The Donovan House is a home in Mystic Falls, the former residence of Matt, presumably the former residence of Kelly Donovan, and the former residence of Vicki Donovan prior to her death. After Vicki's body was recovered, Tyler, JeremyElena, Sheriff Forbes and Caroline visit the home to pay respects.

Mrs. Kelly Donovan, an absent mother, had left her children in Mystic Falls to move in with with her boyfriend, Pete, in Virginia Beach. During her absence, Matt is forced into taking a part-time job at the Mystic Grill after school in order to pay the rent and household bills since his mother isn't sending him any money. After Kelly's breakup with Pete, she returns to Mystic Falls in A Few Good Men where she finds Matt and Caroline making out on the couch.

Matt discovers his mother and Tyler making out in Under Control, and Matt and Tyler engage in a physical confrontation, where Tyler is badly beaten. Matt is disgusted and upset, and asks his mother to leave Mystic Falls. 

In The Hybrid Matt and Jeremy searched the garage for Vicki's belongings. In Smells Like Teen Spirit Matt and Vicki did a ritual here.

The house is at 529 Harrison Street. [1]

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