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You know, for a long time, I thought that I was only at the school because of what happened to my family. So that we could keep supernaturals from growing up to be killers. But the truth is, I love those kids. They deserve a chance at a normal life as much as anyone else. The school is their best shot.
Dorian to Alaric in I'll Tell You a Story

Dorian Williams is a recurring character who first appeared in the first episode of the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries, a guest character in the fifth season of The Originals, and a recurring character in Legacies. He was an intern and occult studies student working with Alaric Saltzman and Peter Maxwell. When Alaric and Caroline opened the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, he became its librarian as well as a substitute teacher. After marrying Emma Tig, he left the school and eventually settled in as principal at Mystic Falls High School.

Early History

Not much is known about his life prior to becoming an intern, other than he was previously friends with Georgina Dowling and is well educated to gain Alaric's internship and his family fell victim to Stefan's ripper spree in the summer of 2010 when he was with Klaus. Stefan compelled Dorian to believe his father and sister were victims of a house fire.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Eight

In Hello, Brother, Dorian is introduced as being Alaric's new intern with his friend Georgie. Together they discover the way out of The Armory's cave by finding the secret passage.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Alaric asked Dorian to set up an intercom system in order for the tuning fork vibrations to be heard 24/7. Alaric also tasks him with testing the frequency level, every hour on the hour. Though skeptical, Alaric reassures him that the vibrational motions possibly had something to do with the formation of the tunnels, which makes him even more skeptical. Georgie's disappearance and weird text also has Alaric on edge and asks Dorian to call around and speak to her roommate while multitasking his work with the tuning fork. Later, he and Alaric are continuing to discuss the tunnels that are under Mystic Falls that lead to the Armory and the vibrations from the tuning fork. Dorian informs him that her roommate says Georgie's stuff was still in her room and that if she left, she didn't take anything. Given this new information, Alaric has him file a missing persons report on Georgie. Later he's called by a Detective Sudano, of Grove Hill Police. She tells him that Georgie (Georgina Dowling) had listed him as a contact person and that he should meet her, unknown to him, her body having been found.

In We Have History Together, he is at the Armory and meets Matt, and proceeds to tell him he already knows about Georgie. He reveals the tuning fork is called the Staff of Arcadius, which was forged in the fire that killed Cade by his enemies. He also reveals that from what he read from "Harvey"'s journal, he was friends with the sirens back in 1790. He says that the DNA results are in and says "Harvey" was related to a family from Mystic Falls, and he had tracked down a living descendant, which is none other than Peter Maxwell. He then sees that the two are surprised to see each other and asks if the two know each other. As the three talk, Dorian reveals that "Harvey" was a metalsmith and that the surviving Maxwells made a family heirloom out of the sketches "Harvey" made. When the two think the measurements Dalton St. John made were for Seline, Peter reveals the words are metalworking terms, which makes sense as the Maxwells were in the business of making church bells, which Dorian found cool. He then tells them that he found descriptions of an antique church bell in the Maxwell family estate records and that the bell measurements are an exact match to the ones Dalton wrote about. He calls Matt to tell him that the Maxwell heirloom and the tuning fork fit together to make a clapper. He says that when properly assembled, the bell becomes a mystical super-bell, and if the fork hurts sirens, then it would be magnified more.

In The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch, he is with Matt at the Armory when Matt gets a call from Caroline asking if they still have the tuning fork and is handed the fork by Matt as he has a plan. He later confronts Seline with the tuning fork, striking it, which puts her in pain. She asks why he's ruining her drinking and tells her about Georgie, and that payback's a bitch. He asks her why she's trying to help assemble a weapon that can kill a siren, which she is, and asks what she's hiding. She reveals she's glad Caroline brought Matt into looking for a bell and that only one family can ring it, which is Matt's. At the police station, Dorian brings Seline with him to Matt and he tells Matt that he isn't sirened. Dorian then tells him that before he takes the bell anywhere, he's going to need to hear what she has to say.

