Some guy that graduated a couple of years ago. And he throws a party every time he comes home from Duke.

Duke's Party was a party held in the cemetery that was thrown by Duke, a student of Duke University. Every time Duke returns to Mystic Falls, he is known to throw a party.

Jeremy invited Anna there. She said she was leaving town and then they shared their first kiss. Then Ben McKittrick hit Jeremy over the head to use him later on. During the party, Grams and Bonnie opened the tomb. They opened the tomb's door, but they didn't removed the seal that kept the vampires trapped inside. Damon entered with Elena, and then Anna. Ben tried to fight Stefan, but was set aflame and died.

Grams told Stefan about the seal and he didn't enter, until he heard Elena screaming. Bonnie insisted to remove the seal, so that Stefan could get out. They did it, and after Damon realized that Katherine wasn't in the tomb he threw a pack of blood on the walls. vampires in tomb drank that blood and left the tomb.

The spell weakened Grams and she died peacefully later that night.



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