You're a vampire. Your blood heals others, your body heals itself. You'll regenerate parts of internal organs, after I remove them.
Dr. Whitmore to Damon in The Cell

Dr. Whitmore was a character who appeared in the ninth episode of the fifth season of the The Vampire Diaries. He was a member of Augustine who tortured and experimented on Damon Salvatore and a vampire named Enzo St. John decades ago.

He was a member of the Whitmore Family.

Early History

Not much is known about Dr. Whitmore's early history, only that sometime in WWII he captured Enzo and brought him to Whitmore College.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Five

In The Cell, it was shown that decades ago, Dr. Whitmore had captured Damon Salvatore and kept him as a prisoner of Augustine. He had also been experimenting on a vampire named Enzo for ten years prior to that. He tortured the two vampires for five years prior to Damon's escape from the facility during the Augustine New Years' party, where he would let the guests drink from the vampires to show the results of his experimentation. During Damon's escape, he initially attacked Whitmore, gauging out his eyes as retribution for Whitmore poking and prodding at his own eyes. He then bit into Whitmore, draining him of his blood, killing him, before Damon proceeded to kill the members of Augustine present as the house was set ablaze.

In Man on Fire, he is mentioned in a flashback when Enzo compels Maggie to forget about him and leave Augustine.


He had shown intelligence when it comes to his work, but also arrogance in his approach towards the vampires he experimented on. His arrogance became his undoing as Damon and Enzo brought retribution on him for his torturous ways of experimentation.

Physical Appearance

He had a tall stature and medium sized build. He wore a dark colored suit and a doctor's uniform while working. He had short brown hair and blue eyes.


Season Five

Season Eight


  • Whitmore is an alternate spelling of Whittemore which is of English origin, with Old English spelling of hwit "white" and mor "moor, bog".[1][2]


  • His family are the founders of Whitmore College.
  • His descendants have suffered as a result of his torturing Damon. Damon killed them for revenge.
  • With confirmation that human souls are found in the dimensions, he either found peace or went to Hell.


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