In You Made a Choice to Be Good, he gets a call from Matt who wants to ask him a question about an artifact he found in an 18th century time capsule. Dorian recognizes it as a cardan grille, which is a cipher device used for code breaking. Later at the Mystic Grill, he explains what to do with the device and also says that he brought "Harvey"'s journal which has the Maxwell crest on it and is from the same era as the device. He is then mind blown that Cade is in town and he asks Caroline what it's like to be a vampire.

He later decodes some of the messages and is given a drink with vampire blood by Caroline. He reveals to her that he thought his family was cursed and that both his father and sister died in a house fire. He tells her he hid at the library to cope and he had a strange dream involving his sister. He says after the dream he wanted to know what it meant and other supernatural/mystical forces in the world, which is why he got into occult studies. Suddenly, they hear screams and Dorian sees that it is Cade. As Cade and Damon exchange the options that are given, Dorian grabs the glass of blood and after Damon kills a woman to fill his quota for Cade, Dorian drops the glass and is horrified at what he is seeing.

Afterwards, Dorian is seen drinking a beer and tells Matt that he intends to stay human after what he saw earlier. He then gives him a Maxwell family heirloom and also sees that the last message is in a different kind of language. He then takes his leave and Matt asks if he ever sleeps. He tells Matt that he'll sleep when he's dead and will stay human as long as he can help it.

In What Are You?, Dorian listens to Matt talking about how he could feel the flames and hear all the screams from the people burning. Dorian says it's a possibility that he is actually linked due to a witch talisman and memories could be coming from the skeleton they had found earlier. Later, he wonders why Cade wants the journal and notices that the sedative for Matt should be kicking in. He notices Matt struggling as he's reliving the memories and that he needs to come out of it quickly as he can't take much more. Damon then offers up his blood and they then listen as Matt finishes up the memory. In the caves, Alaric comes to him and asks him what he needed his help with and Dorian tells him that it can wait until the next day, as he can see that he has bigger things to deal with.

In The Lies Will Catch Up To You, it's revealed that he was the one who kidnapped Stefan previously. He brings him to a wooded area and tells Stefan to address him by his full name. When Stefan at first refuses to go where Dorian wants him to, Dorian brings out a gun and they start walking. Dorian reveals his memories started coming back to him and that his father and sister were killed in a house fire set by Stefan seven years ago. They stop and as Dorian has the gun aimed at Stefan, he describes how he remembers him and compelling him to forget they ever met. When Stefan reveals to him that he was traveling through Tennessee with Klaus, Dorian gets angry and punches him, after he tells him he'd rather forget what he had to do. When Stefan mentions their names and how he never forgets his victims' names, Dorian gets angry about him forgetting the respective victims' families, and Stefan apologizes. Dorian tells him sorry isn't going to cut it and brings a shovel out of his duffel bag, telling Stefan to start digging.

As Stefan digs, he asks Dorian not to do this as killing him won't help anything. Dorian thinks that he's trying to do reverse psychology and listens to him as Stefan tells him that he feels the pain of a human after so long. He then cocks the gun at Stefan and tells him to go to Hell permanently. Stefan tells him he is and he's trying to atone for as much as possible before the day comes. Dorian asks him how he's going on while knowing Stefan's alive and as Stefan comes forward, Dorian shoots him. As Dorian looks at the gun, Stefan notices that he never shot a gun before and he asks if it's because he's staring, Stefan says no, it's because he missed and didn't shoot anything fatal. Dorian tells him to stop talking and as Stefan suggests more vital areas, Dorian puts the gun down, takes his jacket off and puts it on the wound, telling him to squeeze it as tight as he can. He tries to call the emergency, but there's no service and bring Stefan up from the hole he dug, asking if he can get up. The two are then walking and Dorian calls Matt, telling him what he did and that's there a lot of blood. He asks Stefan if he's okay and tells him there's a big difference in wanting someone dead and actually doing the deed. He asks him what's going to happen to him and as Stefan tells him it's not his call, Stefan collapses and falls on the ground. He puts the jacket back on Stefan's wound and tells him that he's sorry and wishes he hadn't done it to him. Stefan starts fading away as Dorian continues to shout at him before Caroline arrives. As Stefan is looking at them as a spirit, he and Caroline try to help him as much as they can before paramedics come.

