Cami turned]

KLAUS: [quietly] You could have trusted me.

[Klaus turns and leaves the room before Cami can respond, and she doesn't realize that he's left until she turns to apologize]

CAMI: Klaus...


[Aya finds Marcel sitting at the bar at Saint James Infirmary and sits down on the bench next to him]

AYA: Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

[When Marcel says nothing, Aya smiles weakly]

AYA: You've no idea where to begin, do you?

[Marcel rolls his eyes and gives her a look]

MARCEL: I'm no stranger to running things. I've been doing it here for a long while. Well, give or take an intermission or two.

[Marcel turns so he can see Aya better]

MARCEL: First thing I'd like to do is make sure I know who's on my side.

[Aya flicks a glass of bourbon down the bar toward him]

AYA: The problem, as I see it, is simple-- the Strix are comprised one sireline. And now, we are to be led by a vampire from another. Regardless of the distinction, all our lives are bound to those who made us. And should this prophecy come to pass, we will all perish. As leader, how would you navigate that threat?
MARCEL: You don't go to war without wise guidance. Victory depends on having many advisors. And by the look in your eyes, it looks like you have some advice to give. So... spill it.

[Aya seems impressed by his observational skills and pauses before she answers him]

AYA: Not that long ago, we developed a contingency plan. There is a reason I recruited Davina Claire. You see, with the right witches, the correct spell, the precise binding agent, there is a means to eradicate our link to our sires... making us free from the Mikaelsons forever.

[Marcel looks stunned at the realization that Davina's old unlinking spell is back in play]

AYA: Then, and only then, will we have true independence. Davina is... obstinate, but she will listen to you. So what do you say? Will you lead the Strix to freedom?

[Marcel sighs and thinks about this proposition for a moment]


[Elijah has just joined Klaus in the courtyard's bar for a drink]

KLAUS: I trust Freya had no luck finding that witch.
ELIJAH: Not in the...

[Elijah checks his wristwatch]

ELIJAH: ...Seven minutes since your last inquiry, Niklaus, no.

[Klaus looks very worried as he slides Elijah's drink down the bar before grabbing his own]

KLAUS: Aurora's involvement changes everything. If Aya and the Strix had the oak, we could at least be certain you were not the target. But with the weapon in Aurora's hands...
ELIJAH: I do wonder which one of us she'll try and kill first. You broke her heart, I... broke her mind. I suppose both of us share the sin of Tristan's unceremonious burial at sea.
KLAUS: Mmm. It's normally we who pose the threat to our intimates.

[Klaus grimaces hilariously]

KLAUS: It's an odd feeling, the roles reversed. I always did loathe irony.


[A carpenter is using several large machines to turn the small wooden knight into nearly a dozen wooden bullets, which have been given metallic caps and are arranged on a small platform]

MAN: I finished the last one.

[He hands one of the bullets to Aurora, who looks at it for a moment and smiles in satisfaction]

AURORA: Fabulous.

[The carpenter looks confused before he works up the nerve to ask his question]

MAN: If you don't mind my asking, What animal do you aim to hunt with bullets made of wood?

[Aurora smiles at him as she continues to examine her new Original-killing bullets]

AURORA: Not an animal at all, darling. A monster. An entire family of them.


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