Duke University is a university located in Durham, North Carolina.

Isobel Saltzman attended while she was still human to learn about supernatural beings. She also met her husband Alaric Saltzman over there. A Few years later John Gilbert sent a vampire named Damon to her, not knowing that she wanted to be turned. Vanessa Monroe was a a research assistant for Comparative Folklore. Damon, Alaric, and Elena came here to find more information on werewolves.

It is revealed in Season Six that Sarah Salvatore, the daughter of Zach Salvatore and Gail, and the great niece of Stefan and Damon Salvatore, also attends Duke University, studying for an Art Major.

University also has an Oncology Center.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two


Antropology Departnment

In Bad Moon Rising, Damon, Alaric, and Elena came here to see Isobel's research about werewolves. Vanessa attacked Elena with a crossbow, but Damon saved her by letting the dart hit him instead. They found out that according to legend a werewolf bite can kill a vampire. Damon also found a book engraved with the word "Petrova" on it, and he knew that Katherine's real name is Katerina Petrova. He gave the book to Elena and they soon left the university.

Season Six

Stefan, when telling Monique about the real Sarah Salvatore, mentions that she would probably be in her dorm at Duke University.

In Woke Up With a Monster, Stefan and Caroline went to see Sarah Nelson's exhibition. They were later joined by Lorenzo St. John. Caroline visited an oncologist and later fed a cancer patient her blood as an experiment.

In The Day I Tried To Live, Enzo brought Matt to meet Sarah. After trying to talk to her by pretending to be interested in photography, he gave up. Later, he pretended about not knowing where to bus stop to Mystic Falls is. He also said that he doesn't have any money, so she bought him coffee and a ticket.

Season Eight

Damon and Enzo visited Sarah Nelson in Today Will Be Different. She took them to her apartment.




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