At the hospital, he asks Matt how Stefan is doing and he tells him he's in stable condition. He tells Matt that he shot him because he was so angry and afraid. Matt shows him the police files on Stefan and tells him Stefan wanted him to have them, which leads to Dorian asking him why. Matt tells him that he's putting life into his hands and if locking him does him any justice, he can go ahead and pull the trigger. His other option is to set aside his past and work on building a better future for himself, it's his choice. As Matt walks away and leaves, Dorian opens up the files and starts looking at them.

In We're Planning a June Wedding, Dorian tells Alaric about psychic energy manipulation and how to create a massive amount of energy that breaches the plane of Hell, they could possibly destroy it. He notices that Alaric is thinking and sees that with Caroline getting married, but then stops and suggests getting some bourbon instead. He then listens as Alaric tells him why he came to Mystic Falls in the first place and how they all have done terrible mistakes in their lives.

In I Was Feeling Epic, he is working at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted with Jeremy.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Five


In Where You Left Your Heart, following the suicide of Henry Benoit, and the truth about Hope's turning him into a hybrid comes to light, Dorian visits Hope's dorm room at the Salvatore Boarding School. He informs her that Alaric Saltzman wants to see her in his office, and to pack-up her things, as she is going home.

Throughout Legacies Series

In This is the Part Where You Run, he substitutes for a teacher and goes over how syllables in a spell is everything, as the spell can either go right or not. He has Penelope Park demonstrate a stink spell in class that shows an improper pronunciation. Later, he gets a call from Alaric about a woman that breathes fire and he tells Alaric the woman is not a pyromancer, but a dragon instead, giving him details on how to possibly defeat it.

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, he coaches the students at their game with the Mystic Falls team for flag football. Later, he gets a call from Alaric and gives him insight about the woman being a dragon, not a pyromancer.

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, he teaches a class that has Hope, Lizzie and Josie in attendance. He asks where Penelope is and is given an awkward but honest answer, which makes him regret asking. He receives a note and tells the three girls that Alaric wants to see them. He then gets a call about gargoyles from Alaric and researches the lore and history of the gargoyle that is currently at the school. After the gargoyle is defeated, he is entrusted by Alaric to take the medieval knife somewhere safe so no other new and unexpected creature shows up to harm the students.

In Hope is Not the Goal, he is talking to Alaric on the phone at a house he's currently staying at. Alaric tells him to come back, but before Dorian can give him a direct answer, he hears a noise and gets up to check what's going on. As he goes towards the door, he sees a hulking, grotesque creature standing by it and tells Alaric to hold on.

In Malivore, Dorian holds his own against the dryad until Alaric comes to his aid. However the dryad cooperates with them and Dorian agrees to find her lost lover which he does with Bonnie's help. However this all turns side ways when the lover reveals he has no memory of the dryad which contributes to her later losing self control leading to her death. Dorian helps Alaric bury her and watches her grave turn into a tree which awes him.

In Mombie Dearest, Alaric yelled for Dorian who grabbed his loaded crossbow and aimed it directly at the equally-shocked Josette as he came running in. After introducing him to Jo, Alaric advocated killing her on the spot but Jo's protests of innocence combined with Dorian's theory that she might have information on the knife stayed Alaric's hand and he instead sent for Emma, determined to keep his daughters from what was happening. Fitting Jo with some clothes, Alaric coldly interrogated her on her resurrection, still disbelieving that she was who she claimed to be despite her spot-on answers. Fearing the knife isn't safe, Dorian hides it in a safe spot with Emma's help.

