Bad news, my friend. End of the road for you.
Klaus to Derek in The Hybrid

Derek was a character who appeared in the second episode of the third season in The Vampire Diaries. He was the human boyfriend of Paige and was used by Klaus to complete the transitions of Paige's pack into hybrids. After the transitions were seemingly complete, he was killed by Klaus. Having had Klaus' blood in his system during his death it remains unknown if he completed the transition into a vampire or ultimately perished.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Three

In The Hybrid, Derek was a human who lived within the pack of werewolves, due to his relationship with Paige. He was compelled by Klaus to feed all the hybrids which Klaus made. At one point throughout the transitions, Klaus fed Derek his own blood to heal him so he could finish creating his hybrids. Once all the werewolves had been turned, Klaus killed him, but since he had Klaus' blood in his system, he would have woken up in transition; however, whether or not he completed the transition remains unknown.


He is protective of his girlfriend and the others in the pack.

Physical Appearance

He has short, light brown hair and blue eyes. He has a tall, athletic build and wore a plaid blue shirt.


Season Three


  • Derek is of English and Old German origin, and the meaning is "people's ruler".[1]


  • Derek died with Klaus' blood in his system. However, it is unknown whether he completed the transition or not.
  • Derek was one of the only known humans to know the existence of supernatural entities.



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