Shortly after Jo is dead again, Dorian finds Alaric at her grave vowing to him that he would kill the monster responsible for resurrecting her. As he did so, a demonic but garish figure stepped out of the darkness declaring itself responsible and calling himself "The Necromancer", to which Alaric and Dorian responded with bemusement. Confused by the lack of recognition, the Necromancer demanded the knife. Instead, Alaric knocked him out with a shovel and locked him in the werewolf transformation space.

In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, Dorian takes his annual day off during Remembrance Day as his way of honoring his sister and father, however he's angered to see Kaleb has introduced MG to fresh human blood knowing full well MG has the markings of a potential Ripper, telling Kaleb as such by giving him a brief background on Stefan.

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, he heads out with Alaric and Hope late at night to see what tripped the alarm he had set near the barrier. At first, they think it's a horse, until it turns around, revealing itself to be a unicorn. He at first wants to get rid of it, but Hope persuades him and Alaric otherwise. He then shakes his head and turns back towards the school in disbelief.

Later in the day, he goes back to where the unicorn is and tells it that while it may fool the others, he's keeping an eye on it, while a slug crawls up his pant leg. It's revealed that he caught the slug crawling up his pant leg and shows both Hope and Landon the container it's in. He believes the unicorn was used as a Trojan horse to infiltrate the school grounds. They then witness the unicorn dying and in the school, Dorian comes up with how the slug attaches itself to the prefrontal cortex to control the host. They look at the slug more and notice that since it's bio luminescent, it can reveal a path. They follow the path the various slugs have taken and see the paths have led to the auditorium where the talent show is taking place. He then calls Ric and says the slug can get out of the host if it's electrocuted. He hands Hope and Landon some chains while he goes to the doors that are currently holding the infected students. After hearing Ric, he is relieved to see Emma is okay and hugs her. They then watch as Emma sets off a chain lightning spell to disinfect the students. After the slugs are killed, Dorian watches as the talent show is back on.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, he and Emma are having a picnic together by the lake. They are talking about spending vacation together until they are interrupted by a bunch of insects. He later walks in Ric's office with a diver suit on and tells him not beat himself up about losing the urn. They discuss about some of the events that have happened and notice they are plagues. Ric tells Dorian to pack his bags and swimming gear to retrieve the urn, but Dorian has some thoughts as he wanted to go to the mountains with Emma. Instead, he decides to invite Emma to come with them, leaving Ric nervous, considering he has feelings for Emma as well. Dorian then travels with Ric, Kaleb, Josie, Hope, Lizzie and Emma to Maple Hollows. Ric, Dorian and Emma go to the dam to get the urn back before the monster gets it.

Dorian finds the urn and grabs his gear, until a black car drives up, leaving Dorian puzzled. As the Triad team aim their guns at him, a swarm of locusts descends upon the team, leaving them in pain, and shocking Dorian. The monster is revealed to be a mummy and Dorian stands his ground as the mummy takes the urn with him. After Ric and the others retrieve the urn, it's revealed Triad caught Dorian and Emma, and decided to use them as leverage to obtain the urn. They are returned to Ric while Triad gets the urn and go back to the school. He and Emma later are by the fireplace talking about their feelings for the other, until Emma reveals to him that she had kissed Ric. He takes her hand and asks if Ric had a slug in his ear when he had kissed her, and she tells him no. Dorian walks down the hallway the same time Ric does and angrily punches him, telling Ric he quits.

In I'll Tell You a Story, it's revealed he has been working at the bar and listens to Ric as he apologizes. He tells Ric that at first he thought he was working at the school because of the circumstances of his family, but he admits that he loves the kids. He says they deserve a chance at a normal life and raises his glass with Ric, telling him that he'll need a raise as well.

In There's Always a Loophole, he and Ric are on their way to the school until they are stopped by an officer who tells about Wickery Bridge being out. They both stand outside behind Dorian's car and he listens as Alaric talks to Hope what is going on at the school. After getting off the phone, Ric tells Dorian that he's going to wait by the car while he goes to the school. He later appears at the school, shooting a Triad member with a tranquilizer to save Ric. After Triad is taken care of by the students, Ric and Dorian, he listens as Ric makes his speech to the students.

Alaric questions Dorian on why he did not vote in his favor.

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, following the result of the Honor Council's vote to exclude Alaric from his position as Headmaster, Dorian allows him to borrow some of the schools equipment to carry on his research into Malivore. When Alaric arrives to collect the equipment, he thanks Dorian but questions why he voted against him when the other three members of the council did not. However Dorian simply dismisses Alaric, not wishing to talk more about the matter.

Dorian questions what Hope is doing at the school

Shortly after her return from Malivore, Hope bumps into Dorian as he is leaving the grounds of the Salvatore School. Hope addresses Dorian by name, which confuses him and leads him to question how she knows him, with Hope pointing to his ID card in his car. He asks what Hope is doing at the school, and she reveals that she is looking for someone. Dorian tells her that the school is locked up as everyone has gone back home to their families for the summer, and Hope thanks him before he drives away.

In This Year Will Be Different, he watches as Vardemus looks over the school and changes the headmaster room. He later listens as Vardemus gives his speech to the students and is somewhat dismayed about the human remark Vardemus made during the speech.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Dorian investigates the creature that is terrorizing Mystic Falls. He rightly believed the creature to be a Shunka, and warned Alaric that it eats werewolves, and could possibly kill Rafael. He further tells Alaric to be careful as it would be the size of his truck and would cry to lure him in — a notion that confuses the two. The creature then cries out for help using Rafael's voice, and is killed by Landon.

In Screw Endgame, Dorian reveals to Landon that he and Emma Tig are no longer dating. Dorian offers Landon advice about having sex with Josie for the first time. He later aids Landon when he is looking for condoms by directing him to the nurses' office.

Dorian and Alaric analyse the results

In It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Dorian calls Alaric with news relating to Professor Vardemus. Dorian hands him a file showing that Vardemus has tested positive for both genders, but also shows traces of other species, particularly K9's. In turn, Alaric reveals that he recognizes the results as they are identical to the ones found at the Malivore portal in There's Always a Loophole. They conclude that Professor Vardemus is not who he says he is.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Dorian is merry with Christmas cheer as an adverse effect of Santa Claus' presence at the Salvatore School. After Hope manages to shock them out of the cheer, Alaric tells Dorian to hit the library to figure out what they are dealing with in regards to the Krampus. At the end of the day when the mystery is solved, Dorian is present when Jo hands Alaric a plaque with the title "Headmaster" on, officially welcoming him back to the school.

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, he talks to Alaric about trying to check up on the real Rupert Vardemus. He later sees Josie and notices she's looking at magic enchantments that requires another witch, and the mora miserium next to her. He asks why she's studying what Clarke gave her, and leaves when he notices Hope coming, seeing if she could help instead. He is later in the library and is handed back the Infinite Crisis graphic novel by MG and gives him another book, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, to brighten his day up a little. It's also revealed that Dorian gave a book about a group of marauding pirate vampires to Alaric to read up on.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, he is walking down the hallway until he runs into both Ric and Emma. He's surprised to see her and wonders why she came from Japan just to appear on Coven Day.

After the Qareen spreads more discord around the school, Emma and Dorian argue about her appearance at the school. Later that night, he goes to talk to her and apologizes, saying that whatever she wants to keep his her decision. Before she can tell him about the reason why Ric had her come, Alyssa appears and he leaves so the two can talk.

In What Cupid Problem?, he and Emma are talking about the Saltzmans' situation and her leaving again. He tells her that he can't run the school alone and hopes she stays to help him out. They also discuss the riddle the sphinx had given them and before Emma goes out the door, both of them are shot by love arrows, embracing and kissing each other passionately.

They go to the city hall, with the intent of getting married, but they are interrupted by Jed, who professes his love for Emma, with Dorian taking off his coat. After Pothos is killed, he and Emma arrive back at the school and talk about what happened earlier. Before they can talk any further, Wade comes out and tells the two about the weapons armory having been broken into.

In You Can't Save Them All, he answers the door with Kai in front of him. Kai lies about his name and that he's an old friend of Alaric. Unfortunately, Kai compels Dorian and he later goes to Landon and Hope about finding some possible help on getting the Saltzmans back.

He and Landon then go out into the woods to find a flower near the falls that can help for a spell to get Alyssa to tell the truth, but it's revealed that Kai compelled Dorian to bring Landon out in the woods so the Necromancer can shoot him with a golden arrow. Despite trying to overcome the compulsion, he brings him in front the Necromancer, who shoots the arrow, but Dorian overcomes the compulsion and puts himself in front instead, taking the hit from the arrow. He lays on the ground injured from the arrow and loses consciousness. Landon flies him to the school, laying him down on the ground and having his hand over his wound. He is later brought to the hospital to recover from his injuries.

In To Whom It May Concern, Dorian is already at Josie's locker as she prepares for her first day at Mystic Falls High School. He surprises her and she greets him happily. She questions if he's teaching here now, but he explains it's "worse"; he actually the new principal. He reveals that Emma wanted him to find a job that was monster-free and Alaric informed him there was a position open.

In Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?, Alaric stops by at Mystic Falls High School to drop off the unknown artifact. He obliges, since he's an old friend and the one to get him his new job. They exchange small talk. He and Emma are fine, though she's finishing her last semester in Shanghai. Dorian asks about Mac, but he doesn't elaborate. Dorian turns his attention back to the artifact. Alaric believes that he's opened another portal, somehow, and monsters have started appearing after he and Hope opened the artifact. Dorian agrees to look into it and will give him a call once he's found anything out. However, Alaric doesn't want to leave just yet. Given that Josie was exposed to black magic again, he wishes to check up on her. He tells him that he has a teacher that called out sick and could use a substitute.

Later that night, Dorian meets Alaric back at the Salvatore School. He's no closer to identifying the artifact, but he's seen it before. He shows Alaric a book with a picture of Albert Einstein. The artifact sits on the bookshelf behind him. At least he's one of the good guys, barring the atomic bomb is overlooked. Dorian also shows him two other photos, showing Grigori Rasputin and Napoléon Bonaparte, both of whom are pictured with the artifact. This is now a cause for concern.

In All's Well That Ends Well,

In This Feels A Little Cult-y,

In A New Hope,

In We All Knew This Day Was Coming, he, Alaric, and Kaleb are listening in on a dispatcher call, hoping that the human locals can find the missing students, though there's been no sign of them. Hope enters Alaric's office, confirming that the locator spells haven't worked and Malivore must be cloaking himself. Kaleb wonders what they can do next, but Alaric tells them there's nothing they can do, yet, unless the wolves can pick up a scent and they have to wait. This is a hostage situation because Malivore still has Landon, Cleo, and Ethan. They can't afford to do anything reckless. Hope is still upset that Alaric just let him go and about how he kept the fact that Landon was alive from her. Dorian leaves, but believes that Hope is right.

Later, he's notified by Alaric and the local law enforcement about Blake's death.

After a phone call with Josie, he decides to visit Alaric, again. He hands Alaric a folder with names, spells in list form, and blank goodbye letters. Dorian explains that it's his plan for the day of the Merge. He figured that Alaric wouldn't be thinking straight, fighting until the last second should that day come. If the worst happened, they would need a plan, because there are some things that can't be avoided. This is one of those days they've been trying to avoid with Hope becoming a full tribrid. It's happening whether or not he's ready. He questions if he's going to make her face it alone.

Dorian joins Alaric and several students to celebrate Hope's last day alive. The go around sharing stories about Hope, such as she casting a spell on a professor to only speak Sumerian or when she was taken control of by the slug. They enjoy her company and laugh at the various stories. MG asks what she'll miss most. Hope recounts that witches lose their abilities to do magic when they complete their transition. Not being able to cast another spell is something she'd miss, particularly with Lizzie and Josie. Eventually, the celebration comes to an end and they all part ways.


Dorian has a friendly and calm demeanor that is shown many times. He is very knowledgeable in the supernatural and occult, and particularly geeks out with some of the stuff he finds interesting. He did show a vengeful side when his memories of being compelled by Stefan to forget his family dying and wanted justice for their deaths. He, however, showed remorse for his actions in wounding Stefan and decided to move on from his vengeance.

Physical Appearance

Dorian is a young man with an athletic build and tall stature who wore dark or light colored clothing. He has short, black hair and brown eyes.

A few years later, he grew a slight mustache and beard, wearing sophisticated clothing significant of that of a teacher.


Alaric Saltzman


Alaric is Dorian's close friend and ally. They first started working and interacting with each other at the Armory. They have been friends for nearly a decade and Dorian decided to stick with Alaric after the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted was built. Alaric is currently Dorian's headmaster while Dorian assists Alaric on supernatural problems. Dorian also cares for the Stefan Salvatore Library, at the boarding school, so this also makes them interact often as well. Despite years of being close, they recently had a falling out when Dorian found out Emma and Alaric kissed. Dorian punched Alaric in the face and quit working at the school because of this. Despite Emma being the one to initiate the kiss, Dorian blames Alaric.

Emma Tig


It is unknown how long Dorian has been seeing Emma, but they officially became a couple as co-workers. This, however, has not stopped them from pursuing a romantic relationship. When Dorian found out about Alaric kissing Emma, he thought Emma may hold romantic feelings for Alaric as well, being she kissed Alaric while her inhibitions were lowered. This did create some friction between them and Alaric, but they reunited as a stable couple soon thereafter. Despite this, Emma and Dorian broke up when she left the school on sabbatical. To Dorian's dismay, he still had feelings for her and knew nothing of her return for Coven Day. Staying to help bring the Saltzmans back from the 2018 Prison World, she and Dorian were affected by Pothos' love arrow. Under the arrow's magical influence, he and Emma got married. After Dorian nearly died as a result of Kai's compulsion and being shot with the golden arrow, he and Emma decided to leave the school, believing if they didn't leave, they'd never have that chance again.

Other Relationships

  • Dorian and Stefan (Former Enemies)
  • Dorian and Matt (Friends/Allies)


The Vampire Diaries

Season Eight

The Originals

Season Five


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four


  • Dorian is an English boy name and means "Descendant of Dorus". Dorian is also a Greek given name. It means "Of Doris", a district of Greece, or of Doros, a legendary Greek hero. Another possible origin of the name is from the Greek 'Dorios' meaning "child of the sea".[2]
  • Williams is a patronymic form of the name William that originated in medieval England and Wales. The meaning is derived from son or descendant of William, the Northern French form that also gave the English name William. Derived from an Old French given name with Germanic elements; will = desire, will; and helm = helmet, protection.[3]


  • Dorian had been an intern for Alaric before he became a librarian/teacher at the boarding school.
  • He is very knowledgeable in the supernatural and occult.
  • Dorian is one of the five characters to appear in The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies, the others being Alaric Saltzman, Josie Saltzman, Lizzie Saltzman, and Matt Donovan.


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  1. In Malivore, Dorian does not specifically state what the creature was that broke into his cabin in Hope is Not the Goal, just that it was a "crazy wraith thing".

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